Choa chu kang mummy club

Dun worry, the water retention will definately go away. Mine was like the pig trotters when i'm near delivery date.

home: not really to get back to shape. heard tat after pregnancy, massage do help relieve the backaches. but me at the moment havent decide if i really need 1. my fren give me a few malay massage lady contact. i call up a few & the price quite reasonable. got 1 lady charging $45 helping both the mother & the new born baby massage. i c how 1st.

ling: try to sleep with a pilliow under ur leg.
if possible, lift up ur leg when sitting.
not to wori, it will go away after birth
btw, for the bag, u can exclude packing toothpaste & toothbrush. my frenz juz give birth at tmc say hospital will provide. then tmc will also provide 2 maternity panties.
so glad to hear that you gals have the same experience on water retention.. Lucky it can go away cos my legs now look horrible sia..

Okie, i can now lighten my bag w/o the tooth paste & toothbrush.. :p

Last sat checkup (after 2wks), i put on another 2kg leh!!! alamak... i suspect alot of them is the water (hopefully) keke.. doctor oso surprised.. :p she just hear bb heartbeat nvr scan me so duno bb how big now, gota wait 2 wks later for chkup..

How is everyone else doing?? okie??
hi everyone,
Going for my 6th mth checkup this Fri
Somehow this time, I wasn't looking forward as much as the previous mths. Last mth, I was counting down to the day of the detailed scan. For this mth, not so gan cheong liao. I hope my gynae can tell me the weight of bb this Fri. 24 wks can already estimate the weight right?

Btw, at how many wks does the gynae start doing a cervix check?
i also gave birth at TMC
i like the service there, very good. if i have another one, i will go back there again
home: did u stayed at the single or double bedded? cos I wana noe the cost difference.. :p

Joyful: r u delivering in TMC as well?

I will be delivering in Raffles Hospital.
TMC is one of my shortlisted options. Maybe if I've another bb, will try TMC, looks cheaper.
eh, i duno if cheaper cos i didn't really do any survey around prior commiting... since my gynae is in TMC so I just tack along & take it...

Raffles hospital is a nice place. Tot of gg there b4.. :p
My gynae only tell me my bb weight during 33wks
Then cervis check is during 37wks onwards. & check up is more frequent. Say 1 wk twice.

Ling u havent recd the ltr from tmc? tell will sent u a ltr telling you the charges.
hi cck mums, can i join?
i staying in yew tee and bb is 23 wks...
when did u start attending antenatal classes? is the info useful?
i stay single bed one coz hubby accompany me thro'out my stay there. but can't remember the cost liao. sorie can't help.


i din attend antenatal but sort of regret it. if u have time, u shd go and listen the advice given. although u may not really understand or remember much of the info given. coz u need to go thro' handson. if ur mil is doing confinement for u, i strongly recommend u to go attend coz the old folks theory and modern times bb rearing are very different. furthermore, mil may have forgotten how to look after bb after so many years. on the other hand, if got confinement lady then not so bad.
hi c3k2, welcome to join us here.
u can start attending antenatal class during the 5mth of ur pregnancy onwards. if u interested in water yoga, u have to bk fast with k k hospital coz tat time i last min then class full liao. so only attend antenatal class at tmc.
but really worth it. get to know alot of stuff from there.

hey yesterday really suai leh. meet a car accident at bke & my car head badly damage. sob sob. chain collision. wah phew, luckily my bb ok. when for a check up yesterday to make sure his heartbeat normal. thank god nobody was injure in tis accident.
thank goodness you're fine!
Last wk, I got to know of a working acquaintence who met with a car accident in Australia & passed away. She was carrying her 1st child. Was so shocked & sad for the family...

hi c3k2,
I'll be attending the TMC antenatal class in 2 wks time. TMC class size are larger & they've classes everyday, so more likely to get a vacancy. Had also checked with KKH, but the places are filled up pretty fast due to small class size, esp Sat ones.
morning ladies, welcome c3k2...

Lucky you & bb okie... god bless.. are you the last car? orelse can claim damages from the behind car that knock you.. keke but most impt everyone is safe & sound!

Annenatal cls is good as it provides proper knowledge as to why some tings are done rather than believing in those old folks tale... rather enriching... :p
Hi Serene,

Glad to hear that you and BB are the way, nowsdays some drivers are ready recckless. There is once on my way back home from work, I saw a chain collision of 28 cars at KJE. It really jammed up the whole KJE plus other drivers would always like to slow down their cars and check up what is happening. This made the jam even worse...

c3k2 welcome.....

