Hi SP,

I got to know about Dr Paul via the website, read a lot of birth stories and found that many pple recommend him as one of the most pro natural gynae. I was still in Shanghai then and decided to consult him when I came back during chinese new year holiday. I told him I had two previous c-sect and b4 I can tell him what I want, he smile and said"don't tell me you want to try natural now" and I said"why do you think I come to you?" He didnt say no to my request but he lay down the conditions for a successful VBA2C and we agreed base on those conditions and I only start seeing him regularly at week30 when I came back Singapore. He will ask for the reason for the previous c-sect and basically, he will not induce even if the bb is overdue as that will increase the chance of wound rupture, of course provided that the bb is in good condition to continue staying in there. Of course as usual, bb should not be too big...mine probably exception, her head circumference was 37cm. We even discuss when I should start using epidural in order not to jeopardise the whole delivery process. I have not gone into labour myself in my previous two pregnancy, so we do not know what to expect for #3, we just have to take a step at a time and discuss what we want to do next. Rest assured that he will grant the wish of the mother as long as the request does not post major danger to both bb n mom.

Hi Row,

U mentioned that Dr Tseng laid down some conditions for VBA2C. It is convenient to reveal what are these conditions? I would like to try for VBA2C if possible in future when I consider 3rd child so I am very keen to find out more and to get myself well prepared.

I guess each pregnancy is unique, so it's better to check with the gynae. For my case, criteria is no induction to start labour and close monitoring during labour process.
hi eniale,

dr adrian did a vbac for me in Aug. He is very steady and calm. my baby is 3.565kg and he had to use vacuum and forcep to bring him out.
to me, he is not pro natural or c-sec, instead he will try his means to make his patient happy
Hi, forgot to reply. My gynae is dr ann tan from mount eliza. She told me she has delivered c section up to 5 when I told him with c section i need to stop at 3.
I am due in Nov . has expressed to her that I want natural this time round. 1st child was c section because of big head.
Not sure whether can or not with second birth. My fear is I have to go through emergency c section...haiz
Hi dokie,

if u can do it naturally n then go for it. For me, I cant do it naturally due to my narrow tunnel. My gynae also delivered up to 5 c-section for a single patient but he did said that every women different. Gotta see the lining as he wont encourage if lining too thin. Some gotta even stop at 2 cos lining too thin.
Hi all,

I have received this from one of the birthtalk forum. Anyone keen to share your story? You may want to contact the freelance writer.

Brdgs, SP

I am writing an article for MaMaBaoBei, the chinese version of
Motherhood re: Preparing for your second pregnancy.

Looking for someone who has a positive second birth experience to
share with our readers! The possible scenario can be this: a mum
whose not very happy with first birth [maybe c-sect, drugs, etc] n
decides to hav a more empowering or a natural 2nd birth. So, she and
hubby set about preparing for 2nd baby emotionally, physically and
financially. Perhaps they can share with the readers all this tips
and preparations!

Thanks! Do let me know if someone is willing to share.

Interview can be conducted through phone, email, english, mandarin, etc

Siang Hui
Freelance writer
+65 94898956

Hi There,
Have not been back for quite sometimes...

wonder if anyone has continued to try for VBA2Cs or more?

Still keen to find out more information before I consider for future pregnancy...

For updates on myself...still have not seek any advise from Dr Paul Tseng...hope he will not stop practising by the time I want to try for 3rd one...
Hi all,

I had just finish reading all your experiences and sharings. I also had an emengency c-section to deliver my baby this Jan as my "stubborn" cervix only dilated to 6cm after almost 24 hours. I wanted to continue to wait for it to dilate to 10cm but I could not as for my case, my waterbag burst (for more than 24 hours) and my baby cannot be inside for so long. I was very upset and disappinted having to go thru c-section especially an emengency one. Furthermore, my husband was not allowed to witness the delivery as this was an emengency c-section.
I am also hoping to try for normal birth for my next baby. On the other hand, I am worried that my "stubborn" cervix does not dilate again.

