Advice on Vbac


Need some advice on Vbac.

This is my 2nd pregnancy (I am at week 32) and my 1st child is 18mths this month.

My 1st birth was “overdue” (by 5 days only) and I did not have signs of labour. My Obstet recommend me to try inducation. After 14 hours, my cervix only opened 3 cm and my 1st bb heart beat dropped thus I went to for c-sect.

This time round, I heard of Vbac and wanted to try. My reasons for trying is (1) faster healing but I am worried that I may be that 1% of Vbac mothers who may experience uterine rupture which may lead to my bb’s death or permanent brain damage.

Actually I went for a 2nd opinion with a Pro-natural doctor. He highlighted to me that he doesn’t encourage inducation because, naturally, I am not ready for birth, so why induce. He also mentioned that this 2nd bb will be overdue too. He supported the fact to let nature take its cause but he brought to my awareness of the possible risk. His words and his experience made me think twice.

My previous Obstet, which I am still visiting him, I know he will let me try Vbac but I got a strong feeling, he will end up cutting me (which I don’t like… its like going for an operation unnecessary).

I know all delivery carry risk but trying Vbac will put my baby at risk more as compared to c-section. Should I change to the pro-natural doctor or remain with this and leave it to fate?



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Hi wee,

I can recognise your dilemma as I went through a similar process with my #1. I was induced for 36hrs, only to go through c-sect in the end cuz I was only 1cm dilated. I was adamant at that time to go for natural birth, but it was not within my control. I was upset for months.

I chose to induce at that time because #1 was getting too big. She was only 1 day overdue and was already 3.7kg at birth.

But I snapped out of it. I had an ephiphany of sort. I know that for #2 I will let the OBGYN decide what will be better for the Baby, and not what is better for ME. Going through a natural birth is an experience for me, the mother. It makes little difference, if not none, to the baby i'm bringing to the world even if I were to go through VBAC.

For wanting that experience I put my baby's life at risk. Is it really worth it? For me, the clear answer is NO. Of course, I will not jump head in and request for c-sect if VBAC is a viable option. But I will readily agree if it ensures my baby arrives to the world healthy and, most importantly, alive.

So that's my take on VBAC. Hope you'll find a decision soon. [IMG=] God bless.



Hi wee,

I went through c-section for my 2 children. I was adamant to have a natural birth for my 2nd child because I want to experience the process of natural birth badly too.

I was greatly disappointed when I couldn't go through a natural birth but i came round to it, I tell myself, whatever mode of delivery, what matters most is the safety of the baby and myself.

take care..




im in the same situation as u! im oso 32wks.

ds1 was induced at 38wks cos i had boderline hi blood pressure and doc din want to risk. my cervix dilate very slow and was swollen. upon breaking my waterbag, doc discovered i was bleeding cos plcenta kinda detaching which according to her is dangerous for the bb. so end up emergency c-sect.

i had a traumatising time recovering.

this time round, doc of course suggested c-sect again. i asked her abt vbac and all those statistics came out. altho my ds1 is alrdy cming 5yo, she say my chance of uterine rupture is 50-50.duh!?

so the ball is in my court of course and nw really at a loss.

i wan the bb to be ready to come out ,not induce or c-sect. i believe bb will be easier to take care since evthg will be so called 'ripe'.

i have 2wks to make a decision...



Hi all,

I am now in my 36.5 weeks and I have decided to let nature decides. I will try Vbac if I can but if I cannot I will not forcefully grant myself the wish of experiencing a natural birth.

Yes, you all are right, most importantly we can bring the bb out safely and healthily. We are their angel to bring them to the world… how can we put them at mercy just to satisfy our own “craving”.

The only regret - I should have went to a pro-natural Obstet from the start. But what is done cannot be undone.



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wee, i feel exactly the same way as u!... my current gynae oso not v pro-vbac, he'll sure ask me go csect... sian



Maybe u gals can try Paul tseng from Thomson medical. He is a very pro natural gynae. He allow me to try normal birth despite I hav 2 c-sec before. I did went to few other gynae who said I cannot deliver naturally. But doc paul allow me and I delivered my 3rd baby naturally. He weighed 2980g. I opt for epi as advised by Paul. I got pain in the morning on 5/6 and went to hospital abt 4pm and Paul say I dilate only 1cm and and advised me to take epi as I was in pain and my contractions are really bad. He advised that if I take epi I will be more relaxed and dilate faster. I took epi and pual came again at 11pm and he said I dilate 6cm and told me I will deliver by 2am and I delivered my beautiful healthy baby at 3.26am. Doc Paul such a wonderful gynae I ever come across. He never rush me or scare me or anything. He is such a wonderful gift for all mummies like me.



I delivered a girl via c-section in january this year and would really hope I can go for a vbac although I recovered incredibly quickly from the op (12 hours after the op I could get off bed and walk around without any help. Gave nurses a scare when they came in and saw I was alone in the room but walking around). Its not really for my sake but for the baby as it was only after the c section that I realised there were so many benefits to a natural delivery (easier breastfeeding, better digestion for baby from exposure to the good bacteria etc).

Of course, I'm not pregnant yet but since I stumbled across this thread, anyone has any recommendations of pro natural obgyn other than Dr Paul Tseng? I'm sure he's great but I'm not a fan of TMC.



