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Advice Needed: Any Mummy who put baby in infant care centre ?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by blisslive, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. blisslive

    blisslive Member


    Is there any mummy who put baby in infant care centre after their maternity leave. Please share with me how do you cope with taking care of baby and working concurrently. Thanks.

  2. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi blisslive mummy,

    Currently i am putting my 8mth old bb with infant care. I just started work 2 weeks ago. Ya pretty long rest for me after delivered..heehee.. Everythings back to track now and I am adjusting well myself to juggle bb, work and housechores.Currently still partial breast-feeding my bb as he is now at infant care so tend to get infected easily so i thk breastmilk is still crucial for his antibiotic against the viruses. The only problem i have now is to rush and pick him up everydays after works is the most headache issue for me. I only have merely 55min to rush from my work place to infant care centre.Luckily the company that i work with allow me to leave on the dot at 6pm but even tough i still need to "run" abit on my high heel...[​IMG] everydays i got to rush until my face "green green"..hahahha...but i guess i have to adapt to it...as my hubby is not possible to leave on the dot.for me once reaching home, i need to quickily bf him then let him rest awhile, i will bath him myself ard 7.30pm-8pm, in fact infant care can help u to bath him ard 4.30pm but i prefer to bath him myself to enhance the bonding that i lost during the day.So after bathing then i will start to play, talk, sing to him and leave all the housechores in the later part as I believe we only have that "little" golden few hours to spend with him...wow pretty long post...dont worry.mummy...i believe you can do it like every other mummies outside [​IMG] Good Luck and enjoy your baby....cheerzz[​IMG]
  3. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Vivian,

    Thank you for your valuable sharing. Wow ! To me, you are a super mummy. I also worried about the same issues that you are handling now as I am going back to work next month. My hubby also won't be able to leave on the dot from office and I will be the one to fetch baby home from infant care centre. You still have the strength to do housework after a long day ? Is it really very tiring having to juggle baby, work, housework, breastfeeding concurrently ?
  4. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Dear blisslive,

    Not to mention[​IMG] Is tiring but normally I will do my housework (Vacuum, Mop, Thorough Wipe, change bedsheets all on the Saturday morning) so weekdays after work, i will just do my laundry, if need to fold, i will put all on the playmat while folding and play with my boy at e same time, sometime he will mess it up again but just put another side..haha..my hubby will help to hang the wet clothes fr the washing machine after works. Maybe blessing in disguise, my work is easy in the office, i got nothing much to do.so not much of tension fr work too.As for bf, i lye down on the bed n feed so at the same time, i can totally relax myself too while he is sucking then after that ard 9-10pm just read to him or sing to him on the bed until his zzz time then bf him again then he will fall asleep by then.hehehe...dont worry, very fast..you will have the proper & systematic routine...kampatai....
  5. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member


    I send my bb to the infantcare since he was 2.5 mths old.

    Like Vivian, it is a mad rush everyday too. I rushed to pick my baby up everyday after work coz the ctr closes at 7pm and I still need to store the milk which I expressed in the office for my bb's next day's feeds. (I express 2x in the office, 1x in the morning and 1x before my bedtime.)

    I will then have to collect his dirty laundry. By the time I am done, it is usually almost 7pm le.

    My bb is now almost 6 mths and is (so far) adapting well to the ctr (thankfully).

    After reaching home, it will be 7-ish and I will put my bb to bed as I am a strong advocate of early nights for the baby.

    I will bond with my baby in the early mornings while sending him to the ctr and then after I pick him up. Of course, not forgetting the precious wkends.

    Time spent with him is very little, but I still try my best to stick to his routine.

    I will only shower, have dinner after he falls asleep. After dinner, I will sort his dirty laundry, wash my breastpump, milkbottles from the morning (my hubby usually helps me with this), pack fresh sets of clothes for the next school day.

    By the time I am done for the day, it is usually 11-ish. I wake up at 5am everyday to express and get ready for work.

    It is quite stressful shuttling about. I lunch at work now so that I can have more time to finish my work as OT after work is not very likely. But if need be, I will clear my work on Sat, thankfully, I have yet to do that.

    I guess it is a matter of getting used to. I am more or less settled down already. But from fatigue and lack of sleep, I feel dat my immunity system is not as good as before.