Just want to share my story. I have my boy in 2004 too with emergency c-section. My boy was overdue and big (3.4kg).... so I went for induced and failed to dilate after 8 hours with waterbag burst. In the end go for c-section.

I am 37 weeks now. I am hoping for natural birth too but gynae already advised that the birth weight should be around 3kg.

However,after yday visit, gynae scanned that the birth weight now is around 3.5kg which make it impossible for me to try natural . He check my cervix. I have no sign of labour at the moment Hence, gynae feel dat my chance of natural birth is low.

I kind of half hearted liao. so I am prepared for 2nd c-section.
Hi Adeline,
Thanks for sharing....

Guess u have similar experience as me whereby we have a big baby and went for induce and fail to dilute and eventually end up having c-section....sob sob sob...

Yes, I have heard about birth weight should ideally be <3kg in order to have natural birth again ie which is much easier too...but dont be dishearten cos u read about Row's experience in the above thread? She made it for natural birth altho her baby is 4.1kg!!!

Maybe u can do more walking now so as to use gravity to draw down the baby so the baby can descend to engage and eventually help to push open your cervix....

Hope you will not end up like me where I got myself admitted to early for 2nd delivery and eventually doctor put me on drip and I cant move around to aid my dilation and he need to inject medication to induce me again...which sadly ended up another emergency C-section again...then my hubby cannot participate in the delivery again....what a great disappointment...

BTW, care to share who's your gynae?

Anyway, all the best for your smooth delivery and hope you'll be able to have VBAC this time round....of course pls do it at the safe considerations of both you and your baby....
I think you're all so brave. I was even glad that mine was a caesarean. The thought of birthing naturally freaks me out. The unimaginable pain, the cut at the vagina and the healing period for the wounded vagina ... to me they all sound scary.

I must be the only weird one around here who hopes that my baby will be breech again so that I don't have to go through the dilemma of deciding on the birthing methods.

I've heard so much about babies in distress after labouring for long hours. I thought being in distress would affect the level of oxygen in their brain. I just want the baby to come out asap so that she is safe and not be in distress or deprived of oxygen.

I'm due in oct this year. My gynae told me that as long as you're caesared before, your womb would become weaker, so that would reduce the chance of having a natural birth to 60 to 70%. That's a revelation to me.
Hi SP,
So are you planning for no. 3? I do also feel something amiss and not complete without giving birth via virginal.

I had 2 e-section. First was a mistake cos I was induced and baby was still high and I couldn't push baby out. My no.2 was a premie. She was in a breech position so another e-section.

Do keep posting here if you have made any decision. I need booster and encourgement for no. 3 too. ;)

wana join in #2 due on aug...i oso wana try vbac but my current gynae not supportive. at our 1st appt,i asked him already abt my chances of vbac.he said no &amp; then he told me tt he ever had a womb rupture in his hands b4...he said he wun take any chances in these modern day science. Then,during my last appt with him when i was abt 5mths+,i asked him again n he straight away reject me with the same reason.tink he dun even let me try n most prob will ask me to choose a date n c-sect.

i am in a dilemna over whether to change to paul tseng.coz i scare if in the end watever reason,i ended up c-sect again,1 thing for sure my hb will nag me no ends as the hospital costs incur will be higher,not to mention paul tseng chrg higher as well. currently he got no package n its all 'ala carte' current gynae fees quite cheap n hes v experience but super duper long queue. if my hb was more supportive,i wun be feeling so'fan' now. he said y so troublesome.just go c-sect GA this time n bbs out.he dun understand the reason behind y i wana try for heals faster,costs less, n lastly if i were to have #3 next time, it wun be c-sect.. Arrghhhhhh...headache!

Btw, my fren oso had a successful vbac with him.her bb at birth was 4.5kg i tink...

My #1 was 3.6kg, went for induce but not enough dilation thus have to go thru c-section.

