Hi ju

You are really really very lucky in term that you are ok and your baby is normal and still survive.

For me, my baby died on the third day, she never manage to pull through and even if she pull through, according to the PD - she will be a vegetable for ever. I survive but I am like you suffer from dilation pain and c-section pain. In return, I get nothing...

Anyway, I am really glad to know both your baby and you are safe and sound. To a MTB, the greatest blessing and happiness is to see her own healthy baby deliver to her after birth.

oh my pheidra..
im so sorry for ur loss..i guess for my case,the gynae step in at the rite time...

if i cud have waited for another 15 mins i tink i will be in ur position..

take care of urself well..

***BIG HUGS***
Hi Ju & pheidra,
Thanks for sharing yr story here.
My last pregnancy was Dec 2008, emergency c-sect due to baby destress after 15hrs long labour. Now expecting #2 and will b due July 09. I really hope to try vbac but after hearing both yr stories, I move a big step back. Now very "fan", can't decide what should I do.
Me too.. my worries happend to Ju & pheidra.
I got phobia of C-sect pain. Now got to decide to go for GA or Epidural C-sect.
Who is yr gynae? Did yr gynae say OK to try VBAC?
My current gynae not recommended me to try VBAC. If I really want, then I have to switch to other gynae, I think Dr Paul Tseng mayb.
hi may n yen..
my 2nd gynae was dr woodworth.he said very high chance to do c sect again so tats y in my 8mth,I went back to kkh.

coz im worried of xtra cost n true enuf I had to do it the hard way.

lucky 4 me I went back to kkh as subsidized patient coz my 5 day stay there was abt 7k incl my baby icu treatment.his costs was almost 600 per nite at icu leh..

imaginE if I continue to go private?but money is nt an issue here ;p

gynae mentioned mine ruptured partly bcoz the pregnancy gap is close n my womb didn't hav ample time to heal properly.

but if ur 1st csect is more than 1yr.I tink its ok.coz my sil aft 1 yr aft 1st csect,managed to do vbac.
so do ask ur gynae..
good luck girls.
Hi mommies,

Just my bit of sharing here..

My gynae is also Dr Adrian Woodworth. I told him tat i wan to try VBAC and he always said "we'll see how". Throughout the pregnancy, he monitored the bb's weight, water lever etc. As my bb is small, he did not rule out the chance of VBAC nor did he encourage it. My #1 is almost 2yo before i conceive #2.

Im lucky that i managed to dilate fast enough on delivery day. Tik partly bcoz my bb is small.
Hi all,

I had my 1st in Mar 2008 by emergency section also. Started labour naturally but after 24 hours w full strength augmentation by induction drip and epi i only managed to dilate to 3cm. Since bb had passed motion and her heart rate was dropping w contractions I had to go for section. Now, I am expecting #2 in June 2009 (1 yr 3 months after the 1st section). Which is actually against the advise of my gynae as he said my chance for VBAC will be best if I wait at least 2 years between deliveries. But I still wanna try.. because C section recovery is damn pain!

I have been reading stories of VBAC from other countries and I feel that we have lower chance to succeed for VBAC in SG as gynaes here tend to be more conservative, ie. won't let labour go for longer than 24 hours, will wanna section/induce if mummy carry baby over EDD for more than a few days etc. Hopefully I can succeed this time round!

Update again in June when I have given birth. =) My gynae is CH Koh.
Hi all,

I am now preg wif #3. Previous 2 pregs were csection.

#1 e-csection as bb was in distress. Heartbeat dipped aft induced. Bb was not receiving enuff oxygen and I was put on oxygen mask. I was aldy on epi and dilated to abt 4cm in 3hrs+. Not a pleasant experience as I was in total shocked due to the last min decision made for e csection. So e csection is totally not one I will want to go thru again.

#2 - Elective csection as gyn afraid if induced and ended up bb distress and e csection. Not very supportive of non induced labour though gyn was supportive of vbac as I was told that I've no pre-condition of csection and am capable of vbac. Need to induce as we were told of bb not gaining weight at wk 37. As I was also afraid of another e csection shd bb ended up in distress like #1, gyn told me to go for elective csection. So I opted for epidural csection so my hb can witnessed the birth of our #2 in the opt theatre while I'm wide awake. Aft study much abt csection + 1 past experience, Im more prepared for it, having a positive attitude and eagerness to welcome bb #2.