    Hahahah! Hopefully things will get better when my bb starts semi-solids. Prolly I can drop one expressing session. [​IMG]
  6. styliciously

    styliciously Member

    hi ladies, thanks for sharing.

    Anyone with a baby in infantcare and older sibling in childcare? Now I have a 17mth old and currently expecting in June. Will be putting my other one in childcare when she's abt 21 mth during my maternity leave. Then my 2nd one in infant care just before I start work again.

    looking to putting them both at the same centre just opposite my blk, hopefully it wont be such a mad rush! Usually I can be home by 6pm when I leave at 5pm.

    Can advise what are the things that you need to provide the infant care with for the child? and how frequent will that be? For eg, i guess fresh clothes n breastmilk will be daily. Others like diapers etc. Will you be able to leave some stuff at the centre like pacifer or a security blanket etc?
  7. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi styliciously,

    I provide 2 sets of PJs, 2 sets of separates, a couple of burp cloths, socks at the infantcare. I bring all of the above home everyday 'coz I experienced some being misplaced/missing a few times. It is easier for me to keep track that way.

    We leave 2 milk bottles and pacifier there indefinitely.

    On a weekly basis, we will bring the bedsheets, pillow case, bolster case and blanket back for a wash.

    Yes, breastmilk will be on a daily basis. I store 2 more feeds in the freezer for contingency purpose.
  8. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua,

    Thank you for sharing with us. You mean your baby can sleep through the night after you put him to sleep ard 7+ pm everyday ? What time is his last feed ?

    Then, your hubby won't get to see or play with your baby when he's home late ?

    Wow, everyday you wake up at 5am to express that's very tough especially when you need to work for the whole day.

    Do you wake up at 5am on weekend to express too ? If not you can catch some sleep to compensate for the loss of sleep during the weekday.

    Ya, I also think that OT is not possible since the infant care centre closes at 7pm and need to rush after work to fetch baby. Mostly, will be lunch in to clear the workload at office.
  9. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Hi styliciously,

    It depends on the requirements set by the infant care centre.

    Basically, parents are required to top-up formula milk, diapers, baby wipes and nappy rash cream when it runs low. You can leave all these there.

    The centre will require you to keep 2 sets of milk bottles with teats there too.

    Some centres don't encourage the use of pacifier hence no need to bring, you might want to check with your centre to confirm.

    My centre required the parents to bring home the mattress cover and towels to wash daily and blanket once a week for hygiene purposes.

    Also,the child is required to wear uniforms.

    Like what Mrs Chua mentioned earlier, you will need to pack the child's bag daily.
  10. styliciously

    styliciously Member

    Thanks for sharing, clarifies lots of the pratical matter need to note and prepare. Need to check with the centre on their practices, guess they will inform upon registration too.

    Also, if I am putting my baby at 4 months, its best to check on their vacancy even before giving birth rite? I'm due in June, still have yet to check with then on vacancy in their infantcare.
  11. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Hi styliciously

    It's advisable to check with the centre you prefer for vacancy earlier cos sometime they need to put your baby on waiting list if the centre is full already.

    It's better to choose a centre you are comfortable with and nearer to your house so that it won't be a mad rush for you when you go back to work.

    Upon availability they can inform you. If not you can start checking with other centres before your maternity leave ended.

    Especially for infant care there is limited places available as there is a quota set per centre.

    For myself, I didn't know that sourcing for infant care centre must be done in advance. I only check for availability 1 month after my baby is borned and the centre I preferred was full already.

    Luckily, when I checked with them lately they said that they have vacancies cos some parents withdrew from the enrolment.

    If you have 2 kids,why don't you consider employing a maid? A maid can help you to do the chores and take care of your kids ?
  12. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi Bliss,

    Actually, we do wake bb up at 11pm for a last feed. He will then sleep till about 5+. Guess he is accustomed to waking up then coz every wkday, we will start getting ready to leave for the ctr at that hour.

    But when my mum bbsat him for a wk, they let him zz thru the night w/o the last feed and he managed to sleep till 6am.

