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Bad Maid Agency: Carlton Resources

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by CarltonResourcesISRogue, May 5, 2017.


Have you got bad experience with any maid agency?

  1. Yes, I felt cheated after paying so much

  2. No, I think most agencies in SG are good

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  3. I have never employed a maid and don't ever wish too

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  4. I will complain to CASE and MOM if i were you

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi everyone,
    For anyone looking for maids, pls beware of Carlton Resources. This maid agency in fact charged us $2000 for one month of help. We was recommended a transfer maid from Indonesia by this person called Calvin from This agency. He said that the previous owner was very bad made The Maid hand washed 7 people clothes etc and forced her to eat pork. We thought we should be fine as we have a washing machine and a dryer and a robot to mop the floor. We employed her and treated her nicely just need to help with housework. After one month she requested to be sent back to agency out of the blue. On a week day when we just about to go to work. My Husband had to hurry back from work to send her back. Her reason was that my baby cry too much. But my Mum was the one taking care of my baby cos The Maid cannot feed the baby at all. Anyway we sent her back agency. Agency requested more than 1000 plus again to get a new maid. I needed to bear the lodging fee of 15 dollars per day, the levy and the insurance for another 21 days even though she stopped working with us already. The agency did not even cancel the work permit even though she stopped working with us after one month. When we ask for refund they say cannot refund any part of the agency placement fee at all, so effectively we are paying $2000 for one month of help. With all the my patience, I told them it is quite unreasonable and I hope they understand that this will affect their reputation if they do business this way. They say please post to social media! So here am I
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  2. sonictech

    sonictech New Member

    I would have complaint to the case if I were you.u can try Accel Employment Agency next time. I just took a Indonesia helper from them last month and my helper was very good. I paid very reasonable agency fee, which total cost only lest than $1k. You can try next time contacting Accel @ 8747-8873.
  3. Lindsey Wong

    Lindsey Wong New Member

    I had no experience with bad agency but had bad experience with bad nanny.. she was let my baby cry whole day and every night he back with thirsty, hungry and tired face.. only 3 days he was lost his voice because keep crying. and i pretty sure he was threatened there because my baby totally changed to a different person, feel unsecured and need me always beside him.
    please beware this nanny who stays near at compassvale LRT block 25X!!
  4. radish1

    radish1 Member

    Blacklist the nanny on every forum......
    I'm sure she still go round hunting for bb.
    Put her name out la...
  5. Lindsey Wong

    Lindsey Wong New Member

    Wahh..great !!someone have read my post!
    I am very angry with the nanny and somemore she wants me to pay full payment only for the 3 days. Says that she got take good care of my baby!! My baby not even lost his voice at the 3rd day and also his pat pat bcum very red!! I felt heartpain!!
    Pls help me to share this ...is block 254 near compassvale lrt..
    Not much nanny around the area...
    Is there have any other forum i can share?
  6. Alyssa Deguzman

    Alyssa Deguzman New Member

    I caught my nanny who let my baby go outside our house without her assistance.
  7. radish1

    radish1 Member

    Post on fb is fast n easy.. ..
  8. Lindsey Wong

    Lindsey Wong New Member

    Sharing in fb not really helping
  9. Lindsey Wong

    Lindsey Wong New Member

    Maybe can share more this nanny info? So that if someone see your post will aaare of this nanny
  10. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee New Member

    My wife had a bad experience dealing with Calvin:
    1. He speaks so loudly it hurts her ears.
    2. He lacks integrity, she found out that he lied about the maid's previous employer in order to get the maid transferred.
    3. Carlton has 18 demerit points from MOM (June 18 records), 24 points and it may be suspended.
    4. So many agencies at Katong why choose Carlton, just our bad luck!
  11. wavesofthoughts

    wavesofthoughts New Member

    Hi, I have also been cheated by Carlton Resources, in particular this agent called Calvin. He kept lying, coercing FDW into asking for transfer so employers had to spend again and again. Police had been alerted. I hope all affected employers who felt cheated, please go to the police and lodge report against this agent Calvin. It is of my opinion that he had gotten away many times from this scamming method and is now super arrogant and using the same trick on new, unaware victims.

    We need to stand firm together, otherwise they will get away scott free with our hard earned money.
  12. Ms Leow

    Ms Leow New Member

    hi everyone, i have employed a maid from Carlton Resources agent Name Calvin too, i had found the fees its average and reasonable after i had compared with other agency. As me and my family is the first time employer to hired and employed a maid for taking care of my father is stroke cancer patient, Calvin is very helpful and friendly to helping us to choose a suitable maid for our family and he also help us to interview and explain about the maid job scope in our house in front of us. So after the maid came to our house there's some problem about the maid can't really do her job so we have contacted Calvin as he response quite fast nonetheless is in the middle of the night and he did came down to our house to do the counselling for the maid and advice her to try to continue the job finish the contract. After awhile we also recommended our friend to go Carlton Resources for employing the maid too and they are all satisfied with the services and quite positive feedback from them. Nonetheless we all felt that its worth what we had paid and get back is the good services so we will highly recommend Carlton Resources maid agency.
  13. joy_pheno

    joy_pheno New Member

    Our family has engaged Carlton resources agent service for a Philippine helper to look after my toddler since 2016 by the context of my friend.

    Well , my past experience of dealings with Calvin was kinda positive.
    To relate , initially there was some unhappiness with the FDW but Calvin was rather responsive and and helpful in rendering his follow-up service despite multiple calls was through late night and counselling was follow through.

    Eventually this is why i did some referral of my relatives to engage his service of FDW.
    Till date , i am delighted to share my positive and accumulated experience among my context and glad to recommend his service.

    It can be tempting to think that a purely positive review will be useful insights , but in reality, consumers/customers were relatively skeptical o_O of such positive reviews.

    Hence , all this adds up and i hope the above squares it off.
    Have a great day peeps!:):):)

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