Please donate: Baby/toddler clothes, toy or books for Uganda kids


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Hi, I am looking for babies/toddler clothes from new born to 4-5 years old. I will be travelling to Uganda for voluntary work and I would like to get the books, clothes and toys from you if you have any for donations to the kids in bad poverty. If you will be willing to donate it for no monetary exchange I will be extremely grateful. I am leaving on 25th March, please contact me and I can collect them personally from you. I am contactable at watsapp or SMS 97666650. Please text me and i will reply asap.

Mummies and daddies, thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness!!

Also, I would like to share this with you, an article written by the founder of the organization I will be volunteering for (Whisper The World Orphanage Fund). Please take a moment to read:

"Why are you doing this? You are not going to help everybody, you cannot save the world."I always get this question from people and I really don't know what to make out of it. What to make out of the question, what actually is the "ideal" answer and most importantly what to make out of the people giving me this question. In "my world" and my head it is not the correct question to ask? What are these people trying to hear? Are they expecting an answer that which will make them feel that they do enough anyway? Or are they expecting an argument over it - which will then dust off the feel of guilt about them not doing enough, even tho they could? Are they trying to dust off their own guilt of not doing enough just because they question the waste of time and money in helping African people who are "having lots of children".
Is it really about Africa? Are you actually questioning Africa? Does it really matter if that is Africa, Asia, America or Europe? Does it matter if that is a child, dog or plant? Or Do you really question indirectly your OWN actions... and make it sound like if it was OKAY to do nothing as you as an individual, has no power to change it.

I also questioned "why" at the beginning. I questioned why this world is so unfair, why so many children suffer the way that most of you people cannot imagine, I asked myself "why" so many times.. but I never asked people doing something GOOD that BENEFITS the world: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? Perhaps I was too humble to ask such question, or did it feel to me more disrespectful questioning someone's GOOD WILL and actions, which are taking lots of comforts out of their own life in order to comfort others? I thought: "Wow what people" ! I felt ashamed!!! I thought i rather ask myself "Why I am not doing the same? Why I am not the one doing something about whatever makes me to be concerned about?"

I tell you it is a personal challenge because I had to stop doing things and affording things that in "this system" are "right" or "in", like I stopped sharing with my girlfriends my clothes shopping, best dancing outfits, excellent make up deals, and my next trip to Bahamas and I had to stop focus on my ego in order to make changes in my life that would lead me to make my dreams of making this world a better place success!

This picture I am posting here has made me so upset. Although I been there and I've seen it, it is extremely disturbing to me and I cannot stop wondering WHY THERE ARE NOT MANY PEOPLE FEELING IT?? Why most of the people did not get it yet?? I love giving presents to my friends and family too, but we all know that the type of presents we generally give to our children and families, WILL NOT CHANGE THEIR LIVES. WE often get presents that we don't need, as most of us can buy whatever we need and most of the children I know (and sure you know) already have everything (free school they can be going to, place to sleep, food to eat and a family to fulfil their happiness.) These things are not given just at Christmas right?

So here is me again asking WHY MOST PEOPLE DID NOT GET THE FACT THAT £20 WII GAME WILL NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO ANYONE apart from creating an artificial and wrong image of happiness to your kid. There are millions and millions of kids in this world their life can be DRASTICALLY CHANGED if we give £20 away to help them to maybe feel warm during cold times, and give them A REAL REASON to smile. IT IS SO PATHETIC to think that you as an individual cannot do anything. You can do more that you can ever imagine... actually living in London for last 8 years, I can really understand why most people cannot understand that 20 quit can change peoples lives.. because.. did it ever change yours?

Somebody on the street asked me if I was rich or what - cos I run a charity. I don't have money, but I feel (now I want to scream) I HAVE SO MUCH TO GIVE!!!! SO I MUST BE RICH!

And we all can be! because I can feel the real happiness that even the richest person in the world cannot buy. Until you see the world materialistically, you will often feel poor simply because you can never have enough money to have everything.

PS: Whilst I was writing this, the amount of profile pictures of people went through my head for all kinds of reasons is the fact that we do need to act more to THE CHANGE - WE ALL DESIRE to SEE...

Thank you for reading this.


And another article from their blog (

I thought of sharing something with you....just to see how unfair the life is sometimes..

Children of our gardener has come from school to our house to ask for lunch (embarased and sad) since they have not eaten anything because the father was not able to afford buy them posho and beans for their lunch (school requires 25kg of posho and 20kg of beans per child.. this is almost 3/4 of his salary! Per child!) Yunisu (the father) has dealt with the situation the way, that he ordered to his kids not to go to school until he gets his half salary (in 3 days) so he can buy them some food. However the kids still went.

I just wanted to share with you (again) how some people get their priorities completely wrong and it makes me so sad that some parents have worries about what the designed clothes to buy for their children, where others cannot send children to school and if they do, they go all day without food.

Unfortunately this is another issue that has been brought to our project. Yunisu - our gardener, that we employ, we pay him minimum wage which is established by gavernment and it is 100.000 UGSH a month - approximately £26-27 (cca $50). This is how much others are paid (and some are paid even less than this) and we cannot afford more.

Yunisu has 3 children and pays 15000 rent a month. Each child's school fees is around 10.000, so monthly he must pay almost half of his salary just for rent and school fees.. unfortunately the 55.000 USH which he is left with is NOT enough to buy posho and beans to the children for their lunch at school. The whole Uniform for each child is again almost 20.000 and they asking for all the stationery and toilet papers.

For the last hour I was working out with calculator how to do it with his salary so we can manage to pay the school fees and food for the children and so the father is left with some more little money for the for the food in the house. I could calculate and calculate but simply the salary that we give him is not enough to be able to pay all the responsibilities he has.. I constantly feel bad to deal with situation like this. I feel bad because I dont have the money myself to pay (as I am volunteering here myself) and I have such big project to take care for and this applies financial and emotional pressure on me from all corners and sides we can look at it. (I could just turn around and say, "hey his problems are not my problem, he should be happy to have a job) but this is not why I came to Uganda.. I came to help people whaterver it takes..

I have agreed to contribute 30.000 shillings per months to pay for the school fees for his 3 kids and for now the children will be coming here for lunch (to the orphanage) until we manage to save some money from his salary to be able to buy the food, from the rest of his salary, we have to buy school uniforms and other things( obviously not at once).. however this again is extra mouth to feed, since we already feeding around 8 people a day (volunteers and 3 workers). And again how this is fair on our second gardener William who has got 7 children, who are extremely needy, all the time sick children?

This is just a little request I have, if there would be somebody who could sponsor Yunisu's salary, so he would be able to get more money per months so he can provide for his 3 children. He so much taking care of them and they mean the world to him... Even a small contribution per month would make his salary difference.
Thanks for being such a kind soul! I had packed some clothes for sales then i came across your post :) I would love to donate to the less fortunate children. Would you be able to pick up tomorrow ?

Wa/SMS 969eight8731