Choa chu kang mummy club

If my hubby got go, maybe i can bring my gal along too.
But my hubby is those shy type

<table border=1><tr><td>Mummies to be </TD></TR><TR><TD>Name</TD><TD>CCK/YT</TD><TD>Baby</TD><TD>Sex</TD><TD>EDD</TD><TD>Hospital </TD></TR><TR><TD>Serene</TD><TD>610</TD><TD>32 wks</TD><TD>Boy</TD><TD>29/8</TD><TD>TMC </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ling</TD><TD>704</TD><TD>28wks</TD><TD>Girl</TD><TD>23/9</TD><TD>TMC </TD></TR><TR><TD>Poshbb</TD><TD>Warren</TD><TD>27wks</TD><TD>Girl (Clarisse)</TD><TD>23/10</TD><TD>Raffles </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nuttnuts</TD><TD>683B</TD><TD>24wks</TD><TD></TD><TD>28/10</TD><TD>TMC/Mt Alvernia </TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mummies </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nick</TD><TD>CCK/YT</TD><TD>Baby</TD><TD>Sex</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cutecute</TD><TD>687C</TD><TD>15mths</TD><TD>Boy</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Meow</TD><TD>683C</TD><TD>12weeks</TD><TD>Girl (Sheryl)</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>

Serene, u better pass the books to us b4 u mia leh... keke.. u must be counting down the days right... nervous?? :p

Nuttnuts, u noe your bb sex already??
Dear Serene,

Thks for helping me to photocopy the notes. For me, anytime after 6.30pm is okie for me[provided NO OT is req] on weekdays. As for weekend, pls let me know in advance as I maybe going to my mum hse....My e-mail is [email protected]

Cute cute,

Ur Birthday is on the 28 Oct 2005 and u know my birthday is on the 21 Oct. If my bb is born 1 week earlier, then we can celebrate our brithday together.

I am expecting a princess[gal].
yo morning all mtb &amp; mummy. wah these few days always raining. dun feel like coming to Work leh.

Yah I veri nervous leh. I scare of pain &amp; wonder hows the feeling like.
Already get ready my barang barang &amp; standby liao.
Hopefully we can mit up tis wk then I pass u ladies the stuffs to read.

Meow, dun wori. If my huuby got go, he can tok to ur hubby.
My hubby veri talkative 1. oh I would like to c ur little princess leh
Tat day I nvr bingo, tht she cry for milk hehehehe.

So shld we arrange tis wkend maybe say sun afternoon?
I tis fri got check up in the afternoon. So will only login to check tis site on sat morning when I come to work.

Meow, u got my nbr u sms let me noe the arrangement if we cant confirm the date by this thur. K, thks in advance! (;o) me bu yao lian lehhehehe)
Sunday what time leh? 2pm or so?

Maybe i give some selection of time here and see the results will be better.

Meeting place: Lot1 or Yew Tee
Time to poll:
Fri - 730pm Meow
Sat - 6pm Meow
Sun - 2pm to 4pm Meow
6pm to 8pm Meow

Please vote
those intend to buy breast pads please get Pigeon ones. There are the best i use so far.

Gerber is having a breastfeeding talk in Aug. Anyone keen to go? Thou i more or less stop breastfeeding, i would like to go too. Anyone with the Gerber card? The talk is free
both places is fine for me.
i prefer fri 730pm or sun 2-4pm

so meow u bring ur gal along?

oh luckily i bought pigeon nursing pad. :eek:)

w/o the card, the admission fee how much?
im hands up for fri 7.30pm... Im fine with Yew Tee.. Is it at the food court?

btw, where is the breastfeeding talk?
Meeting place: Lot1 or Yew Tee
Time to poll:
Fri - 730pm Meow, Serene, Ling
Sat - 6pm Meow
Sun - 2pm to 4pm Meow, Serene
6pm to 8pm Meow

The talk is at John Little specialist think on Aug. Its actually free. I'm not sure non members of Gerber can attend or not. Need to check it out lor.

