Hi there,

Just wanna find out if anyone success to have viginal birth after single or multiple C-sections? Seems that there's not much gynae in SGP who's willing to take this risk and would always encourage their patients to go C-Section again.

For those who has made it:
1. Which gynae did you do it at?
2. How long was it after your previous C-section?
3. What is the reason for your previous C-section?
4. Did you tell your gynae upfront that you want Viginal Birth this time round?

Thks for sharing.

Hi SP,

There are many mommies these days who have gone through successful VBACs and you're right, there're not many gynaes in S'pore who is pro VBACs.
My replies to your questions are as follows:
1. Dr Paul Tseng
2. got pregnant 1.5 yrs after 1st delivery
3. emergency c-section. Baby distressed during course of induction.
4. Yes. cause he needs to assess if VBAC is possible.

Hope this helps. You are welcome to pm me if you have any further queries.
Thks Zin for your replies.

For clarifications on the following pointers:
2. that means u're already 27 mths from last C-section for this viginal birth upon delivery.
p.s. what is the birth weight of your 2nd bb ie < 3 kg? is it smaller than the first?

4. How does he assess if VBAC is possible? What does he base on? Or did he check if you could dilate?

thks again
Hi SP,
Yes, you're right. My 2 kids are about 27 mths apart.
My 2nd bb is slightly heavier than my 1st. Both more than 3kg.
For the last point, I can't remember what he said. But maybe based on his experience, he can roughly tell if a VBAC is possible? Not too sure...
Hi Zin,
May I know if you're taller than 1.6m?
I am of the smaller frame & both my Boys approx. 3.5kg. I was advise if my 2nd is smaller than my 1st then higher chance that I can VBAC. Also depends on what reason for the first C-section. But too bad I was rush into C-section again for the 2nd one. SIGH!

Btw, how far have u dilate for the first delivery before you go for c-section?

Guess Gynae will based on the above to evaluate.
Hi all,
tested positive on my #2.. my #1 was thru csec... hopefully i can go thru VBAC on my #2...
Hi SP,
Nope, I'm only 1.56m. My 2nd child is about 3.2kg, slightly heavier than my 1st. Why were you rushed into c-section again for your 2nd child? What's the reason for the c-section for your 1st?

For my 1st delivery, I was only 2 - 3cm dilated when I had to go for c-section. I think the gynae will see what's the reason for the previous c-sections before advising.

So are you expecting your 3rd child now?

Hi eniale,
You sure can, if you choose the right doctor.
Hi Zin,

I'm about the same build as you.

Both my sons are quite big for my size when I'm expecting them. Each weight around 3.5kg and aminotic fluid is quite a lot too. So my tummy is really stretch to the limit and everybody is staring at me and keep asking if I'm expecting twins.

First C-section is because my son is naughty - he overturn to a beech position just overnight! Maybe he has too much aminotic fluid to swim around! My son rupture the water bag so gynae worry that I might not have experience to push for deliver so advise for emergency C-section.

2nd son was only 17 months apart from 1st delivery, tummy was big too... I was keep admitted when I am only having mild contractions. Then after 9 hours, they say I'm only 3 cm dilated so advise for C-section as Gynae also worry about rupture of womb. I believed if I was not admitted so early, I can still move around to wait for dilation - then mayb I can successfully VBAC the second time.

I'm not expecting 3rd child now. Will consider if I can still try for VBACs. That's why asking around if anyone has experience and also to prepare for it if really keen.

Hi Eniale,

I heard that if you are unable to dilate well for the first delivery, chances is that you'll not for subsequent delivery and if your pelvis is small, you are unlike to give viginal delivery.

These are the reasons that gynae will evaluate if you can still give birth natural esp if u have previous c-sections.

Nevertheless, hope u can still VBAC successfully.

Hi SP and Eniale,

Just sharing. I realise that a very key factor in a successful VBAC is the gynae. For my 2nd child, I almost didn't have a VBAC because somehow my dilation is super slow. But my gynae knew about my desire for a VBAC and he tried his best to help me. I'm sure if my gynae is not supportive, he would have asked me to go for c-section.
I had a successful VBAC. The first time round, I went thru a C-section becos I had pre-eclampsia, ie high BP. Not that my cervix was stubborn or anything.

