Choa chu kang mummy club

kids r like tat, no matter how tired but still wana play.. :p

During pregnancy, i hv e urge to eat more chilli, esp malay food, soo nice.. yum yum.. :p

Ling, no need thks lah. not to wori.
once i duplicate a copy i let u noe.

so it's not true lah. my hubby loh. dun let me eat spicy food. at x, i took abit spicy food wehen he not ard.

Hey thks for all ur info. I will show my hubby let him noe can take chilly

I do enjoy my pregnancy in the 2nd semester. But now not.
Coz my tummy quite big now & I look like a peguin walking leh
Veri heavy loh. I juz had my check up last fri. Im in my 33wk & baby weight 1.9kg
Hey ladies, best to get all ur stuff ready else during this time, hard to walk ard ;o(

My antenatal class finished liao leh. Me nothing to do. Stay at home watch tv
Then I gonna finish my kniiting for my boy.
So u ladies got attend any gathering on other thread? Seem like they have gathering on & off.

Cutecute & meow: hey must learn from both u mummy on how to take care of baby leh
I kind of wori I duno how to deal with them during my 2nd mth of confinement
Remember not to rely too much on the CL. Else once she left, you may find it tough to handle. Learn how she handle your baby when you are not tired.

You going to copy it in office or outside huh? Mind if i have a copy of it as well?
meow, yah loh. i told her to wake me up in the nite if my baby cry. then during tat 1 mths confinement, i will try to pick up how she handle, how she bath & feed my boy. else the remaining 2 mths of confinement i jialuck ah.
i will be alone at home with my baby. how i wish my mum can come over help me.
u mean the book? k i duplicate a copy for you also. i will do it in the office.

i got the receipt on the increase of breast milk given by TMC during my class. i will photocopy for ur'all also

most properly will b able to pass to u ladies nxt wk.

hey i juz notice last nitz i got tis ugly stretchmarks start appearing on my lower tummy.
it's redish in colour. any idea will this redish colour turn white after birth? :eek:(
veri sad.
I hv a frn all the way no stretch marks until 8mth onwards.. so sad... Im afraid of tat oso..
btw, hw much did u put on?? alot??
ling, i'm same as ur frenz loh. now 8 mths liao then have tis redish colour stretchmark appearing
i put on 14kg. my stomache veri small initially
but towards the end ard 7 mths onwards, my tummy grow veri fast & quite big & heavy.
i hear they say if eat durian, the baby will be bigger. i did took some durians but dun dare to take too much.
mi too, mine was quite small at first so i start taking durian in 5mth so after tat my weight increase for the 6mth is 3.5kg.. Doc ask me not to eat too much. So after tat me didn't touch durian & those oily food. So recently went doc, me inc 2.5kg. so all in all put on 12 -13kg loh.. I tink I will put on more that u.. sob sob

btw, r u working? are u taking 3mths straight maternity leave??
Ling, yah I also took durian ard the 5th mth. Then I went check up, my urine test got alot surgar.
So I stop taking durian. I now start to drink more cooling stuff like coconut water. I think we both put on ard the same weight loh. Between 12 to 14kg is normal. Just that my edd 1 mth earlier than urs. So have to tht of the baby name yet?
Yes Im working in singtel. The one near somerset mrt.
Yes Im taking the whole 3mths. After that I will have baby sitter to take care when Im back to work.
Serene, Ling,
stretch marks i also have but at my hip areas only. Please hor, after preggie also must apply hor. Dun be like me no time to apply and the stretch marks got worst.
Mine didn't turn white, think will take a very very long time for it to be white.

I did take durian when i'm pregnant. Also took coconut drink. Yum Yum.... I'm the wrost. I put on 20+kg throughout my pregnancy. Now i still have 7kg to go to become my pre-preg weight. Every month i go for my routine check, i'll put on 2kg.
Hi Serene
Try to learn fm yr confinement lady on taking care of baby as much as possible.
Dun worry, feel free to ask us if you have any prob.
meow, i guess tat's our lifetime tattoo.
some of my gf r proud of it. they say tis show tat we had given birth b4.

cutecute, ur baby now run abt already rite? i love to c them at tis stage. batok big big then tip toe running abt. veri cute.
yah i will disturb u ladies will i got something in doubt. so u start feeding solid food? i got the receipt for toddlers. if u need let me noe. maybe i fax to u to email to u.