My #2 was also 3.6kg, delivered naturally. Initially during the pregnancy, I was also quite concerned about the possibility of natural birth as it was only 18 mths apart. Sought advice from my gynae and he did explain that chances were lower for mummies who cant delivered bbs naturally during 1st births, but can try. Was quite half hearted even nearer to my EDD as I dun want to go thru labour pain again followed by c-section
. But in the end I still tried. Tot I got to go induce again but contraction started 3 days b4 EDD. Quite different from 1st one as dilation was fast and bb was out in 5hrs...

Hmm healing wise, I think not much diff leh, equally painful and took some time to heal. And end up with 2 scars.

However, every mummy/ pregnancy condition is different thus do follow advices from your gynaes
Hi mommies,

I also had a e-section for my #1. At 39th weeks, my gynae commented that my water level was abit on the low side and checked that im 1cm dilated. He asked my to check into hospital tat midnite to induce.

I experienced contractions at abt 6+am the next morning due to induction. At 9+am, 3cm dilation, my gynae noticed that my bb was havin low heartbeat whenever i hv contractions. And call for an e-section. The nx day, i was told by the gynae that my placanta had rupture (i guess only partially rupture), hence, explaining my bb's low heartbeat.

Im hoping for VBAC this time round. My #1 will be 31 months when my #2 is due. Hv a question for mommies here: Do u tik having epidural will help in VBAC, since i wldnt be so tensed during contractions (hence helping dilation)? I wld hv preferred non-epidural natural birth if given a choice but if epidural can increase my chances of VBAC, i will opt for it right from the start.
Hi all mommies...
My 18mth boy was by c-section cos I had placenta previa so no choice and now I'm at 39.5 wks preggie w my 2nd. Due date this Thurs, 15 May. Till now seems bb still very comfy no sign of popping... ;-)

My gynae is Dr Paul Tseng and I must say he is really pro-natural. Aft all dat I heard abt him, I chose him for this pregnancy for VBAC. At my 7th mth cos my good friend had a difficult natural birth, I freaked out and told Dr Paul I may go for another c-section instead but he was very patient and proceeded to advise me abt the benefits of both natural and ceasarian. However, at no point did he pressure me into either decision and told me to think abt it carefully.

My boy was only 2.45kg at delivery and I'm almost full term now and bb will be abt 3.3kg to 3.5kg, but Dr Paul is very steady and advise me to wait and monitor cos bb still looks good inside. He reassured me dat bb is of good size and I should be able to handle it naturally.

Till now, I hv very good experience with him but of course will update aft my delivery to let u guys know how it went...

By the way, Dr Paul says he neither encourage or discourage epidural cos it depends on individual tolerance...
Hi all,

thanks for sharing your's always feels better when you know that there's someone out there who share the same sentiments...

Hi Angeline,
Care to share who is your gynae? He definitely sounds like my gynae... :p
hee...hee... I didn't know till now that you tell me that Dr Paul Tseng charge on ala carte basis...but frankly speaking, it is sometimes not the cost that matters, it is whether you will feel regret for not having to try for natural birth when you really want it. It has been a regret for me till now...and sometimes I do hope to did it once so that I live without regrets...ha ha ha ...sounds so serious...but nevertheless, have a talk with your husband...pyscho him to see if he wants to be part of the natural delivery where he can hold the baby in his arms immediately when he/she is delivered...etc etc...tell him it will be a regret in your life if you didn't manage to do it...I manage to convince my hubby about pro-natural especially when he sees that I had a difficult road to recovery after the C-sections...but now the decision is whether to have No. 3 or not cos no one able to take care then...sigh...dilemna....

Hi Hazeline,
I dont think epidural can help...I have a friend who went on induced and eventually after long wait for cervix to dilate, her gynae suggested epidural so that the muscle will relax and dilate but still end up emergency C-section....
I actually thought that epidural will numb your nerve more and eventually you are unable to push baby then how can it help in pro-natural delivery?

Just to share a little...I actually did epidural in my 2nd delivery cos my gynae is not pro-VABC so I requested for epidural so that I can still opt for half awake to receive the delivery of my baby in case I ended up emergency C again ie emergency C you will be knock out entirely, therefore I have miss receiving my first boy then which has been a regret too...