I changed my gynae for my #2, as I wanted a gynae who is super supportive of VBAC, and I am so glad to have decided on Dr Paul Tseng. He is truly supportive of me having VBAC.

I was lucky, as baby was small at only 2.46 kg. I didnt even use epidural, and no cut, no tear.

VBAC is truly an amazing experience which I don't think I will ever forget in this lifetime.
my #1 dun realli dilated well leh.. struck at 6cm so ned to go for emergency c-sec...

thanks so much.. jus pray hard will be a successful one.. =))

ya i also think if gyane are supportive enuff... no matter wht he will not give up til the last min when theres really no choice for to go for c-sec again.. me agrees too...

glad to hear u have successful experience!!! happy for u!! ya i think if i can be successful in VBAC too I wil never forget this good experience!! =)))
I echoed sunshinekid. VBAC is truly an amazing experience which is unforgettable! So eniale, if you can, go for VBAC!
Hi there,

Wonder if anyone here is still seeing Dr Paul Tseng? Seems that he is really kind and supportive enuff to let us try VBAC.

Can any kind soul ask on my behalf on my condition and whether is it still possible for VBAC since I have done C-Section twice? Chances is slimmer when more C-section is done cos the womb is weaker with more wounds. If possible, can also check if how long should I wait to strenghten my womb before next try for VBAC?

ps. it is not economy for me to just approach Dr Paul Tseng just to ask these question when I'm not even preparing for my 3rd BB.

Thks in advance.
<font color="0000ff">sp</font>,

i'm afraid its not possible for you to opt for VBAC as u already gone thru twice via C section. Safety comes first.
Hi celia, I beg to differ. I've heard of cases whereby the mommy had more than 3 c-sections, and yet have a successful VBAC. I'd think VBAC is safer than c-section. There're many medical findings that suggest the risk of c-section being higher.

Hi SP, I think if you decide to go for a 3rd one, you may want to visit Paul Tseng a visit to explore the possibility.
<font color="0000ff">zin</font>,

i see. didnt know about that but i think it'll be very risky for the mummy to go thru VBAC after more than 3 c-sections. Wonder if anyone over in this forum had done it before or even after 2 c-sections.
Hi Celia,

Ya I do understand the risk of having VBAC after 2nd C-sections, that's y starting this forum to find out if anyone has manage to do it after multiple C-sections.

But I do come across this website where they encourage VBACs:

They encourage women to try for VBAC/s wherever possible and it was never an issue of how many C-sections u have done it before. It's a matter of whether u want to do it or not.

However, this is for overseas - cos Gynae in SIN is quite cautious & careful and seldom willing to take the risk ie also not sure if emergency (or non-emergency) C-sections are better money to earn that's y they would usually encourage u to go for subsequent C-sections....sigh!

Nevertheless, I do agree that C-sections has more complications then natural delivery. I personally has issues of excessive bleeding (menstration) after delivery for both delivery, recovery time is longer etc...My sis has similar complications after C-sections I would like to try for natural delivery and hope that there will not be any more complications and I can recover faster.

Thks all for sharing...esp waiting for someone who has success in VBAC after 2 c-sections...


i do agree with u that gynaes in Sin are more on the cautious side. C section recovery is definitely slower than those who gone thru natural birth but I think the top prority is the baby as complications do arises during natural birth and baby is put into distress.

Since u've already gone thru 2 c-sections and hope to go thru the 3rd one naturally then we await your posting when u next consult your gynae. Good luck!
hi SP

here's my info, i'm having my #2 end of this year or start of nxt year.

1. Which gynae did you do it at?
> my current gynae is Dr Jocelyn Wong, she encourages me to try VBAC, altho she qualifies by saying there's a 70% success rate. And i gotto try to keep the baby small this time round... restricting my durian intake! ahhaha

2. How long was it after your previous C-section?
> #1 will be 2.5YO when #2 is born.

3. What is the reason for your previous C-section?
> failure to progress... cervix didn't dilate beyond 3cm when i was induced. Induced @ 37.5wk due to suspected cord incident. Baby born 3.5kg. Current gynae mentioned big baby may cause cervix not to dilate as fast.

