(2013/12) December 2013

Positive calm
Arh! U found me! Haha.... Is it bad cramp? I also keep having cramp at night and its bad period bad kind of pain....my gynae is keeping a tight watch and he is worried abt the progesterone level, he said most prob that...so when u better check your progesterone level and get more support just in case .....I was given another oral support...

After oral support, I still have pain lei... So need to go back for urine test. But I drunk the red dates and Logan tea and tsb med cos I suspect the womb getting cold so contraction.... Then last night ok lei.... Keep it warm....

Hey mama joy! Welcome! Welcome!

I would like to high recommend previous CL- Auntie Xin Hua. She has a good experience to take care and handle BB and good cooking skills. I was very satisfied and feel comfortable with her services.

You may contact her via her SG mobile: 9069 9570 or Msia mobile: 017-241 8030.

Hence, she is a PR and no need to apply WP
bubbub, ya.. went for progesterone and hcg BT today at private gynae.. tmr will get my result.. my pain like gastric pain..on and off.. have ur MS started??

hazelnut!!!! so happy for u!
Thank you ladies, yippee I'm so happy I finally get to join a mother-to-be thread after so many years!! Hope all our peanuts will stay happy n healthy for the next 8-9 mths!
Do u know your EDD yet? Mine is estimated to be around 10 Dec, 3 days after my 5 yr wedding anniversary.
I still don't know my EDD day. I have to wait till 16 April to see Dr Tan HH. Hoping that dreambear can join us soon!!! her BT is soon right ?
That's the uterus expanding ! Hahaha must make way esp when u most prob have twins....heehee what is ms?

Dream bear bt is on Monday ! Hahahahahaha I also hope she can join us soon...

Hahahahahaha congrats once again! Ours will Lah cos we all so happy go lucky! My edd is 7th dec loh...3 days before u haha...provided its singleton... Twins are 2 to 3 weeks earlier...hazelnut are u sure urs is singleton? Ur beta seems High...

Do u gals know that this year snake baby is the most intelligent one? Bcos it's a black water snake so wealth is Abundant plus very good businessman haha.... Very fillal too...N sg is ranked the 6th most lucky place to be born a water snake....
My DH looking into insurance already haha.... Scare of hospital bill after that 180k bill chalked by the quads .... U know we must buy this great eastern insurance for ivf babies right...the coverage doesn't seem to cover all...partial coverage only and doesn't cover neonatal level 1 care.

When are u guys going of your heartbeat checkup? Mine is on the 20th April and before another hcg test on 8th where I think I may bumped into dream bear....
ms = morning sickness.
snake = little dragon (小龙)haha
bubbub, u really do alot of research wor!! I can learn alot from u!! ur hubby really v ganjong wor..
my private gynae says 50% twins cos is 17dp2dt.. might be singleton also.. as long as healthy baby can Liao..,can't wait for heartbeat checkup..
my hubby have been feeding me with food since 2WW.. aiyoh v fat Liao...
u all must update often ya.. exchange more tips here..
Bubbub u r into feng shui also? Wah u say until our peanuts so good I very happy leh!! I also hear water snakes will have a lot of noble help in their life.

Think mine is singleton la, doc says at this stage twins usually >600, though she did have one lady strike twins with beta of 380. Doesn't matter, as long as baby is healthy!
Think both u ladies have high chance though, cos mine is 15dp2dt, so by 17dp2dt, assuming it doubles up, it would only be around 1,000. I don't really feel pregnant though, only a bit of fatigue n bloatedness after dinner, n my boobs r exactly the same size, boo hoo! Should I be concerned? Wish there r abit more symptoms, at least it will be more reassuring. U ladies feel any different yet?

My next appt is 19 Apr. My DH also damn kan chiong these few days, say cannot eat hawker food/fast food for dinner, must eat at proper restaurant. I told him at this rate, we will be broke even before I hit the 2nd trimester. Anyway, 三分钟热度 la, I bet by next week, he will be asking me to da pao Mos Burger for dinner again.
Haha ya ....into FS ! Of all the 5 elements, water snake has the best luck. The last water snake is 1953

Water Snakes are influential and insightful. They manage others well and tend to be good for organizations to utilize as staff. They are quite motivated and intellectual, very determined and resolute about success. They will have what they desire, despite the conclusion or outcome they generate because it is worth it to them to not only be recognized for their efforts, but to be rewarded as well. They are affectionate with their families and friends but do not show this side of their personality to colleagues or business partners.

Somemore we earth horse.... Water is good for us mah....

Bluenosebear, welcome to join us please!!!!

Hahahahahaha ya let me find out more abt the insurance than let u guys know.... Also checking out the hospitals rates haha....see got package for twins or not :p

Ms???? Touch wood!!! So far I am like hazelnut, symptomless too except a big tummy cos my bubs super 会吃 Lei....I told my DH not snakes, anaconda ....eat so much!
Oh I realized after bring preggy, breast grew smaller and u feel less preggy too.... Prob not obsessing over the symptons anymore as compared to 2ww....

