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Confinement Nanny Recommendation

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by jtxf, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. jtxf

    jtxf New Member

    Dear all mummies,

    My sister in law is giving birth in May soon! Are there any confinement nannies contacts to recommend? I'd prefer nannies with experiences more than 5 years, and can stay in. Mandarin/English speaking! TIA!

  2. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    Her contact nos is +60172509785. Ah qing. She is good and experience.
  3. Aaron1908

    Aaron1908 New Member

    Hi, I have engaged a Malaysian confinement lady and she cooks really well. She hasn't tried taking care of twins before but she has >20 yrs exp doing confinement. She was referred to me by my friend. She gave good advice & well verse in herbs. She even share some of her recipe with us so that we can continue to take care after ourselves after confinement period. If you are keen, you can reach her at:

    May Kow (Xiao Mei Auntie)
    MY number +60 10 868 7287 / +60 17 965 8733
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  4. AlanChyuan

    AlanChyuan New Member

    You can reach our confinement nanny (aunty mo xiang) @ +6012 252 7483.
    just finish our confinement on jan 2017
  5. xynthia

    xynthia New Member

    Anyone has CL to recommend ? my edd is on July.
    I need a CL who can share room with my husband(he will be slping on the floor), me and my baby .
    She doesn't need to wash my clothes/baby clothes, doesn't have to cook for my husband, doesn't have to mop/sweep the floor. Her duties only to help cook my confinement food and take care of the baby as i already have a maid at home.
  6. Aaron1908

    Aaron1908 New Member

    Hi, My mother is a Malaysian confinement lady and she cooks really well. She hasn't tried taking care of twins before but she has >20 yrs exp doing confinement. She was referred to me by my friend. She gave good advice & well verse in herbs. She even share some of her recipe with us so that we can continue to take care after ourselves after confinement period. If you are keen, you can reach her at:

    May Kow (Xiao Mei Auntie)
    MY number +60 10 868 7287 /
    Whatsapps+60 17 965 8733 (Aaron)
  7. happyjoy2016

    happyjoy2016 New Member

    Would like to warn all mummies here of a confinement nanny named: Yee Hong Tee, "Jenny", from Melaka.
    Beware your electricity, gas and water bills will go up drastically during the period she is around, and over the next months, as SP estimates the bill every other 2 months.
    what this CL does, is blast the air con every night (WHOLE night, and even when it happens to be cold rainy nights), and if possible, she will want to blast it every afternoons as well. And when you tell her about it, she will show you black face and intimidate you. She also does not spare expenses for you in general-- so your expenses will shoot up.

    She also like to be on her phone extremely frequently. If you employ her, you will realise that A Lot of her time will be spent on praise and worship session, and listening to video sermons on her handphone. She might also be emotional and crying as she is "responding to god". And if you approach her on this matter-she will say that her prayer life is very important. I respect all religions, but I'm sure all will understand that when we employ a CL for one month, it is for a specific purpose,

    She likes to also pry in family matters, and create subtle discords. Funnily, she likes to put the mother down, and does not exude encouragement, at a period the mother needs the most.

    She does not do the laundry, lazily leave all the cleaning up to my helper, and even when told to wash the dishes after her cooking, she says that "if my maid can do, should leave it to her". And when I say that my maid is already doing alot, and would like her, as the CL to do some washing up, she does a lousy job, and my maid has to rewash.

    She takes no initiative in helping the mother wash things. So I had to do most of the washing of my underwear myself (causing my joints to hurt). The list goes on.

    I thought for a long time before deciding to write this post. Hope this helps with the process of elimination for mummies/daddies to be. Do pm me if anyone needs to confirm this CL's contact number.
  8. vanessapoh

    vanessapoh New Member

    anyone know of experienced confinement ladies? im giving birth soon
  9. motherkoh

    motherkoh New Member

    MY number +60 182524575 / SGD number:91947952
    Whatsapps+60 182524575
  10. yh30

    yh30 New Member

    I had a very bad experience with a confinement nanny. I hope my review would help other mummies so that you would not suffer as I did.

