Cup cakes for birthday


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Yes ... actually I have confirmed my address with her again.
I remember someone emailed me that she was a lady.
I will do the refund by Monday if requested, I am quite busy with kids on weekends.


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sure thanks gals ... hope to get the cutters this time.

Just went kaikai to get my reserved Pooh and Mickey silicon mould, so excited. Hope to find time to bake some cupcakes with them soon.


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Now u very good on deco also le, two pink heart wor, haha. The radish kueh if u coat with egg & pan fried lagi nice.

Your cake always very nice look.

Today i very ON , haha, early morning wake at 530am then bake Japanese cheese cake but dunno why my top of cake always not nice surface,like lao kok kok skin,sigh...

Then jus out from oven "Walnut Chocolate rice Cake".


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Make a fondant birthday cake for grand niece using sponge cake with blueberry & nutella filling. It was a raining day so the fondant turn sticky. So the cake skin was rough rough, hehe!

Make some cupcake using marble buttercake for grandnephew birthday too. The children love the cupcake more maybe because got M&M chocolate, hehe!



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A-star A-star A-star... the designs are so original!!!

remembered my Pri. School motto: Hard Work Leads to Success!

go go go eileen!!!


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Nice to see you here again, really miss all your postings.

And the Noddy cupcakes are so lovely, that's my granddaughter's favourite character for now

Keep posting more photos ok ....


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Nice to see you here again, really miss all your postings.

And the Noddy cupcakes are so lovely, that's my granddaughter's favourite character for now

Keep posting more photos ok ....


Mummies who are using the Philip waffles maker, can i ask why my waffles all stick to the plate. They are suppose to be non-stick isnt it? I have such a hard time removing them. End up tearing them apart into bits and pieces. I tried to grease with butter but they still stick. Any advice? Thks...


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thank you for your enquiries. Just for your information, the item is made in Japan, hence the price. the picture is taken off the website as you can see. I got it from another party here. If you order from that site and pay shipping, i think it will be more expensive.

it is used for making bread. you put in your dough and let it rise inside then you bake it. Yes, you need to grease it before using.

hope this answers your queries.


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Okie ... I have done the refund request.

I have also emailed to confirm that she has re-sent the parcel on 13/3/09.
She mentioned that someone by name khim also email her and ask about the lost parcel.

will update again...


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very satisfying dinner... not "big fish big meat"... it's back to basic....

Sweet Pea stir fry with Tomato and Prawn

Bull Frog Soup - very sweet and 'garm-garm'

Spicy Vinegar Cai Po - This is my favourite! Bought these FRESH cai pos from a farm in sungei tengah... soak 3 strips just now... can wipe off a plate of rice with just these!! hahahaha...



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ha ha your food is so nice leh. Ha ha make me hungry when my son eat up my fish soup and rice. Ha ha

I ordered 2 sets. Will wait too

black sesame gelato is my favourite. Last time we always have to search high and low at the japanese restaurant for it


Khim is me. ^^ I emailed the seller asking abt the delivery time to Singapore, she said it took at most 10 days to reach.
I told her abt ur case saying many mummies chit in to buy in bulk through ur helping hands so as to save the delivery charge to get the cookie cutter to make cookies for their little ones, it's their hard earn $$ , will be very heartache if it's really lost during transit. just wanna pass the msg across to the seller hoping she/he will be genuine enuff to send out the items or do something abt the missing stuff...keke..=p
* hope i'll not be considered a kaypo here


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sure thanks. I also did tell her that I help mommies here to buy the cutters so it is important for me to update you all.
Hope that she understand why I keep emailing her to get status of the parcel.


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hi all,

this is my long overdue crispy waffle recipe.
enjoy !

Here is my translation

<font color="0000ff"><font size="+2">CRISPY WAFFLE</font></font>

500gr Plain flour
150gr fine sugar
200gr eggs
150gr butter
10gr baking powder
2gr salt
2gr vanilla essence
2gr cinnamon powder
500gr fresh milk / UHT milk

For Garnish:
Honey / Ice cream

1. Cream the butter till smooth, add sugar, follow by eggs, beat till even.
2. Mix plain flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla, cinnamon (combine all dry ingredients)
3. fold dry ingredients and milk (alternately) into creamed butter (step#1).
4. Mixed till all even.
5. Put aside the batter for about 15-30mnts.
6. Pre-heat your waffle maker, pour about 150gr batter onto waffle maker, close the lid and bake till golden brown.

For me, after step#4, then I take out my waffle maker from cabinet, then to pre-heat the machine need about 10mnts.
The moment my waffle maker ready, I pour the batter and bake it.
So, my batter rest about 15-20mnts.

Hi kathy,
You gotta brush the waffle maker with cooking oil GENEROUSLY, if not, the batter sure stick to the machine.

Hi lim,
thks for your kind words...
Hm…. Your water bath bake cheesecake not suppose to use aluminium tray, it hv “wax” effect, the cheesecake will sink too much.
Just use normal baking tin will do…. My 2cents worth

dear kak zainab,
thks !


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I am taking the stage 1 of hand on cake baking at creative. Total 4 lessons including butter cake, chiffon cake, swiss roll n sponge cake.


Thks for the receipe and advise Pink.

Eileen, very nice rolls. No cracks. Mine always crack. Any tip for that?
Btw, where's creative? Whats the fee like? Thks.


peng.. u oso skilled ma.. all so yummy food in ur blog! n no need go lesson somemore.. *envy*

1-0.. cham liao.. i bo lui.. n bo time..


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wah... so long I nvr come in leow... dun even talk about making time to bake...

1-0, ur cake and cupcakes very nice!! your grand niece and grand nephew?? you are a very ON grand auntie!! can I be ur god niece?

May I know where you get those alphabet and number cutters to cut the fondant? expensive?

peng, i am very tempted to make ur avocado ice-cream... got some avocado sitting around but dunno why boy suddenly lost interest... if he really dun want then i make the ice cream! i miss japan's green tea gelato... u make then gimme recipe ok? hehehe...


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I bought the alphabet cutters a few yrs ago from Shop n Save. It is plastic one n quite cheap. Think ntuc also have it. The number cutters is from PH n quite cheap too.


Hi, anyone can share butter cookies recipe? Not the shortbread kind, but more of the kind that can be moulded into shapes.

Saw a BP with disney shapes, wish I could bake that kind of cookies myself. Thanks!


Feel so sad unable to do any baking recently. No mood at all coz of the morning sickness..everyday make me so sick juz wan to lie on bed....when then can over??? sian


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1-0, I dun see any at SS leh... if you happen to see again nowadays, can buy for me pls? the PH ones are too small and look kind of funny... esp the number 4... hahaha...

Erica, may I know where u say the BP with disney shapes pls?
what kind of butter cookie recipe u want? I have a plain cookie recipe which my gal likes...

Jo, soon soon... 9 mths very fast one...

Peng, wah... thanks! Let me try the avocado first... will let u know the result! My HP spoilt... very jialat...


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the aphalbet cutter i bought many yrs ago n today I went ntuc also can't find it. I bought the number cutter from PH. My friend told me PH got a bigger number cutter but I can't find it at JE PH.


Jen, thanks, here's the thread, the organiser's cookies looks so gorgeously delicious!

Those Disney cutters I have, can buy from BHG, but no recipe. Can share your recipe with me? Must the flour be sieved?

I tried this Butter Cookie which uses the following ingredients, it turns out like shortbread taste and too crumbly to mould into shapes.

• 8 ounces unsalted butter
• 3/4 cup granulated sugar
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
• 1 large egg yolk
• 2 cups all-purpose flour