Both were wif the same gyn.

So now, I'm in a dilemma. As Im also aware of the risk involved in gg thru 3rd csection. Current new gyn (previous gyn was in long leave when we visited 3wks ago) nt supportive of vbamc at all and scheduled me for elective csection end July/early Aug. Sigh.

But as I've read up quite a fair bit of vbac since 2nd preg, now I am very determined to seek 2nd opinion wif Paul Tseng (rather than believe what the gyn has planned ahead for us, leaving us no choice at all) just to make sure I dun end up feeling guilty and regret for not chkg from him should I end up wif csection. But I am more than willing to accept another csection if Dr Paul Tseng said my chance of vbamc is very slim and the high risk of endangering me and bb's life. Appt has been made wif Dr Paul Tseng b4 cny. Shall see how it goes.

My personal views on vbac is that it all depends on how you see the risks involved in vbac. Can you take the risk of womb rupture during labor ? What is your objective of going thru vbac? To experience natural birth ? Or faster recovery ? Or to feel the "real" mother of gg thru natural birth?

To me, safety of bb and myself is my main objective. However having said so, I am hoping to get 2nd opinion on my chance of vbamc since I have not experience natural birth still. Plus the fact that, complication of vbac is indeed lower than csection except rupturing of womb during labour. Csection is considered a major abdomen opt though.

Also the total cost involved in gg thru vbac will be much higher as more monitors and updates are needed. So, if you are not willing to pay more and have an open mind that you may end up gg thru another csection due to unforseen circumstances, then an elective csection is still the best choice. Afterall its cheaper than vbac. A fren had just gone thru vbac wif Paul Tseng. She was shocked to see the total bills. Said its so much higher than her 1st twin preg via csection. Plus, Paul Tseng doesn't have any antenatal package. So that means, the cost will be from case to case, depending on the mother n bb. My fren had more than 10 cts monitoring her bb (3.9kg) during labor. Hence this is one of the reasons why they had paid more. Also, for huge bb, sometimes assisted delivery will be needed and hence additional fees incurred.

Lastly, talkng abt recovery. I thk its also very subjective. For my 1st csection, it took me abt 2wks+ to be completely healed (meaning no pain at wound area) though I have to control my coughing, sneezing or laughing just to make sure I dun feel pain at the wound. I cld walked around in the hse wif much ease. Can bf and expressed bm for the next 7.5mths. I am the main care giver to my child then, wo any help.

For my 2nd, my recovery was amazing & slightly faster. I cld walked aft 15hrs del #2. I dun hv any helper when I gv birth to #2 except confinement lady during 1st mth. Aft tat I was left alone w 2 kids (28mths apart) for the next 4mths b4 I got my maid. Reason was becos I had no time to hmsch my older child due to bfg my #2.

Both, I ate fish 3x daily for speedy recovery. I had alot of bedrest to ensure I can cope w bb aft confinement lady left. It worked!

So, now, why am I still considering vbamc now wif #3 ??

Well, my 2 main concerns are, bfg. As aft opn, your milk flow doesn't come in automatically. So I had to use a breast pump to stimulate milk flow. Alot of challenges & preservances involved. I had successful bf #2 till slightly beyond age of 1.

2nd, bb deliver via csection will be in higher risk of unstable/high heartbeat & other complications which happened to my #2. He was in ICU for 2days to be closely monitored 24hrs and his suckle was very weak hence he was on drip for 2 days.

My conclusion is, its really up to you to decide what do you want ? Are you willing to risk it yourself including your bb's life ?

Still all in all, I firmly believe the gyn does play a part too. My gyn is someone who doesn't want to risk me or bb's life. So she tends to be extra careful (hence 2 csections) yet she is a very decisive gyn who left us not much time to tarry when our #1 was in distress. Should we delay our decision, very likely our #1 will end up being a down syndrome kid now (due to insufficient oxygen to bb's brain).

Hope this sharing gv MTMs a better understanding of your own birth plan. In any case, be thankful that you have given birth to healthy child despite different birth plan taken.
Hi all

Hope to join in the discussion here.

I had my first baby via c-section in aug 08 due to breech. My baby is 10 months old now.

Thinking to try for second baby now.

