Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

hihi LSY
oh dear.. i just realised that your previous grater order was accidentally recorded as CGW shipping in my doc and hence, i missed out ordering for you for the recent free shipping batch. are you alright to wait out for next batch? if you are, i can include in this extra order. if you wish to refund, please PM me your bank account details. so sorry for the omission. Do get back to me soon. thanks! :)
Hi Dreamz,
I'll wait for the next batch, please include this extra order. Thanks.

hihi hazliza
it only consists of the megatron toy. i posted on jul 30 about the allspark cube:

Able to ship-in this?
yes. can. cost price: US$3.99 + US$3.99 domestic shipping. shipping charge: S$2-4. I'm placing order for CGW shipping this tue, if time permits. if you wish to order, do transfer soon. thanks! :)

but did not receive any reply about transfer from you. hence, my record only shows:

Nick: hazliza

price: US$49.99 (paid $75)

are you still keen on allsparks cube? must go to next round already. coz your megatron is at CGW. i will ship out next few days. having some problems logging into CGW tonight. will try again tomorrow if possible. thanks! :)
Hi Dreamz,

Kindly advice whether you have received the transfer and when will the order place?
hihi ah_toh
so sorry, i have totally missed out your earlier post. realised that i didn't reply to you either. i will place it in current batch. possible to wait out perhaps 1 week or so? if wish to withdraw, please PM me your bank account details for refund.

so sorry once again. thanks. :)

Please join this spree only if you are comfortable with the T&Cs below:

* Exchange rate at 1.42. (may need to top up if exchanges rates go up)


* via CGW (if item does not qualify for free shipping)

* via Free Amazon Globalsaver shipping


* No payment no order

* First payment for items ordered

* Second payment for shipping charges and postage if applicable

* Payment to POSB Savings : 033-21706-4


1) Potong Pasir Mrt (Tuesday evenings, other timing/day subject to my availability)

2) Bishan/TPY Mrt/library on Sundays at 10.15am

3) Kovan Mrt on Friday evenings at 7.45pm

4) Postage

* Normal or registered post (I will not be responsible for any loss of parcel therefore registered mail is highly recommended).

* Registered mail: additional $2.24 for postage

* No other handling fees will be charged.


Nick :



Item name:


Price in USD: xx

Total no. of items =

Total Price in SGD = USD$xx x 1.42 = SGD$xx

Collection mode:

Please update this thread or PM the following details to me after payment made:

1. Date of transfer

2. Total amount transferred

3. Transaction Reference

Spreeists who are unable to post on this thread can PM me your orders. thanks! :)
Hi Joanne,

Are you closing the batch for free shipping soon? I'll make payment for my order within these 2 days. Is my order taken in?
Order has been placed for the following under Spree 414 via free shipping mode:
1) LSY
2) ah_toh
3) pingping
4) moo

Expecting delivery by mid sept. :)
Dear all
I'm no longer doing any sprees via this forum. For regulars who would like me to still help you with orders, do whatsapp me or drop me an email. Will advise from there. Thanks lots for all the love and support over the years. :)