so the rest have u tht of the baby name yet?
my hubby come out with this name Axler.
how ur'all find tis name?
as for chinese name, have come out a few but still need to wait until baby born & use the birth date to caculate the chinese character.
Hi Serene
My baby can't stand/run yet. Maybe he quite slow loh.. He have more than 6 teeth top & more than 6 teeth bottom.
cutecute, hey so cute. i love to see baby pix

i now dun have any pix to show u ladies. have to wait till my baby out then can show u.
i can only show ur'all my photo :eek:)
do ur'all have friendster account?
Hey all, I have done a tabulation of the MTB & Mummies here... Any info that I missed out, pls let me noe & I will amend it.. :p

<center><table border=1><tr><td>

CCK club.xls (14.3 k)</td></tr></table></center>
hmm... how to make the table appear on the screen instead of an attachment???

Meow, u showed yr bill on the screen rite.. hw did u do tat..

PS: im new here okie, so duno how 2 do.. keke
you go under Help found at the bottom of the page, then click formating then other formatting and finally click table and list. Then you see what's the result you wanna see lor.

Your boy very cute, smile vert sweetly.

can you can show us your BB photo, which is the ultrascan lor.
meow, yah hor.
k i scan liao then post to ur'all
hey u have join this site for quite long liao hor.
did u go to other thread tok to ppl there?
Thx Meow, i will try it next time...

Hey ladies, could you gals advise what to bring to hospital when in labour... I wana pack my bag &amp; get the stuff ready... :p
ling, here's my list for ur reference:
For mum:
admission ltr
warm socks
1 extra pack of pads
disposable underwear
CD(music that help u relax)
nursing bra
facial wash/toothbrush/toothpaste
handphone &amp; charger
breast pump
one set of clothing home

For dad:
coins(for drinks)
phone lists to call to announce birth of baby
baby car seat

for baby:
new born clothing
receiving blanket
(if giving birth at TMC, no need bring coz they will provide everything for the baby)
wow, thx serene for tat detailed list...

hmm, i don't hv car seat for infant... i got 1 used for 3mths onwards. guess i can juz carry by hand.. :p

CD?? they hv player there?? or we need to bring along ours?? btw, im using TMC as well...

Do we need to bring along our pjyamas??
Serene and Ling,
Both of you going to deliver there is it? Then you may need to include pyjamas. For me in KK, there's a number of items no need to bring. Like the tolietries, they got give a new set. Pads wise they will give you a pack at least. Nursing bra only when discharge then use, else you're not wearing anything except the hospital robe. Breast pump....flow too little, even not enough to feed my gal.
sad.gif will let you bring those left over of what they provide during the stay.

Those items not that urgent can no need to bring over when you in labour. Can ask hubby to bring over during your stay in hospital.
ling, i went for the hospital tour. they have cd player in most of the rm. but just in case, i bring discman along.
tmc will give mummy a toiletries set but i will bring mine as well. if u intend to breast feed, they want us to bring 3 front button top.
they also ask me to pack a jacket for my hubby in my bag incase i'm giving birth in the nite then it will be veri cold there.
they nvr mention abt pjyamas, i check it out then let u noe.
since u giving birth at tmc also, no need to bring any thing for the baby. tmc will give us a tmc babg with receiving blanket,diapers,etc

hey ladies, i'm down with fever since last sun.
was on mc since yesterday. havent got the printing done yet. guess have to let u ladies wait.
I will try 2 go for the hospital tour on my next gynae visit.. :p

So howis your fever??

Thx for photocopying.. Im fine this sunday or anytime after work.. :p just let me noe the date &amp; time...
i'm ok now. thks! was down with fever since sun
now still having running nose. :eek:(

shld we meet at yew tee mac?
or u ladies have better suggestion?
maybe meet after 1.30pm

ling: they will show u 2 kind of labour rm.
1 is the normal &amp; the other is the bath tub
sat i'm will be at bugis.
not at home
i anything. but if sun, need to meet ur'all after 1.30pm or 2

hmm....seem like only the 3 of us
no response from the rest. if got more ppl we can meet up for a drink &amp; chit chat
we mitup awhile in the morn, b4 noon.. how? I gota go somewhere in the aftern oso...

meow: any comments?? :p
So sorry, today too busy at work. Can't pop in to see message.