    Her name is Hua Jie花姐 and she was from a confinement agency. I terminated her services after 15 days after discovering that she has bronchitis. Initially she claimed that she merely had a bad cough and that it was not contagious. However, she coughed very frequently and sometimes into my baby’s face. It was only later that she confessed she had bronchitis. My paediatrician advised that she should have no further contact with my baby as there was no guarantee that it would not have adverse effects on the child. However, that was not the only reason why I terminated her services. The other reasons are as follows:

    1. She was not supportive of breast-feeding which I had intended to do because this meant she had to keep waking at night to pass baby to me. Hence, she often discouraged me by saying I did not have enough breastmilk for the baby.

    2. She gave my 1-week old baby the Large-hole teat when feeding him formula from the bottle. This resulted in my baby choking.

    3. She ignored my request to NOT use the cotton buds (the adult kind which are sharp and hard) to clean baby’s ears, claiming, in her many years of experience, that she knows how to do so.

    4. She applied a lot of 如意油 onto my barely 1-week old baby which made the area around his belly very hot. And she applied it directly onto his skin, instead of applying it on her hands and rubbing his belly with it which should be the correct way (as bb’s skin is very soft and sensitive).

    5. She would cradle my baby to sleep the entire night because she claimed that he kept waking up at night and disturbed her rest. When she cradled him to sleep the whole night, she could sleep through without waking. When we reminded her that it would be difficult to adjust after she left, she was very smug and claimed that baby would ‘look for her’ when she left and would cry for her.

    6. Instead of focusing on cooking confinement food for me, she was more concerned about what she was eating everyday. 1) She insisted that my family eat brown rice instead of white because she wanted to eat that – we ignored her. 2) She would request that we buy breakfast for her, such as chwee kuey and so on. 3) She often said that when she worked for rich families, they would have avocado for breakfast, or buy her favourite Subway sandwiches (my family is not rich and we usually have bread for breakfast). To accommodate her, we did buy a variety of food for her for breakfast and tea.

    7. She always boasted that she could cook a variety of confinement food, but in actual fact, she would cook eggs for me to eat for 3 meals a day. This was NOT food you would serve during confinement to help boost the mother’s energy and health.

    8. She did not wash the ingredients properly before preparing food for me. She would cut up ingredients and store them in plastic containers for a few days instead of preparing them fresh and cooking them immediately. When my mother pointed this out, she argued with her.

    9. She frequently forgot to boil enough 红枣茶for me to drink through the night (when I woke up to pump) till morning, hence, my mother needed to top up by preparing 米水.

    10. She would add tap water to my herbal bath everyday to cool it – the correct way to do so would have been to leave the boiled water to cool by itself.

    11. I have a helper (to take care of my 2 kids and help with housework as I am a full-time working mom). We are very happy with her as she has a lot of initiative and does her work well. However, the nanny would often scold my helper and criticise her cooking, so my helper was very unhappy and broke down many times while the nanny was here.

    12. She frequently left the bottles and flanges I used for pumping at the sink for my helper to wash.

    13. The nanny would also leave all the washing up for my helper to do when in fact it was her job to clean up after cooking confinement meals. She would often push work to my helper to do whenever she could.

    Honestly, I tried very hard to remain objective in this review. It may be possible that some other mummies have received better services from her. However, this was truthfully my experience and I am sharing it in the hope that this description of her services will be helpful should any of you be wondering whether to engage her.
  11. Hi Grace

    Hi Grace New Member

    May I know which agency is she from?
  12. Aaron1908

    Aaron1908 New Member

    Hi, My mother is a Malaysian confinement lady and she cooks really well. She hasn't tried taking care of twins before but she has >20 yrs exp doing confinement. She was referred to me by my friend. She gave good advice & well verse in herbs. She even share some of her recipe with us so that we can continue to take care after ourselves after confinement period. If you are keen, you can reach her at:

