<b>Applying to be able to post in overseas spree and WTS threads</b>

Hi all,
I'm not a moderator, there may be varies reasons why many here had not been granted access to post in Overseas Spree and WTS Thread;
1. You are not registered more than 1 year
2. You are not active in discussion threads
(There are many who post at discussion threads, for the sake of increasing postings, may not be "counted", u know who u are)

Some other rumours that I've heard from around here;
1. You have more than 1 account
2. You had an account suspended before
3. The moderator "approve" accounts on monthly basis, the "day" has not reached yet.

Dear all,
please be patient, it will pay off soon.
When so many write to moderator to request,
won't they need to waste more time reading your emails?
So many emails ahead of yours, when will be your turn?
Why not give them a few more months?
This forum was created for us to exchange &amp; share informations,
enjoy it.

Please don't bomb or quote me.

Good Luck to all.

PS: If you saw something you want to buy at WTS,
u can click on the seller's name on left to send her a "Private Message".
Else you can PM me the link, I'll post your request at the thread for you.
Dear newmummy,
you are just registered last month,
how come you are asking for access?
Or is this your 2nd account? (Just asking, I'm sorry if I'm not right)

I think we didn't pay to use this forum,
moderator need not answer to us... right?
hi, can grant me access to WTS/ overseas sprees too? its my second time requesting..

yes, i do find that the conditions stated not that clear, as i do see users able to post in WTS tho they are registered less than a year ago.. and now i do see some users using WTB thread to sell items!
Sorry may have post the wrong use of words. juz curious,it's a deviation from the conditions stated as happen to participant in the spree as thought they're maintain the forum.
Juz wandering how will we know if we have been given access to the WTS/Overseas Spree forum instead of us trying to test post to the forum?
i saw one who joined 4-2008 and able to put her 1st posting in WTS forum...

I am also requesting for access...quite upset to see moderators grant access to their preferred members only...
Hi all

I've sent numerous emails to Bee Lee requesting for the rightful access to be provided to my account that has been active for more than a year alas to no avail. Till todate I'm still awaiting for response from her (since mid-June), the moderator. If anyone of you happen to be granted access recently, can you share with us?
Me too. Been asking and asking but no response. I have joined more than a yr but no response. Who can help me?
<font color="ff0000">I believe the most frustrating thing is when u see those that join later than u with lesser posting being able to post on Oversea spree and WTS! Which is so unfair! Since the moderator think we're spamming their email, why don they just activate those that are already eligible so that we can stop emailing them?
Its just so frustrating.
I think the moderator only take a action very fast for those BP and business threads!</font>
Hi Veriblur,

I share your frustration.
They put there member >1yr can apply for access.
But how to apply, never mention liao, not like the BP forum.

apparently those who got access didn't even e-mail the moderators but they just got a e-mail for SMH saying they can access after their acc is 1 yr old..

Quite unfair.
Is there another alternative motherhood forum we can go to if this one is not responsive? I also want to sell some bb items but the section is not enabled for me . dontthink i have the patience to wait 1 year..haha.
pls advise..
i guess some of u are not active enough? 1 yr member here but less than 100 posts?

anyway i also applying

hi moderators,

I would like to apply for access to post in Overseas Spree and WTS forum too. thanks.
<font color="000000">Hi Moderator,

Please grant me access to post in Overseas spree and WTS forum too. Thanks!</font>
Hi Moderators,

I have been asking for grant to access to be able to post in WTS and overseas spree for a few months already.

I would appreciate if you could activate my account asap

Hi moderators

I've turned one at sgmh. Could you kindly grant me access to WTS and overseas spree forum pls. thanks
me too- no response from moderator.

Moderator does not bother to see this thread...

Anyone posted here gotten access already?
E terms n conditions stated for application is so misleading. Yes, moderators r bz to deal wif every single request bt none of u even step forward to say anything bout tis issue, whether u wan to cease further application or juz wait on. It seems lyk everyone is juz begging u guys to grant access.
Hi moderators,

Pls also grante me the access to post thread in overseas spree &amp; WTS forum. Have been asking for few times but never get response.

Thank you
Hi moderators,

Pls grant me too, the access to post in threads in overseas spree &amp; WTS forums.
Its been some 11 months since i've registered here...

hi moderator
i am applying to access oversea n wts forum. i have been member for more than 1 yr. in fact i am a member since the beginning of this forum, but lost the other account.

i have been active too. so kindly grant me the access. thanks in advance.
Hello moderator,
I have joined Sgmotherhood for more than a year, with more than a hundred post.
I would like to have access to oversea spree site and WTS forums.
Please consider my request.
Hi moderator,
I have joined SGmotherhood for more than a year. Kindly grant me the access to overseas spree and WTS forum.

Would greatly appreciate for yr kind consideration. thanks

Would like to apply for access to overseas spree and WTS forum

Have reached more than a year in sgmotherhood


Dear moderators,

My member has just reached 1 year and would appreciate if you could grant me access to the Overseas sprees and WTS.