Hi Felicia,

Regrets to hear about your fail to try for VBAC.

I guessed that's the problem of us having a C-section previously, the gynae will usually says you had one before.... so better dont try and go for the I mentioned before, it was usually a wrong move to go for induce cos it always ended up that baby is not ready so we dont dilate. Even if we dilate, the baby is not ready, so eventually unable to engage and descend to birth canal....

Anyway...u going for the 3rd? Anymore chances for VBAC? Hope it is still positive for you....

Do take care during your confinement....all the best!

Felicia, you are not alone. My VBAC also failed. I have the risk of wound rupture which is only 1:100. Don't play play with VBAC. I am still lucky that my gynae came to see me in a short while.

Here is my birth story.

5 am: bloody discharge, mild constraction started. Each constraction I felt painful in my lower abdomen and backache.
5.30 am – 12 pm: contsraction become regular with 10 – 15 mins apart
After 12 pm: each constraction longer and closer
4 pm: each constraction 5 minutes apart
I couldn’t tolerate more constraction, my lower abdomen was very painful and terrible backache for every constraction.
6.15 pm: went to TMC
6.45 pm: reached TMC. Midwife checked, 3 cm dilated.
Had been monitored by EFM, baby was sleeping.
Nurse called gynae. Gynae reached in a short while.
Gynae asked me where I felt the pain. I told him lower abdomen. He asked, all along I felt the pain there for every constraction? I said, yes. He continued, “Not good then. (didn’t hear what he said anymore)......caesar.” I said “Immediately” (really can’t tolerate the pain anymore). He said “Yes”.
7.45 pm: I had been pushed to the Operating Room. I opted for epidural. Still have to cope with the pain since anaesthesist pocked a few times to find the spine. I was crying. Anaesthesist kept saying “Sorry”.
8.00 pm: Gynae came in and started operation.
Gynae approached me and told me that my previous Caesar wound almost burst out.
8.14 pm: I can hear Baby Joshua crying loudly.
Gynae brought baby Joshua to me for a closer look.
After cleaning, baby Joshua was put on my chest.
<font color="aa00aa">SP, no more vbac chance for me, coz i'm closing shop. hehe...
Actually my gynae oso told me high chance wil ended up c-sec if i choose induce, but i think no matter wat since this shall be my last chance, i'll want to try lor.No regret on this. But was quite happy coz i can hold baby on the spot as my spinal epi was a succeed. (Coz my #1, i failed my spinal epi and ended in GA c-sec)

Star, it was such a bad experience for u! But hope u r recovering well.</font>
<font color="aa00aa">Star, spinal epi is those spinal blocked where ur lower body was numb but u r awake and aware of ur surroundings.</font>
I had a successful VBAC after consulting Dr Paul Tseng for second opinion.(Original gyn said that baby is big, he rather perform c-sect than normal assisted delivery) Before Dr Paul used the ultrasound, he reckoned that the baby is 3.3-3.4kg. After he used the ultrasound scan, it seems to suggest baby is 3.699kg. In the end, baby's real weight was like what Dr Paul Tseng estimated, 3.38kg!
hi everyone

glad to find this thread too! SP, i know EXACTLY how u feel and can identify the feelings of watching movies/documentaries that show women giving birth. I gave birth to my princess in Jan via scheduled c-sect cos baby was breech. Was VERY VERY disappointed cos thru out my entire pregnancy, i was all geared up to experience the labour, contraction pains, pushing, and all. Alas, the baby was breech and i felt "robbed" of the chance. My hubby also dont understand the big deal, and i told him it felt like i didnt have the chance to experience the natural labour my body was meant to have. To the extent of feeling like it's my womanhood. Altho i thank god for having a healthy gal now, i still long for that experience. Hubby says i'm silly.

Anyway, me 34 this year and no idea if i'm gonna have a #2, but if i am, i will definitely go to Dr Paul tseng. Is it really true if #1 is csect due to breech (and not becos cervix cant dilate) then VBAC chance is higher? What is the min amount of time to try, ie recommended no of months before having #2? Cos me not young anymore, dont even know if can conceive anymore!

Also becos i have quite bad postpartum depression, and baby was super colicky and fussy....abit scared to go thru everything all over again!!!

My gynae recommend minimal one year gap before trying for the next baby after c-sect.

I am now 7 months pregnant with my third baby, will be going for natural delivery again.

