Am I Pregnant?


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To set the context here, I usually have regular periods hovering around 28-30 days, with some outliers going at 35-39 days (maybe 1-2x a year).

Currently I am 8 days late (period expected to come on 2nd Nov) but I have took 4 pregnancy tests and all of them came back negative. 2 of which were Clearblue’s tests.

I am also under quite some stress recently so I’m not sure if my late period is due to that? How common is it for pregnancy tests to return a negative at potentially 5 weeks pregnant?

First timer, so I don’t know the procedures but where should I go if I wanted to confirm whether I am pregnant or not? In the event that I’m really not, I would still want to consult a doctor should this be a missed period (have never missed any in my whole life).