(2013/12) December 2013

Hi mummies,

I I wish to be added in the list too!! I hope to join the FB group too. Can the logistic people help me out with it? Thanks.

EDD: 23/12/13
Gynae: Dr Devendra
Hospital: SGH
Baby #2

Going for my oscar scan on this wed morning, n see dr han in pm. Excited with anxiety..cos alrdy 1 mth since i last visited dr han in wk8...wonder how is the little one doing...growing well or not. Hubby is taking leave to see bb cos we hear fr some mummy who hv gone thru the scan can see bb for quite long. Really excited!
By the way, hv u all pur on weight? Or have up-size ur clothing or bra size? For me, infact i lost weight. Abt 4kg...duno is it the MS make mi cant eat or i scare eat too much affect my glucose level...
Faithe: I put on abt 3kg already, n my usual fitting work dresses cant b worn anymore
bra so far still ok, I juz use the 2nd bra clip..

Can someone add me to the fb grp too? My email: [email protected]
Mummy ting, congrats on ur oscar result. Really happy for u ! ;) when is ur edd n which hospital u going? I think i might hv miss out your info earlier and hv not yet see your name in the table yet.
Welcome Maureen! To join this thread.
Hmm, i still hvg sorebreast, i am actually a cup D before pregnancy as i m consider a big size mum at uk14. Now, i scare my upper body getting heavier n will be toppling off. Lollzzz!! Ytd i surf gmkt found they got selling maternity wear, duno ok to buy fr there or not or go physical shop as can try...
Hi everyone, can add me to the list too? Thanks!

EDD: 25 Dec
Doc: Dr Soon Siew Bee
Baby #1

Have not decided on hospital...
Hi cher! Wow rare to find someone delivering at sgh, cos it's not really a popular hospital to give birth at afterall! Haha
so i guess u stay near sgh? And maybe maureen too?

I upsized my bra as well. Feels very heavy and sore too. Have just bought new ones. Hopefully don't upsize anymore else have to spend more money hahaha!
Have slightly increased my wt and my gynae said it's good! Cos typically pple lose wt during the 1st trimester. So don't worry mummies who lose some weight!

I just took out my maternity wear to wash! can't fit into my clothes cos my tummy is showing! I intend to buy a few more dresses!
Faithe: thank u!!
u done your oscar yet? My edd is 08 dec 2013, am seeing dr benjamin tham at tmc
dun worry abt toppling off, im sure your bb n tummy will catch up soon n u'll b well balanced! I bought some maternity dresses fr online, but think their quality so so nia.. however they only cost me abt $30 each so I cant complain much.. I saw a nice one at 1 of those maternity wear shops in marina sq abt a mth ago, v gd material but cost a whooping $200 aft disc!! Too ex for me.. but im also looking ard neighbourhood small shops to buy normal loose fitting chiffon dresses, fits me better nw n cost me $18 each nia! *happy* shd b able to last me thrgh 2nd trimester bah.. *cross fingers*

Bernice, according to my frens, its likely to upsize some more leh.. so their general advice is nt to spend on expensive bra brands nw..
Dear Mummies,
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Hi Faithe, I'm 12 weeks and I put on about 3kgs + already!! My pencil skirts and dresses just don't fit anymore
I lost 2 kg. But my tummy is getting bigger.
Currently ard 12 wks and my fitting underwear are tighter now..
Guess, may need to get bigger size underwear..

MS nv improve at all..
Haiz.. Can't eat at all, how to put on weight leh? But my body build is very petite so I cannot put on too much weight too coz my body structure cannot support.
Mummy ting, not yet. This wed....kinda excited & worried. These few days i experienced slight cramping...not sure y.

Chyi, wow... U alrdy gain 3kg
Hi Mummies,
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mummy ting and faithe, i m going to do my oscar next wed. hopefully it will be good results. i really do not wish to take the amnio if possible. scared of the risks. same here, excited yet worried.
Thanks A R for doing up the table!

I am finally 12 weeks + and feeling relieved but I still have the MS.

Anyone here has craving for sweet stuff and cannot really accept plain water? What do you do?
yeah Faithe, 3kg!!! I've been eating a lot of carbs and junk foods since pregnant. Now I'm trying to control myself to eat healthily.
Wimt, mayb u try to figure out wat food u cn tolerate better? But I guess we no need worry too much abt our wt gain as long as bb is growing well. N like u say, u r petite in size, too much wt gain will b difficult for u to manage too..

Faithe, is it cramp or a sharp pain like muscle pull.. I asked my gynae last checkup, muscle pull-like pain at the front lower ab area shd b round ligament pain n its ok. But if its cramps with spotting or bleeding then no gd, muz quickly go see gynae.. n dun worry too much abt the oscar scan..

Nidellia, ya I was both excited n worried b4 I went too.. but I already told my hubby that if suay suay got DS we wont keep the bb, so this kinda make me think less.. but at the point of doing the scan, I was more of excited cos haven't seen bb for 5wks
anw dun worry too much abt it ya..

