Review of egg donor agency and egg donation programs in Malaysia. Beware of additional costs in Johor !

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Below is a list of egg donor agencies in Malaysia. Typically, these agencies charge between 20k to 25K Malaysian ringgits, if you approach them directly. Cost will usually be higher if you ask a Malaysian IVF clinic to source egg donors for you from these agencies, typically around 30K Malaysian ringgits, so the IVF clinic takes a cut of about 5K Malaysian ringgits as additional profit. Egg donors are typically compensated between 5K to 8K Malaysian ringgits. Hence the gross profit margin of these agencies are typically between 12K to 20K Malaysian ringgits.

Please take note of the following when using these agencies:

(1) It is cheaper for you to contact these egg donor agencies directly, and for them to arrange IVF treatment for you at their affiliated clinics.
As stated in the list below, some egg donor agencies are affiliated with IVF clinics in KL or Penang. They often partner with their affiliated IVF clinics to offer special package deals that include egg donor costs plus medical fees.

(2) It usually costs more to get an unaffiliated IVF clinic in Malaysia (particularly in Johor) to source egg donors for you. The IVF clinic usually takes an extra cut of profit. For example, if the egg donor agency charges RM 25,000, the IVF clinic will charge you RM 30,0000, thereby taking a cut of RM 5,000 as additional profit. What happens when you ask the IVF clinic to source egg donors for you is that they will approach many different agencies, and obtain several matching egg donor profiles. You make your choice of egg donor, and the IVF clinic will coordinate with that particular egg donor agency for your treatment. You don't pay the egg donor agency directly. Instead you give your money to the IVF clinic, who will pay the agency, and keep a fraction of your payment to themselves as additional profit.

This is particularly the case with IVF clinics in Johor, which usually do not let you contact the egg donor agency directly. As mentioned earlier, many egg donor agencies are affiliated with IVF clinics in KL or Penang, and Johor IVF clinics are afraid that their patients will be directed away to the agency's affiliated IVF clinic in KL or Penang. Furthermore, some of these egg donor agencies offer special package deals with their affiliated IVF clinic in KL or Penang, which is substantially cheaper than doing the entire egg donation process in Johor.

(3) Egg donation in Johor often involve additional fees for the traveling costs and hotel stay of the egg donor, as well as agency coordinator. As mentioned earlier, virtually all established egg donor agencies are based in either Kuala Lumpur or Penang. IVF clinics in Johor rely on such agencies, which in turn source egg donors from either KL or Penang. This may pose a problem because it is much more difficult to control and monitor the ovarian stimulation cycle of traveling egg donors from out-of-town, which might lower your IVF success rates. Please click on the following previous thread:

Also note that if you are doing egg donation in Johor, there are additional costs associated with the agency coordinator, who must accompany the egg donor to Johor. The coordinator has two major duties: (i) To ensure that the egg donor completes her egg donation cycle and does not back out half-way. (ii) To ensure that the egg donor is punctiliously injected with fertility drugs and regularly attends medical appointments to scan her follicle growth.

List of Egg Donor Agencies in Malaysia

Heart 2 ART
Website address:
Affiliated IVF clinic: KL Fertility Centre

Egg Donors Asia
Website address:

Affiliated IVF clinic: Island Fertility Centre

Egg donors and Surrogacy Malaysia
Website address:

Affiliated IVF clinic: Sunway Fertility Centre

Biosafe Egg Donor
Website address:

IVF Malaysia Consultancy 马来西亚试管婴儿咨询中心
Website address:

Zakuro Life

Amanda Abigail
Website address:

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hello , has anyone here successfully conceived an angel w the help of an egg donor? could u please enlighten us abt the process and how did u find ur donor ? if u did, how much did you pay her for her services ? tq and best of luck
Hello all,
My wife and myself are looking for a chinese egg donor as we seek to have our own child.
We hope to find someone who can help us. Please do contact me if you can!
Hi ! I looking for egg donor so that when I do IVF got more high percentage . Did you manage to get the local agent contact no’s got Malaysian donor who are working in SG? Tks!
Would you know of a reputable egg donor agency which you would recommend?
We are also looking for any forum or reviews on Malaysia donor egg facilities. Any one did it with donor eggs overseas? Could you kindly share your experience with us? We are a Chinese couple and have been TTC for a few years now. We are also open to doing donor eggs in Singapore. But sadly, do not know of anyone willing to donate their eggs
Thanks. We researched the info as well. Our condition needs a angel donor. So we hope for someone willing to help us.
Hi Botbot,
Do you have the full cost breakdown for Mt E (cost of bringing frozen donor egg +ivf)? And is it for 6 oocytes + transport?
thanks a lot angelica :)
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for an egg donor fresh or frozen, to try IVF.
Recently we found out that my eggs are no longer active and my body is already going thru menopausal stages.
The only way for me to be pregnant is thru IVF with donor eggs.
If anyone have balance eggs before the fertilization, i would welcome the donation.
Thank You.
Hope everyone is well and healthy during these dreadful times.
warm regards,
Hi, is there anyone with successful IVF pregnancy at 43 to share?
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Please also see this previous thread:

Singaporean patients undergoing egg donation should beware of Malaysian IVF clinics trying to hard-sell highly expensive embryo genetic testing (PGS / PGT-A) to them. Some of these hard-selling tactics include:

(i) Playing on their fears of unknown genetic defects carried by the egg donor. Singaporean patient should note that there are much cheaper alternative methods of genetic screening such as testing of the egg donor's blood sample before starting IVF, or NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing), which can be done after getting pregnant. A blood sample contains thousands of white blood cells, from which an abundant amount of DNA genetic material can be extracted. By contrast, only a few cells and tiny amount of DNA are extracted from the embryo during PGS (biopsy procedure). This makes it technically simpler and much cheaper to do genetic testing of the Egg Donor's blood sample, as compared to genetic screening of embryos with PGS / PGT-A.

(ii) Playing on their fears of Down syndrome. In reality, the chances of Down Syndrome with young donor eggs is extremely low. As seen in the attached tables and charts, the chances of Down Syndrome for a 20 year-old donor is 0.05% (1 in 2,000), while that for a 25 year-old donor is 0.083% (1 in 1,200). If patients are really worried about the possibility of Down syndrome, they can always do NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) after getting pregnant, which is very much cheaper than PGS (PGT-A).

(iii) Claiming that PGS (PGT-A) can improve the IVF success rates with donor eggs. This maybe true only for older women undergoing IVF with their own eggs, because of spontaneous genetic abnormalities that occur more frequently in the eggs of older women. Egg donors are typically very young, aged between 20 to 25 years of age, with very healthy eggs. Hence, PGS (PGT-A) will not further improve the already high IVF success rates of older women using donor eggs.

(iv) Playing on their biased preference for either a son or daughter. It is true that PGS (PGT-A) is the most effective method of sex-selection. But the question is whether it is moral and ethical for Malaysian IVF clinics to hard-sell such an expensive technique to Singaporean patients?

(v) Downplaying the risks of damaging the embryo during genetic testing with PGS (PGT-A). This is a highly delicate procedure that involves drilling a hole through the embryo shell (Zona Pellucidae), and extracting a few cells for genetic testing. No matter how well-trained is the lab staff (embryologist) doing the procedure, there is still a risk of human error. The more busy the IVF lab is, the greater the risk of human error, as lab staff are under pressure to complete procedures as fast as possible.

Expert opinion by American fertility specialists that highly-expensive PGS (PGT-A) is not necessary for egg donation:



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