4. Did you tell your gynae upfront that you want Viginal Birth this time round?
> Yes! When i said that, she seemed very positive about it too.

Cross my fingers & hope for the best...
dear all, I went to see gyane when i fly bk sgp on early aug.. was told that if my #2 is mroe than 3kg, i hardly can try VBAC leh.. i was so sad..

golden pig, ya my gynae also ask me to kep my bb small size (below 3kg) and then i can try for VBAC... hopefully n will try not to gain so much weight this time round hehe...

My #1 was also quite big for me, weight 3.67 and head cir is 36cm.. was kinda big (said by my gynae) for my size.. I was struck at 6cm for after 20hrs of labour so ned to have a Emer C-sec..
Dear Eniale and golden pig,

Ya every gynae will tell u to keep the BB small <3kg for easy vignial delivery, it goes the same even not for VBAC. Sad to tell is that usually the second BB is bigger than the first. How to control their birth weight???

Dont try to keep their weight low by dieting cos it might do them harm than good. Just have a healthy diet. Do take note of over consuming of fruits cos fruits are also rich in glucose level esp Oranges. I also din put on much weight for my 2nd BB, only <10KG, as compare to my 1st pregnancy which I put on 15KG. But both BBs turn out to be almost the same weight, just that my 2nd BB is born 2 weeks earlier than my 1st, otherwise he would have been heavier than my 1st. Hence it does imply that 2nd BB is usually bigger than the 1st.

Sorry to be a wet blanket but this is what I encountered - my gynae also tell me very positively that I can always try 2nd one for VBAC but in delivery suite, they will tell u better dont try cos it's dangerous for womb rupture - not sure if it's because they want to earn more for emergency C sections. BTW, does your hubby(s) want to witness this birth since they have missed the 1st one? If yes, u gals better check with your gynae if hubby can still join in the delivery if u need to go for emergency c-section? Some gynaes dont allow cos they claim that they need consents from the hospital or other specialists that is in the OT, in fact I believed they themselves also dont want hubby to be around in the last min too.

Not sure if you gals will go for 2nd opinion or check out Dr Paul Tseng - since so many positive remarks about him encouraging VBAC and the success rate of him fulfilling it. I personally do regret not seeking 2nd opinion cos I conveniently go back to the same gynae believing that he will help me succeed in VBAC. However only in delivery suite that I can feel that he is not supportive...sigh..sigh... what done cannot be undone. Therefore I start this topic also to caution others about being misled into believing that they'll perform VBAC and end up emergency C-section.

Nevertheless, wish u best in delivery and also success in VBAC this time round. Do keep us all posted in your progress...
Hi all,

can i join in the discussion as well? I am also hoping for a VBAC. My 1st one was induced when i was overdue 1 day with cervix closed. Cos that time my bb's estimated weight was 3.5kg. Was afraid by the time i go into labour naturally, the bb might be too big to go through. But who knows, ended up emergency c-section cos cervix failed to dilate. Mine dilated up till 5 cm only.
Actually was wondering... my cervix was at 5 cm for like 3-4 hours... so does that mean it won't dilate any further even if i waited any longer??

I changed to another gynae this time round, hoping that i can have a VBAC. As usual, my current gynae told me bb must be small (< 3kg) cos she suspected my bb's head might be big to go through my pelvis area that time. She said it's 50-50 chance of having a successful VBAC cos mine was stuck at 5cm for a few hrs. After hearing what she said, was quite demoralised and in a dilemna now cos i am afraid that if i try, might end up emergency c-section again which i dun wana experience again cos it's simply too traumatising for me the last time round.

