3 yrs old attend Chiltern house nursery - Any comments ?

For 2012:

Chiltern House East Coast, Chiltern House Turf Club, Chiltern House Mountbatten

Nursery One, Nursery Two and Kindergarten One:-
A.M. session $ 1,166.30
Full Day $2,332.60
P.M. session $ 1,090.33

Kindergarten 2:-
A.M. session $ 1,272.23
Full Day $ 2,544.46
P.M. session $ 1,189.84

Chiltern House Halifax, Chiltern House Forum

Nursery One, Nursery Two and Kindergarten One:
A.M. session $ 1,142.76
Full Day $ 2,285.52
P.M. session $ 1,078.56

Kindergarten 2:-
A.M. session $ 1,246.55
Full Day $ 2,493.10
P.M. session $ 1,177.00
With such extremely high Sch fees, some parents actually paid this n got their kids traumatized of going to school is really so not worth it! Something is really wrong with SGP private so called "branded" schools! I had my fair share of horrible experience with 2 other "branded" schools. Getting accredited by MOE for their programs n teachers qualification isn't going to make the school any better place for the kids. What they need is patient, caring n passionate teachers not one who only ve academic qualifications.
Hi I would like to get feedback on CH east coast...
Any valuable feedback would be greatly appreciated as I m thinking of switching my son over because for k1.thank u!


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Anyone has children attending nursery at Chiltern House-Forum? My daughter has been offered a place there next year in the morning session. Wanna ask for feedback before making the payment...