If hubby got go, then i'll bring her along and you all can play with her.
So you all want at Yew Tee or Lot 1? If Lot1, i think will need to find somewhere there's air-con. So at least we won't see smoker and will not inhale those smelly smoke.
One more thing, you all got buy the nursing bra ready? Try not to wear those with under wire ones. When engorge sure painful. There's a shop call top 20 at Parkway is selling very cheap for nursing bra. Only $6.90 per piece but is china brand lah. But i think its good enough for me already. Comfortable and cheap.
maybe meet yew tee mac?
yah i also want aircon. Start to feel hot even wearing sleeveless.
I got my nursing bra at OG. I also buy those cheap cheap ones. 1 for $8. then I find veri big. Coz no cups size 1 leh. The lady told me must buy big one coz later the breast will feel veri full &amp; heavy.
We'll confirm for this friday then.

Seren, Ling,
You two interested in the breastfeeding talk? Its on 20Aug at 230 to 4pm. Topics include Benefits of BF, how long can i BF and how do i ensure i have enough milk, how do i express and store EBM when back to work.
k not sure nuttnuts can make it on fri
yah i interested but hor if i give birth earlier then i cant attend leh
btw, have to check out the fee? or is it free?
Confirm the talk is free dun worry. Wasn't able to read your sms yet. Will do so tomorrow morning. I'll call them up tomorrow to check it out if non Gerber members can join or not.

Do you have nuttnut's contact? Since she stay so near to me, i can take her copy first. I'll pass it to her lor.

I'll be bringing Sheryl along for the gathering. So confirm:
Venue: Yew Tee Mac
Time: 730pm
Attending: Meow, Serene and Ling.

Any changes, Serene please sms me. I'll be at my mum's place for tomorrow. She dun have internet access there. Thanks!
See ya Gals
morning ladies.

meow: thks! hopefully i havent give birth yet.
i scare my bb 1 2 come out earlier then i cant join the tok.

k confirm yew tee mac. i can reach there ard 7pm.
coz tdy i pm leave. gg dr check up.

ling &amp; meow: c u there. anything call or sms me.
<font color="aa00aa">harlo CCK mummies</font>
din know someone started this club

i know of other 2 mummies staying at CCK

too bad i hv to fetch shanice home on friday nites so can't pop by..
hi morning. nice meeting u ladies last nite. veri tired. last nite after meeting u ladies rush to jalan kayu meet my hubby frenz. had my 2nd round - prata. hehehehe reach home late ard 1am+ tdy come work blur blur

nuttnuts: u feeling better?

hi angelia, hi harlow. if got chance, do join us on the nxt gathering.
Morning gals,
Nice meeting everyone too. Too bad the environment is a little noisy. Then my gal dun want to smile.

Hi angelia, Nice seeing you here. Hope to get a chance to see your darling soon.

Poor gal. Still have to work ah?
Nevermind, its half day right?
Hi all...Urgently!i just new in here, got a lot question to ask...
I am staying in Bukit Panjang area, wanted to find a good gynae which is near my place, any one to recomend?
hi nice meeting up that friday.. yah, didnt realise that it will be soo packed &amp; noisy.. My hubby say it was pleasant meeting up the other daddies as well. :p

Read the photocopies, very useful notes.. Poor gal, still gota work on sat.. But nvm lah, sat is not a working day rite.. go there chit chat abit then its knocking off time.. keke..