Sometimes I just put my fingers near where they implanted ...can feel the high palpitation... Like sucking u dry like that...trying to take in as much nutrients as possible...

Must eat well until the heartbeat test ok ladies? Cos these 2 weeks, the bubs will form their spinal cord and heart etc... U want to give them the best....
Bub-I feel more comfortable here la, since majority now upgrade from the other side, hehe.
Agreed with u, must eat when u k now.
Hello ladies,

Happy to see all of you here.. Please enjoy watever you can eat now.. My ms kicked in pretty early.. My 2nd scan is today as my first scan was not promising.. Hoping for the best now..
Hey min! Welcome welcome ! Pls join us.... We are quite small in number but cosy haha...

Oh dear.....what happened to your first scan? Hope all Swee Swee for your second scan!
Halo all mummies to be!! Dropping by to say Hi & really hope I can join u all next week. Yap, my BT is on 8 Apr. Now getting more n more nervous.

Min, all the best for ur scan. It will be OK de.

Good morning ladies!

Bluenosebear, another horsie, yayyy! We r all from the same era, hehe. U had your heartbeat scan already? M so nervous for mine.

Min, hello welcome! Hope your scan today goes super swee swee! Good luck dear.

Dreambear, 我们在等你, I choop one seat here for u already! Jia you jia you!

Everyday I try to eat more meat n vege, sometimes I feel so hungry until my hands r trembling, but once I start eating, cannot finish my rice. Oh, some diet tips fr my doc:

- avoid big fish like sharks, swordfish n marlin during this period, cos they have high mercury content. Cod n salmon is safe.
- avoid too much liver, excessive vitamin A might cause eyes defects
- drink milk, or high dairy content products like cheese n yogurt for calcium
- avoid food that's raw or half cooked, such as sashimi or half boiled eggs. Smoked meat is not advisable either.

Currently I'm still on supports of crinone gel (2x daily till Sat) n duphaston (4 tablets daily till wk 12). She also give me a multi Vit called New Obimin.
Oh one more, 2 fruits mentioned in western literature thought to be potentially harmful to preggie mothers - unripe mangos n unripe papaya. They contain some enzymes that might cause contractions.
Hey mummies!

AR here.. Not new to SMHF. Was very active when was due in May 2010. Now no.2 OTW!

Really need a support group man. IF nt can go crazy.

How are all of you?
Am 5 weeks now; Should be due in Dec 2, 2013 (According to the pregnancy calculator)
Min-all the best for yr scan, thought is tmr. Hehe
Hazelnut-had scan last week, consider pregnant 6 week, singleton, sac & yolk seen.
Then sun, some brown spotting, went to c Prof on Mon, scan show no more bleed, & c bb heartbeat.
Supports jabs up to 3x per week, inserts also increase.

Thank you all for the well wishes! Just came home from scan.. Saw bb's heartbeat! Hubby and i were so relieved and happy.. My scan last wk showed an empty odd shaped elongated scan so was very worrying.. But my hcg results were gd so gave us some hope to fight on.. We were so happy just now.. Wish all of you the best for your scan! Do enjoy watever you can eat now..


Glad to hear that! Jia you jia you! When's ur next scan? I don't have to insert estrofem anymore starting today.. Utrogestan was reduced to 2 for morning and night since last wk..
my support duphaston 2tablet a day only. kk very stingy in support ah.

i just call the clinic to check my bloodtest which i did yest. 21dpo: my hcg 4068 , progesterone 175 ( don't know whether I heard correctly mah)

now I have to wait for the gynae to review my result and call me back..

any comment abt my progesterone? cos I have no idea when is the benchmark. difficult to google wor.
anybody having nausea and morning sickness? Mine is super crappy.. cant seem to get my assignments done... arghh!!
AR, welcome.
Min-so happy for u.
Scan in FCC is stressful, I feel la.
But is much clearer when print out, compare to Prof lousy machine.
My next scan is fri.
Actually my med was decrease last thurs, but due to spotting, Utrogestron was increased 3 tabs 2x per day, esterofem 2 tabs with crinone gel per day.
Duphaston remain the same.
Positivecalm- think different hospital, diff support bah. Nuh only currently has soo much support.
Congrats min!!! So happy to hear that !

Welcome AR..... I was told ginger candy and eat in smaller meals? How many weeks are u now?

My support also not that high...just 2 duphaston + 2 x 3 moth balls insertion ( aka utrogestrin) and the progynova .....

I tried to shop just now.... Depressing....
Where to go get this ginger candy?-

I am craving for rice meals. Like a full south indian platter! Haha! Those banana leaf style (I am indian muslim btw..)
Need to wait till weekend for my hubby to bring me go eat banana leaf meal. Here at Jalan Ipoh, have this place called 'Madras Cafe' very nice food. All week I can only think of that place.. hahah!!
OMG!! I am so worried about my weight. I didnt lose my post preggy weight for no.1 (Which I was planning to lose from April till August then try for no.2) then now accidentially got knocked up-- Am overweight now...
The cravings are not helping... arghhh!!
Thank you ladies


Ya i agree scan in FCC is very stressful.. I've been there many times, had dreaded it.. So far, i've had 2 sonographers scan for me before.. They just scan and don't really respond when i ask something, make me feel unsettled.. Today was my first time scanned by Ms Dawn Chia.. At first thought she looks so stern, but she's so nice! She explains what she's looking out for while scanning and made hubby and me feel at ease..