So its sat or sun? I'm confuse. If need me to get up early to meet you gals can lah. But i can't stay for long. More or less is like grab and go.
But tomolo(sat) morn can't. Sun stil can.

Serene, i can't PM you on my contact. You write a email to [email protected] can?
Hi Gals,

Long time never log in liao as I was overseas and only back this week.

Wow so many posts liao.....

Hi Serene,

I am also interested in the books too..... Is it too late now? Maybe can I lent the book from one of you and go and photocopy myself....Sorry....

BTW, Ling and Serene, both are you going to deliver TMC, right? I am still considering whether to deliver at TMC or MT Alverina? My gynae is Dr Adrian B Woodworth from TMC at CCK Central. Anone has use him before?

Did anyone of you attend the Class conduct by the hospital before?
<table border=1><tr><td>Mummies to be</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Name</TD><TD>CCK/YT</TD><TD>Baby</TD><TD>Sex</TD><TD>EDD</TD><TD>Hospital </TD></TR><TR><TD>Serene</TD><TD>610</TD><TD>32 wks</TD><TD>Boy</TD><TD>29/8</TD><TD>TMC </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ling</TD><TD>704</TD><TD>28wks</TD><TD>Girl</TD><TD>23/9</TD><TD>TMC </TD></TR><TR><TD>Poshbb</TD><TD>Warren</TD><TD>25wks</TD><TD></TD><TD>23/10</TD><TD>Raffles </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nuttnuts</TD><TD>983B</TD><TD>24wks</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nanako</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mummies</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nick</TD><TD>CCK/YT</TD><TD>Baby</TD><TD>Sex </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cutecute</TD><TD>687C</TD><TD>15mths</TD><TD>Boy</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Meow</TD><TD>683C</TD><TD>12weeks</TD><TD>Girl</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>

<font color="aa00aa">Poshbb, Nuttnuts &amp; Nanako, pls update your info so tat I can input into the table.. :p

Thx meow, finally got the table up.. keke</font>
Nuttnuts, yap, gg 2 deliver in TMC cos my gynae is from there... Will b gg for a hospital tour nx wk to familiarise with the hospital.

You can join the tour oso to see which hospital you prefer b4 making decisions.. Its every Mon to Sat 11am &amp; 2pm. hope this helps..

Serene: u wana email me at [email protected] to finalize on the meeting.. :p
Hi Ling,

Thanks for the update...

Below is my details:
I am staying at 683B instead of 983B.
I am expecting a princess and my EDD is 28 Oct 2005.
Will most propabably delivering either at TMC or Mt Alverina...

By the way, who is your gynae? Can I also know do I need to make an appt for the hospital tour?
hi ling, sorry yesterday was not at home
went to holland v with frenz for a drink &amp; reach home ard 1plus last nite. wake up quite late tdy
meow sms say wait for u. so maybe we arrange tis wk. how is it? ur decide then let me noe.

nuttnuts, no prol i duplicate a copy for u.
yes i did attend the antenatal course at tmc.
it's 5 lesson &amp; a dr talk. if u like to take up the course, must b fast else classes veri fast full. try to attend the classes held by mrs wong. she's veri gd.

ling, i email u my cn nbr. we c when meow &amp; nuttnuts free then i pass to u ladies
meow, ur gal 3mths plus liao rite? so she lok like u or her daddy?

poshbb: wher u gg to deliver?

hey ladies, gg aug soon. me still got 1 mth to go.
veri excited
<font color="aa00aa">Serene: lets see who else wana join then we fix a date.. definitely wana mit this week! :p

btw,hv u gotten a massage lady??

Thanks for the update. will do it at home, hopefully tonite.. :p</font>
Yeap she's jus hit 3months. People say her front view like daddy but side view like me. I only know her ears are like me. All others like her dad. You let me know again when we shall meet k?
k but meow prefer friday
coz got to understand she have to jagar her baby &amp; have to go to her mum &amp; inlaw hse.
but if majority want wkend then meow can only mit us awhile.
but u ladies intend mit up for a drink?

i'm still looking for a massage lady.
any recommendation?

meow:if got chance would like to see ur gal.
maybe nxt time when she's bigger.

ling: i anything. if u ladies 1 2 bring hubby along, then i ask my hubby come along 2
btw, mit on wkdays on wkend?