Looking for day time nanny helper to come to newton house.

Hi Mummies,

I'm looking for an experienced day time nanny/helper to come to my house every weekday from 8 am to 8 pm. Main task on weekdays in to look after my 2+ year old son.

On Saturdays, need the nanny/helper to come for half a day from 930 am - 3 pm. Mainly is to do housework and cook lunch for younger son. We are usually not at home on Saturday mornings.

We do not require any assistance on public holidays.

I stay in an apartment along newton road - 5 mins walk from Novena MRT station. Somewhere opposite Hotel Royal.

Monthly pay is $1500 per month. Coming to my house is ideal, you don't need to provide food, everything is at my place and no children to mess up your house.

Job duties:
  • Mainly looking after my 2+ year old son. He attends Kindergartan starting in Jan 2015 from 830 - 1130 am. No need to fetch him, he takes school bus to and fro.
  • Nanny comes in the morning at 8 am- no one at home until 1130 am.From 8 -1130 am, need the nanny helper to cook lunch for 2+ year old son, he eats porridge for lunch everyday. Use thermal to cook porridge - very simple. After that the rest of the time till 11 30 am to do light house work like laundry (washing machine) and vacuum and mopping, and clean one toilet.
  • Fetch son from downstairs apartment from school bus, shower him and feed him lunch. Then play with him till about 130 PM and he sleeps.
  • He usually sleeps for 2 hours. During this time, she can cook dinner for family of 4 - simple meals: one meat, one veg and soup.
  • After he wakes up, feed him fruit and bread and play with him till about 6 pm. Then feed him dinner and shower. We will be back by 7 pm. Nanny helper to wash up and leaveat 8 pm.

I have another son who is 6 years old and going to primary school in Jan 2015. He will only come back about 6 pm from student care and my mother-in-law will fetch him back daily. He has other supplementary classes on Tues, Wed and Fri, but my mother in law will fetch him to these classes as she drives.

Just need the nanny helper to assist with the following for my older son. 6+ years old:
  • Prepare my older son for supp classes when my mother in law fetch him back. Like change clothes, wash up, get ready his things and off he goes.
  • Feed him dinner when he comes home at 6 pm and then shower him after dinner. The two kids usually shower together after dinner.
  • I work from home on Fridays too so I can help out on Fridays too
  • Experienced in looking after kids from 2 - 6 years old and older.
  • Hygienic and clean
  • Honest, kind and patient
  • Prefer aged 35 and older. Matured lady.
  • Non smoking and preferably from a non smoking environment
  • We welcome older aunties above 50 years old too. So grandmothers are most welcomed!
  • If older aunty cannot really speak english, that's ok so my son's mandarin can improve too!

Interested parties, please call Mel at90041722 for more information and to set up an interview. Mummies if you are reading this and think your mum or aunty would be great for the job, please call me - thank you.
BUMP - I'm still looking. Would like the nanny to start on 2 January. Will offer more pay if nanny has more experience.