First one is emergency c-sect due to baby distress, second is a sucessful VBAC.
hi mummies,

though i am expecting my first baby only, and does not fit under VBAC as yet, but because i am opting for a c section and most of you ladies here had undergone a c sect, i gathered that it would be best to seek advice from ladies here,

I opted for a c sect also for the reasons- afraid of the vaginal wound and the long birth process, but i am also worried just as much about the healing of the c section wound after the operation, did you ladies manage to go through the recovery well? how long did it take for you to truly get your strength back?

You know we ladies are just vain pots.. after a c section, i am worried i might not have the strength to take care of the baby, and would struggle through the recovery in pain, even suffer long periods after the wound has recovered, can ladies here share your experience with me on how you manage? and how you cope thru your confinement stage? even after recovery, do we truly get our strength back?
i also had c sect but not by choice, mine was emergency section. the healing is really very painful, difficult to bend down and move from sitting to standing to lying positions. it hurt much less after about a week or so but even about 2mth plus after delivery teh wound area still hurts when i pressed on it or my dd accidently kicked the area.

I had e-C-Section too...twice...first one GA, totally knock out and after the major op, took about 2 days to regain strength to get out of bed. The first walk to toilet is a torture but still the nurse will make you walk to the toilet with support (it's part of the requirement to judge your recovery), it takes me 10-15 min to walk to the toilet! My wound hurts terribly and every step I take I can feel the sharp pain radiated and it feels like the wound is going to feels worse then the contractions as it is constantly there, unlike contractions that comes on and off....

BTW, during confinement, I also have difficulties getting out of bed without support due to the sharp pain. Often, I need my hubby to support me so that it is not that painful to get out.

Like what ming has mentioned, it hurt less after 1 week but maybe it is because we have learn to cope with the pain or rather threshold is will still be pain after 2-3 months and externally, the skin around the wound will be numb for >6 months cos the wound cuts the nerve around the area.

With reference to taking care of baby, as a mother by nature, you will find the strength to hold your baby even if you are in pain. Not to mention that after carrying your baby in your tummy for so long, you will definitely long to hold them in your arms regardless you are in pain. But do bear in mind that your wound will hurts also when you breastfeed your baby in the traditional position. Football hold is recommended but it is not easy to master.

The second one is not as bad as I was on epidural so only half numb, the first walk is not as bad but maybe it's because my nerve has been numb from the first surgery or rather I have learn to cope with the pain. The rest of the recovery process is similar to the first time.

Nevertheless, I still envy ladies who goes thru natural birth, cos I see them get out of the bed almost only hours after delivery and they can walk much faster than me who need to ache every inch that I walk.

Kym, if you could, mayb u can try to consider for natural I have friends who go thru both, they indeed compare that natural is easier to road of recovery.
Hi Kym,

I will recommend natural birth as the recovery is must faster than c-sect. Like what SP mentioned the full recovery process is nearly 6 months and not to forget that you will have a scar.

If you are afraid of pain, just opt for epidural the moment the contractions start. I managed to catch some sleep during the process and don't feel much pain at all.
hi kym

I would also recommend u to go for natural...csect is NOT pain free childbirth, the pain jus come later ie when the anaesthetic went away! Me too took a long time to recover...when I limped to the breastfeeding class in TMC I see all those mommies who delivered naturally walking around like its nothing whereas I was still hurting from my wound. Lots of possible complications, it IS aft all considered as a MAJOR surgery, with very real fatal risk...jus tat becos medical is so advanced now, people don't think twice to opt for csect to avoid the pain of natural child labour. Till date I'm still quite envious of the opportunity to push my baby out on my baby is 6mths liao, but my wound still feel sore and hurts sometimes. Very tender when I touch it too! If ur afraid of pain, then this is even more painful lo...

Take epidural, its not very scary lah!! Motherhood itself is scarier...but u hv boldly took the step forward to get preggie mah, rite??
i totally agree. kym, go for natural. i had e-sect too and if you read one of my post above describing my birth process (was awake when they cut me up so could feel the strong tug of the baby out of tum tum), it was awful.

i also like "mylife", envy friends who went through natural birth, recover so fast and can start exercises much sooner so as to lose weight and get back in shape sooner too. i only was given green light to do very light exercises after 6 months and by then, lots of fats also become PR. so i had to toil at the gym and diet to slim down.

go natural, epidural is your vital weapon. its "happy"-dural.

haha, no lah, i didnt envy them becos they recover faster to go envy cos i didnt get to experience the labour itself.
<font color="aa00aa">Me oso agreed with oth mummies. If can, go for natural.