Read that some mummies say that at least 1 yr gap between births will give higher chance of success in VBAC?

Would like to ask whether 1 yr gap means 1 yr between births or 1 yr between first birth and conceiving the second?

Also, my c-section wound still feels itchy (sometimes) and a bit of pain when i tug on it. Is it normal?
1 yr between birth and conceive #2. But u can still try for VBAC if the gap is lesser (6 mths).. thats what I tried for but end up still C-sect for #2 due to bb not engaged even after overdue.
Hi Grace,

My #1 was c-sect due to breech position when my water bag burst. Thankfully, it was an easy VBAC for my #2, I didn't even have to push! The age gap between both kids is 22mths. My gynae agreed to let me try VBAC as #1 was delivered c-sect because of breech and not due to any other medical condition. But condition is that if he assesses any risk to mother/child during delivery then he'll do a c-sect.

Do you have keloid at your c-sect wound area? Keloids can be itchy at times...
Hi passionate,

Yup I have keloids at my wound area...

Wondering for second pregnancy will the keloid stretch together with the tummy?

Anyone can share Dr Paul Tseng's charges? He does not have a package? Thinking to go to him for my second one.
If you're going for a c-sect for your 2nd delivery, you can ask your gynae to 'cut away' the keloid before stitching up. My gf had that done and viola, no more keloid after her 2nd c-sect.
Hi ladies,

I'm new to this thread..

I had an emer c-sect too aug08... Due to failure to dilate for 8 hrs... Ony 6cm dilated... Heard alot about VBAC n wish to try for my future birth.. On top of that still quite worry abt VBAC failure like womb ruptures... Really scary..!!!

However dis ques kept lingering on my mind, y some are allowed to wait till 24 hrs for them to fully dilated so dat they can hav normal deliveries while i'm ony given much shorter time???

Fortunately,I had a quick recovery for my c-sect... I can already walk the nxt day but nt too fast...
I'm planning to have my 2nd baby nxt year 2010... Is it too soon to try for VBAC??? Wherelse some gynae said if 1st was a c-sect, 2nd will b likely too..I'm abit confused...

N so far is Dr Paul Tseng the ony gynae who is pro VBAC??? is there any gynae in KKH who is also pro VBAC... ??

Any success stories or comments???

I'd an E C-sec on xmas eve 2008 as i'm having twins n dr said they're 'shrinking'. Was suppose to be delivered by Dr Woodworth but he refer me to kkh last min as he predict my 2nd twin will need to be admitted for longer days. Had a very bad experience @ KKH. I wasnt dilating, didnt feel any contractions. I'd an easy delivery actually. But the pain came after that, sigh.

I really want to try natural n planning to have bb#3 soon coz wanna 'close shop' b4 age 27.

Compare to Dr Paul Tseng & Dr Adrain Woodworth, who's better?
hi mummies, i am 31 weeks pregnant and today i visited paul tseng for discussion on doing a vbac this time round for baby #2.

my first child is 27 mths old now and by the time i pop by 2nd, she will be close to 30mths old.

i had to go thru emergency csect first time cos long labour, slow dilation and baby was in distress so gynae say dun take risk. however, i did dilate to 9cm after 26hrs in labour back then, was supposed to wait for another hour to dilate to 10cm so gynae can forcep but becos baby released meconium (brown substance or poo-ing inside me already) so gynae says don't risk the baby's life.

i told paul tseng all these as he needed to understand what happened back then to advise me on my chances of vbac this time round and after hearing my story, he feels i have a good chance.

of course, i have done my own reading prior and spoke to a friend who experienced a successful vbac before i decide to take this chance.

i am happy to hear i stand a good chance although there is always that 1-2% risk of womb rupture for vbac cases but it is the gynae's job to monitor extremely closely on the progress of the labour to avoid that from happening at all costs.

in an absolute worst case scenario, if my vbac doesn't work out, i am mentally prepaerd to get cut up again. importantly, i want to at least try so for those of you who are planning vbac, you will need to assess consequences and be prepared for all these if you wish to try. as an absolute worst case, must still be prepared to get cut up.

now i just hope to keep baby of a reasonable size and pray that it will decide to pop on its own (without induction as paul tseng does not induce births) earlier and my labour can be smooth sailing.

fingers crossed and good luck to those who are planning vbac.
hi all mommies!

