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Alert - for those mummy who stay at sembawang and put their children to Blk331 child care

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sukiyi2006, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member


    This morning i pass by blk331 child care, i saw an aunty 50+ yrs old use her hand to hit a little girl's head. Heard she say, 'why throw other ppl bottle.....' and that girl immediate cry very loud. I feel shocked, how can she hit children's head and I stopped there to see what's going to happen next step... she keep scolding that girl, i'm standing at the back she can't see me at that time. I looked at the watch it's about 11am. she is taking out all the children's cloths one-by-one, and tie their towel at their neck look like " X " shape. This aunty just ignore the girl, keep taking out other children's cloth. That girl just crying non-stop, very loud. So i decided to go infront, face to that aunty let her see me. Just want to let her know I'm watching all this, what she has done to the child. But when she saw me, although she looked scare at the first place, but keep nagging that girl said "why throw other ppl bottle,....you still cry later don't let you eat" wow... some more threaten the girl. I saw this situation not right, i thought aunty will calm the little girl when see me. But she threaten her somemore, i scare she'll beat her if i still there... So i quickly run away. Really disappointed for this kind of child care services. I think when choice child care better don't let those old ppl to take care, not patient at all. Only this old aunty got problem, i pass by other room saw those young lady, how they take care of children seem to be ok. Although they all look not smile unhappy, but still very patient to feed the children eat porridge. Don't know can write a complaint letter this child care or not? this aunty really not good, hit children head. If anything goes wrong, how she going to compensate "Pei" a girl to their parents. Is not hit softly type le... after hit that girl, she stil say to the others " don't be naughty ey,, if not will beat you all too...." the rest looked scare too, especially got 1 girl & 1 boy wanna to cry, but didn't make sound.. their eyes look "red red" & like very scare to that old aunty.... so poor thing that girl look at me, like seek for help but I can't do anything..... i'll try to find this child care email, write to them about this case. Very angry oh... although i'm there, she don't even bother le.. "mu zhong wu ren". I understand why she want to hit her head instead of beat other place. One of my frenz told me, she'll take out her boy cloth to check after take him back from child care & ask him whether teacher got beat him or not. Is she think that hit her head can't see RED or Hei Qing? think their parents don't know? I guess lah, don't really know why she choose her head instead of other place... But I hope that girl will go back and tell mummy, old aunty beat her. Children very forgetful one, mummy remember to ask your child whether got beat by others everyday when back from child care oh. Look like this, me really "Xin Tong", feel sad to that little girl too. She's so small, "Bu Dong Shi" must slowly teach mah... this is not the first time i saw this old aunty. Last time I saw her, slowly enjoy her pear infront of all the children when see me quickly keep the pear under the table & asked the children shift to the front of whiteboard, try to show me "she want to teach them" already.. pretend only.... actually before that just let the children sitting there got nothing to do. children just watching how she enjoy her pear......

  2. ms_yan

    ms_yan New Member

    Agree with sukiyi2006.DON'T put your precious kids in this childcare.I encountered the worst incidents no one can ever think of.

    Every morning all the infants(<18months) will be guided to their class which is opposite the classes for older kids.Total about 12 of them, but most times I only see 1 teacher and 1 aunty escorting them. MCYS rules for infant care is 1:3, but theirs is about 1:6

    Then there's 1 morning where 1 girl was left out by the group. Both teacher and aunty was not aware. They just assume all had entered the room and closed the door. The poor girl was standing opposite outside the rooms for older children. She hardly knows how to talk.

    What if she just wanders off by herself. How can they be so irresponsible.I went to tell the teacher that she left out 1 kid.The next day, I was hopeing to see more teachers escorting these little ones after this scary incident. But they are really hopeless. Still only the same teacher and aunty escorting 12 little kids who bearly knows how to walk.
  3. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    This morning i went to see this little girl again. Too bad didn't see her... but i saw those infant who take care by 2 teachers, alot of babies there, some just learn how to walk, some lay on the bed. 1 teacher feeding four babies, she's busy to change the bowl, diff bowl for diff babies. I think at the end, porridge will get cold before the babies finished. So far I can't see what's inside the bowl, just guess is porridge lah. some babies just learning how to walk, they're holding a stand don't know what that thing called, no one beside them when babies learning to walk. If accidentally babies fall down hit the head how? They actually cover the window with "zhuang lian". I just look in through the door, centre side got a transparent glass. I want to let my girl interact with others &amp; learn something when she's 18month... if not put in childcare... don't know put her to where le..
  4. estherholy

