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Any recommendation of fish oil tat is good for 2.5yrs old kids that i can buy from Guardian.
No MLM products please as my HB dun like the idea.


For me, scotts cod liver oil came to my mind when i see fish oil.

But it's too heaty for my 15mths old. she suffers constipation with it.

There is diff btn fish oil and cod fish oil.

Fish oil focus on the brain development side.
Cod fish oil is focus more on immune sys.

Cod fish oil, can give 3x a week is good enough.

Actually can start giving them when kids turn 1 yrs old.

Additional info found fr internet,
Cod fish oil is high in vitamin D and natural source of vit A too. If u want to let yr kid take better to check wif doc.
I give my boy Seven Seas orange flavoured multi vitamin (which also has Cod Liver Oil). It really helps to improve the immune system and the appetite. He's been taking it since he was about 1+ yr old.


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Hi, I suppose when we are using any supplements, it is best to understand how they are made and by who.

There are so many products in the market that claimed that they are the best but nowadays we are noticing more news of people getting poison by the products themselves.

I would suggest we have to know more about the products before we buy them.

I would suggest the followings
1)ask whether they are organic? and is the organic certifed by China or Malaysia or USA or Japan, Different countries make great differences.

2)If not cert of organic, then ask about the process of making the of product.If they are not willing to tell you or dont know, i suspect the products are not natural. Chemicals may have added.

3)Test products. Take vitamin C for example. Put one vitamin C tablet in a 36 degree c water.(same temp as our body) and see how long does it take to dissolve. Good vitamins will dissolve within 15 mins - 20mins.

4)For Omega 3 capsule. Read the labels.The ratio should be EPA:DHA 3:2. We should not look at the mg but the EPA vs DHA. The company can fool us by just writing "Fish oil 1000mg" but what really is needed in our body is EPA and DHA.

Testing of Omega 3. Open the capsule and put it on a styloform. A good Omega 3 will not burn the styloform. A poor quality omega 3 will burn it. You can leave it for a week and see. Cos some omega are not concentrated, they will not not burn the styloform immediately.

Burning of the styloform means it contain a chemical same as the one in our nail polish. We will be eating the chemical if we eat that omega 3.

One of my friend test one and leave it for a week unintentionally, and was surprise the see the styloform actually melts. And she quickly throw the whole bottle of Omega 3 away.

Hope this helps.



I've been giving my 4 yr old son Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil since he was 1 yr old.

I noted that Scotts Emulsion does not specify the EPA &amp; DHA content as compared to Seven Seas. Thats why I chose Seven Seas. This is the brand that my Dad's fren used to take when he was young. So you can imagine how old this brand is.


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hi all, want to ask the following:

1) whether cod liver oil is the same as cod fish oil?
2) can give to kids when they are still coughing or give after they have recovered?
3) anyone tried GNC kid's cod liver oil? any feedback?

1)Cod Liver oil and cod fish oil is diff.
Cod Liver oil is usually thick white in colour. Cod fish oil is golden colour.

2)For me, i'll give after they recovered. But MIL will cont'd to give but less than usual dosage to protect lungs.

3)Nope, i didnt give my kid's cod liver oil.
I bought the old brand - scott

Hope it helps =)


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hi about this vitamin, my kids prefer orange favour then the original favour..wow for other supplemnt expensive right...wow..


When taking supplements, it must in whole food form and as highly bio-available as possible meaning can be easily absorbed into the body.
When u take whole food supplements, it comes in a capsule form intended for the body to absorb. Do not take calcium on its own, or even Vitamin C. That is not what the body needs.
My 7mth old takes Nordic Naturals Baby Fish Oil, altho now he takes Paradox Fish Oil for Omega 3, 6 &amp; 9. My 28mth old daughter takes scotts emulsion. They both take nature's plus animal parade liquid multi-vits.. i get all from Vitakids, if i am lazy to get online which is cheaper.