anyone recently had a successful VBA2C ?

im currently in my early stage pregnancy with my 3rd child. 1st and 2nd had to go thru c-section. all along i've been wanting to try normal delivery, but still fail. . . sigh . . .

as for now, i havent engage any gynae yet. im so in a dilemma. i really wanna try again for normal delivery. i've heard about Dr Paul Tseng tho...anyone know about the charges with him?
hi tinkerbellas,

i also hope to find soneone who can share about VBA2c that's y i started this thread.

so far seems none around. share your experience if you success. alsocan share y both previous preg ended up emergency c?
Hi SP !

im crossing my fingers too that someone could help me out on this issue. i've yet to go for my appointment next week. dunno what will be said...sigh..

my 1st on was an emergency most cases here, cervix no progress & baby already suffocating. the 2nd one was a last minute breech...cant turn anymore, so no choice, have to cut open also..

and this my coming 3rd one, i really dunno what choices do i have...but how im hoping that there's someone out there who can gimme motivation & tell me who is a supporting gynae...

anyone know of pro-natural female gynae, pls share some info.

by the way SP, are u preparing for ur 3rd child now already?
will u be trying dr paul tseng? have heard a lot that he is very pro-natural then he will be more supportive for you to try VAB2C. Rather than compare other gynae, once u are C-section,they'll not even consider u to VABC at all.

My 2 cases is the opposite of yours, 1st last min breech then 2nd is bcos too near to 1st preg n gynae dont want to risk me VABC.

Not trying 3rd one yet, still having baby sitting issue yet to resolve before i even consider getting pregnant. Sigh... a lot to consider
Hi SP!

Glad to hear there are also mummies out there trying for VBAC.

Wanna ask u how close was ur second kid to your first kid in age?

I am having my second kid now, and they will be 20months apart when the second one is born.

My first one was c-section due to breach, and i am seeing Dr Paul Tseng now. He says i shld be able to try for natural birth this time.

But curious to know how far ur kids are apart in age to make ur doc so cautious for ur second birth
Hi SP,

I havent book any gynae for now still doing enquiries on them first..hehe!!

Hi Grace,

Since you're visiting Dr Paul Tseng now, may i know what are his charges like? Thanks!
its abt $200 for first consultation, every subsequent consultation is $50-100 depending on length of consultation.

Scan (except the complusory 20week scan) is charged separately, but its is up to u whether u wanna do it. Forgot how much, think its $80 or something.
oh yah forgot to add... he has got no package. sort of like ala carte. haha ...

But if u choose to deliver at thomson and sign up for their first born incentive/subsequent born incentive, there is 5% off his delivery charges, and on the various tests and scans done at thomson (not at the clinic)
Hi Grace,

My boys are 17 months apart and both are born big in size approx. 3.5kg. My tummy is big (with lots of amniotic fluid) esp for my petite size at 1.52m, often I was mistaken as carrying twin during my pregnancy. Maybe that's why the gynae was telling me that my previous c-section wound is still quite fresh after he open me up the second time.

Still trying to find out how far apart should be the ideal timing to prepare for VAB2C. Since u visiting Dr Paul, would you be able to ask him if you have the chance? thanks
actually i have asked him that on my first visit.

I asked him cos my kids are only going to be 20 months apart! He says that the duration between births isnt important provided that u conceive at least 6 months after the previous c-section.

The important thing is whether the wound is weak. And he says that he cannot tell until the actual birth. Indications of a weak wound is having pus, persistent pain at the wound area.

There is a 1-2% chance of womb rupture, and likely to kena if yr wound is weak.

Hope that helps ... tho to me that is like!??? But he does indeed have a pleasant manner and will answer ur questions if u ask.
Hi Tinkerbellas,
I'm also thinking of having VBA2C for the next child (not preggy yet) and I'm also collecting information on pro natural gynae.

My case is some what like yours. #1 breech, arranged for e c-sect at 39 weeks. Conceived #2 when #1 was 6 months old. For #2 I had contractin till 6cm but bb still high and gynae suggested emergency GA c-sect. I am planning for #3 in 2010 or 2011 and do hope to experience natural birth.