Nevertheless, I still wish smooth delivery for all of you here and also sincerely hope that you can achieve the delivery process that you have wished for...

my gynae is at TMC n on level 5.his queue super long 1...haha..for my hb,he said he dun want to be there for the #2..for my #1 c-sect,i choose epi so tt he can be there to witness the birth n take photos,etc..i oso manage to hold the baby for some pics...tts y now for #2,he say he dun want to go in liao n ask me to choose GA instead....he seems to tink tt i have a easy recovery aft no pain etc..haiz...
Hi Angeline,

Ok...we have different gynae cos mine is at Gleneagles. Guess all gynaes are the also save time to go for c-section cos they dont need to be always on standby for natural birth.

Guess no choice now since your hubby has already witness the first birth then now it makes no diff to him whether it is natural or c-section. Try to convince him whether he want you to live in regrets...hahaha....

I have difficult and prolong recovery from C-sections. I have friend who went thru both, 1st natural then 2nd c-section, she was complaining about the pain after C-section and she wondered how we make it through for 2 deliveries...

Guess it is to each individual and you have to be the one to go thru to understand the pain...

May I know what's the contact number of Dr Paul Tseng? Thanks so much!

My baby is currently 34 weeks old, but Doc says her size stands at 36 weeks old, weighing 3 kg. He also says that my pelvic bone is small, might not be able to push the baby out easily. If baby can't be pushed out, have to go for emergency c-sect. But he can let me try for natural birth. Does he sound pro-natural birth?
<font color="aa00aa">Hi ladies, find this thread by chance today and found it was a very supportive source for me. Coz i'm opting for VBAC too for my this #2 which will be due in end June.

My #1 c-sec was due to placenta previa.
For this pregnancy my placenta is not low and as for previous check up (4 weeks ago), my bb head oso had turn down. Gynae said chances for me to had vbac is quite high as long as my bb do not hit 3kg. So, i'm keeping my finger crossed and wait for this coming Friday check up to see if there's any changes.
Hope that i can really had a successful vbac.</font>
How I wished this thread was active when I was trying for VBAC last year. The more I read about VBAC, the scarier I got. It was not an easy decision to make then.

Anyway, I had a VBAC with epidural. And my No. 2 was 3.4kg (considered to be a M-size bb by my gynae) For me, the epidural really made me more relaxed, my cervix opened up much faster after administering epidural. Before that, when I was just relying on the gas, the progress was very slow. I thought I would end up in the OT again. Luckily, my No. 2 gave me the chance to experience VBAC.

A friend told me that Caesarean with GA has a higher possibility of hemorrhaging than Caesarean with epidural or local anaesthesia. I myself needed a blood transfusion after the op under GA becos I was losing a lot of blood. If you're able to do the op without going for GA, then might as well.

Actually, a friend who took epidural told me that it helped in dilation. But that was also the first time I heard someone saying it helps in dilation. From most of what I heard, it coincides with what you said, that epidural numbs you so that you don't know how to push.
But a doc once told me that epidural could slow down dilation and prolong the labour. Perhaps epidural works differently for different people?
Hi, thanks for the useful info on this thread.

I'm also trying for VBAC. My 1st baby was via C-section due to breech position.

I'm 39 weeks pregnant now, but baby not engaged yet nor cervix dilated. My gynae had set me 2 conditions for VBAC: keep the baby a manageable size (he is 3 kg now, still ok) and no induction at all. She mentioned my pelvis is a bit narrow but still can try.

If at week 41 there is still no dilation, she will propose a C-section straightaway, don't even bother with induction.

So I am exercising every day now in hope of bringing on natural labor.
Hi lilyteng,

The conditions stated by your gynae were pretty similar to what my gynae told me.

The most agonising thing is waiting for labour to kick in sponaneously.

Wishing you all the best.
Hi Rains,
Ya I agree that C-section has more complications cos I am still suffering from it whereby I have the "post natal menstration" (Sorry forget what is it called) for my 1st delivery for up to 10 weeks which is abnormal, go for check and it was diagnose as hormones imbalance. Same case for second delivery but maybe better cos I went on breastfeed for 14 months and only had the same hormone imbalance problem after 10 months after delivery.