It's good you still have cravings.. Eat well now while you can.. My morning sickness kicked in before 5 wks and i feel nauseated all day and even at night and can puke anytime.. Have lost nearly 2 kg.. You try and see wat works for you.. For me, taking a hacks sweet helps a little.. And i have very very small meals and have to take tiny dainty princessy bites.. haha..

I just tried the pregnancy kit yesterday n it shows 1 solid line & 1 very faint line. My menses r due yesterday so means I'm preggie?
Omg, so super sleepy n stoned at work today. It's almost Fri, woo hoo!

Min, congrats on the good scan results!

Jeslyn, hello! A faint line is still a positive. If u want to be sure, can test on a Clearblue digital hpt, that one very clear cut, tell u "pregnant" or "not pregnant". But sounds like u r indeed pregnant, so congrats!

Eh how come my doc did not order a second BT to check my beta n progesterone har? I feel so restless now, the countdown to the 6 wks scan feels worse than the 2ww.
min, congrats on ur scan!!!

jeslyn, congrats for ur pregnancy!!!

hazelnut, for 2nd BT for beta and progesterone I request from a private gynae. I feeling tired all day too. I doing a early scan on 9 April with private gynae .. hope everything will be smooth...
Congrats!!! Definitely sounds like it....go do your bloodwork!

Hazelnut n positive
I am also feeling so restless.....kept telling my DH that i can't believe still got 36 weeks more.....

I have to take afternoon nap for an hour ....if not damn tired....

Being a mummy is not easy man....
After 2ww....
Worry abt heartbeat
After heartbeat, 1st trimester
After 1st trimester, Oscar and detail scan for down....

Then have to watch your steps , I slipped and almost fell down just now.... Tummy not even big already so clumsy!
Hi babes! I'm 5 weeks now... First time mum for me, when should I make an appt with a gynea?
Welcome Angie, k c gyne when 6 weeks or even now bah
Bubbub- have to be careful, cannot afford to fall.
Are u wearing high heels again, hope u are not.
Hahahahaha I dare not anymore.... For scolded by too many people already....there was a hole and I tripped....

Congrats Angie!

Sisters, do u still Get hot flushes ?? I am soooo damn warm.....
bubbub, really got alots of things to worry. I only feel warm at night when I sleep.. aircon room also cannot tahan..

u have to donate all ur high heels Liao.. start wearing flats.. don't play play!!
I am a shoes slut so no way I can bear to donate my shoes
they just look too innocent and pretty..... Not their fault that I got preggy.... Just keep them in their box loh....

But I can't wear flats too.... I've got flat foot.... Will get cramps... I need to start scouting for wedge ....
new shoes!!

Yeah, I felt like an oven at night baking the buns..... Got to be a human oven for the next 35 weeks.... Wow....

U looking forward to hear 2 heartbeats?
Hey ladies,


Just wanted to input my 2 cents...

Angie - Before 10 weeks, really cant see much of the foetus. If you are below 30yrs old, then maybe can wait a little longer.
However, if you are above 30 and if you have a family history of high risk pregnancy then better to go consult at week 7. If you go week 5 and before, its just donating money to the gynae because cant see anything in the scan.

If you are not going now to gynae start takingthe following medication (available at pharmacy) -
- Obimin Pluz (Its a combination of Obimin and DHA)
-Sangobion (Iron tablets)
- Anmum milk - Materna

Folic acid is available in all 3 vitamins- especially the milk so no need to take extra.

Vitamin C is also available in Sangobion

Calcium of course available in your Annum milk

Sometimes these gynaes wanna make money thru their private pharmacy, so better to find ways to save money but at the same time not compromising baby's growth.

Jeslyn, yes you should try Clearblue. Its the best brand. When I was preggy with my son. I tried all the other brands, kept showing negative. Then finally I tried ClearBlue!- positive finally Haiz!!
Hi bnb, remember mi from nuh ivf thread in 2011? I m in aug 2013 thread now. congrats to u!!! U bfp on ur 3rd short protocol right? i m so happy to see u here as i remember back in 2011, how ur optimistic n perservance had encouraged us. Now ur perservance had led u to fulfill ur dream
enjoy ur 9months journey n take care.
Hi Serene,
Felt so warm that u come in here to congrats me.
Sure remember u.
U take care too.
Bubbub- has to be careful with wedge shoes esp flat foot. I also flat foot aka duck legs, haha. I also super clumsy when walking. Happy shopping for new shoes......

bubbub, so looking forward for the scan.. every 2week have to kanjiong one time.. happier if its a twin .. but singleton also happy ..

are u working at the moment ?? I got problem falling asleep at night.. I sleep around 2plus am..

ur gynae will take care of u thru out ur pregnancy or until week 12?

AR, thanks for ur tips!