I understand that Paul Tseng no longer offer package and ppl to save cost, do not do scanning. He would listen to bb's h/b and measure size of tummy. U/s is only when requested.
hi mummies, i just delivered my #2 yesterday, vbac by paul tseng. my bb was 3 wks early and small so i was very lucky in a sense it was very easy delivery for me. Its all possible and i must say comparong to my 1st whc was emer csect due to slow dilation and baby was stressed, natural just feel better. Paul is not bad i must say altho i cant share a whole lot since i only switched to him at 33 wks and delivered at 37 wks.

Point to note is it does help for mums to maintain baby size so paul will remind low carbo and no durian diet. I stuck to that philosophy dats y baby smaller so easier to deliver and less risks for wound rupture and all that...
Conigrats, you did it. So Paul still takes you in even though you are 33 weeks? Does he do delivery at Mt A? What is the weight of your bb at birth? My gynae mentioned before bb more than 3.2kg, straight away c-sect.
i am staying at mt A. He does deliver here, only disadvantage is if u need him to see u after delivery, its takes longer. all docs at mt. A chk their patients early in the morning, paul will only come at 2pm.

My baby weighed 2.085kg, quite small. My 1st gynae oso said same thing to me, that baby must be 3.2kg n below for vbac, which is y i changed at 33wks. paul did not give a definite weight cos he will try his best and advise once he feels there's risks coming.
Thanks for your feedback. So long bb is healthy is fine. As for the weight, your bb will catch up without you realising it.

Paul Tseng only see his patient (normal visit) at TMC right? He does not have other clinic right. I'm concern abt travelling to TMC and was just wondering if I could just have him for delivery. I think he will charge a higher fee. My gynea seriously doesn't encourage VBAC, especially mine will be VBA2C. His old saying: "Why risk the chance?"

In the meantime, have plently of rest and a speedy recovery.

Enjoy your motherhood once again.

Congrats on ur VBAC! Feel so happy for u...


I just had my 1st scan earlier today at NUH. Doc said ALL doctors in general hospital & private hospital dont do VBA2C...sigh...
When she asked me where i wanna deliver, i said i hvnt decide yet...hahaha!!... thot of goin to Paul Tseng for consultation..ask wat my chances are like...but at the same time, im also afraid of the risk of uterus 2 kids before are all more than 3.4kg....sigh...
So u are planning to get preggy soon?
Really? I think 1 of my friend memtioned tt a doc in Mt E does it before and he only delivers there.
Seriously my gynae will never agree cos he doesn't want to risk the chance at all. Mine kids are all below 3kg at birth so not dure if it a factor to consider.. Yes, should be planning for #3 within a few months. Heard that the length does not play a part but since my #1 and #2 are so close in age gap. So thinking of ttc after 2 reach 15 months.
Dear all,

Since all mentioned that Dr Paul Tseng did not have package, can anyone share on the average how much in total we need to spend for Dr Paul Tseng from initial consultation eg 3 months till delivery ie via VBAC or ended up emergency C section.

Also anyone here used doula to aid in VBAC? If yes, how much does it cost? Does it really help?

Thanks for sharing.
Dear all,

Just to share a piece of news...I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I am seeing Dr Paul Tseng.

Wish me success into VBA2C with Dr Tseng.
Hi SP,

(First, let me apologise for this long post!)

So glad to have found this thread especially since I've been wondering about Vba2c in Singapore. I have 2 boys (in Dec 07 & Dec 09).

My 1st one was an emergency C-sect. I was hvg a regular check up 3 days before my due date. No contractions/labor, but during the CTG, the doctor discovered the baby's heartbeat was dropping during contractions & he warded me immed for monitoring. He said there's possibility of cord wound around the baby. I was only 1cm dilated then. I wanted to give birth naturally but he said if it drops anymore during the next couple of hours he'd advise a c-sect. It did drop & then go back up again & he advised a c-sect by evening. I asked if there's any chance I could still try for a natural birth first & this was where I felt he unnecessarily scared me into a c-sect. He told me I could try naturally & end up hvg the baby in distress & hv to go for c-sect anyways; he said the baby could end up being too big for me to push out & have to resort to c-sect; AND he said I could risk urinary incontinence after a natural birth & he was a "specialist" in urinary incontinence probs. It was my first baby & of course I was frightened & gave into it. I remember crying when I finally made the difficult decision with my husband as I had never in a million years expected that I had to end up with a c-sect. I had it with GA. Looking back, I'm angry that he scared me like that & thus reduced the chances of my being able to try for a natural birth. FYI, he was not my original gynae. Mine was Dr Henry Cheng, but he went on holiday in Dec & put me in Dr Christopher Chong's care instead.

