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Hi all, please do not hire confinement nanny from Malaysia, LEE GIAK HONG, D.O.B 1st feb 1962. as know as Auntie Foong. This is my 2nd time hiring her then I realize that she really is a home wreckage. Let me eleborate.
For my #1. We hired her as she was recommended by my cousin. That time my home only has me and my husband and if cos baby and her. We are unable to really know her true character because she didn’t have anyone to talk to at home except the 2 of us. (Me and my hub)

For #2. We had a helper. Because #1 is only 16 months apart from #2. On the last 3 days of her job, she actually force my helper to stop working for me, adding lots of comments to her like, your employer say u , you can take it, your employer this and that and then she wanted to recommend my helper who works only 2-3 months with me to her ex client. Apparently the helper of this ex client of hers was recommend by her 3-4 months ago, and now the helper don’t want to continue anymore, so this ex client anxiously ask her to quickly some someone for her because she is preg too. Can u imagine she actually proach my helper to stop working with me. She told her that she can recommend a very good employer to her, high pay and etc. she my helper being naive, listen to her and nanny also took the chance when I and my hub go for kkh appt, she video call that “very good employer” and they had a like interview. So the plan was to ask my helper to stop working and ask me to send her back agent, so that this ex client of hers can go and get her.
Seriously??? Lucky my helper after a few house apologize to me and she scolded her xiao zha bo. Nanny still act like as if I was the one that make my helper don’t want to work with me.
She even talk bad about me a lot to my helper, like why your Mdm everyday wanna eat Threadfin, the fish very ex you know, why this why that, and she don’t like to see people in good relationship, there was a night when I was spending time with my #1 in the room with helper around and we were talking happily, the next morning the nanny ask my heller what you all talking y so happy. She just can’t see harmony at home. Stir shit max. And she gave me curry to eat , which resulted my breastmilk is very windy, and it makes my daughter fart and fuss a lot everyday. When she left, my daughter tummy was bloated like a frog, my poor baby, but it makes her suffer too at night when she can’t control her poo with so much wind inside her. Many times the milk bottle and my breast pump parts weren’t wash properly I had to use hot water to rinse it before I use it. Her cooking is not fantastic but I finish all the food she cook because that is my money, and I shouldn’t waste food plus I am someone who is picky with food.

I had not spoke any bad things about her infront of my helper but she has been trying very hard to make our relationship sour. Idk y she want to do that, she is only here for a month. Not like she is lowly paid. Her salary was $3.2k, haven include Angbao $ before she comes in and leave. Idk y she want to do this. Best is she still dare to put her luggage at my home and said she will come in on January for next client. Skin so thick or what I also dont know. Her forte is to keep telling me her ex client this and that a very rich one bring her to mall buy her shoe, bracelet etc, and she wanted me to helper buy for her a bracelet, luckily I take the $ she gave me. I suspect is that she always said people buy her things so that I will also buy her, not the odd one out. But my mom said no, she is the one that ask u to buy, so take the $ from her. Heng

To add she also has some leg issue and she apply some oilment in my room that makes the floor very dirty and blur, so I guess 人在做天在看。 Just hope no one needs to encounter such tragic, the most poor thing is my baby, she suffers all bloatedness, and she cry screaming every night.
Feel free to contact me here if you have any question.