    May Kow (Xiao Mei Auntie)
    MY number +60 10 868 7287 /
    Whatsapps+60 17 965 8733 (Aaron)
  13. happyjoy2016

    happyjoy2016 New Member

    Hi yh30,

    Emphatise with you. seem there are more "bad" CLs nowadays.
    The problem is that this "CL industry" is not regulated at all.
    Wonder if the CLs know that there are many forums like this out there that will publish their names.

    should not let them get their way around- at 2.8k-3.2K, their salary is very high, not to mention that they use and eat everything in the house.
  14. blessmum

    blessmum New Member

    hi,may i know from which agency. Im also looking for a reliable confinement nanny .
  15. yh30

    yh30 New Member

    You are right, it should be regulated. Especially if the government is making an effort to regulate childcare centres in a bid to encourage people to have kids. Ensuring that the CL industry is regulated would also go some way towards assuring people thinking of starting a family that there is adequate support to do so. In fact, I'm quite surprised the agency still continues to use this nanny with her bronchitis condition, if they know about it. If they don't know, perhaps it's time to ensure nannies are medically certified -- afterall, helpers are all subjected to medical tests, aren't they?
  16. Jeslyn Goh

    Jeslyn Goh New Member

    Hi i just give birth on 3 feb 2017, I'm currently using Star confinement agency.....my current nanny Fong jie is very good. The 1st one not good i change her at 4th day, i feel that I'm safe because if I'm unhappy with the nanny i can change to a better the. If i use private the they can don't come in the last min.....which i experience at dec 2016 and suddenly tell me cannot come during my birth at feb 2017.
  17. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    Highly recommend my Confinement nanny~ KamLan, around 50+.. very experienced, patient & clean. Taking well care for me &my baby.
    Can contact her @ +60127288628
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  18. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    Highly recommend my Confinement nanny~ KamLan, around 50+.. very experienced, patient & clean. Taking well care for me &my baby.
    Can contact her @ +60127288628
  19. Chufang

    Chufang Member


    I just finished my confinement with Aunty Kim Lan. She was so good we extended her for second month. You can contact her at +60 16 666 9594 or +65 9890 7889
  20. chachacharine

    chachacharine New Member

    I'll like to share my personal experience with my confinement nanny i've engaged, with all mummies and mummies to be here.

    My confinement nanny is a godsend and i cannot be grateful enough to have met her in this baby journey. She is a teochew and she can communicate in Mandarin and teochew/hokkien. She's a malaysian but she often stays with her daughter in Singapore.

    I'm a first time mum, ending my 28 days confinement soon and i'm super super glad to be able to engage aunty for another 28 days of daytime help.

    Aunty plans her daily routine well. She wakes up early to brew fresh red date tea, prepare ingredients for lunch, sun baby at 8.30am( as my LO has jaundice) and then bathe baby. It will be just in time that i'll wake up and Aunty always wait patiently till i wake and make me milo, so that i can have it while it's hot. After lunch she will do the dishes, wash baby and my laundry, multitasking to attend to baby if he cries, while i rest, and then prepare ingredients for dinner. It works for me as i love to have a system in place.

    I'm breastfeeding my baby and prefer to bath daily. Aunty will prepare herb bath for me, all ready in my bathroom before i wake up. As she's an experience nanny, she will give me valuable advices, however she never nags nor force any of them on me.

    Being a confinement nanny is never easy, she doesn't take it just a job, she does it with passion and always put interest of me and baby first.

    Aunty is very motherly and has the biggest heart for babies. As a mum herself, she is zen and full of patience when baby fuss and cries for long hours. Sometimes, fusses from 1 feeding time to another, which is approx 3 hrs. Once, i can no longer tolerate the cries and cried myself while feeding baby, i'm worried and stress what to do when nanny goes back after this. Aunty consoled me and encouraged me to be strong for baby. She will burp my baby after every feed and comfort him to sleep, so that i can rest. She is always full of smiles and that calms me well. She is one angel that i cannot ask for more. Her love and passion for babies is real.