    estherholy Member

    Really feel heart pain when read this kind of thing happen on small babies.
  5. mama_g

    mama_g New Member

  6. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    yes is this child care lor... Blk 331 sembawang close... really bad leh.. i heard ppl said under NTUC one must be good one leh... why like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ms_yan

    ms_yan New Member

    Not all NTUC childcare are bad. My 2 older kids used to be in NTUC childcare Havelock Centre. It was good. The teachers infact went beyond their responsiblities especially one chinese teacher called teacher Mei Mei who follow my elderest from playgroup till K2.
    Imagine I stay at blk 331 and yet send my kids to Havelock centre.1 reason is near my in-law house, but most important reason I can't take the way they treat children since day 1 they starts operation. Many teachers came and left. But not sure why all the irresponsible ones came here.
    Beginning this yr I nearly want to put my newborn 3rd child in the infantcare cos I can't cope with 3 kids.But MCYS rule was the bb got to be at least 2 months &amp; 2 weeks before they can accept you.Thank God, my bb that time was only 1.5 months. So because of this delay, I manage to find a nanny who had been taking care of her till now.
  8. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    ya agree with you. ofcos got good NTUC childcare. How's that nanny? good? How you manage to find her? ppl recommend to you? sometimes you got go to spot check her?....I scare some nanny infront of you treat bb very well, after you left will not be the same way lor..... me always think too much one lah.. can't trust ppl 100% unless take care by my own. Ha.. Ha... even my mil i also can't trust her.. bcos she don't know how to take care bb.
  9. ms_yan

    ms_yan New Member

    The nanny's maid is good. Actually the main care giver is the maid cos the nanny has a full time job.I often see the maid even before I was pregnant with my 3rd kid.The nanny has a grandson studying in the same pri school as my elderest.This boy was very mischeivious and irritating at times, but the maid never once show her angry on him.That time I was already thinking very difficult to find such a good maid.Somemore speaks Mandrain.
    I used to have a maid before bb was born. But send her off during my confinement.Long story....The nanny told me that when she saw me pregnant already want to ask if I would like her to take care for me,but later on saw me with a maid.So she did not.But not too long later, I'm without maid again, so she ask. Actually she also never thought that I will let her take care as I'm a SAHM.I also never thought that myself as well as I used to only believe in childcare.
    I never spot check on them cos to let others take care,we must close 1 eye.No one can do exactly our standard.So long they did no harm to bb, I'm alright.There must be a certain level of trust.But most important thing is I believed this nanny is provided by God.
    Not sure if you are a Christian.Before the nanny approached me, I think I was suffering from depression.I can't handle 3 kids.bb always crying,my eldest school work suffer cos I no time for her.My second always alone in the house with no one to speak or play with as I'm always taking care of bb and when the eldest came home,she got schoolwork to do, so can't play with him either.I tried to change him to the same session as the sister, but no vacancy.
    The day the nanny approach me,I was thinking my husband sure say no as financially we are very tight and his favourite are my 2 girls.So he always think can't handle,send my boy to childcare.But send him to childcare don't solve the problem.Still I can't have time for my elderest as bb still with me demanding 100% attention.So before I suggest to my husband, I prayed to God.If its God's direction, let my husband agree.And he did without much question.He only say if the husband don't smoke, then ok.
    Since then, life is much better besides the financial part.I can have more time for my 2 elder ones.Weekend is purely for bb as the nanny takes care for 5 days both day &amp; night.
    If the nanny approached me before I got the maid,I will sure say no as my first plan is to get a maid.So in a way she came at the right timing.His ways are higher then our ways.God will review His plan in His beautiful timing.
  10. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    let nanny take care day &amp; night, for me cannot lor. Don't see my girl even 1hour, I already missed her alot. So most of the time i go out, will bring her along. Don't know how lah.. now just looking for maid, and let my mil to monitor her lor. Hope can get a good one, who can take care bb well. My mil totally don't know how to take care, only talking rubbish... uselss thing. Only need her eyes to monitor lah.... nanny my husband not allow, he trust child care than nanny.
  11. ms_yan

