Cramps 11 days before period


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very confused now. i have a long cycle; 30 to 40 even 45 days. been bbt charting since lmp 26 sep and i had ewcm 14 oct and watery mucus 15 and 16 oct. temp dip 15 oct and spiking till now. based on data, period apps confirmed ovulation on 15 oct. however, husband was away during fertile period and we only had sex on 20 and 21 oct. the last before these two sessions was 4 oct. so i know for sure pregnancy is impossible. but on 21 oct till today 23 oct, i've been having this very mild light dull ache/cramp/twinge on my right pelvic. i'm really giving it to pms preparing for period but from the day the cramp started, it was about 11 days till my period; period due perhaps 31 oct onwards, so it's still too far to be pms cramping isn't it, unless it's very early/pre period cramp, yes? This cramp cannot be ovulation or implantation at all, right?
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