    But hubby and I din quite dare to try in case we have to wake up at 2-ish. That will be more tiring. Hehehehe... But when we had to, bb so far was able to sleep till daybreak. *keeps fingers crossed*

    Oh, my hubby is responsible for the 1st and last feed. After feeding our bb, hubby will hug him for a while and put him on the bed 'coz i am a strong advocate for no talking to baby near bedtime. :p

    We will spend time together over the weekends and after picking bb up from ctr.

    Yea, I wake up at 5am everyday, maybe 20-30 minutes later on wkends. Quite tough, so I will definitely need my daily fix of a cuppa.

    Hi styliciously,
    I am a super KS person, I called and booked a place for my bb about 3-4 months before my EDD.

    And 'coz I am afraid that the ctr will forget/misplace my reservation, I call on a monthly basis to "remind" the principal. Hahahaha...

    I have heard from the teachers that the ctr is super popular. One bb was taken out and her seat was immediately filled up by another baby. There is apparently a waiting list.
  13. styliciously

    styliciously Member

    for me, i don't want to employ maid coz of all the cons that comes with it. its easy to get too dependant on maid also. also, i rather have my kids go CC and learn, rather than stay home and limit their learning. with all the subsidies, the cost of cc is still not so high. maybe i will consider a maid when i have more kids (i want 4! hehe) and the oldest in primary school. coz half day at sch, the other half need to have someone around. when they are older, anything the maid do wrong, they will know and can report to me.. if your children still babies, need to monitor maid more closely.

    now, my aunt is babysitting my 1st one and i'm still staying with my mum. after i move and put my kids in CC, i know i can still can depend on them once in a while.

    when i first called the centre, the person said that there's abt 20 on the waiting list for 18 mths onwards grp. That time, my daughter was almost 1 yr old. I made appt to have a look and the person advise to check again 1 or 2 mths before i intend to start my child. Most of the time, pple fill up the form for waiting list and "disappear".

    Mrs Chua, i think i wanna follow your technique and call monthly. ehehe.. once, my 1st child is enrolled, i can remind them more frequent for my 2nd one! Now, its already 2 and half months before my EDD. So better, fill up their waiting list form for my no. 2.
  14. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    My baby usually wake up ard 3+am/4+am whenever I fed him ard 8+pm. Then it's a nightmare for me as I need to wake up and feed him then put him back to sleep.

    I am trying to training him to sleep through the night so that my hubby and me won't be sleep deprived anymore.

    How long do you take upon your baby wake up for the first morning feed till to send him to the infant care centre.
  15. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Styliciously

    My hubby also thought the same like you abt the cons of having a maid. For now, we only have baby #1 hence didn't employ maybe when we have baby #2 then will consider to do so as household chores can be settle by the maid and free up more time with the baby and not so tiring for us.

    I think you should call the centre every month that's what I did so that you can have the latest update on the possibility of placing your child there.
  16. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi styliciously,

    Hehehe... Nice idea. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Hi Bliss,

    From 8+ till 3+ is about 7 hours! Any chance of pushing ur bb's last feed to later? If you are able to push to 10+, your bb may only wake up at 5+!!! :p P

    I am usually done with expressing my milk and ready to go for a shower by 5.40am. Hubby wakes up 10min lata to feed our bb. We usually will leave our house at about 620am so that we can have breakfast together before sending bb to infantcare.

    How old is ur bb btw?
  17. trixter

    trixter New Member

    wow, great to know i am not alone.

    my husband is overseas now so it is home alone for me and bb.

    every morning i have to send bb to IFC that is abt 4 bus stops away. most of the mornings we are late..so we will commute by cab to the IFC, ask the driver wait a while, after i drop baby, then continue cab ride to the train station. after fetching him back, still gotta clean him up, milk then bed time. after he knock out, i will have to wash all the bottles, pack his clothing for tmr. i only settle in at 1130pm usually and by 12 latest. i made tues, thurs and sat baby clothes washing days. sundays i have a part time cleaner to clean the house. i have not switched on the tv since the day my husband fly out a couple weeks again. oh and my bb falls sick since he started at the IFC and almost 2 months now he's finally settled down at the center.

    since bb was 6weeks old, he usually sleep from 9:30pm to 6pm. However, for this whole week he has been sleeping from 7+/8+ till again 6am the next morning. i felt he really sleep too much these few days. i actually had to force him up to giive him milk some time.

    i wonder if anyone has the same problem as me? i am worried because i am not sure if this is normal cos i usually hear mommy saying bb wak up often for feeding but mine just sleep thru most feeding........is he sick??

    but in the day he plays a great deal with me and he looks perfectly fine to me but i really wonder if he is ok.
  18. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member


    Mrs Ko, supermum! Managing alone for the past weeks? Highly stressful, if u ask me!

