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For my confinement experience, i have 2 secret weapons that was really helpful throughout. Firstly, it's my mum who acts as my confinement lady throughout helping out with all the miscelleaneous stuff and cooking delicious and nutritious meals for me. That's:p:p my first secret weapon that i can't share. As for my second weapon, it has been really useful for me and helpful for my mum. This is something that i would love to share with all mums too. :) It is actually a product called the Huiji Waist Tonic. My mum's friend introduced it to her so here i am using it. It is really nutritious for new mummies to take during their confinement period. Why i said it was helpful for my mum because this was her secret in whipping out delicious confinement dishes for me with minimal work done! Hahahaha she said it was like an instant way to cook herbal chicken and stuff cos of all the herbs in it. Oh ya rest assured this has no alcohol content in it. :)

The above basically sums up my whole confinement experience. I hope it was useful for some put there. :) Hopefully it works out as well for you as it did for me.


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Hi I'm new mom here.

Here i want to tell about my confinement. During my confinement, my cl was good at cooking, baby care and everything. She made different different dishes daily. She made soups for me daily. She was very helpful in my household work. She took care of my baby bathing, washing clothes of baby, changing diapers, cleaning after feed etc. These are very useful during confinement period. I hope all mom's will get a good nannies for their confinements.


Hi mummies here, I m from Jan 2014 mum thread. Knowing that you hv a nb w u, I would like to share a you tube which might be useful for you:, 'Oprah Baby Language 5 sounds babies make'. Congrats to all mummies here n rest well during your confinement.


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I m sept MTB.. would like to ask if any of you have ordered Confinement food tingkat delivery? looking for recomendations pls?


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hi mummies.. i am from may 13 mummy.. just to share something over here. hoping that it can benefit you all. congrats to all mummies on your arrival!! i suppose many would like to bf your precious ones. ;) just to share my story abt bfing and how i gt my supply literally boost up. I gave birth on apr 28 2013. my baby girl doesnt like to latch and she is quite an impatience person. so not being able to supply her with initial colostrum /milk, i gt really very gan chiong and upset, fearing that my supply wont be able to meet her daily needs. On third day after i discharge from hospital, my combined milk was only 20 ml. that was really pathetic.. so one of my forum mummy intro me super chlorophyll powder, this is to be mixed with any beverages and taste tasteless.. slowly my supply did increase. i am still drinking the super chlorophyll till now and still wielding 300 - 400ml per pump. I am really happy that i am able to buffet milk my girl. So mummies, if you are keen on the chlorophyll, you can wa me at 90258843. Its really a good supplement with many benefits at affordable price. :)


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R u looking for confinement nanny? Mine is extremely reliable & trustworthy. She took very great care of me and my little baby, my first CN was the popular Siew Ling Jie, which I thought was a very good already.. Now my current nanny is even better! :) I am a picky mommy and yet she can satisfy most of my expectations. I can tell she is very passionate in taking care of babies. She will talk/sing/ to them even tho she can go and rest.. Impressed she can take care of me, baby, cook, clean, feed at the same time. We all "blossomed" from her delicious cooking. Either my super fussy elder boy also gained significant weight! My hubby also keep praising her cooking. She is so good that I engaged her for 2 months :) :) So helping her to find her next job soon! PM me if interested! :)


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is it normal tt the baby can't fall into deep sleep in the day now? born on july 30th, now 6 weeks plus. she wld fall aslp in our arms but stir n cry 10-15mins after we put her down in her cot. we suspect her stomach discomfort coz she regurgitate milk quite often these few days. I breastfeed and so everything she cries for no reason, i wld also let her latch on for comfort.

is there such thing as overfeeding for breastfed babies?


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Hi Jozx, I'm a mummy of 2. First boy is 21 mths and 2nd gal is 7 wks. Both also did not sleep well during the day in the cot. Yao Lan works well for me.

My boy also used to regurgitate milk. My confinement lady said it is normal for babies. My advice is to make sure you burp baby after each feed. In between feeds, they may also need to be burped. When they need to be burped each cry sounds like "eh". One more thing we did was to prop baby up slightly in the cot with a flat adult's pillow. We propped him from hips/waist up. That helped to reduce the instances of milk regurgitation.

I always believe that when babies cry there is a reason. They could be hungry, sleepy, too cold/hot, bored, or they could need a diaper change, or need to be burped. Like what cel_ recommended, I also found Priscilla Dunstan's Baby Language YouTube clip very useful.

"Neh" = hungry
"Eh" = burp
"Eair" = lower gas
"Heh" = discomfort
"Owh" = sleepy

There are examples in the YouTube clip of babies' cries, very interesting.

Also from my experience baby will unlatch when they are full. So I don't think they could be over fed?

All the best with yr baby :)


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Hi all July mummies... Am new to this forum and my baby boy was born in July and he coming 3 months =)


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Hi Deilea, I only saw your reply now! I tried listening for those 5 sounds but it doesn't seem applicable to my bb. =/ but thanks! we are now burping her and doing leg lifts and it seems to work. I will try propping her up with the pillow! =)


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Hi Mummies,
Sorry to intrude.
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Hihi, my baby was born in july 2013.. could you add me to the facebook group too? Thanks!
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Hi I keen to join FB for july 2013 too and already join group for "2013 Happy Mummies". May I know does it need to get someone 's help to approve my request? Pls do me favor if you see my request via fb. Nice to meet all of you :)


Hi all mothers, would like to warn you that the confinement lady recommended by ferfer8 who is auntie Yulian is not a good confinement lady.

i delivered on 15 Jan 2014 and engaged this auntie Yulian based on ferfer8 recommendation and agreed to pay her cny rate of $3.3k but she is a real nite mare.

First day she only arrives at 10pm claiming that she can't get bus tickets early those I have told her in advance my C-section date. The first nite, when bb cried she will claim that he is hungry without even checking for soil diaper or bb does not feel secured. I had to feed bb for the whole nite.

The Next day, she kept saying I have not enough milk. But after I told her to swaddle bb like in the hospital, bb managed to sleep quite well. However as bb has jaundice I am also afraid that he slept for too long so I said to wake bb up every 3 hour for feed, she said oh, if bb can sleep let him sleep. In the end, I wake up the bb myself and she continue to sleep in the nite. She does not bother when bb cries. When she bath bb, bb will cry from beginning to the end. I almost had depression with her.

She did not cook well. Only some simple homeroom food. Did not even put ginger at all. Her fish soup is sour and pork rib soup is full of water. The red date water is also not boiled long enough. She waste so much ingredient in the red date water and added sugar to it.

I sent her home after 6 days and she still have the face to demand the cny rate. I paid her as I am afraid she will do something funny to the bb or myself. I regretted not taking a picture of her to warn the mothers here. There are m'sian who are trying to con Singaporean mothers. Please beware.

This evil confinement lady Yulian mobile is 6016 6048468 and 84504313.

Mothers, please do not just read the comments on the websites for recommendation. Do visit the mother who is being care for by the confinement lady during the confinement period.