Chyi, I also been eating alot of junk foods n carbs!
cos initial wks when I've nausea, I realised that I eat some carbo every 2hrs n I feel better, so I did quite a bit of precautionary eating in the early wks.. nw im also trying to cut down..
Morning mummies! Hope everyone is doing fine!!!

whow.. this thread moving quite fast..

Just had a check yesterday.. am 13w4d today... cant see gender yet... bb moving non stop la... then when gynae wanted to check from the butt, bb close leg.. act shy only.. hahahaha..

I have gained 4kg even though i dun have much appetite at night.. die la.. I dun wan to gain 20kg like my previous 2 preg.... I will look like dinosaur ah!!!!

Is fb chat moving faster? Add me in can? [email protected]
hi Winny, i cant take plain water too. There's this lingering metallic taste in my mouth which makes me feel uneasy all the time. I can only find comfort from ice lemon tea ( the best so far is from mos burger).

I'm still having MS, wonder when will it subside? Anyone stopped having MS already? Just yesterday, i started having very bad headaches. Anyone feeling the same? What can we do to reduce the pain?
hopes16, i had the lingering metallic taste in my mouth in my 1st trimester too. always had to take sweets so that i will feel better. once in the 2nd tri, abt 13th week plus, it miraculously went away! how many weeks are u now? It will go off soon! jia you!~
Cljl, your bb so cute! Like know how to play hide n seek already.. the last time I went for oscar scan, bb v guai didnt move at all, until the radiologist wan bb to change position she tap tap on the scan doppler then bb jumped n changed position.. wow 20kg for your previous 2 pregnancies? Did u manage to lose it all aft delivery?

Hopes16, it'll go off soon! Jiayou! I didnt really have much MS, juz some nausea n bloatedness during wks 6 n 7, aft that I was pretty ok until yday
puked out my lunch in late aftnn n felt bloated all the way until nw
I also have headaches on n off.. 1 of the safest painkillers to use during pregnancy is panadol, but I nvr take la, juz try to lie down n rest whenever I cn..
Oh btw mummies, anyone knows the mkt rate for post natal massage? I juz booked mine yday, $400 for 5 sessions inclusive of the abdominal binder.. dunno whether she's cheap or ex but booking based on my gd fren's recommendation, n I was quite comfy speaking to her over the phone yday..

Hope to join you ladies in this thread.

I'm pregnant with my #3 now. EDD is 1st Jan and reckon will deliver earlier just like 2 pregnancies.

Colleague recommended Dr Adrian Woodworth so I'm waiting for my first visit to him next week.
mummy_ting... hahaha.. I think I will have another active bb again.. quite scary lo....
Yeah... I lost everything within 3 mths.. All thanks to breastfeeding.. but after I stop, I gain like crazy... all thanks to my junk fd intake...

whow... post natal massage seems ex leh... its about $80 a session...

hopes16, I also hate plain water for abt 3 wks plus.. Then all i did was drink ribena everyday... MS only lasted 3 wks every morning.. now, sometimes on and off...
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Mummy ting, mine is not sharp pain, is like a bit muscle pull n it's at the front lower abs area like wat u say. No spotting or bleeding...just feel the pull on n off... Today no more Liao.. Dunno is it too tired that day cos I was out whole day at pc show
Darbebe, welcome! Having birthday on 1st Jan is so cool!

Cljl, whoa 20kg in 3mths is quite a feat isnt it? Im so scared the wt I put on will cont to stick on me
oh I think the post natalassage lady is quite gd, my fren showed me pic of her tummy aft her massage, totally flat!! But muz cont to maintain with the abdominal binder aft that la until everything is back in plc.. plus she come to my plc to do the massage so ok la take it as cover some of her transport lor..

Faithe, I think shd b round ligament pain bah.. mine also like, if I walk extra much during work then I'll feel it more too..
Hopes16 and momma3kids,
I start to accept warm plain water but can only drink by sips otherwise awhile later will want to vomit. Better than not drinking at all.
I also try to avoid ice lemon tea as it has caffeine I think. Moderate is fine I think but if can I will drink those non caffeine tea.
Cljl, my fren also ask me to try ribena too and I have been taking sweet stuff but I'm worried abt my sugar level. Diabetic preggie very complicated so I really try to control.

Hope all of us will feel better soon!!

I'm going to sleep already.... Night pretty mommies!
Dear mummies,

I am selling my Preloved Ferarri Infant Car Seat at $120 (suitable from 3 months - 1.5yrs old, up to 11kg). Item is still in great condition, very well-maintained.

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Mummy cljl,
Me too, having the metallic taste in my mouth which made me very nauseated and uneasy as well. You can try brush your teeth each time u feel the metallic taste. that's what I do and it helps a little. Hope it helps for you too!!