Antenatal class is good in the sense that it help and let u understand things better. It's also provide with proper knowledege on pregnancy and bb. I attend my antenatal class at MT Alv.
morning ladies

tis nissan sunny saloon infront was knock twice by my car & the car behind me. the 1st car toyota corolla e-brake. we all behind can manage to stop
somemore we at over-taking lane. wah piang, guess tis nissan really hate mitsubishi lancer coz hit twice by the same car.
anyway, really not our day on 18.8.05. but really thankgod that no 1 was injured.
hi gd morning

thanks 4 ur advice... guess i will go 4 TMC classes..

i scared i will 4get if go 2 early..


thank God u & bb are fine..
hehe... gg 2 early seems no kick leh, me attended @ the 32 wk... seem more real as bb is coming out soon.. :p
Welcome to all new mummies here!!

Sorry have been missing for the past few days. My gal has drastic temper. Dun know why this few days she eat very little like 60mls can tahan her 3hrs, sleeps very long and feels grouchy. Thought she got fever, but measure her temperature like ok leh.

Serene has given birth to Axler!!!
Born on 230805 at 1648hrs and weighs 3.07kg.
Strong mummy.....Normal birth and No epidural.

Congrats SERENE!!!!
Hi Meow,

Is your baby's teeth gorwing as baby tend to have all these symptom when the teeth are growing?

Hi Serene,

Congrat....U are strong....
Dun know leh...didn't see any teeth yet. But last night i dreamt that she has start growing teeth.

Tired to put your finger in her mouth and feel her gum to see is it usual or you can try to observe the gum and see are there white small "things" on the gums..

If there is, it might be she has start growing teeth. My colleague's son [born same month as your gal] has started growing teeth....
Halo all, today not in office so didnt log on...

Yah, heard serene has finally given birth to her little prince... strong gal, no need epidural sia.. alamak, next will be mine turn, hope im as strong as her... :p

Best wishes to the new mummy & daddy... (promoted already.. keke)
Did try to place fingers in to check. Nope nothing rough....didn't see any white stuff too. Maybe i check again tomorrow.

Dun be scare, be brave, keep telling yourself, no matter what it takes...i wanna see my baby safe and healthy...
halow every1. i'm back to join u ladies in tis thread. wah seem like i had miss alot of topic.
got to catch up with ur'all

well thanks everyone out here for the support & wishes. I was discharge yesterday. Axler is doing well. juz had his milk & now sleeping.

hey juz an advice for mtb. really have to practise ur breathing. it really help. i make use of wat is thought in the class & it do help me & i also surprise i can make it w/o epidural.
i almost give up but with the help of my doctor & hubby, i manage to endure the pain.
really thankgod for everything.

so my final bills after deduct medisafe, i have to pay $50+ cash.

phew finally over. now have to learn to take care of my Axler. veri happy. dunno how to describe to ur'all my feeling now.
but tat veri moment when i saw axler, the veri 1st senstence from my mouth is "my baby my baby". all the pain is gone & i feel worth it.
wow! u didn't had epidural! so brave... how long was your labour? Did you have any other forms of pain relief eg gas?

And your cash payment is so little only!! You were at TMC right.. how many bedded?

sorry for so many questions...
Hi Serene,

Wow, u are back liao....U are really brave....Tell us more of your birth stroy leh...want to know so that can get ready mah...Hee Hee
Hi serene, welcome back, hv a good rest @ home during this period...

How are e other mommies-to-be doing?? a okie??

Just an update, saw my gynae last sat, into my 37wks now and bb is 3.2kg & im 70.5kg already... :p
Hi Gals,

Just went to see my gynae this evening. My bb is now 2.1Kg and now I am in Week 31....Today found some stretch marks appearing on my tummy...sigh...

I thought pple who are fat won;t get any stretch marks but me still got it...

HI Ling,

How are you feeling now?? Excited???
hi ladies, guess u ladies all sleeping at tis timing. ;o)
well me wake up 2 prepare feeding my boy

joyful: i endure the pain from 10am till 4.48pm.
almost 7hrs. actually i was admitted the day b4 axler was born. 22aug admitted at 11pm due to bleeding. contraction then was quite mild.
i did use laughing gas at the last few hrs but tell u the truth, the gas has no effect on pain relief. yah TMC 4-beded. but the rm only 2 patient lah.

nuttnuts: my adv to u is to practise ur breathing skill. (it works for me)
hope it also can help u. must be relax & try not to think too much else the proccess will be longer. bcoz the cervix will take longer time to open then u will suffer the pain much longer.