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hi reia,

perhaps when the time arises you can check with dr. tseng if he delivers in other private hospitals? most private ob/gyns have the option of delivering at more than one hospital.

on a side note, i've done some research and there are some factors that assist in a higher probability for VBAC, like going into labour without induction, baby's weight, etc, since i'm now pregnant with #2.

and from experience, c-section definitely does not make breastfeeding any tougher. i know of many women who had natural birth gave up BF-ing within 2-3 months. as a c-section mom, i was very determined to BF my child no matter what as i felt some initial guilt of not delivering her naturally. and so i went on to BF her for 15months, most of which was direct latch as i work from home.

i'm crossing my fingers that i'll have a successful VBAC this time round. though it's pretty much up to God.



I just went for VBAC for my third baby in Feb. My doc will only allow if not induced n no complications.



Hi all mummies! I'm back! I have delivered my 2nd child naturally!

I'm so proud of myself ( for being able to pull thru the labour), and so happy with the support of my obst & my hubby. Thank god my Bb is healthy n well.

For me.. The decision to go thru vbac was not last minute. I read up, research, seek 2nd opinion then decide on the option that I'll try but don't have the 'die die must do vbac' thinking. I must thank my obstet for really supporting me. I think communication n trust is really important between u and ur obstet. I did seek dr Paul tseng for a 2nd opinion.. He was the one that make me believe that I can try vbac but I did not chose him to be my obstet. I went back to my previous obstet.

I had 2 false alarm but the 3rd contraction was for real! I was thankful that my celvix could open. The delivery team monitor my contraction n Bb heartbeat. I was worried abt my Bb but the team assured me that the monitor will indicate if the Bb is unwell (I.e. Heart beat unstable).

Natural birth experience is immense.. The moment u push urbb out n u can hold him.. That feeling was joyful, profound.. I could not describe cos I almost moved to tears when I saw my little one. I did not this feeling when I went thu my 1st birth via c sect.



I've gone through vbac too.. My 1st n 2nd children age diff is ~ 21months. My gynae, dr june tan kkh let me try vbac. I have emergency csect for my 1st due to baby pass motion, before delivery, and her heartbeat drop to 50, she stay in icu for 5days. Im very dissapointed when I couldnt experience normal delivery. So for my second baby, I tell my gynae that I want to try normal delivery, and she let me try it, but she didnot let me overdue. Until 1wk before due date, there still no sign of labor. So my gynae ask me to check in and go for induction, as she doesnt want the baby overdue and become too big for normal delivery. I go in hospital 18th morning, baby only out on 1am 20th. It take so long, as they did not manage to induce me, as im having a regular contraction d. They worry, when im having my regular contraction and induce me, the contraction will be too intense. They only break my water bag on 19th morning, hoping it would speed up the cervix opening.

initially I dun want to use epi, but my gynae suggest my to use epi, as it will help me to relax....

there are times during the labor I'm thinking is it worth to try for vbac, whether its fair to the baby. I keep worrying if there anything wrong with the delivery, It will be my fault for insisting the vbac. The standby doctor keep pushing me to go for emergency csect, when I cant push the baby out. Luckily my gynae came down to hospital and helping me to try natural delivery with vacuum.

the problem that I feel during vbac is I don't know how to push the baby out and I keep worrying that if I push too hard my previous wounds will be ruptured. thanks God, with the support of my gynae and prayer, I can go through it. I guess, just have a faith and trust ur gynae will b the best. If ur gynae said have to go for emergency csect, just follow her suggestion, since they are the expert in the area.



My first birth is natural, second one by caesarean as my daughter is breech. My third one is delivered VBAC by Dr Wee Horyn Yen from KKH. There is a gap of four years between the second and third birth. Dr wee says he will only allow me to do VBAC as long as there is natural contraction( not induced). He will allow the pregnancy to go to 41 weeks. However, my third baby decided to be born exactly 40 weeks, on her EDD. Prefer natural coz it is faster to heal! [IMG=]



Hi mummies,

Chanced upon this thread and want to give all mummies here a word of encouragement.

I'm a VBAC mum. My first birth was an emergency C-section and I was very disappointed with the whole experience. The most important factor is to have a pro-natural doctor, who gives you lots of assurance and believes that you can do it. I changed my gynae to Dr Paul Tseng from TMC, and he is a very wonderful doctor! Very reassuring, don't scare you with numbers and statistics, monitors closely and gives lots of encouragement. He can deliver in TMC and Mt A, although he will prefer to do it at TMC as it's just a walk up to the labour ward. To me, natural birth is just 2 days' stay, so the hospital doesn't matter at all.

My second birth went on smoothly, without induction and I didn't take any painkillers. The birth started spontaneously, and Dr Paul was with me patiently for 2 plus hours, for the pushing. Dr Paul also doesn't do a lot of VE and episiotemy. He respects mothers' wishes and gives objective views. Everything is natural, just like our mothers' times. It was tiring, but the natural birth experience was great.

Keep the faith. Imagine yourself having the natural birth. Read up more about VBAC. You can do it. Just to mention the benefits of it, fast recovery (2 weeks), easy breastfeeding, and probably stronger babies too! Jia you, mummies going for VBAC! [IMG=]



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Dear moms,

I believe c section is offered too readily to women who can actually birth naturally a second time.

This is a blogsite I've set up to collect successful birth stories, including my own.

Do check it out and may you find the courage to seek a pro-vbac gynae and prepare for the birth you want!