    Aunty's cooking is superb and she will check with me on what kind of food i eat and don't( i'm a fussy eater). She is a talented cook and all reflects in her food! I must admit she had increased the list of food that i eat now, as she made all food taste really nice. My hubby and i will finish them all. Plus point, she's very flexible and not calculative, if my mum is joining for meal, she will cook bigger portion to accommodate all, even though it's not her job to start with. She always waits for me to have meals together, if i were taking a nap, she will wait patiently and not wake me up. I've told her to go ahead first but she waits. Her well-mannered made me feel so bad!

    She's very hygienic, another PLUS for me as i'm very particular. She bathes twice a day and always clean up the kitchen and laundry area after every use. She never fails to sanitise her hands before carrying baby as she observed me doing so myself on DAY 1.

    I'm relocating to HONG KONG soon and already asking her for her interest of traveling to HK to do confinement for me , if i'm having my 2nd baby there.

    Aunty accepts full confinement service, as well as day time service which is 10am-7pm or 9am-6pm.

    I am in no way related to aunty at all and actually found her contact through motherhood forum as the nannies that my friends recommended were all taken then.
    If you are interested in engaging aunty's service, you may reach her daughter Denise @98801042 to check for her availability schedules.

    i repeat, i'm no way related to aunty at all, this is through my personal experience and to share contact with all mummies that needs help, as there are a number of bad sheep nannies circulating. All the best in finding your confinement aunty and i hope all mummies engage one as good as mine
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  21. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    Just wondering what are the additional.cost other than paying the cl?

    The cost of having one person to stay in (utilities, water etc)

    If she buy groceries, does she do the buying? Cos is there any way to ensure she dont just anyhow buy cos not her money. End up buying all expensive stuff and claim its good but end up she eat?

    What are the things we need to buy? Herbal pack? Red dates and herbs? Those things can we ask her in advance what is needed and we get them ourselves?

    I sound like i got trust issue la, maybe i do but i just feel some ppl out to take advantage. And sometimes with recommendation also gotta take with pinch of salt
  22. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    My replies in line in your quoted post above.

    It's good you are so sceptical, to prevent being conned. I suggest you call up the CLs you shortlisted, chat with them to have a feel before committing. That's what I did previously.
  23. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    I tot the herb pack was also to shower other than the red date tea?

    Other than the usual groceries, cost of stay in person, for the herbs, any special herbs that we need to get that is pricey?
  24. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    No in the herbal packages I bought (with PEM during my first child and EYS recently for my second), none was for bathing. All for soups to be drunk.

    The herbs are not pricey if you want to go to a medicinal hall and ask them to compile for you than use the pre compiled packages from PEM or EYS etc.
  25. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    What about bathing? where do you get those from? or can just bath in normal hot water? hahha
  26. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    During my first confinement the PEM CL boil hot water with some herbs. Now that you mention it, that must have been part of the PEM herbal package. But seems like only enough for 2 times. After that she ask me to use white wine mix in hot water to wipe down. For the first 2 weeks I didn't wash my hair. Just wipe body only. After 2 weeks I secretly wash hair and blow dry in my room. I also had the CL for two months with my first child. But the aunty was strict and told me not to wash my hair.

    For my second confinement I couldn't be bothered. I took hot shower as per normal since I delivered in hospital and then just blow dry my hair after shower that's all. Aunty Kim Lan was not super traditional. She just say remember to blow dry hair can already, and don't shower too late at night.
  27. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    Ok as long as i can shower.
  28. jassylicious

    jassylicious New Member

    DEfinitely can shower! We are not in the olden days or living in Siberia where there is no heating and it is winter outside. Hygiene is most important especially if you are breastfeeding, not to mention mummy's comfort is key!

