Tory Burch USA <Private Sale extra 10 % off>


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Mums who can't post here email me @ [email protected]
Place your orders and transfer the funds.
Please use the ordering format
Email: Email me.
Mobile: Email me.
Package to be delivered to : Email me.
Item name:
URL: (Ensure that it works)
Alternative if oos:
Price in USD before discount $:

During surprise sale will be = US$AA x 1.42 x 0.5
$Payment :
Posb saving: 145 425 301
UOB saving: 371-381-305-0
OCBC saving: 520 -4-080740

1st payment for Merchandise only.
2nd payment for the Domestic charges(if any)+International shipping+courier fee

For internet banking transfer - kindly use nick during transfer.
For ATM transfers - kindly indicate your nick, date and amount of transfer via email and to which account
Please PM me.
Terms and Conditions :
`- No payment, No orders, kindly transfer the funds after placing orders.. So I can close the spree ASAP, Use the latest formula for calculations.
`- I will try to avoid incurring GST. But should GST be incurred due to shipping, it will have to be shared among the spreeists.
`- I reserve the right to cancel this spree due to poor response.
Shipping :
US domestic shipping

International shipping
Repacking and consolidation fee
Items which are heavy/bulky must be prepared to pay more in shipping.
Delivery :

All by courier at a flat fee of S$5 for 2 to 3 items
Bigger items will be $10
Self collect ONLY at my convenience( please join only if you are comfortable with my terms and conditions)
'll email you the details of the shipment or post in the thread so you can keep track.
Waiting Time :
- Approximately 4 weeks after spree is closed.

Posting on behalf of Boytoh


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Hi Best tutor,

Noted that my earlier order is now at 40%. I've created this updated list of my orders. Pls help to order. Thank you!

1) Item Name: Essential Plaid Jersey Long sleeve dress
Color: Black/Cream/Red
Size: US 10
USD 72.99

2) Item Name: Essential Flag Print Polo Dress
Color: Navy Multi
Size: M
USD 69.50

Total: (US 72.99 + US 69.50) X 0.6 x 1.44 = S$123.11
Hi Best Tutor,

Transferred $173.65 to your OCBC account
+ Kate spade surprise spree.

Successful Ref. no. 2022052814927201

Thank you.
Hi Best Tutor,

If you can form a batch and this is still available, pls help me to get this. Thank you.

Size 8
US94.99 x 0.6 x 1.46 = $83.21
Opening this personal shopping spree
For Longchamp outlet of the pictures show only
Computation: AA x 1.43 x 1.1
Please join only if you comfortable with the terms and conditions

Will be back in sg on 12/12
Will only accept with full payment


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Anyone keen to join
As ordering this for myself

Computation: 1.42 x AA
Shipping will be less than S$4 for small items