Child cry and refuse to go school


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Recently my girl don't know why refuse to go school and keep crying. Ask her why she just said miss mummy. Ask her whether anyone bully her or maybe teacher scold her because she misbehave, she said no. Anyone encounter this problem before. Please help

how's your girl now? is she better? My boy recently also keep crying and refuse to go school too. He has never been like that and when I asked him, he claimed that teacher scolded him as he beat his classmate. I tried to convince him that if he behaves, the teacher wont scold him.

Every morning is a like a war...keep crying and yelling and I also dun know what to do.

I am having a same situation for my boy who started primary 1 this year..he cries a few times in school and start to hide n cry, not wanting to disappoint us...may i know how long will this prob go away? Need to see doc or not?
Hi guys,

My little seems to have the same problem. She always come from school really cranky. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that the teachers at her playschool "forced her to sleep". Haha, maybe it's something similar for you guys? Might not be too much to worry about!
Hi Jose,

Do u know why he cry?
Mine is also in P1. Was a bit teary last week and wants our company in school. I think it's 'cos new environment and no friends, and the hours are pretty long. This week, she made some friends, so things are getting better. But she will still ask me if she is going to come home quickly.
Just give him some attention, ask him abt things happening in school so that you know if he has met with any difficulty. Give him assurance and encouragement. Things will get better
hi Jose,

Does he have enough sleep? Mine get really cranky when he didn't have enough sleep. Or it could be he is still scare in a new environment?

I gave my son lunch box and he seems happier. Probably because he can sit down with his friend to eat, instead of trying to search for his friend after he bought his food from the canteen.

Shouldn't be too much a worry for now
Hi Blueberries & Mismulu,

Thank you for your encouragement and advise. Today is the first day he never cry in school and he was extremely happy when the form teacher select him to lead the class to greet the teacher when they step in.

I guess that really motivates him. I'm glad it does and take away his moodyness...Yes..the hours are long..he keep saying he had to stay 5 hours in school...and what time going home or can be faster etc?

I look forward to him calling me during recess time and I hope he can adapt to buying food & drink on his own as first 2 weeks, the school had catering service and i paid for that.

He told me that buddy no longer around to help them during recess as this is the second week. I hope they will continue to assist and teach him how to buy food on his own during the third week when there is no more catering service. Prior to that, i did a check if buddy system will teach them how to buy food etc, and I got the answer yes, that y I hope with catering, they will still guide them on the food & drink after the catering service is over. So worry about it when he told me no more buddy now...

Care to share more experience with me? like what obstacles they likely to face and how to tackle it?

Yes, i have been extremely concern and talk to him much more and reward him with his fav food to make him happier and more positive about school. Hope that helps and look forward to school and coming home!

Never miss him so much before during childcare time. I now look forward to recess time call and fetch him after sch at the sch-bus stop...It's a great feeling in me! Yeah!

hi Jose,

Did you ask him to call you during recess or he wanted to call you ? Is there enough time to do that?

Personally I think recess time is when children can make friends and get comfortable with the new environment cos they can't talk during lesson. If possible, urge him to go mingle with his friends.

I trained my boy to buy food in Mac and school canteen. I'm confident in him buying food but don't know why he insist on me preparing lunch box for him, so I will just let him be until he get bored with my cooking :p

I didn't trained my eldest on buying food though. The only training he had before he started P1 was the primary school trip his childcare organised. But my eldest enjoy the freedom and independence of buying food from canteen right from Day 1, although he had noddle soup for almost 2 weeks

Again, every child is different
Hi mismulu,

I think I initiate for him to call me so I can find out how is he?
Bt I will slowly ask him to kick off the habit n call me only when necessary. I think calling oso help him to find comfort in some way.

Thank u for e great advise on the mingle part. I will talk to him n let him decide wat to do?


hi Jose,

haha...when your son is comfortable and have friends, think he won't have time to call you also :p

btw, your son's school is really thoughtful, even have catering service !!!
Hi Mismulu,

Yes, i do hope he will move on soon...though i still pin to hear from him, hope may b once a week in school..haha!

Thank you for your advise and i do hope he will b able to b independent soon...he still worry about sch this n tat (will change teacher, this teacher fierce lah, dun knw if he can open the chips n wat if he dun have enough $ etc..thought i have given him enough) earlier before sleep...sigh!
Hi, have your child stop crying in school? Mine is still crying and he keep saying dun want to go school. He will tell me things like the teachers are very fierce, school hrs r long, he want his afternoon nap. As he make a scene at the school every time he want to enter the school, I'm worried the school might throw him out. Any advice?
Hi my girl just start primary 1 this year and she keep crying every morning going to school. I ask her why and she said she scare. Ask her why she scare, she said don't know. When she feel scare , she will have stomach pain. Today already the 9 days of school, she still crying don't want to go. Anyone can help me? What must I do now?