Btw, for those going thru c-sec, u might want to buy a binder. It help to reduce pain when u get up to walk.

Me oredy in my final week of confinement, and occasionally my wound area still feel bit pain. Cannot walk to fast oso. C-sec healing process is definately taking longer time. Even most exercise is advisable to start only after 6mths.</font>
Hi Ladies,
I also had emergency c-sec for my 1st but was overseas so hubby was allowed in the room.
I am planning my number 2 to be born here in Singapore, really dissapointed if hubby cannot come in at all here, cause chances are it will be c-sec again, cause I have health problem that won't allow me to push, may even have this one be a plan c-sec.
Wonder if anyone here have their hubby with them during c-sec.
hi mummies, i'm having my no.2 now..about 7 weeks now. my first was c-section because he was a breech baby. took epidural so hubby was there to witness the birth. like many of you, i didn't like my c-section ordeal--yah, my baby came out in abt 15 minutes, anaesthetist was quick in administering it and the needle didn't hurt as much as i expected it to, but my side effects were really bad. i was shivering badly for about 1-2 hours after the op and my entire body was actually numb, so i couldn't hold my baby or breastfeed until late afternoon (my op was at 7.30am). The recovery was painful--moving about was torturous and i really envied moms who were walking about right after their natural births. The pain lasted about 2 weeks and my bleeding only subsided after about 2 mths after the c-section. Now and then still feel a twinge and itchiness around the scar.

So i'm really keen to have VBAC this time round. Problem is, my DS will only be about 18mths old by my that too soon to try? When i read Star's birth story, im scared the same thing might happen to me!

my sis had c-section for first one as cord wound around baby's neck. Subsequent two was vaginal birth. her dr was Dr Heng at east shore.

I remember she waited till cannot tahan then go hospital so less intervention and dilation going on consistently
hello karrie

i had C-section for my twins, and when i gave birth to my #3 (my twins were 18mths old when i gave birth to #3), i had VBAC. My gynae actually encouraged VBAC for my case because my baby was not huge (2.875kg at birth). So i dont think it's too soon for u to try VBAC, but it's provided your baby will not be too big.
Dear ladies

I also suffered the truama of an E C section and my bb was 3.6kg then! Gynae told me next bb will b bigger and wun recommend VBAC... Really wanted to ve a 2nd child, but c sect is too much for me to bear.

I had emergency c-sec for my #1, partly because of his position and size, he is 3.7kg. I had long labour and my cervix failed to dilate fully, and non of the pain reliefs worked for me!

When I had my #2, I was hesitating whether VBAC or forget about everything and go for c-sec again. The nurses in my gynae office and my gynae urged me to try natural, but no overdue, ie. to c-sec on my EDD, she is not going to induce me

3 days before my EDD, also my scheduled c-sec date, my water bag burst in the morning, and by late evening, my girl was delivered, natural with epi.
Hi mommies,

I wld like to share my experience for VBAC. My #1 was born in Feb 06 via E c-sec coz of placenta rupture halfway during labour.

I waited awhile before tryin for #2 coz i heard VBAC is less likely if the age gap is close. My #2 was born in Sept 08, fortunately my #2 is small (2.6kg). I was under weekly monitoring by Dr Ardian Woodworth. On the day of delivery, i had mild contractions and was admitted into TMC around 8am+, doc checked 3cm dilated.

Dr Adrian told me that if i did not deliver by 3-4pm, i hv to go c-sec coz bb had passed abit of motion. Until 12pm+, I did not dilate at all as i was too tensed during contractions. A nurse advised me to take epi, which im glad i did. I was fully dilated within 1hr and was ready to push.

My advise to ladies who want to try VBAC is to take epi to help dilatation..can try for afew hrs to see the progress, if progress is gd, then u just continue without epi. If not, just take epi, at least u can deliver naturally.

Personally, i feel the recovery for natrual is much faster than c-sec. I could go to the washroom myself on the next day. I still remember tat it was v.painful to even walk for my #1 on the day of discharge from hospital. Hope the above help
Hi All,

Just to update, my third kid was born naturally with epi on 3 Sept. Everything happened very fast as I was already 5 cm dilated when I reached the hospital.

