Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

not worth to buy this online. would cost way over S$100 shipping charges to bring it in. best to source out locally. thanks!

hi bliss_mummy
each book weigh 1 pound. would cost about S$8+/- per book to ship in. if still keen, pls proceed to transfer base on 1.29 ex.rate and update details once done. thanks!
hi winxw
some items have domestic shipping:
2) cost price: US$10.64 + $0.99 shipping
3) cost price: US$9.97 + $0.99 shipping

pls reconsider and advise on your orders again. thanks!
hi krishojw
your order would be:

nick: krishojw
email: Pls PM me
collection: registered

1)The Backyardigans - It's Great To Be A Ghost (2004)
US: 6.99

2)The Backyardigans - Surf's Up!
US: 9.21

3) The Backyardigans - Cave Party (2004)
US: 7

4) The Backyardigans - Mission to Mars (2004)
US: 6.43

total: US$29.63 x 1.29 = S$38.22

if above is correct, pls proceed to transfer and update details once done.

FYI, shipping charge per DVD is about S$2+, below S$3.

Posted on Friday, October 05, 2012 - 12:35 am:       
Nick: sasi

Item Description: GIRLY POPS (DIVA, PRINCESS, AND Kids Candy Mold Chocolate
Price: 1.75

Item Description: B/S BOWS Miscellaneous Candy Mold Chocolate
by CybrTrayd
Price: 1.91

Price: 1.75

Price: 1.63

Hi may I know wat will be the shipping fo all the item?
I have transfered the amount :

To Account POSB Savings
033-21706-4 dreamz
Transfer Currency and Amount S$19.16
Transaction Reference 10167697567

pls check, Thanks!!

I would like to order these.
Pls advise amt to tfr. Thks

Stem Cell Active Growth Factor By Mesoestetic
USD 83
Qty : 3

Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Degree Eye Contour
USD 70
Qty : 1

CHI Silk Infusion Leave-In Treatment, 12 Ounce
USD 26.95
Qty : 1
will reply to all remaining PMs on weekdays ok? coz weekends busy with kids. only have snippets of time when they nap that i can do some replying. so sorry. pls be patient. thanks!
hi elitemom
your post caught my interest so shall reply to you first. heehee...

you have spree with me before in spree 207. your order then was 2 units of: KERASTASE NUTRITIVE SERUM NUTRI-SCULPT LUSTROUS REPAIR FOR DAMAGED ENDS 1 OZ.

total cost was US$103.18.

your shipping charges when it arrived for the 2 units was: S$5.91.

for US$103.18 worth of orders, to pay S$5.91 shipping charges was reasonable and infact rather cheap, i would say. taking into consideration that a typical single DVD set costs about S$2+ to ship in. 2 dvd sets would cost the same price as yours to ship in already and their value would definitely be less than US$108.13

with regards to my quote, how i weigh the items and deprive shipping charges depends on total chargeable weight imposed by CGW plus other miscellaneous charges (Eg. insurance) which you can read up on CGW website. therefore, each spree batch's shipping charges is never fixed and depends on actual charges.

if spreeists were to inquire, i would provide weight breakdown of their items and corresponding calculations to let them know how its derive and they can compare their items' weight to other spreeists and do their own additions. to ensure that my calculation is not wrong.

it is very difficult for me to explain to you the mathematical formula used. to understand, you need to do a spree then see how its calculated, to know how it works. what you quoted from me based on another post to a spreeist is in very layman terms that is easier for you to understand.

so, going down to your item in question. value is US$134.

a typical spree batch takes in US$200 worth of orders.

as the value of your item is high, i won't be able to take in much items to maximise base shipping charges. with that in mind, i take in lesser items, equals to higher shipping charges for all to bear.

to know more about base shipping charges, you can again refer to CGW website where they provide the mathematical formula.

a rough estimate for your item, IF you are still keen to order would be S$8-S$10+/-. depending on how item is packed.

why is this potentially higher than your keratase? reason being, your keratese is 2 sets. the more items i can combine in a spree batch, the lower the shipping charges.

regarding your question about small but heavy items. CGW will charge shipping charges according to EITHER actual weight or dimensional weight. so of coz if item's actual weight is heavier, CGW will charge based on actual weight.

thanks for your patience in reading this post. if you have any further enquiries, feel free to ask. thanks!
Hi Joanne,

My item is in batch 222 where e item has arrived and you have sent an email to all spreeiests.

Could you sent me another copy of that email as I'm afraid I may have accidentally deleted it?

Thank you.

hi all
so sorry for the lack of replies last few days. was busy with work and kids.

i have sent out tabulation email to spree 223 and 224 spreeists already.

spree 225 spreeists, shipment arrived yesterday. will update shipping charges over next few days.
hi sasi
info as per below:
1) has domestic shipping charge: S$3. no weight listed. is it heavy metal? if so then perhaps est. int. shipping charge:S$8+/-
2) shipping charge:S$5+/-
3) domestc shipping charge: US$2.88. no weight listed. same as 1)
4) not available.

hi tan_shortcake
for your order, i would need to split the orders into a few spree batches to keep shipping charges lower for you. waiting time would possibly be longer. as you ok with that?

as for no. 3, is the URL this?

if its as above, shipping charges would be around S$8+/-.

for the rest, shipping charges should be below S$5 per unit as they are pretty light weight.

if keen, pls proceed to transfer: US$345.95 x 1.29 = S$446.37

if you are not comfy with the high amount, perhaps you may wanna revise your qty ordered and leave it for a later date. thanks!
hihi jodi
not worth to ship in. too bulky already. would cost over S$30 shipping charges just to bring in. pls reconsider. thanks!
hi summerhills
the shirt of the size and colour of your choice costs US$29. you need to select size and colour to see the price. each option differs in price. shipping charge: S$5+/-. thanks!

hi zes
yes, can order used book. but pls note that generally used books sold by external sellers will have domestic shipping charges.

the links you gave were the same item. that item is not available on