Ya also agreed that epidural might work differently for each individual.

BTW, just to share, epidural has side effects of itchiness on whole body, it occurs to me during my 2nd delivery and it keeps me awake the whole night. Don't suffer in silence, ask for medication to stop the itch. I didnt know until I casually told my gynae the next day when he walks the room.

Hi PlayfulFairy, Felicia &amp; Lilytseng,

All the best for this delivery and hope you achieve the expected birth plan that you've made and you can share your experiences with us in this thread again...

i book appt with paul tseng liao....hope everythings fine n i be able to vabc successfuly
hello everyone, i also went through emergency c-section cos after 26hrs in labour (with epidural), cervix only dilated until 9cm. i had only 1 more cm to go before gynae can use forceps to bring bb out but he noticed bb was in distress already cos started to poop inside me a little and also water bag burst liao so he advised me not to risk it anymore and immediately push me in to cut me up.

i hated that "being awake" surgery. although there was not much pain, i can feel the hard tug when he tried to pull the bb out. it was an awful feeling. he had to tug my bb out quite hard. worst was my epidural started to subside halfway through tugging (cos my bb's head was in OP - facing upwards towards my vagina instead on downwards on her belly) so the anaesthetist has to inject morphine into me.

after the bb came out, although i was awake to receive her but i was so bloody high and groggy, i cant savour that sweet moment. the morphine caused that feeling and nauseousness too.

so for bb#2, i definitely wanna go for VBAC if possible. i do worry sometimes cos until now, my bb already 9mth plus, i still at times experience slight pain and itch inside my wound. its not very very painful or itchy but a funny tingle and slight tug sometimes. maybe its the layers inside that is still healing.

i must say c-sect definitely take longer to heal lah. also, i believe its harder to lose that tummy compared to natural birth. i noticed alot of friends who went natural, already lost their flab. i work so hard at the gym and diet, yet still got a slight flubber hanging on my tummy...
Hi Eunice,
Yup, the 'being awake" feeling was exactly something I liked too. Mmm.. your birth experience was truly traumatic.

As for the slight tingling pain, it will disappear after some time. I also felt like that after my C-sect but I couldn't remember how long it took for the tingling sensation to go away.

So are you expecting No. 2 right now?
Hi Angeline,

Great to hear about that and hope you will share your experience with Dr Paul Tseng with the rest of us here. All the best to you too!

Hi Eunice,'s such a pity that you are so close to natural delivery yet still missed it eventually...

Ya I also was very groggy when I'm half awake for my 2nd delivery. Actually when now you ask me the exact feelings, I can't recall cos I usually quite affected by anesthatic and have only vivid or no recap of things happen after my sad!

As for the tingling and itchiness, I experienced it for almost a year and occassionally I still feel some twitch here and there in my tummy. Guess this is what we have to go thru for our C-sections.... a long road to full recovery....

Ya it is harder for me to lose the flabs too....for my 1st, it is stuck with me...but luckily I got preggie again pretty fast so ppl dont call me for my 2nd, manage to shed quite a bit with the help of breastfeeding, but still looks flabby with layers at the tummy...guess only slimming centre can render their help....ha ha ha...

BTW, can anyone share how old is Dr Paul Tseng? I don't wan to find him retired by the time I try to conceive my 3rd BB....hahaha...
Hi LC,

hahaha...not ready yet...still considerating and might not even give birth to No. 3 already....

I left my job to take care of my youngest boy and has been a SAHM. I'm draining my savings so now is considering to put my boys in childcare and return to workforce. Dunno if can manage financially if going to give birth to 3rd one...mainly because might need to quit again to take care of BB cos no one can help me on it...