VBAC is still possible after c-section, for all the mummies who are not sure, just talk to your gynae to understand more.
Hi Red Tulip,

thanks for sharing and congrats on your continuous success on VBAC...

Who's your gynae? I've read that chance of VBAC is slimmer after 2 C-sections ie which I am currently the case... it is simply demoralising...
I've heard abt Dr Paul Tseng who's very pro natural &amp; handled many VBAC successfully. Anyone can share your experience with him &amp; which hosp he delivers in?
Wonder Dr Paul Tseng ever handle any case which the wound rupture? at least if he had, I would have a peace of mind if he ever handle such complications.
Hi Mummies,

I had epi C-section for my #1 becos I had pre-eclampsia, ie, very high BP. It was too dangerous to go for natural becos mummy and baby won't be able to take the stress of labour.

Then.. for my 2nd baby, I wanted to try natural so much, I swithced to Dr Paul Tseng. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to change gynae, together with others lah..

He was v v encouraging. I asked him if I cld try natural, he gave me this funny look, as though I was asking the silliest qn on earth. TO him, every birth is natural unless there are complications or whatsoever of course. He will nt say NO, but of course, being a professional doc, he will assess along the way, and gives his opinion if he really thinks why one cannot go thru natural birth..

Anyway, for my #2, even when i was at the labour ward, the nurses told me, Aiyah, ur first is C-section, now this one shld be considered ur first birth lah, cos cervix never open before. It will not be so fast hor, dun think this is ur 2nd birth and expect fast progress... Anyway, i was in too much pain to tell them not to be so discouraging..

I was only 1cm dilated when admitted at about 11pm. By 2am, my water bag burst, and I was found to be 4cm dilated.. Still the nurses said I will only del by the next morning, fine.

Who knows, by 2.45am, the nurse said I am almost fully dilated, better call Paul Tseng in.

And... by 3.08am, I successfully delivered my little girl, no epidural, just laughing gas, and within 3 pushes.
Best is no tear, no cut by Paul Tseng as my baby was small.

Paul practices at TMC but he can del at both TMC and Mt A.

I am expecting my #3 now and due to deliver in about 3-4 weeks time. V kan cheong.. heheeheh.
Hi all...

I delivered my 1st child via c-section in Dec03. He was overdue, thus was induced. 12hrs labour, cervix only opened til 5.5cm. Heartbeat of baby dropped so went in for emergency c-section. I truly hated the healing process and thus was more determined to go natural the next time round. I did lotsa research to prepare myself this time coz I was only 21 when I delivered 1st one. No friends to share any tips whatsoever.

Went back to the same gynae, Dr KT Tan for 2nd child. I expressed my wish to do vbac. I wouldn't say she's pro-vbac coz she kept asking me again and again during every visit whether I still want to do vbac. I stood firm with my decision, but of coz if there really were complications, I'll be open to c-section.

Baby was still in posterior position til 39 weeks so my gynae said it might be difficult to do vbac. I prayed n hoped for baby to turn to favourable position for birth. Mucous plug came out on Week 37 but I was calm and told myself not to rush to the hospital since there's no pain.

Week 39-40 there was still bleeding and irregular contractions. Gynae wanted to have me admitted for observations since cervix opened at 2.5 - 3cm. I refused coz I didn't want a risk of being wheeled into the operation theatre again. So I went home and timed my contractions. By the 2nd day past my due date, contractions got regular.

I was lying dwn reading to my 1st child when I anticipated a contraction, and at the peak, my waterbag burst with a 'pop'. That was the last sign of labor and I decided to go to the hospital. Called hubby to come back frm office to fetch me. That was 9.30am. Showered while waiting for hubby. Pain was getting worse. Didn't help that KK's carpark was full on that day and we had to wait at the gantry for a few cars to leave. Oh, we totally forgot abt valet!

11am. Cervix was at 4cm. Refused epidural. Only gas but I only realised I didnt inhale properly til the moment I was ready to push. duh! So it was 90% pain relief-free labour, rite? hehe

4.45pm. Cervix was at 5cm. My heart sank coz I was quite sure history will repeat itself. Midwife cleared my bladder.

5pm. Within 15 mins I felt the urge to pass motion. So apparently my full bladder kinda hindered cervix frm opening fully. Cervix now at 8cm.