So am wondering, is there anyone who have any success in VBAC if the cervix failed to open till 10cm for the 1st pregnancy?? Cos i have surfed web and many said chances of VBAC is higher if the 1st one is in breech position or amniotic fluid is low etc...
Hi urbanzi5, of course you can join in the discussion. For me, I was induced at 8am+, and up to 5pm, my cervix was dilated to about 2-3cm, and my bb's only 3kg. My 2nd bb's slightly bigger, but I had a successful VBAC!
As usual, my word of advice, choose a gynae who's truly supportive of VBAC. If not, you'll most likely end up with c-section again.
If you really want to go for vbac, don't go for induction, because the chance of emergency c-section is almost 100% if you do so. But of course, all these done without posing any dangers to the bb or mommy.
I'd like to join in this discussion too. Just gave birth on 28 Jul to baby girl through emer c-sect. After being in the labour ward for 26 hours, my cervix only dilated to 9cm. Very wasted, had to go through c-sect cos baby was passing motion inside so gynae don't want to risk it. Of course I was disappointed but baby's safety is of utmost importance and in any case, I was too exhausted after so many hours anyway, so even if I wished to risk another hour to see if I can dilate to 10cm for natural, I may have no more energy to push.

However, I did not enjoy that c-sect experience at all. So I seriously want to consider VBAC. I am happy with my gynae now (Dr Lee Keen Whye from Gleneagles) but have not spoken to him about planning baby #2. My 1st was 3.28kg and she has a big head la, maybe that's why.

I will be seeing my gynae for pap smear on 15 Sep, maybe I will get his advice.
Hi Welcome all to join this discussion. After all that's my purpose to start this thread.

After reading, hearing and experience thru it myself, I could almost concluded that INDUCE birth esp for 1st time delivery is a BIG MISTAKE if u wish for Virginal birth. Almost all cases that I heard of ended up emergency C-sections. Mainly the reason is that your cervix is not ready for dilation, so if you try to "force it open", it may not open and sad to tell, if u want your cervix to dilate, it need your baby to descend to push your cervix open. Chances is that your baby is not ready to be born therefore it has not engaged. So when these things are not present, even if you go for induce labour, your cervix will not open without the help of your BB. My personal advise is that dont go for induce labour unless it is necessary for the baby.

my 2nd attempt for VBAC also tell me that Gynae in SIN is very conservative, they will not risk having their patient womb rupture while trying for VBAC. Not just being concern for the mummy but also not to put their name at risk. Just imagine, if they have one patient womb rupture, they will lost their reputation in the industry. So at the very last min, they'll still tell u to go for emergency C-section. We could read multiple success story about foreigners delivering VBACs but doing it in SIN is almost impossible, esp the case if you had more than 1 c-section. Almost all that I read about success VBAC now is only after 1 c-section never read about anyone manage to did more than that...sigh...I only heard from one doula that Dr Paul Tseng manage to did it, but not sure how true is it...but like what Zin has mentioned, getting a gynae who is truely supportive of VBAC is important. Take note of some gynae who keep hinting u not to risk the chance of womb rupture altho they say u can try for VBAC...

ya it has been said that if your 1 c-section is due to cervix unable to dilate, chances is that u have a "stuborn cervix" and delivery via natural is not possible for subsequent delivery cos u will not dilate well. The rate of dilation according to the reply from one of the gynae in some Q&A I read about indicated that it should be 1 cm per hour. Maybe that's why hospital only allow approx. 10 hours in delivery suite and will charge extra if u stay longer than that. But I do heard about a friend going thru 26 hours of delivery, so it also depends whether your gynae is supportive and patient enough to let u try that long. Most often than not, I think Gynae are quite impatient, if you cant get 10 cm dilated within 10 hours, then they will deem that you cant dilate well and will advise for c-section with the conclusion that mummy is tired and they dont want to let the bb go into distress after such long delivery...

Ya my first delivery is emergency C-section too due to unable to dilate after induce labour. Induce labour with almost same reason as u. Baby is estimated at 3.2kg (actual birth weight is 3.57kg) at 38 week gestation, baby suddenly dont move so gynae suggested induction since he is big enough and he dont want to risk me carry him till full gestation when he become too big for delivery and since BB dont move, we might as well get him out then he staying inside me. Being first delivery, has been at a lost when BB dont move so actively, heed his advise. Bad choice! I could understand the traumatise u went thru cos I feel the same way too when I am told to go for induce and also when I need to go for emergency C-section.