    My CL told me that those who dont allow people to shower must be joking especially with these heat. They also advocate AC and not fans. :)
  29. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    Ya cannot dont shower. Whoever stops me i will fight that person hahahaha
  30. Vynne Joe

    Vynne Joe Member

    Thumbs up for my confinement lady. She really relieved me of all my worries. That's why I want to share this to all the moms-to-be out there. All your concerns will be gone if you engaged her. She's from Malaysia with 8 to 9 years experienced as a CL. Some CL are relatively cheap but I go for quality rather than cost. For more information of my CL, here's her WhatsApp or call to +601136539563 .
  31. Daisyyflower

    Daisyyflower New Member

    Hey there I am currently doing my confinement. I would like to recommend my confinement lady! So far so great she have been such a great help of mine. My baby is also in safe hand.i can tell she love baby and she really treat my baby with care and patient. She's also cheerful in spirit. My cl is very encouraging toward breastfeeding. Keep telling me not to give up when I almost. She always want me to rest as much as possible. Basically really just eat sleep breastfeeding is my routine now hahaa. She cook nice confinement food too ! She will also boil bu pin for me before I go to bed at night. I am so Glad to have her and I just extended her another 12 days. As she really a great help! Highly recommended

    Yan Jie: +60172869959
  32. Junya

    Junya New Member

    Hi Daisyyflower,

    I've just contacted Yan Jie as my edd is this July 16 and she is available. Can you share with me her daily jobscope as a CL please? Bcos it is my first baby, I have zero ideas on going about to engage a good CL :) Appreciated your reply!
  33. winterxc

    winterxc New Member

    Im a FTM as well and have been scouring the forums for more information on confinement nannies. One thing that I realize is there are many ‘new members’ who post recommendations (only 1 or 2 in their lifetime) and become inactive afterwards. I would take these recommendations with a pinch of salt and focus more on the recommendations posted by active members. Just sharing!
  34. Daisyyflower

    Daisyyflower New Member

    Hello Junya,

    This is roughly her jobscope.

    1. Bath baby in the morning.
    2. Prepare breakfast,lunch,dinner. Usually soup, veg and meat.
    3. Do laundry for bath clothes. She does it for husband and myself too.
    4. she prepares herbal water for me to shower.
    5. Prepares red dates drink.
    6. Prepares tonic desert for supper. like herbal chicken soup.
    7. Takes care of baby at night. Feeding, diaper changes.
    8. In the day, i tend to latch baby. Helps put baby to sleep if needed.

    I have help from family for getting groceries so she need not go get them.
  35. Daisyyflower

    Daisyyflower New Member

    Hello Winterxc,

    From a "new member" to another, the forum is meant as a place for sharing and we really should encourage a positive vibe rather than go around with such a level of skepticism on everything posted.

    Considering that this is a motherhood forum and people will only come in here when they are on the journey to parenthood, how do you expect everyone to be an "active member" before making a recommendation?

    As a first time mum, you will soon find that you have very little time for anything once your little one comes out. Its a shame that i have taken the time to review and share thoughts about my nanny with the good intention that someone else can benefit from it and end up being cautioned just because i am a "new member".
  36. Eury Wee

    Eury Wee Member

    Hi i have few aunties that i can recommend to anyone who is looking for confinement nanny. They're all very experience working as confinement nanny mostly in Singapore. If you're looking at CNY period i also have one available now. Can cook very nice food. Do whatsapp me +6598160846 if you need their info & photos. :)
  37. Kimmyang

    Kimmyang New Member

    Hi all, I would recommend my confinement lady, Lian Jie, who is currently with me.

    She is very experienced and does her work very efficiently without being told. She can cook very well (you can just name any dish and she is able to cook it!) and takes care of my baby like her own grandchild. She is from Muar, age 60+ But fitter than me!

    Pls use voice message (she cannot read English and prefers to chat via voice message) to contact her through WeChat at +600122341932

    She is currently in SG now so u can call her at 91624013
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  38. Happy NN

    Happy NN New Member


    I would like to recommend one experienced confinement lady Aunty Au from Malaysia. She is patient and friendly, can taking very good care of baby and mummy with her great experience (over 9 years).
    She can cook very well and good knowledge in herb, will discuss with you what you eat and don't before she cook or buy the herbs.
    She is very tidy and hardworking, hygiene-conscious, will do the light housework and ensures safety of baby at all time.

    She charged $2700 for 28days and Hongbao at the start and end of confinement- at up to u.
    She is booked until mid June, you can call Aunty Au or her daughter if you want to booking the services from her.