    We usually will wake our bb up for his last feed so that he will at least sleep till 5+. But when we didn't wake him up, he also did manage to sleep till then.

    But we being KS, didnt want to risk him waking up in the middle of the night for milk, so will always wake him up for the last feed.

    I guess if he looks fine and alert, should be ok bah? Why dun u ask the teachers?

    Oh yea, I just heard frm the teachers in my bb's ifc that there are 2 cases of HFMD in the cc. [​IMG] Anyone of you heard about it in ur cc?
  19. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    Wow ! You and your hubby need to wake up so early everyday and having to sleep only ard 11+pm. Must be very tiring for both of you. How do you all cope with the lacked of sleep when both of you need to work the next day ?

    I am trying to push his last feeding time to a later timing like what you advise ard 10pm so that he can sleep through till 5am.However, my baby will cry for a fed at 8pm as he cannot last untill 10pm for the last feeding.

    Sometimes, he fell asleep after the 8pm feed before I could give him his last feeding at 10pm and he will wake up at 3am to ask for another feed. I am suffering from lacked of sleep because of his middle of the night feeding. Sigh !

    My baby is 12 weeks old this week.
  20. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi bliss,

    We sort of got used to it already. But a cup of piping hot coffee perks me up a bit everyday. Also, we try to snooze a bit more during the wkends.

    My hubby said that i am more bad-tempered now. Coz of fatigue and staying with ILs dont help too. Hahahahaha...

    *sigh* My bb is sniffing and coughing again. I hope that it is only a morning allergy kind of thing and not really down with flu, again. Poor bb has been sick on the average of 1x every month...

    Maybe after the 8pm feed, u can feed your bb once more before you zz for the nite? Then mabbe wun be too tiring for u...
  21. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    I realised that I am also a bit more short-tempered these days due to lacked of sleep even more so whenever I am not feeling well.

    Hope your baby is fine. You mean your baby is sick somehow on average every month after you put him in the infant care centre ?

    How many days child MC do you usually need to apply to take care of your baby at home each time when he is not feeling well?

    Heard from the centre that a baby could be away from the centre for a couple of days each time he is sick. Also, need to go to the doctor twice first to consult get medicine and the second time to get a doctor memo to certify that baby is fit to return to the centre before the centre would let him come back.

    My baby was lying face up on the triple layer mattress (foldable) when he fell onto the floor facing downward this morning while I am preparing his milk. The side of his head was a bit red and swollen. I used ice pack to apply for 5 mins on his head and the swelling subsided slightly. He didn't really cried for long and was smiling after that. Do you think it's serious ? Should I bring him to see a doctor ?
  22. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi Bliss,

    Oh.. My immunity system has been very poor too. Been sick since CNY, just recovered only.

    Yes, bb has been sick on the average 1x a mth since he turned 3mo. The teachers told me that BM can "protect" him from illness till 3mo only.

    U mean child MC from company? I dont think my company has this practice. We only have 2D of family leave. Luckily I still have some of my maternity leave left, plus I didnt touch my AL frm last yr.

    Recently, I took 3 days off from work to take care of bb so that he will be in time for his 3rd mth jab, which we postponed 2x coz he was taking med for runny nose and cough.

    I feel that our cc is quite lax. If our bb is unwell, they wun stop the bb from coming in. But of course, if u still bring ur bb in when he is still unwell, he will take longer to recover. Like mine. You're still on maternity leave?

    Wah! That must hurt! Sounds like he is ok since he is still smiling and not behaving out of sorts. But if it makes u feel better, mabbe can bring him to the PD?

    Bbs, i feel have a HIGH threshold for pain. Many a time, while carrying my bb, he bumped his head against my teeth hard. He whimpered once or 2x and was back to normal.
  23. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    I thought BM is good for the baby and mothers are encourage to BF baby for as long as possible if not at least for 6 mths didn't know that BM can only protect babies till 3 mths only. What a pity.