But for my 2nd delivery, had backup plan for unable to delivery naturally, so ask for epidural even if I can still endure the pain. This is to prepare for emergency c-section and to keep myself awake to welcome my 2nd BB. Mayb u want to prepare yourself for it. But do note of my last msg if u want your hubby in the delivery suite this time around.

sigh...I've experience 2 emergency C-sections. I 'm still hoping there're someone out there who can tell me that she has done VBACs in SIN. Then I might be hopeful to try for my 3rd one... but the chances is slim and gynae who support this is also rare...
Hi SP, my gynae does C sections up to 5th birth.
Now my son is due in Nov07. I am not sure if I can try natural birth after hearing about womb rupture. But gynae said I can give it a try if the situation permits. Not sure really true. To me, gynae prefers C section because they can plan schedule better .
Zin, your 2nd bb u go into labour naturally right? Your first bb when u induced, ur cervix is closed or oredi dilated ? How long is your 2nd labour and how many wks were u in before u gave birth? Sorry, so many qns to ask :p

SP, ya.. my gynae also told me by right should be 1 hr 1 cm. But i also feel that for some women, theirs might be longer cos i have heard of those who gave birth after in labour for 24 hrs ! Think my gynae will be like your gynae.. will only allow me a short trial to try for natural birth.

My gd friend was telling me why am i thinking so much when the answer is so obvious. She said should go for c-section right away this time. Hubby also said i think too much about hoping for natural birth ... haiz
Hi urbanzi5,
It's ok. will try my best to reply.
Yes, I went into labour naturally for my 2nd baby. My 2nd labour is very long. Contractions last for 3 days before I deliver. I can't remember the number of weeks I was in, but my baby was actually overdue, late for 5 days.
For my 1st bb, my cervix is still closed when I was induced, that means my body is not ready yet for the delivery, and which is the reason why most inductions end up in emergency c-section.
Zin, thanks for replying

Can ask u more qns? heee
Your contractions last for 3 days , does that mean u were admitted to hospital for 3 days? Or u admitted to hospital on the 3rd day? In this case, your waterbag did not burst on its own before u experience the contractions right? Did ur gynae checked how many cm dilated u were when u first felt the contractions?

did ur gynae measure the pelvis area against ur bb's head before allowing u to try for natural birth? U remember how big is ur 2nd bb's head circumference?
My gynae said she suspect my 1st bb's head was too big.. i checked the record and hers was 33cm at birth. Consider big?? I asked her can measure my pelvis area vs the head circumference before i make my final decision... she said they dun have this practice anymore cos last time they found it to be inaccurate.
Hi urbanzi5,
Sure, just shoot.

I was admitted to the hospital on the 2nd day after contraction started. I was about 1-2cm dilated on that morning and it progressed soooooo slowly. Nope, my waterbag was still intact when I felt the contractions. I think it was broken by the midwives/ nurse at the hospital.
huh? No lah. My gynae didn't do the measurement. can't remember how big is my 2nd bb's head circumference, but I don't think 33cm is considered big.
Do you know if your current gynae support VBAC? Most docs will find lots of excuses not to perform VBAC cause they don't understand/ encourage.
To share just a bit further on why I keep emphasising on the importance of finding a supportive gynae.

My progress for my 2nd birth was very very slow, as can be seen from my earlier posts. Took 3 days, and on the 3rd day, my gynae told me he was concerned that my body may still have "body memory", i.e. it still remembers the c-section it went through, and if so, the cervix may not dilate fully, and I may have to go for another c-section. I was very upset when I heard that, but this time round, I was more mentally prepared. My gynae knows of my desire to have a VBAC, so he gave a last try by inserting some form of induction medication into the drip I was having. He told me it's not considered induction because my body is already preparing for birth. The medication will help to regularise the contractions to help in the dilation. And viola, my cervix dilated within the next 1 hour. I was thus very very grateful to my gynae. If he didn't support VBAC, I'm sure I'd have been pushed into the OT for another c-section by the 2nd/ 3rd day liao.
Hi Urbanzi5,

Sometimes I dont think others are able to understand how we feel of not being able to deliver via natural birth. Therefore they'll discourage u from trying for natural birth.

