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3 yrs old attend Chiltern house nursery - Any comments ?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by jovialz, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. pinkjji

    pinkjji Member


    May i know the school fee for CH?

  2. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    For 2012:

    Chiltern House East Coast, Chiltern House Turf Club, Chiltern House Mountbatten

    Nursery One, Nursery Two and Kindergarten One:-
    A.M. session $ 1,166.30
    Full Day $2,332.60
    P.M. session $ 1,090.33

    Kindergarten 2:-
    A.M. session $ 1,272.23
    Full Day $ 2,544.46
    P.M. session $ 1,189.84

    Chiltern House Halifax, Chiltern House Forum

    Nursery One, Nursery Two and Kindergarten One:
    A.M. session $ 1,142.76
    Full Day $ 2,285.52
    P.M. session $ 1,078.56

    Kindergarten 2:-
    A.M. session $ 1,246.55
    Full Day $ 2,493.10
    P.M. session $ 1,177.00
  3. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    With such extremely high Sch fees, some parents actually paid this n got their kids traumatized of going to school is really so not worth it! Something is really wrong with SGP private so called "branded" schools! I had my fair share of horrible experience with 2 other "branded" schools. Getting accredited by MOE for their programs n teachers qualification isn't going to make the school any better place for the kids. What they need is patient, caring n passionate teachers not one who only ve academic qualifications.
  4. eureka29

    eureka29 Member

    Hi all, was wondering whether you have any feedback on Chiltern house East Coast? Many thanks in advance!
  5. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Wow its so expensive. I can never afford it [​IMG]
  6. dolphingal

    dolphingal Member

    Hi I would like to get feedback on CH east coast...
    Any valuable feedback would be greatly appreciated as I m thinking of switching my son over because for k1.thank u!
  7. monezal

    monezal New Member

    For CH's school fees, are those amounts MONTHYLY?
    Gasp... expensive.....
  8. kimleng

    kimleng New Member

    Anyone has children attending nursery at Chiltern House-Forum? My daughter has been offered a place there next year in the morning session. Wanna ask for feedback before making the payment...
  9. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    My daughter attends the Chiltern House at Turf Club Road and is happy. I haven't heard anything negative about the Forum branch.

    BTW, I have 3 Chiltern House school uniforms, small size, which are in good condition (worn for a year), if you're interested in buying.

    For pics,please see this thread:

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