    Hmm, pros and cons if the centre is lax you don't need to take so many days leave whenever baby is not feeling well. But if the centre is strict also has it's advantage as the centre will try it's best to keep the virus away so that your baby will not be infected should any of the infant there was sick.

    I had also "saved" some of my last year leave in case need to use it to take care of baby cos a lot of people said that babies put in infant care centre are very prone to fall sick.

    Yes, I am still on maternity leave however is ending soon, going back to work next mth sob sob ! Wonder how I am going to cope with taking care of baby when I go back to work cos now I already feel a bit tiring to take care of baby by myself for the whole day.

    Just now brought baby to see the family doc,she said baby looks fine. Thank God ! Was asked to monitor him for the next 24 hrs to make sure no viomiting, stiff neck and any other unusual behaviour.

    How old is your baby now ? Mine just turned 3mths.
  24. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    hi bliss,

    I tot BM is gd for bbs too. [​IMG] But I was told dat it is more to boost the bb's IQ. So i am confused now. Hahaha...

    Yea, I agree that there are pros n cons to the ctr being lax.

    Wah! U took 4 full mths of ur maternity? And u are taking care of bb alone? Gd job!

    Honestly, I feel that taking care of bb full-time is more tiring. Coz at least u get to sit down and at least chit chat with ur colleagues a bit at work. While at home, u have to break what u are doing into parts to care for bb. The "working hrs" are longer too! :p But, I feel that I get to zz more when caring for bb for a day. Mabbe by 1 hour.

    Lucky dat ur son is well. [​IMG] I am glad for u.

    My son just turned 6mths old. [​IMG]
  25. jas42

    jas42 Member

    Hie... anyone heard of Faith Educare @ Compassvale Link? any comments on this infant care center?
  26. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    I applied for 3.5 mths ML. The remaining ML kept to bring baby to doctor for injections...etc

    Yes,I am taking care of baby alone now that's why I find it very tiring.Think would be even more so when I start work.

    I agreed that at workplace we can chat with our colleagues. But when working we can't get to see baby the whole day like when on ML.

    Have you started your son on cereal/porridge already ? I wonder how to use cereal/cook porridge.

    Your son has been at the infantcare centre for 3.5 mths so far how do you find the centre and his development on what he had learned ? Does his teachers talk and play with him often ?
  27. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi Bliss,

    Yea, I will miss my bb when at work. Sometimes, I am still in denial mode! As in, I still cant believe that I am a mummy! :p

    I just started bb on cereal last Fri. The teacher fed him in front of us. He finished everything up though he looked disgusted! Lol.

    But of course, he wasnt given a lot. Just a teaspoonful of cereal mixed with water. We tried over the weekends ourselves. After taking in a mouthful, he pursed his lips together and actually pushed our hand away. Hahahah!

    But not wanting to waste food, I asked his daddy to feed me with the unfinished cereal and even saying how nice the cereal tasted. Hahahaha

    Currently, we are still letting him get used to cereal first. But i am planning to feed him pear or apple this weekend as i understand that cereals will cause constipation coz it is "heaty". R u still bf ur bb?

    Hmm... I feel safe with the teachers caring for him as they are experienced. Most imptly is, I feel assured with their assistance somehow.

    The ctr has many toys for bb to play with. And whenever I popped by unannounced in the afternn, there will always b a myriad of activities going on.

    Teachers singing to the awake babies. The older babies are either drawing or playing with the toys. My bb cld be sitting in the rocker, reaching out for the toys from the mobile which is placed over the rocker.

    Sometimes they will put the bb on their tummies to encourage them to crawl.

    They will strapped the not too young bb onto a mini cart and push them out under the sun for a while! That is very cute. My son cried the first time he went out on the cart. Lol.

    So far, I am unsure if my bb is developing especially fast. But at least, when I look at the health booklet on the development test parts, he can more or less pass them.
  28. trixter

    trixter New Member

    to mrs chua from mrs ko

    hehe....no no i am not supermum. if only i had bf bb then i will think i am super mum....but too bad, i gave up bf when he was barely a month old.

    hey, seems like ur kid is in good hands really. for the center my kid attends, more of the times the older infants are in the rocker playing by themselve. as for those who are already walking, they are usually playing on their own.

    do u mind sharing which center ur kid is in?
  29. Hi mommies,

    Can share with us which IFC you use or any good ones to recommend [​IMG]


    oct mtb
  30. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member


    Ermmm... I seriously dont know if I shld share with my bb is in. Mabbe u will like to pm me? [​IMG]
  31. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    Sounds interesting that the teacher pushed your baby out under the sun for a minicart ride. Don't think many centres do that.