After having 2 C-sections delivery, I still feeling something amiss when I watched some documentary regarding women delivering naturally and be able to see and hear the first cry and carry their baby immediately after birth. U have to think what u want to achieve. Giving birth is not something that u want to do it u can do it anytime u like. Once u miss the chance, it will take u years to try for another one again and the more C-section u did, the chances of u doing a natural birth get slimmer each time goes by. Some how I do regret not able to do enough research before I give birth to my 2nd boy, hence it result in another C-section. Nevertheless, after all these encouragement for u to go for the birth experience u want, it should not be done at the danger of your health or your BB.

Hi Dokie,
dont want to be a wet blanket...but from the way your gynae reply u, I dont think they're serious about letting u try for natural birth. Unless your baby is real small (ie <3kg), then the chances is high as the delivery will be much easier.

Ya I think my gynae also prefer me to go for C-section since I have already got one before. But I have to be fair to him is that he is not a so-called C-section gynae cos he did 2 natural birth for my nieces who are real small in size <3kg.

I actually made a mistake by admitting myself too early for 2nd birth. I actually had mild contractions (which is still tolerable) for approx. 1 day and I went for ECG/CTG to "confirm" if it is the TIME for delivery!!! Bad mistake cos I was then kept for observation (confine in bed) in delivery suite and was eventually "coax" into delivery via c-section since I "dont dilate well" after hours of trying. If I had waited for a few days like ZIN, maybe I can dilate naturally since I am free to walk around and eventually delivered via VBAC.

After said all these, btw did anyone who successfully had VBAC use doula?

I heard that DOULA is able to do some hypno birth and the chances of achieving VBAC is much higher as they're able to estimate the timing of u going to delivery suite which u will be able to deliver within couple of hours after warded.
p.s. Have read a lot about letting yourself free to walk around before delivery (ie compare to confine to maternity bed) during contractions will help a lot in dilation cos the baby will descend with the gravity and help to push the cervix for dilation.
zin, my current gynae said will let me try natural birth provided bb is smaller than my 1st one and must go into labour naturally. that's y now i am trying to research more into VBAC. If bb is in breech position, then i no need to headache so much but his head is down oredi, though not engaged yet as i am due to give birth only end oct. She said it's 50-50 chance cos my cervix couldn't open the last time. But at least u have given me some hope cos ur 1st pregnancy was also induced when the cervix was closed, just like mine. But may i know ur cervix was dilated till how many cm and stopped at it for how many hrs before ur previous gynae said have to go for emergency c-section? Actually my bb was not in distress the other time but i trusted my gynae cos he said likelyhood of opening till 10cm is not high. Haiz... but i suffer from serious side effects like trembling too much and constantly out of breathe after the c-section. Felt like dying, really terrible. It took me 2 hrs to gain back my breathe... that's why i find it too traumatised for me. Hope i won't go through it again this time round.

SP, yeah.. i also think that walking around before delivery instead of confining to the bed will help too !
Hi urbanzi5, my cervix was dilated to only about 3cm throughout the long induction period. I had to go for emergency c-section cause baby was distressed.
Hi sp, there are many cases of successful VBACs with the help of duolas. I think you can approach Ginny for such cases. In fact, I think with duolas, the success rate is higher cause they'll advise you what to do and help you negotiate with your doc. Just my 2 cents worth.
Hi Zin,

Yes, I've been to Ginny's website (fourtrimster) and had read a lot about success VBAC. All these are done with the partnership of Ginny - a doula (a help in the right timing) and Dr Paul Tseng - one gynae who is truly supportive of VBAC.

With all these real life experiences related, I might seek their help in future for my 3rd BB so that I can increase my chances of VBA2C.