Anyone has a better solution?
Bluespark thanks for sharing =) I had my #1 by e-sec earlier this yr as well due to only dilated 3cm after 24 hours, even with induction and epi, somemore baby's heartbeart drop and she pooed inside. I was kind of discouraged on trying VBAC for #2 as my gynae told me that the success of VBAC is lower if the e-sec was due to lack of dilation as it will likely the same 2nd time around.. but now I read ur story I have hope to try for VBAC for #2 in future. =)

BTW my gynae also said the condition for VBAC is baby less than 3.2kg and cannot have induction. Sigh.. As my #1 was overdue some more, hope when #2 comes will not be TOO OVERDUE otherwise will straightaway need schedule C-sec.
Hi, at my 40th week checkup yesterday still no dilation, no contractions, nothing. Sigh. But gynae says baby's head is engaged. Will monitor for 1 more week and then make the decision to go for the big C or not.

Also, as my 1st baby was a scheduled C-section, gynae says this 2nd time counts as my first attempted natural birth and thus I have no previous history of non-dilation.. etc... to rely on. But if family history counts for anything, my sis had a C-section because she failed to dilate and baby was overdue.
<font color="aa00aa">Just had my last check up on Friday. Baby was weighing 2.5kgs @wk34. My Gynae was worried with the sudden increase of bb weight, i might not able to go thru VBAC.

He asked me to reduce my intake on sugary and carbo food. In fact i only gained 800gm over the past 4 weeks, but my bb is gaining 1kg! My baby sure know how to absord all the nutrients.

Just hopefully my bb dont gain so much on the following weeks, else my wish for VBAC is gone. *sad*.</font>
Hi all,

the more I read on this thread, the more motivated I am to go for VBAC for my next baby. I also had an emengency c-section Jan this year as my cervix only dilate to 6cm after 22 hours. My boy came out 2 weeks earlier than my EDD. I keep asking my gynae why my cervix could not dilate but he could not explain. I guess it could be that I was not ready for delivery yet but my waterbag burst : ( Many people told me that I have to go for another c-section for my next baby. However, I still would want to try for natural delivery.
Hope all of us here are to suceed thru VBAC.
Good luck to those who are going to deliver.
Do update us your good news.
Glad to hear that BB has already engaged, at least it means that BB has made his/her way down to help to push open the should helps if u walk more so as to use gravity to help to pull BB down and eventually push open your cervix is your critical week...hope to hear you sharing your success story soon...

Dont worry too least we still hope the better development of our bb rather than to comprise just for our seek of achieving VBAC...maybe you can try talking to your BB and tell him/her about your wish of VBAC and hope that both of you can achieve this goal together...maybe it helps as BB is so close inside you and will definitely be able to hear your feelings. Also, remember Row managed to achieve VBAC tho her BB is 4.1kg, dont be disheartened, BB will work hard in the womb upon delivery to help you achieve your dreams.

All the best....
SP, yah, it was a pity. The anaestethist gave me a big sigh when I was pushed into the operating theatre. He say "What happen...?!!! 1 more centimetre to go, so wasted!" But honestly, what can I say? This is all fated one marh right? Nobody can give explanation as to why that happen. I also feel very wasted, I mean, c'mon lorh, I was the one suffering for that many hours and dying to do natural but end up like that.

Anyway, its OK lah. Now I see my daughter, all is well worth it. I no longer remember the suffering and in fact when I see her, I am dying to have another soon.

I will plan for baby #2 when #1 is 18 months old. Then hopefully can have around 2 year age gap between both. My brother and me also 2 year age gap, better in a sense can communicate in the same wave length.

Ming, my gynae told me wanna try VBAC, baby must be below 3kg leh. Your gynae give more allowance lah. Hee...
<font color="aa00aa">SP, thanks for your encouragement. Yup, i saw the post by Row on successful VBAC tho baby is @ 4.1kg. Tats very encouraging for mummies wanna try VBAC.

I had been talking to baby since the last check up. Hopefully bb will co-operate.</font>

Lilytseng popped liao... Her baby Dylan was born Saturday, 24 May, 1.26 am, natural delivery, with epidural, vaccuum pump assisted. He's 3 kg and 52 cm.

Thanks for your updates.

Glad to hear that you made it for VBAC!!! Rounds of applause from all of us here and I personally salute you for it....

Hope you've enjoy the VBAC experience and you will be able to share it here with us soon....

Have a speedy recovery!