    Today is the first day of my baby in infant care centre. Not sure whether if he would be happy there. Just now, walked pass the centre again after I left him there early in the morning found that he was still left lying down on the mattress with the toy hanging down from the ceiling. He was already bored by the hanging toy since he was playing with it from morning and he is turning to his side with nothing to play nor see (unoccupied). The teacher was not talking and playing with him, she just left him and another baby on the mattress with the hanging toy and an older infant on the car seat.

    I really wonder if putting him at that centre is a good idea or not. Cos at home, my baby will be put on a bouncer and he got his favourite soft book to see and reach out to play but now he is left on the mattress looking at nothing and nobody to talk to him. Sigh ! I see already I also "xin tong" as he was crying then.
  32. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi Bliss,

    How many teachers and how many babies are there?

    Maybe the teachers were attending to other babies that's y they cldnt play with him?

    Sometimes when I pop into the ctr, my bb will also be on the rocker looking ard whilst the teachers "fly" about doing other stuff.

    You dont "xin tong" ok? Maybe what you saw is not the big picture?
  33. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    Hopefully, just worried that's all.

    It's 1 caregiver to 4 Infants and there are 2 caregiver attending to the junior infants (2 mths to 7 mths).

    Seemed like is pretty tiring having to wake up at 5+am everyday to prepare baby and yourself for the working day.

    Yest evening, baby looked tired after a long day at the centre he wasn't that active when we played and talked to him at home.

    He slept after his 8.30pm feed directly even though we intended to wake him up at 12.30am for his final feed. However, when we fetched him from the centre he was very happy to see us.

    The care giver at the centre said there is limited activities for a 3 mths old baby and till the baby can roll and turn (ard 4 mths), crawl then he can explore more. Now is mainly sleep and eat. Wonder if it's true? Thought baby at 3 mths also can play too.
  34. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi bliss,

    Yea, it may be quite tiring to wake up at 5+ everyday. Hang in there [​IMG]

    Mabbe ur bb hasnt gotten used to the environment and didnt sleep much that's y he looked tired? Give him sometime to adjust ok?

    I was told that there r limited activities for a 3mo baby too. But at least when my bb was awake when he was younger, they will sing and talk to him. At least that's what happened whenever I dropped by. It is still the same now.

    They will group the awake younger babies together to sing and talk to them. Prolly also easier to care for them in that way.

    I keep reminding myself not to worry too much. So long as my baby is happy, healthy, alert, I dont wan to tink of what cld have happened while I am not ard.

    Plus, my baby is always ready with a smile for the teachers there. So I am assuming that he is happy there.
  35. rachelzhuo

    rachelzhuo New Member

    Dear Mummies, if anyone looking for a home base professional infant care center@ AMK just drop me a mail for more information just wanna to share some information

    oh btw their service is quite flexible hours ... any also provides many more optional service like baby massage to enhance your baby growth[​IMG]

  36. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  37. imac

    imac New Member

    Hi Hui Li

    Where is yr mum staying?
  38. jntt

    jntt New Member

  39. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    I had got back to work this week. It's not easy as need to rush and fetch baby from infantcare. It's really kinda of tiring and everyday is a mad rush to try to leave office in time to fetch baby as well as to take care of baby at home. I salute to all mummies we are great aren't we?

    I am still not used to be back at work as after all had rested for more than 3 months. My heavy workload at work is not of any help at all. How do you survive a typical working week ?
  40. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    You are doing great! [​IMG]

    I try not to think about my daily timetable. I just wake up at the same time, do the same thing and the cycle repeats itself daily. But when one starts feeling unwell, that's when you really feel the tiredness hit you.

    Like last night, I had a bit of runny nose and K.O. f-l-a-t before 1130pm after EBM and finishing my chores and popping a flu pill. But my bb kept waking up crying so got to carry him to comfort him for a bit.

