is this normal?


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I’ve went for my first appointment at KKH but when I did my ultrasound, there’s no baby but only a sac. suspecting that I’m only 4 to 5 weeks pregnant.

however, after my appointment, I’m having brown discharge and went to KKH Urgent O&G department. Apparently, doctor said it’s nothing to worry about and prescribed me dydrogesterone for two weeks but am facing a lot more brown discharge than before.

is this normal? should I go for second opinion?

to add on, I don’t have any cramps with the brown discharge.
hi, when was your last menses ?

brown spotting could be due to the ultrascan ,

however, do advise u minimise movements though ..
hi! my last menses was 7th March. doctor said I might still be early which I doubt so!

yesterday when I went to pee, a brownish clot appeared. is this something I should be worried about?