    ms_yan New Member

    I also use to trust childcare then nanny cos they are suppose to be more professional.I also thought let my bb stay day time only. But my eldest came home about 7pm.After that need to monitor her homework.So bb can't be around.Then also if day time only, at night I must do night feed therefore will not have enough rest as usually I spend afternoon reading to my son or do things that he enjoy.So my timetable very tight.If I had lesser kids, then I won't need help.
    Are you working or planning to work?If can cope, better not to have maid.I employed 2 maids before.1st one still ok.2nd one terrible
  12. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    I've to start work on 1sep lor. I took 1month extra (unpaid) to take care of my baby. Actually I want to resign, but die die must serve 1month. After consider for many days, think better go back to work lor. If next time hb don't want me, I still can survive by myself mah. Difficult to get money from him lor... Yesterday just went to bukit timah to interview a maid. paid deposit only, not yet confirm. since you've experience, have to "qing jia" you something. those agent got offer me some packages like: $388 agent fee, top up $200 if want to change maid - unlimited without 12month, need to clear the maid loan, $488 $588 $688 pay cash will be lesser then give 1 posted cheque? What do you think? 1time clear their loan is better or just drag for few month to monitor their performance but need to pay extra agent fee lah...
  13. ms_yan

    ms_yan New Member

    Hi suki,

    Finally found this thread.

    Last time both my maids from 2 different agencies don't have this practice.We got to clear their loan 1 shot and deduct from their salary the 1st 6 months. If clear 1x and drag a few months not much different, then drag lor. Incase got 1 dishonest one.To me, I can't tolerate dishonest ones like stealing or abuse bb.

    My 1st maid was a new maid.Usually new maid don't have attitude problem.But you got to give them more time to adapt.So don't be surprise that 6 months they still adapting. If 6 months their performance not up to your standard, it may not be they are no good, they may be just slow. And indonesians are very very slow in learning.They are also very very forgetful.My friend's indo maid even forget to close the fridge.My nanny's indo maid ever forget to lock the door when going out when she had already worked here for 3yrs.

    Both my ex-maids are from Philippines. Why I only choose from Philippines becos no one in my home speaks Malay.Also if you look at all bb abuse cases, it is always happens to indonesians.Maybe becos typical Philippines have higher education, they won't do stupid things like abuse the bb.But they are very clever to get what they want.My 1st maid though quite good initially, after 1st year, she ask me question like "Mam, what do you think of my performance?"Imagine you ask boss this type of question. Why she ask cos she want to request for off days.That time I wanted one without off days, but she was not aware cos the agency did not tell her. Then she wondered why others have and she don't.It was then that she finally came to light on her contract. I think agency also plays a big part. They told her she supposed to take care of a 2yr old girl, but came to my home got a shock that her main responsibility is to care for a new born. That time my son only 3 wks old.So if you got chance to speak to the maid, make sure the agency is honest to her on the contract and her responsibilities.

    I had read from other threads about your mil. Felt sorry for you.I went through the same old thing after the birth of all my kids. You can't change your husband or your mil attitude. The only person you can change is yourself.I am those very kan de kia mother like allowing my kids to drink coffee, from birth bottles don't need to sterilise and yet my ILs can't pass my standard.Anyway I went through a very difficult time where I can't stop work cos hubby not earning enough,ILs don't wan maid to stay with them while we work, ILs also don't wan to help us take care, childcare can't help either due to both our job nature having very irregular timing &amp; my boss don't allow me to take unpaid leave. Looking back, very surprise that I still survived and can have a 3rd kid.

    Hoped you can get a honest and good maid. Remember to Kan De Kia. Then your life will be easier.
  14. district

    district New Member

    I am planning to put my boy 18mnth in this childcare, but now still in their waiting list. Actually i already get the vacancy in learning vision child care, but because of the price more cheaper in this ntuc child care, i am thinking to insist in their waiting list.

    But now after reading this story, i really confuse now. [​IMG]

    is that really bad their service?
  15. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    Just to share something.
    My mum's fren is a teacher in there.
    She told my mum as she knew that i am putting my boy there that when the babies cry, they wont do anything. Just let them cry till they stop themselves.
    Their service isnt that gd, they can forget to feed the babies too...
    I am abit upset abt it too so in the end my mum and i decided not to put my boy there. But my mum shall take care of my boy instead.
  16. 1aughing

    1aughing New Member

    My children is in that CC but I belive not under those infant care... I started putting them there after 24months, as I insist on bring them through the early stages.

    do you recognise the aunty anot? i see if I can get photos of all the aunties and let you see?
  17. joyce_tsh

    joyce_tsh New Member

    Just want to share with you a childcare centre I found that is so sincere and true in inculcating moral values in our children. Do check out Xiyao Childcare at kaki bt ave 1, even parents in Woodlands send their kid there! The teachers are very dedicated and I am very touched by the education there, they even teach parents, a very wholesome education!

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