5.13pm. Cervix fully dilated. Gynae came in to help deliver baby. Episiotomy done.

5.14pm. Baby out.

Lengthy post but I hope it'll help other mums have successful vbac. I personally think we should not be too rigid with the due date given. The baby will come out when it's ready. I believe my 1st one wasnt ready yet, thus cervix simply wont open.

VBAC rocks!
hi ladies i m v encouraged by ur posts. i juz had emer c sect in apr and agree with deep red that the healing process sucks. i m quite det nt 2 ve 2nd child cos dun 12 go thru trauma all over again.

it has been my dream to have 2 - 3 childrem but alas v scared even when i switch to paul tseng, also ve to go thru c sect... may seriously considerin switchin to him. my gynae cant even anticipate when i ll deliver and its only when my water bag burst, then he say i m gg to deliver soon. when i visited him 1 day b4 my water bag burst, he told me not so soon ll give birth... v disappointed.
Good to know that most of the you are successful with VBAC. Mine is not as successful. My uterus rapture during the labour. My c-section is done 5 years ago. It seems that the wound around the c-section is not healed properly according to the gynae. And this is not detectable during the ultrasound scan and checks that I have done throughout the pregnancy. For people who tried VBAC, please discussed with your gynae about the risk.
Hi Pheidra,

So sad so hear about your experience.

Can you share in more details about what actually happens and how the gynae copes with it...

I would like to hear about the 2 sides of the story so as to decide whether it is worth trying VBAC.

I have been worrying about womb rupture when I was delivering my 2nd child and my gynae has been quite discouraging as he does not want any womb rupture in his history, therefore was taken back and eventually ended up emergency C-section again....
Mine is truly a bad and sad experience. As my baby died two days after I have delivered. However, I do not want to discourage people who wanted to tried VBAC. To be able to give birth naturally is something that most MTB wanted to.

After my ordeal, I read from the internet. Usually for Uterus rapture, it is occur during labour and to woman who have previous c-section or have weak uterus. It is very important that a monitor is use throughout the contraction as the machine actually keep tracks of the baby heart beat. Any dipping of heart beat indicates the baby is distress. A person will feel localised pain in only one area when the uterus rapture. The pain is very different from contraction.

For me, I have contraction for 8 hours with 9cm dilation when my uterus rapture. Emergency Ceasarean is done. But due to lack of oxygen, my baby's brain is injured. She is in ICU for two days but did not manage to pull through.

Uterus rapture is also dangerous for the mother as it is actually internal bleeding. The mother may died due to excessive blood loss.

So please please discuss with your gynae about the risk and talk to him/her about your concern.
Hi pheidra...

I'm so sorry to hear abt your loss. But you sure are strong. Thank you for sharing with us your experience and also your advice. I'm sure we all can learn from it.

True, no matter how we yearn to have a normal delivery, we must also think of our health and the baby's. C-section is not too bad. We do have to keep our options open.
dear pheidra,
how are you doing now. I hope everything is come together for you. I tryed, after i heard your story. still weepping...

It just shows how much mummies had previouse C-section loneing to do whatever takes to have VBAC.

I also went through the same (2 c-sec, 2 yrs in bw). As much as i want to experience natural. I just did not have the courage to do it in the end.

I always feel angery when people tease me by saying "you opt for c-sec because you afraid of contraction pain." I use to defend myself by saying i did not have an opt for vaginal delivery. But they always looked at me disbelieve. I use to feel resentful towards my 1st Gynae. because of him, result in my 2nd c-sec, and i was not able to breast feed to both of my child either.
Hi fuusha

Thanks, I am doing good.

No matter how much a mother wanted to experience natural birth, it is really not worth trying if there are high risk involved.

In singapore, there are not much information given for the risk involve for VBAC. Gynae may or may not even mention about it.

It is better to ask or read out more if a MTB opt for VBAC. Risk are higher for MTB who have c-section within a year.

Just wanted to share my personal experience with MTB who wanted to have VBAC. And hopefully, they will learn something from my disastrous experience.
Hi pheidra,

Thanks for sharing and glad to hear that you are doing well...

Sorry to be rude to ask about this....may I know if you're still able to conceive after the bad experience of womb rupture? What other effects has resulted from this incident?

I had 2 c-sections and it is really something amiss in not being able to experience natural birth...I m still looking for possibility of trying VBAC if possible... nevertheless, I need to weight all consequences...

