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I don't usually post on forums/ social media about these kind of thi ga but everyone has been telling me that I should so
that no one else would experience the same horrible thing I had.

I had previously engaged a confinement lady called Auntie Chua (found out later her full name is Chua Seei Ngon) to help me do my confinement in singapore. She is from Malaysia +60 17 989 1***. I asked her what she does and if I need to prepare anything but she said no. She said I have to transfer a deposit of $500 to secure a place as she is very very busy and there's a lot of customers looking to engage her for that month. I deposit $500 to the bank account she gave me under " LEE YEE KHAI POSB Saving 028-67431-7"
and then suddenly she stated her terms and conditions where I MUST give her a room for her to sleep alone with baby (made me worried that she's gonna do something bad to baby or feed baby sleeping medications if baby don't sleep) , she does not do ANY housework or laundry, I must give her angpao before and after she starts and her work will depend on the angpao(?) etc. Nearer towards my edd I tried contacting her but she never reply my phone call. I used a different number to call her and she picked up but everytime she does that she always say "baby is crying" and immediately ended our call. Up till now I have no news from her, I think she ask blocked my wa and she did not refund my deposit.

I have made a police report to report her actions. I've also decided to post this experience up just so that no other mummies would go through this kind of bad experience.

All mummies please be careful of who you are engaging as your confinement nannies.
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