IUI - Pro and Cons in Public Hosp and Private Hosp

Hi all

I have been TTC-ing for the past 1 year. Seen KKH doc for 5 rounds of letrozole at the beginning of this year and been seeing TCM for the past 5 months. My cycles are regular after letrozole and my menses has been more smooth after TCM.

As I am 30 years old this year, I am considering to look at the next step - IUI. Will go for natural IUI first before SO-IUI as both husband and I have normal fertility test results. Would like to seek advice from all present and past TTC-ers:

(1) Would you recommend IUI at public (as non-subsidised patient) or private hospital?

(2) What are the pros and cons in IUI experience in public (non subsidized patient) vs private hospital? This includes:
* Waiting time
* Getting appointments and responsiveness when need help - especially 2ww
* Arrangement for daily scanning to time hcg triggle shot (any chance hospitals have early morning or lunch time appointments?)
* Doctor and nurses expertise and supporting you in IUI journey

(3) What is the cost in 2017 for IUI and SO-IUI in Public (non subsidized patient) and Private hospital?

I am now considering NUH Dr Stephen Chew or Parkway East / Mt E Novena Dr Roland Chiang based on feedback but am still open to options. If anyone have gone through IUI/IVF with them, please share your journey :)

Would greatly appreciate sharing of recommended doctors in IUI / SO-IUI who have empathy, willing to address patients' questions and tweak treatment plans/propose alternatives when required.

Thank you so much in advance!
suggest you call up your preferred/shortlisted clinics to clarify your enquiries above.

while you may find it time consuming to do so, it is however the most up to date info that you can get from its own source.
You have to check with your shortlisted clinics to accommodate and see whether the clinics meet your certain criterias