<font color="aa00aa">wow, congrats to Lilytseng!
It was so wonderful to heard got mummy succeed in VBAC. Is a great encouragement to us whom is trying VBAC.</font>
Hi Yuying, thanks for updating for me!

Thanks mummies, sorry did not update as its been hectic.

My birth story:
23 May - my EDD! Going to see gynae tomoro to decide next course of action. Half resigned to a C-section as no signs of labour.
23 May 5 pm - waters broke, a slow continuous trickle, not the typical gush. Called hospital, told to check in immediately.
6.30 am - admitted to hospital, midwife checked cervix, 2 cm dilated, CTG shows contractions 7 - 8 mins apart but feel no pain yet
7 pm - gynae on duty came by, he says given my height (168) and size of baby (3.4 kg est.), can give natural labor a try, if no baby by next morning, will decide on next course of action.
9 pm - had dinner, not much pain yet.
10 pm - regular painful contractions by now, 4 mins apart, midwife checked only 2.5 cm dilated. Think its gonna be a long nite.
11 pm - cannot tahan the pain anymore, asked for epidural.
11.30 pm - anaethetist arrived, checked cervix - already 8 cm dilated - no wonder so painful. Also feel strong urge to 'poo' and push.
12 am - epidural takes effect, pain is gone but also no urge to push anymore
12 am - 1 am: cervix fully dilated and pushed for 1 hour but feel no strength in lower body at all. Started to panic and regret that I had chickened out and taken the epidural.
1 am: baby heartbeat has dropped twice to 70, midwife calls in gynae. He says baby is fine, but he will not let me push anymore as I am a VBAC case with risk of womb rupture. I waited for him to say "C-section" but he said "ok lets try the vaccuum pump". Thank goodness!
1.26 am: with vaccuum pump, baby is out in 3 pushes!

Baby is fine but with a baluku on his head from the suction pump. He is 3 kg and 52 cm long. Now struggling to breastfeed..

Some takeaways from my case: (1) The epidural definitely took away the urge to push. If I didn't take it, maybe could have delivered without any help, who knows (2) I am very lucky that my dilation was super fast (3) so thankful that the gynae tried the vaccuum pump instead of opting for C-section.
Hi lilytseng,

Congrats on your smooth delivery to experience VBAC. You finally made it! Maybe you want to share more on your thoughts/feelings on having VBAC esp whether the healing is better and faster?
BTW, did your hubby joins you for this delivery? What's his feelings?

p.s. coming to know that you're standing tall at 1.68m and baby is 3kg, gynae only advise you can try...then I think maybe I stand a slim chance for VBAC cos I'm petite at 1.55m and both my previous pregnancy all ard 3.5kg....sob sob sob...

Anyway...all the best and have a speedy delivery.
Hi all (sorry to ride on this topic),

Wonder if anyone is signing up with STEMCORD for cord blood storage?

Stemcord has a referral program. So wonder if you will be keen to put me as your referral. I will be getting a rebate for referral and will be willing to make 20% rebate back to you for successful referral. So it will be win-win situation.

Pls PM me for my details.

Thanks &amp; best regards.

<font color="aa00aa">Ladies, me just discharge from TMC yesterday. I had given birth on 26 June via c-sec again. I FAILED my vbac plan. But after all, is still a memorable experience for me.

On my 25 June check up (tats a day before my actual due date), i'm still zero dilation and baby did not engage. As i had previous c-sec, my gynae think i shldnt delay any longer. So, i was asked to try induce on tat day. So, on 25 Nite, i was admit to TMC for induce at 10.30pm. I was strip to CTG machine to monitor contractions and bb heart beat. There's contractions but i dont feel it at all. So, by the next morning, when my gynae came, i'm still zero dilation. My gynae given me 2 options, either he try insert another pill (which he said, might not help much oso) or opt for c-sec. So, we decided to go for c-sec on tat afternoon.

I hope with my birth story will not discourage you gals whom is opting vbac, but i hope you can be mentally prepare if facing the same prob (zero dilation) as me. Just hope everything is fine for the baby.</font>