Don't worry, please ask me any questions that you want and I will try my very best to answer your question. This is also why I share my experience, I do not want anyone to have the same horrible experience like me.

As for your question, I can tell you that I am lucky enough as my gynae is able to repair my uterus. And I have checked and confirm that I am able to conceive again. But bear in mind, for my next child I will have to delivered by c-section once the gynae confirm that the baby is fully developed which may be 37 weeks. This is to reduce the risk of getting rapture again.

However, I have checked in the internet. The probability of conceiving with a raptured uterus is lower than a person with a good Uterus. I will have to verify this point with my gynae again.

Also, there are woman who need to remove the whole uterus after it rapture.

If you really want to try VBAC. Please find out from your previous gynae on how is the cut done to your uterus like. Is it T or J shape? I am not talking about the cut that you can see on the skin, I am implying the cut on your uterus internally. Certain type of the cut will cause high risk for Uterus rapture. after knowing that, please inform and check with your current gynae about the probability of the risk and also do some research on your own via internet.

Honestly, I do not know the risk of VBAC. Until, I encountered it myself, I starts to do all the research which i know that it is too late for myself. But with all this research, I would like to share withh all the MTB.
Hi Pheidra,
Thanks for sharing your story, definitely give me second thoughts of trying things naturaly second time around, even though I want speedy recovery.
I've been asked many question why I want to have c-sec again second time around, mummies who never had c-sec simply would not understand that sometimes it is a better choice for me because of my previous experience with emergency c-sec and the way my body may never allowed it to happen naturally.
Most important always be the health of both mum and bub.
From most of the posted message here, I can see that most of the mother who had c-section for their first kid are usually emergency c-section.

Mine is the same - emergency c-section 5 years ago due to baby distress.

Usually, mother who had emergency c-section wish to experience natural birth for the subsequent birth. So please do not be discourage by my encounter. Just do all the necessary research and consult your gynae, go for VBAC if the risk is super low.
After reading this thread, I realise that most first deliveries are e c-sec. Delivered my first in Jun via e c-sec as well.

My water bag broke but no contractions, nurses put me on a drip to induce. As there was no pain, I didn't opt for epi. But gynae said he was going to give me a jab in my thigh cos he didn't want me to be in too much pain. Since he's the doctor, I didn't protest although I was a little unsure. Labour progressed quite fast, 6ish hours later, 9cm dilation. But the jab made me so sleepy that I was unable to push. Gynae used vaccum to no success then he suggested e c-sec. My labour was just 6ish hours. I know this sounds silly but I think gynae sabotaged my chance of VBAC.

Had to go under GA so hubby not allowed to witness the birth of our baby girl. Was really upset that I didn't get to see her when she was born. Also was super groggy when I came to &amp; even when the nurses brought my baby into the room, it didn't quite register that I was now a mummy. Was a bit disconnected.

Personally, if I had chosen a gynae who was more supportive of VBAC, me &amp; my hubby would have had a better birth experience. So if anyone intends to try VBAC, PLEASE go to a gynae who is supportive of your decision.

Will definitely go to another gynae when I have my 2nd one.
The jab on the thigh, are u referring to Pethedine or something? I am pretty sure it is. I dun think that will make one drowsy. It's the laughing gas that does. However u may want to verify with the doc again.

If you are really keen in seeking a doc who is very pro VBAC, you can try my gynae, Dr Paul Tseng, who's clinic is at TMC.

Tks Sunshinekid.
Will probably go to Dr Tseng for my next one.

Anyway, I read that Pethidine makes some women drowsy. But anyhow, the important thing is that my baby is happy &amp; healthy.

You recently had ur 3rd right? Congrats!
Hi.. yes, in fact, I just delivered my 3rd baby on 16th Nov, natural with no epidural as well!

Do consider Dr Paul Tseng, he is really a great doc.

You are so nice to share your experience here. I pray that everything will be fine for your next pregnancy if you are trying. I agree with you that most doctor who is willing to try VBAC never discuss the risk involved if we don't ask.

I am also 5 years apart from my 1st c-section. When I was in early labour, I complained to my gynae that my lower abdomen was very pain. Hearing that, gynae asked me to c-section straight away.

My uterus might have ruptured if I kept quiet of the pain. I asked gynae why my uterus is so weak and it has been 5 years from my 1st c-section. He commented that every woman's is different. When previous gynae cut my uterus, it may have thinning due to long labor while delivering my 1st.