Hi Angelia, how old is yr gal??

ftb: My gynae is from TMC itself... not bad.. if you wan nearby, we have one in CCK central, from TMC group as well.. But i have not tried it..
morning ladies, yah last sat luckly half day. so not much things to do. go office act act abit then go home. :eek:p

hey maybe nxt time we arrange somewhere more quiet. then go there for drink &amp; chit chat. ladies nice meeting ur both ur hubby neven &amp; vincent &amp; also little sheryl.
guess nxt time got to meet earlier else sheryl want to sleep.

ftb: hi! my gynae also from tmc. his clinic at sembawang. his also the partner of dr adrain which nuttnuts is seeing. his name dr lawerence ang from thomson womens clinic. package $550 &amp;
this amt can claim back $450 from meidisave when u admit to tmc.

nuttnuts: great to hear u feeling better.
i had pass the stuff to meow. u can get from her if u 1 2 read it
Hey ladies, jz wana check.. when u say package is $550 - does tat mean:
Consultation only?
Doctor's fee? or
Both? :p
Hi ftb
Is Teck Whye Ave ok for you?
My gyne is Dr Caroline Khi. Hospital is TMC.
She is there every Monday 6-9pm.
ling, the $550 include everything. consultation, scanning &amp; vitamins. meaning from day 1 to the day u deliver u only pay the whole package as $550
this $550 exclude the blood test($80) &amp; if u sick need to take medicine then u must to pay for the meidi which is quite cheap. a few $ only.


attached my stretchmarks. sob sob :eek:(
me now 36wk &amp; my prince 2.4kg.
aiyo, u show us you stretchmarks! i praying very hard not to have it..

wow! $550 for the whole ting is VERY CHEAP!.. i wondered how much have i spend sia.. my package starts on the 5th mth only.. 2nd child i tink i will use other gynae loh.. keke.. anyway, i used her cause she have been my gynae prior preggie mah.. hmmm..
Hi Serene,
My stretchmarks worse than you.
I tried to applied cream but very itchy.
Now my stretchmarks better but will never be the same as b4 pregnant.
ling: mayb the 2nd child u can consider coz can save alot.
well i share share my zhen chang with ur'all mah.
hmmm... actually must be proud of it. but still wish that redish colour turn white after birth.

cutecute: my stretchmarks only appear in my 7mth+ of pregnancy. some of my frenz say it will turn white after pregnancy but some say wont
i apply alot of cream &amp; oil. do hope it will turn better.
Definately feel itcy. Dun scratch, the more you scratch, the worse it gets.

The outfit looks very very cute. Are you a fan of pooh bear?

Nice meeting you jus now.
meow: yah i like winnie the pooh. but most of my bb stuff i buy not pooh. i mix loh. i buy mickey mouse &amp; pooh.
Hi Serene
Wow.. mickey mouse &amp; pooh quite exp...
Your baby is lucky.
My friend sponsored my baby second hand clothes.
<font color="aa00aa">hi mummies,</font>
my gal is coming to 10 months next Monday.

i was with Dr Adrian too
cheap, has night clinic and nearby home
cutecute: not all. only some of the stuff.
but i did not buy much clothing coz they say veri fast cant wear.

hi angelia, wah i like to c babies. how envy leh
is it ur 1st child?

meow: we like pooh then we give our children pooh &amp; nvr tink if our child like it anot. hehehe
really leh, not cheap. but we like mah so it's ok lah.
hey thks for sharing ur gal pix. wah she really quite big hor.
Dear Serene,

Thanks for your notes. GOt it from Meow yesterday...

Dear Meow,

Nice meeting you, ur hubby &amp; ur baby.....

Meow &amp; Serene,

I am also a fan of Pooh too... My hse got quite a few collection of pooh things...Hee Hee..but did not buy anything that is pooh for my bb as expensive....Me cat right?

Hi angelia,

I am with Dr Adrian too. Can I know where u deliver ur baby? TMC / MT Alverina / MT E???
Dear Serene,

Read from somewhere that Bodyshop Shea Body Butter Moisturiser is very good for strecth true is it I also not very sure...Maybe u can try it out....
Hey, im going for the antenatal cls starting this thursday.. haha.. abit late though but still go.. let my hubby noe more abt bb tingie b4 hands on mah.. im 33wks now.. :p

Angelia: Wow, is that your first child? Show us pix leh.. the ppl here likes to see baby pix.. btw, which block are you staying?

Im using the stretchmark cream from Mothercare.. eh, not bad lah...

