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Advice needed: Menses late but negative preg test

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by tevelyn, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. tevelyn

    tevelyn Member

    Have been feeling rather frustrated as I am unsure what is going on. My menses has been late for 5 days and I experience changes such as - dry mouth, dizziness, cramping on one side, frequent urination, headache and increase in appetite. I really hope I am pregnant but the test kit seems to tell me otherwise. Any one experience this before?

  2. jyugo

    jyugo New Member

    me too!! mensus very late 15days late from my average. never this late before although mine is irregular. tested 4 days ago but was negative. I'm experiencing faintness, burping, dryness in mouth... I'll probably wait for one more week before testing again... u?
  3. 6ixist

    6ixist New Member

    Hey ladies, I'm 4 days late with bloating, headaches, frequent urination, sensitive to smells and dry mouth as well. Never felt so happy to have these unpleasant side effects! I knew it would but unlikely to be a positive but I tested on the day I missed my period, and indeed, it was negative. Going to try to wait it out for another horrible week. Hang in there, girls!

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