Chatgroups for 2025 Mummies & Daddies (Jan 2025 + TTC)

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To all 2025 mummies-to-be and daddies-to-be, A Big Welcome to Parenthood.

Join us chatting and sharing in this forum
Join our individual chat group in Telegram.

To join our Telegram chat groups:
  • PM me your Telegram username (it starts with @ in your Telegram Profile) and your Estimated Delivery Date.
  • Please indicate if you are daddy and would like to join our Daddies group.
  • Mummies group are strictly ONLY for Ladies.
* If you are unable to send the PM over, please email to [email protected]

Subscribe to our Telegram channel,

For 2025, we are doing things differently.

We are now having a big 2025 mummies group in Telegram, with a general thread and separate threads for different EDD month.

I hope this arrangement will allow more sharing and support even when the babies become toddlers, students and so forth.

Calling Feb 2025 and March 2025 mummies-to-be! Some fellow mummies are already in the group, come join them in Telegram.

Daddies, please join our Daddies group as mummies group is strictly for ladies only! :)

PM me or email to [email protected] to join.
Let me know
  • your Telegram username,
  • your EDD and
  • are you mummy or daddy
And please relax your privacy setting so I can add you to the group.

Thank you!
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