I went to Dr Lee I Wuen for my 2nd pregnancy & she's a wonderfully gentle & patient doctor. I told her of my decision to try for a Vbac. She told me of the risks & said she would let me try, but the final outcome would depend on the situation. Again, couple of days before due date, I felt less movement from the baby & went to see the gynae. Same thing - the baby's heartrate was dropping during contraction & she said could be a possibility of cord wound around the baby. I was thinking, "WHAT?! AGAIN?!". I was also only 1cm dilated when she warded me (with no labor pains). She knew I wanted to try for a Vbac but didn't give me any drugs to induce initially. Instead I went through 3 excruciatingly painful rounds of "cervix stretching" a day, where she had to insert her fingers to stretch my cervix. (Thank God she had small hands!) That was a Wednesday. Thursday, another 3 rounds of stretching & by the end of the day, only 4cm. I was not in painful labour or anything. By Friday, she suggested an epi & broke my waterbag in the morning, hoping it'd cause the cervix to dilate. Plus she gave me low doses of drugs to help induce the birth. But by 6pm, I was only 5cm & she suggested it was time to have the c-sect. But at least she had let me try. I'm just really angry whenever I think about how Dr Chong scared me into the 1st c-sect. Otherwise I could've had more drugs to help induce the baby. In the end, I had a 2nd c-section with epidural.

So now, I'm planning to have a 3rd child. Perhaps in Dec 2012. So I'm really following your situtation with interest as I would have thought that with 2 previous c-sections, a 3rd one would be inevitable. Furthermore, I'm quite petite at 1.52m & my 2 boyrs were 3.35kg & 3.7kg respectively. What has your doctor said so far? Is he open to the option of trying for a vaginal birth? Are his fees exhorbitantly high? Did you engage a doula? Is it expensive?

As much as I want to experience a vaginal birth (I had no problems recovering from the 2 c-sections), after reading the traumas 2 of the posters went through, I'm just wondering also if insisting on a vaginal birth especially after 2 c-sections is being "selfish" on my part for wanting to have the birth experience & putting my baby & myself at risk...& also of course the rest of my family. Also, is it worth the extra money trying & then end up having another c-section?!

I would love to find out how your pregnancy & subsequent delivery finally turns out! I surely hope you'll get to deliver naturally so there might be some glimmer of hope for me!
Hi alexia

my friend did vba2c with dr lai fon min, the other gynae in sg (besides paul tseng) who will take in vba2c. i was particularly inspired by her as i also had 2 c secs.
she said dr lai has no package, clinic is at camden medical center (if i dun rem wrongly) n delivers at mt e.
she hired doula to help her, she said v useful to keep on encouraging her n monitoring to ensure bb is really alright. in the end, she managed to "tong" from early morning 4am till mid afternoon at home w doula's help, by the time she reached mt e at 2pm, she gave birth within 1 hour. Her baby was 2.8kg.
Hi there Ming,

That's great to hear! Are you planning to have another baby too? Will you be trying for a natural birth? Seems like Dr Tseng is really popular in this post. Will prob check out Dr Lai when the time comes. Where does one find a doula?
Hi ahowt,

(dear all, sorry for the long post too!)

I started this thread initially also to find and share with people in the same situation as I am. Your condition is very much similar to what I have went through.

I am also petite as you are, same height and both boys are born around 3.5kg. U are like a mirror image to my past...

Aside about VBAC, I also have bad experiences with Dr Christopher Chong. He was not my previous gynae but there's one time where I thought I experienced vaginal bleeding near mid night and had to seek A & E help, he was the duty doctor that was called in since my gynae was away on vacation. The bleeding did not continue when I reached hospital. He did vaginal check and said there's trace of blood and ask me to go back to him the next day for further check. When I reached home, I realised the bleeding continues and then I realised it was actually from the lips of my vaginal where there is a "pimple-like" thing that caused the in summary, somehow felt being "con" and scared about my condition....and had to pay for these unnecessary consultation fee to Dr CC since he is not my initial gynae.