According to him, most of successful VBAC is planned c-section for the cases such as breech, pre-eclampsia.

I recovered faster for the subsequent c-section, maybe I have known how to take care of the wound. The caesar scar also less visible, gynae cut away the keloid.

I still do not discourage mommies here to try VBAC if you think worth for it. I personally think that it is best to hear successful and unsuccesful VBAC then you will not be having severe post natal blues if VBAC failed. Do let your gynae or nurse know immediately if you feel the pain from your previous caesar scar.

I also read other mommy's sharing for her womb rupture in this forum. There is a cut about 30 cm long to rescue her baby out from her tummy.

Pheidra, how long is your cut?
I had C for my first child (2003) and natural for the second (2007). C for first cos she was in breech position. Natural second no epi. Labour was fast, over and done in less than 2 hours. My water bag broke but no sign of labour until much later.

I am coping fine. Fortunately, my cut is shorter -15cm.

I have confirmed with my gynae that the probability for women with raptured uterus to conceive is the same as women without raptured uterus.

The only risk is to have uterus raptured again. However, this can be prevented by delivering the baby via c-section once it is full term. Definately no natural delivery.
Hi Ladies,
I am new here.
My 1st girl was born Jan 06 via E C-sect cos of long labour hrs (she is quite big, 3.6kg) and she is facing wrong direction. Now am currently pregnant and EDD gonna be Mar 09. I wanted very much to try for VBAC but worried that baby will be too big to be delivered again.

Was telling Dr Adrian Woodworth that I might want to consider C-sect again. Was surprised that he is supportive of it. Might be due to big baby again? Cos I went website and see, my baby is now size of 25wks old rather than usual size 23wks.

Feel like trying for VBAC but I got the phobia of going thru long labour hours and the pain of the ops. Many pple had asked me to go for VBAC cos healing is faster.

Can share your comments on these?
p/s: I changed gynae for 2nd pregnancy.

Hi ladies..
I would like to share abt VBAC..
My first child was born in july 2007 by emergency c-sect..
then 5mths later,i got preggy again by accident..even though they said if we breastfeed chances of being preggy is almost zero.. :p

My gynae was not keen on me having VBAC as he worries the womb mite rupture n putting my baby n me in danger..
but sumhow i REALLY wanted VBAC and so i was against of having c-sect..

I gave birth to 2nd child on 2 aug 2008..It was traumatic for us even though we went thru the e csect b4..

Admitted on 1/8/2008 @8pm to break water bag..
Contractions came in fiercely at around 5am,it was contractions every minute but too bad im only dilated 7cm n the pain was EXCRUCIATING..
even painful then my first experience..

I was feeling really weak n my blood pressure drop from 140 to baby's hearbeat was not normal n showing signs of distress...

My gynae was really worried n kept asking us to do emergency c sect now as she doesnt want anything to happen to me or my baby..we agreed n immediately i was pushed to the operation theater..

I was already losing conciousness n was not alert at all as my blood pressure drop below normal levels..

wen i woke up, i saw the gynae and she asked whether im ok..i asked her y my baby is not crying..she said my baby had complications n the paediatrician is checking him now..

They brought my baby out in a transparent plastic case..not sure wats its called :p
n told me ur baby have to sent to the ICU now..
my heart pain to see so many tubes n oxygen mask on him..

The gynae told me i had a bad ruptured womb but they managed to repair it..but i couldnt conceived anymore as my womb is delicate n thin now..

After a day in the ICU, at 11pm,my baby was wheeled down to me n i was really GRATEFUL to GOD that he's ok..

The next morning,my gynae came to visit me and explained wat happened..and abt unable to conceive again..i mean i can conceive lah but the risks are 50/50 for me n future baby's survival..
She said im very very very LUCKY coz both me n my baby is safe bcoz in most cases she handled before,its either the baby or the mummy will not survived..

I got a 30cm wound..It was so looooonngggg..n painful....took me almost 2mths to heal...
In hospital i had a tube sticking out fm my uterus to drain the blood out as i was having an internal bleeding...

But now im healthy n my baby is doing great..
For those mummies who wants to do a VBAC pls pls ask ur gynae for advice..
Coz watever we want may not happen...

oh yeah btw my baby was 3.73kg at birth...

p.s sorry for my long post.... :p