jess: hey thks! me feel great & better now.
the 1st few days was terrible. i cant get up from the bed myself in hospital. the nurse 1 us to get up the veri nxt day after the bb was born.
i try to get up & i feel giddy.
MTB: pls bear in mind, the veri moment u need to get up from bed after giving birth, pls pls press the bell ask the nurse help u.
the nurse did told me to cal 4 help(4 the veri 1st time to get down the bed after birth), but i stubbon, go myself then after wash face wah piang veri giddy. luckily my hubby was there. he quickly push a chair to let me sit.
now, no more giddy juz having stomache cramps & pain at the wound.

ling: thks! hey the bb tend to grow veri fast at tis stage. so u excited?

hey ladies, guess i can only mit up with ur'all after my bb full mth.
y do you feel giddy the next day? i tot its after taking pain killer kinda ting then u will feel tat?? hmm... btw, howis your confinement lady? gd? :p im not intending to take a confinement lady cos my hubby will take leave to help me out. But my MIL is harassing me to get one... anyone has any good CL to recommend??

Im actually half excited half scared sia... my edd has moved to 1 wk earlier, ard 11 sept, so now oso on standby mode.. keke.. I muz be brave.. keke..
still got 2 more weeks! u got all ur things ready? better buy now else later very heavy to walk around.

for me, i was found to have high blood pressure on the 37 week. so doc say to induce. on that very same day, i went to have hair cut in the afternoon b4 going to TMC at night. but things happen very fast. b4 i know what has happened, i was holding bb in my hand! my first reaction was, wow such a handsome bb!

must make sure u charge ur camera hor... my hubby din charge it. end up only a few photos of bb
Hi home, my tings all ready loh... now still walking around leh.. keke, but water retention quite bad
so will feel sore more often...

you have any confinement lady to recommend?? :p
Hi Serene

out of curiousity... after give birth, supposed 2 stay in bed. wanna do big biz then how?

i noticed from archives that u have the materials from mrs wong class. can i borrow from u 2 make copies??

wow realli dun act strong hor, dun paiseh to call nurse for help ya! =p

ur stomach now is contracting le, so the cramp is normal (",)

now the most important thing is u must get more "bu" hor for this first month...

dun touch water hor ur hands, dun go & wash cups la...all hse work with water u try not to do hor...=p

we shall meet up after ur bb full month den...=D
if ur hubby helping u out, better get him to learn to bathe bb while bb still in hospital. young infants very soft one... i find it hard to handle even when he turns 1 month old. my friend's hubby also help her do confinement. no problem at all. they tingkat their food.
Ling: i did not take the pain killer the notz b4 i go 2 zzzzzzzzzzzz...........coz i tht it's best not 2 take if i intend 2 breast feed but i'm wrong hehehe
ntw, whether if u got take anot, the nurse will ask u to call her if u r getting up of the bed the veri 1st time after labour. coz tey scare u faint.
my confinement lady damn gd. she veri hardworking. every morning wake up 7am do hse work. tdy she help me clean my hse window & change my bed sheet. she do most of the hse work & also help to cook for my hubby & wash his clothing. her confinement food not bad. mayb i'm not chossy.

c3k2: after labour i stay in bed. anyway, u wont feel like getting up coz too tired liao.
but the veri nxt day, the nurse will force you 2 get up from the bed & walk ard. if u back home, try 2 rest more so that ur back will not aches so much. but i dun have chance to rest much so now, my whole body aches.
wah say, pray hard ur "pu pu" not hard else u suffer. my wound still pain now. so imagine if the pu pu hard then .....oh no.
i drink alot of water, red dates with logan water & eat alot of fruits & vegy, so not so bad.
yah i got all the 3 books written by mrs wong. sure when u need it? i got extra duplicate copies.

jess: yah loh, i naughty loh. tht since i already endure the labour pain then 4get abt tis pain killer lah. now at home i eat alot of bu. drink black chicken soup etc. hey i touch water leh. i bath & reali cant aviod water coz i need to clean up esp the wound. need to keep it clean.

ling: if ur hubby helping u, then he really must have the determination & really noe wat to do. coz really not tat easy. esp when the bb cry, & every nitz sleep less than 5 hrs.
every 3 hrs have to feed the baby.
jess: yah thks! the stitches start to dissolve. so feeling uncomfortable & pain.

hey mtb, any1 interested to buy annmum chocolate favour from me?
i still got 1 brand new tin leh.
me now have to buy friso mum to drink
if any1 interested, pls let me noe.

Hi Serene

Thks 4 the info. Btw how much u pay 4 ur confinement lady? local?

Perhaps I can pick up the 3 bks @ ur place when u ready...