    Aunty Au number : +65 93574783
    Her daughter : +65 84220465

    All the best.
  39. GeraldineChua

    GeraldineChua New Member

    Hi all, I would recommend my confinement lady Peggy from Confinement Angels

    Our baby’s first month nanny Peggy is dedicated, hardworking and respectful towards my wish to have baby latch directly instead of bottle feeding. My baby had problems latching on, it took more time and effort yet nanny Peggy assist willingly. She also encourages me when my milk supply was low. Out of concern, she advice mixed feeding to decrease baby’s jaundice level

    Nanny Peggy rarely take breaks. When the baby is awake, she is always beside him. While I breastfeed in the middle of the night, she will prepare me snacks and prop pillows around me to make sure we are comfortable. Through her gentle interaction with my baby, I can tell she truly loves babies. She gets along well with everybody too including my helper.

    Thank You Peggy, we will not forget you. An awesome Nanny.
  40. Obaketsu

    Obaketsu New Member

    May I know how much is the charges?
  41. Obaketsu

    Obaketsu New Member

    I saw good review for Peggy from a mummy in facebook. Just wondering if it is the same person. Is her ID (CA086)? Wearing spec?
  42. Sarah Leeeeeee

    Sarah Leeeeeee New Member

    Hi All, I would like to share my experience as that would be helpful to mummies who are looking for experienced nanny here.

    As job of nanny is not only to look baby only but she needs to be patience and friendly so that we can believe that our kids are in safe hand while taking good care of baby and mummy both. Before hiring a nanny please consider her experience as experience means a lot in this field, unexperienced nanny can be harmful as I got one who was not experienced at all and we paid her good amount but we were not satisfied with her services and we fired her because she was not caring and always spend time watching TV or on mobile when we were not around and my husband caught her several times , she was not good with kids and she never listen to my request while working, not a good cook always cook what she wants to eat. So my husband told me to look for some other nanny that would be best for our family as I crawled some best nanny agencies and useful articles around and found few useful links like https://findananny.sg and https://sghomeneeds.com and so on.. Both portals managed to match me with a few nannies. I got connected to a nanny, she is experienced with good communication skills, very patient listen to our needs, always follow instructions and take care of my baby like she was always a family and love kids a lot. Never misuse our freedom and she is an experienced nanny.

    What I want to suggest is never go for less expert even if it takes a time to look for expert please take your time because getting a perfect nanny or maid will help you and your family with lots of things in daily life.
  43. tanghaouser

    tanghaouser New Member

    Her contact nos is +60172509785. Ah qing. She is good and user experience.
  44. Starlander

    Starlander Member

    I just finish my second confinement And I find my second confinement lady is very good as compared to first one. She is very clean and tidy. After cooking you can see she has tidied up my kitchen properly. She is also very good at new born. Her cooking is superb as well. Overall, I feel she is a very responsible person.

    Although I feel a confinement lady is good or not is very subjective but I Guess you can give it a try.

    She is a singaporean but she doesn’t do daycare which mean she will stay at your house for 28 days.

    You can call her at 97917760(Wah Jie). Her fee is very reasonable too. Highly recommended.
  45. Lorihan

    Lorihan New Member

    I hope your confinement is going smoothly! I am looking at engaging Yan Jie. Did you end up engaging her? How is the experience so far? How is her cleanliness? You probably would not have the time to look at this but i am trying my luck!
  46. Loo Sui Chin

    Loo Sui Chin New Member

    Can try to contact Homey Confinement Agency. They have experienced Nannies. :)


    Whatsapp +65 93923100
  47. maxix

    maxix New Member

    Do not engaged this bad malaysian Confinement lady named Wong Li li from negeri sembilah , Gemencheh . age 57.
    Very dirty and lazy , bad hygiene habit . she keep telling lies keep said want to top up sim card and then go down shopping buy her stuffs like clothings etc. Cooking also not standard, she cook the fish soup till very fishy , very curious she said she do confinement jobs more than 10 years plus but her cooking confinement foods very lousy.
  48. Fluffypearl

    Fluffypearl New Member

    Able to share her contact details to verify if it's same person I'm speaking with. Tix.

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