Ps: Can please kindly add me to FB too?? [email protected]

Thanks a million
mummy_ting, yes! 20kg is alot!!!! So i perserve in bf lo... I lost everything.. If not I will go crazy becoz of that weight! n worst till, Im on the heavy side!
Yes! massage lady best part is they bind the tummy! But the oil and the tightness of the binder make me itch like hell! i tahan for 2 days, bathe, continue for a few days then i stop coz I cant stand the itch... tummy was very very flat! after I stop, tummy regain its original lo... sad...

Winny, yeah.. ribena helps.... I just add for coloring and tasting.. Dun add so much n I think it wun affect so much of our sugar level...

Maureen_Ang_Meiyun, hur.... now i think of brushing teeth puts me away leh.. each time i brush, each time i vomit... its so much worst than MS! hahaha... but now its getting better... at least now better, I can brush mu teeth at ease and drink plain water...

u frm Jul 11 bunnies?! lol....
Maureen, nice to see you here! How is your pregnancy coming along?

I can't take too much plain water hence been taking cold sweet drinks. Feel bad but better than not taking in liquid. Soup also cannot take in.

Cljl, u from Jul 11 bunnies too? Are you Cl Lin in the FB group?
Darbebe, yes! you too?
so we have a few Jul 11 mummies here?

I have been drinking lotsa of cold drinks leh! thou i noe its not gd!
Cljl, I'm the one who posted in the Jul 11 bunnies fb yesterday :p

Among my 3 pregnancies, I having it the worst this time around. First and second were fairly enjoyable.
Faithe, all the best for your Oscar test today!!! Praying hard.

Darbebe, congrats. My edd very near yours at 2 Jan.

Cljl, wow 20kg! Must share how u managed to shed them all.
darbebe, oh ic! I know who u are liao.. lol...

So this time maybe different gender?

nidellia, breastfeeding n pump out the extra.... i sweat as i bf n pump....
Winny & momma3kids, i try to cut down on ice lemon tea but its really tough. I tried to drink ribena or even milo and everything just doesnt go down. Hopefully this awful phase will pass soon.

Btw, could someone add me into the fb page? [email protected]. Thanks.
Hi mummies... Happy mid week!

Sorry I have been pretty busy thats why cudnt come online to update. Will go look thru the thread and update the chart.
Hey hopes16, I also tried milo those vending machine from office. Gosh! It's the worst as it's got a very strong milk taste. It made me vomit.
So now I bought those berry tea and ginger/lemon grass tea. Drink everyday lo.

And for myself, breakfast and dinner cannot take much food. Must control.

But I always tell myself soon it will be over.
oh cljl, wow breastfeeding really helps to lose the extra weight!! i do hope i have enough to feed bb. can save some powder $$$, also nutritious for bb and lose weight! so many advantages of breastfeeding.

winny, maybe you can try milo kosong..without milk..maybe will taste better and less sweet for you. i only had plain crackers for breakfast. hubby keep complaining that is not nutritious enough.
yes. breastfeeding is the best when it comes to losing post preg weight. I ate a lot but i was thinner than pre preg. hehe.

Hope MS will reduce for all of us as we pass the 1st trimester!
Hi all dec mummy! Good morning, ytd was a joyful day for me & hubby. We saw our bb for almost 30mins..sonographer try to tickle my belly to scan bb face, but bb was not cooperative...sono say bb alrdy wk13d3 so more energy to move..saw bb flipping here n there..saw the tiny fingers like waving to us too...was so touched. As I did the blood test in wk 10, the ADC doc able to give us report straight after. Was so nervous & relieved to hear doc tell us my adjusted risk is low..
n bloodtest & scan was fine..so touched & almostly teared..was given a copy of report..
then pm saw Dr Han...ruru..ytd dr han looks better mood n was so much friendlier than last visit..he also told me my maternal screening blood test is fine..n my edd changed to 15/12/13 as the oscar scan more accurate..now I wonder if my bb is made in Taiwan or Sg. Lolzz..cos initial edd fit my taiwan anniversary trip..heehee..after edd change..looks like made in sg..
dr han ask mi to see him in 4wk time n go detail scan again in 5th mth..
now he told me to eat n dun restrict just dun take too much sweet stuff..n told mi my ideal weight to put on is 12-15kg..
i felt so thankful ytd..thank god for the blesing
Glad for you Faithe, congratz!

I'll be doing the blood test next month and Dr says we will be able to see baby gender as well.
nidellia, yeah! bf really helps alot! I eat a man's portion during bf and still manage to lose everything!

But when u stop bf, got to control if not will gain wt very very fast!

Now, i think I have more or less pass my MS already.. cross fingers.. just hope i can control my diet if not i will look like a dinosaur again!

Anyone experience this? I notice my left breast getting abit itch recently..today i check n found the dark area got dry skin..wonder if i can apply moisturiser at that dark area near nipple?