Dokie, who's your gynae? You said he did C sections up to 5th birth? Wow!!!

I think the max is 3 C-sections most gynae said.

I sure hope to try for VBAC next time round & I don't want to wait too long to TTC again. I had my boy via cesarean just 3 months ago.

Any1 of you got pregnant soon after your section & had tried for VBAC?

My gynae has advised 6 months rest after C-section before u try for another one. So pls dont risk as your womb might not fully recover from the operation yet.

BTW, I've got conceive after 9 months but I didn't success in VBAC. Main reason might be my wound is still fresh and my gynae is worry about womb rupture.

Anyone with a shorter duration? Can share your experience?
Hi.. lng time din come into this thread...

I wanna ask.. I am hesitating on which type of gynae to chose, a pro-natural one or a pro-csec one?? its rather headache when chosing a gynae beased on their profession... pls advise..

I think of gng to Dr ADrian Woody.. but wondering if he are supportive on VBAC>>..
I delivered my #3 on the 12Sept and I had previously has two c-section. Dr Paul is very supportive of my decision to try natural birth and though my bb was 12days past edd, he had not pressurise me to opt for c-sect. Though the delivery process was long and slow, with the help of vacuum, I manage to deliver my bb naturally and she weighs 4.16kg!
HI Row,

Wat an encouraging news! I've finally found someone who manage to do it!

Is it Dr Paul Tseng this time round? What about previous 2 births? Was it with the same Gynae or another one? Can u tell us the reasons for your previous C-sections and how long has it been from your last delivery? Did u engage a Doula?
My previous two pregnancies were with another gynae. I delibrately change to Dr Tseng this time round to try natural delivery. My first one was baby in oblique position, second was my own choice. My last delivery was almost 5years ago. No doula engaged as I dont think I can tahan the pain and also if I need to go for emergency c-sect, with the epidural it will save time. In fact the epidural helps me to relax my muscles and aids the dilation. Dr Paul did a very good job in monitoring my progress during the labour process and explain to me what he intent to do next to help ease my anxiety.
Row, congrats on your VBAC2 ! Wow, your bb weighs over 4kg and your gynae still willing to let you try natural birth. He is really pro-natural ! Can i ask how long is your delivery process? U went into labour naturally right?
At how many cm dilated did u decide to take the epidual?
To try VBAC, one of the condition is not to induce, hence I waited and waited to into labour naturally. Even though my bb was 12 days past edd, I just have to wait! I had show on the monday(10sep) morning 3am and went to Dr Paul for check up that morning. I was only 1cm dilated with irregular mild contraction. Dr Paul say it's good sign and ask me to wait and see what happen in next two to three days. So I went back home and wait. Whole of Monday nothing much happen. On Tuesday, the contraction is stronger but is 30mins apart. I decided to go to the hospital on tuesday midnight just to check the progress. The nurse there did a VE and found that I was dilated to 4cm and will need to be warded. The contraction get more intense and by Wed 5am, I decided to take the epidural as I knew that it will be a long labour ahead, at that time I was only dilated to 5cm. Dr Paul came at 8am, I was dilated to 6cm, he broke my water bag and say will see how the labour progress in the next few hours. By 11am, not much progress, he decided to give me some medicine to aid the dilation and I was dilated to 8cm by 1pm and Dr Paul told me that my baby is lying face up and is not moving down much so he plan to use vauum to help get the bb out later when I am fully dilated but he assure that bb will be out b4 6pm. True enuf by about 5pm I was fully dilated and he get the bb out using vacuum and my bb was born at 5.41pm. All in all is a very long process..3days2nights? I was in labour ward for almost 18hrs. Dr Paul didnt tell me that my bb is that big, as he knows that will discourage me from trying VBAC. For those who really want to try VBAC, key thing is be patient and get the right gynae to help you.

Hi Row,

Thanks a lot for sharing this precious experience.

How did you come to Dr Paul Tseng in the first place? Someone recommended u? Did you tell Dr Paul that you wan VBA2C when u first visit him? Did he tell you what conditions to satisfy for success VBA2C?