    Come 5am, I was still very tired, but had to force myself to wake up to ebm again. Started work earlier today and without my coffee, I really wasn’t able to llift my spirits up.

    But what pushes me everyday is what hubbs always say, "just a smile on my bb's face or hearing him laugh is good enough for you".

    I am perhaps luckier than you. My colleagues are fun-loving. So laughing with them while at work helps a great deal.
  41. eyevee

    eyevee Active Member

    anyone know of good infant care or baby sitter in Toa Payoh? I still considering these 2 options.
  42. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    I agree with you the most part is when you are not feeling well and yet still need to attend to your baby.

    I thought you usually need coffee to survive. Hope you are feeling much better by now.

    Ya, everyday I am just looking forward to fetch my baby from the infant care centre and to see his smiles.
  43. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi Bliss,

    Dats y they say "shi shang zhi you ma ma hao". Hubs was usually KO flat. But the past few nites when I was a bit under the weather, he jumped out of the bed, faster than me to care for our lil' boy. That was nice. [​IMG]

    Yes, i am better already! Took leave ytd to nap at my mum's b4 picking boy up. :p

    Yes, i need coffee. Only a particular brand to kick me awake, for a while. Hahahaha...

    Are you adjusting better? I hope you are. [​IMG]

    Take care!
  44. ddtan

    ddtan Member

    does anyone know of any good infant care centres in Sengkang ? If so, could you recommend me ?Thanks !
  45. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear Mrs Chua

    The first week at work very tough as I need to adjust back to the fast-paced working environment again. A bit tiring for me.

    Also, having to try to leave office asap to fetch baby home from infantcare as I am never able to leave on the dot at 6pm very rushing for me usually need to run to the centre on my high-heel shoes.

    Actually, I find that I have lesser time with baby after I went back to work cos only see him for a couple hours before he went to bed and the next day the whole cycle repeat itself again - rush to work rush to fetch baby.
  46. newmum11

    newmum11 Active Member

    Hi all, its really encouraging to read and see how u gals support each other. Same for me, my ML ending soon and im sendin my son to IFC. really very unwilling to let him go, somehow very bu fang xin. i dread like what one of u have observed, the teachers leave my bb lying down there, staring at the toy, and ceiling.. [​IMG]

    how do u gals cope with the initial stage? Did u do it on a half day initially?
  47. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi Bliss,

    Yea, I admit that iit can be quite tough too. Plus, still have backlog waiting to be cleared. Can be quite daunting.

    Thankfully my company provides transport to the nearest MRT station. So the moment the bus comes to a halt at the station, I will rush down already. Sometimes I can reach the IFC quite early.

    Oh, I no longer wear high heels already. My shoes are now either pumps or at best, 1.5 inches high. I dun wan to risk falling flat with bb in my arms.

    Yes, time spend with the bb is limited now. Each day, I get to talk to him for mabbe an hour before I go to work then maybe another 2 hours, at most after work before he goes to sleep.

    The mad rush begins the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Hahahaha…

    Hi Blessedmum,
    Yes, it can be quite hard to leave the bb there in the arms of people you don’t know at all. But we have to trust them, if not there is no way we can concentrate on other things. try not to think too much about what your bb is doing at the school. trust that the teachers are doing their best.

    I put my bb in the school 2 days before I went back to work. He was there from 7am - 7pm from his 3rd day onwards.
  48. gg_lee

    gg_lee Active Member

    Hi mummies,
    Can share how early do we need to start looking for infant care? I will have to rely on IFC after deliver cos no one to take care...no choice, can only hope I can find a good one...Usually how do you choose the right IFC for your little precious?
  49. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    hello all
    i put my bb (now 7mts+) in infant since she's 3mths+. eversince then she fall sick very often. do yours too?

    My IFC have 18babies. How about yours?
  50. mrs_chua

    mrs_chua New Member

    Hi GG,

    Me was very KS. Started looking for IFC in the early part of my last trimester.

    I chose the current coz of (1) location (2) the unexplained comfort I experience when i am there.

    Hi lili,
    I put my bb in the ifc since he was 2.5mo. He is now 7mths+ too!! [​IMG]

    He falls sick every mth so far since turning 4mo. Slight flu or cough. I guess is common coz they are exposed to virus in an enclosed area?

    My bb's ifc has 10 babies.

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