Nuttnuts: this is not cat.. when u hv bb u gota spend more $ oso mah rite.. keke

Serene: how are you feeling now? Can you feel bb coming out? keke.. I felt some sharp acute short pain at my bottom sometimes when walking.. u felt tat b4??
hi nuttnuts: no need thks! since i have a copy so juz share with u ladies than ur'all no need buy. can read it up when ur'all free
i got those baby food receipt that my frenz pass to me. this few days i'm on leave.
nxt time i print liao then pass to ur'all.

i'm using the loreal stretchmark cream. i lazy to apply twice a day. only apply in the morning b4 work. so now have to pay for my laziness :eek:(

ling: i always got the feeling of stomache. yah i do experience abit of sharp pain at x even when i'm sitting. then got the feeling something dropping (dunno how to explain)
Hi all gals, Thanks for all the reply about the gynae...Especially Meow provide me very detail information about pregnancy...Thanks.

I've been Bukit Batok yesterday to check the price of consultation, the clinic name is called Women's specialist, anyone know this? For the 1st visit,
the consultant fees is around 60-90, for additional scan will charge another 70... Is that expensive?and there's few doc there...I was
made appointment at this month 16 for the 1st visit...&amp; my gynae will be Dr Loh Foe Hoe, anyone know him? Actually , I intent to find a
lady gynae, think I feel more comfortable lor...maybe will find more reference on gynae...

I am working at Kallang Way, stay at Bukit Panjang (very long distance, about 50mins to reach home)... I am thinking of the best place
to visit gynae for this period...(My friend did advise me find a nearest clinic near my house, cuz it much convenience for me to do
check-up...), but sometimes I need to work late , that will be a problem for me to rush back...think all the gynae mostly available on
weekdays lor...

Can I take seafood for the 1st trimester? Like prawn? Crab? Its that safe for baby?

I am craving for spicy food now, its that abnormal? Harmful?

I like coffee but got to give up Harmful also?
Hi ftb, since you hv to work late on wkdays, u can visit them during wkns. All my appt are on sat and my gynae is at Thomson Medical Centre. BTW, my gynae is a lady. Feel more comfortable with one.. :p

Regarding the charges, I tink it is reasonable, my charges are approx the same.

I eat whatever I want but at an appropriate amount, noting too little or too much of it! Spicy food is okie.. We discussed this b4 and the ladies here luvv spicy food sia and we have been taking throughout the pregnancy.

Its best not to have too much coffee, if you are a coffee-addict.. I still take coffee but with a few days break kinda ting...

I heard from a frn that she noes someone still taking coffee 4-5 times a day which i tink is toooo much &amp; no good for mummy &amp; baby...

take care!
You're welcome friend. Feel free to ask.
If you feel uneasy with a male gynae, you can look for a female gynae.

As for coffee, try to drink less. If you're those that must have coffee else can't survive one. Drinking of 1 glass of coffee per day is still acceptable.

The price for my senior consultant is $80plus for consultation for the first visit which exclude u/s scan and urine test. Subsequet visit will be $60plus. Urine test is about $7 and U/S cost $30. These are the prices for KKH. My gynae is doc KT Tan. Think she does work for weekend too. But i'm not very sure about this. Sorry.

As for seafood, can eat but dun eat those eggs from crab or prawn. The flesh can be eaten, not to worry. Try not to eat balacan or too much nasi lemak. Scare give you stomache upset which isn't good for BB. If anytime during your pregnancy, you find spotting, please go see gynae k.

Spicy problem. I even take chilli padi.
Some say when bb born will become hot eaily. Maybe quite true as my gal perspire alot and needs air-con else will sweat like hell.

Hi gals,

seem like the thread has quiet now these few days....Is it Serene give birth liao huh??? Serene dun forget to sms us / inform us when u have given birth..All of us are waiting for your good news....Hee Hee !!!!!

Went for my check-up yesterday, my bb wright 1.4Kg at Wk 28....3 Wks from my last visit, she has put on 600gm liao... Growing fast right.......