Back to current preggie, so far my experience with Dr Paul Tseng has been good. He is very pro-natural. Dont necessary recommend supplements unless you ask for it. For my 2nd and this pregnancy, I have experienced gastric-flu where I end up excessive throw up and dehydration. For previous pregnancy, I was immediately admitted and put on drip. But with Dr Paul, he actually say admission is not necessary, he gave me medi via anal where it actually stops the vomiting and helps me tie over. I am really amazed by his way of handling cos if it had been my previous gynae, admission is definitely inevitable!

Dr Paul is pro-natural, he don't discourage nor give you false hope. He analysed that successful VBAC based on several factors. The fact is that weight of baby does not count, reality is the head circumference of the baby. It has to maintain below 37cm to successful pass through the vaginal of a "normal" birth tunnel. This is quite true and made full sense! So this is something not within our control, it all depends on the growth of the baby. Futhermore for VBAC, he will measure the thickness of the wound at week 38 to see if will be able to stand the pressure during natural birth. So quite a few conditions to satisfy even before the actual day where you dilate or not....

Regarding fee, Dr Paul also does not have package. My avg cost per visit is S$60 + $30 (for optional scan). This exclude medi and the common scan or test during pregnancy. I checked with him on whether it helps on engaging a doula, Dr Paul explains that Doula is useful when you wants a drug free delivery or have a strict birth plan to follow.

I am also considering like you whether I am selfish to try on VBA2C and worth spending this sum of money, but to think of it... will you regret if you did not even try? So for me, I have the support of my hubby and I am engaging Dr Paul Tseng to make me closer to fulfilling my dream. I constantly keep myself update with Dr Paul to see my progress on how close I am to realise my dream. I will definitely not compromise and risk the life of both myself and baby, therefore am prepare to give up if really circumstances does not allow.

Thou my aim is to have successful VBA2C, my ultimate goal is to have my hubby to witness the birth of our child which he has missed it on 2 previous births. So I have spoken to Dr Paul and he is quite open to it. My 2nd birth was on epidural where I can successful heard the cries of my 2nd boy when he is born, so I did consult Dr Paul whether it raise the chances for my hubby to join in OT if I was put on epi. Dr Paul actual mentioned that it helps and it also help to localise the pain to determine whether it is contraction pain or pain from womb rupture.

Therefore, most probably I will be using epidural so it goes against the purpose of engaging a doula.

My checks till 33 weeks so far so good and baby is of a good size, so now waiting for the crucial week 38 to review whether I can try for VBA2C. Now praying hard for the big day to arrive...

Wish me success!
Hi SP,

Glad to hear that all is going well so far! I really hope your vba2c will be successful!

Ugh, just the thought of Dr Christopher Chong still makes me seethe with anger.

On another note...I just found out that I'm pregnant!!! I had planned only for #3 next year (dec), partly to set aside time to spend with #2 & also to let my wound heal, but it seems like my plans have gone down the drain!

So....I've made an appointment with him in 2 week's time.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I really do hope you'll be able to deliver naturally this time around! All the best & keep us posted!
Hi all,

It's coming to the last 4 weeks to countdown....stepping into my 36 weeks!

Since both my previous pregnancies are considered as induced labour, I am really feeling blur of the journey to labour.

Can anyone share in great details on what to expect...from having show, the real feeling and descriptions of contraction pain (now still not sure where the contractions pain should lies), how to overcome / endure the contraction pain, the feeling of engagament etc etc...

Appreciate these details and especially from you out there who have successful VBAC, hope these information will be able to help me pre-empt myself well to look out for the sign and to go to the hospital at the right time to achieve successful VBAC...

Thanks in advance!

p.s. keep my fingers crossed! for the BIG D DAY!
hi SP

good luck to you in your pursue for VBAC!

i'm preg with my #2 and now in my 34 weeks, my gynae is also encouraging me to go for VBAC... i've discussed with family members and friends, told them about my worries about any risks that may incur for VBAC, esp risks to the baby. all of them advised me to go for repeated c-sect again...

after reading this thread, it gives me hope again to try for a VBAC. in fact, having known that i can go for VBAC is a bonus as i didn't really hope for it in the first place.

my #1 was through c-sect cos his head circumference is too big...

do update here about your birth story

once again, GOOD LUCK!