(2013/05) May 2013

Yes indeed a hot sat but almost everyday is hot recently.
I'm having headache for past 2 days but seem to subsided nw.

Alot mummies gg gynae appt on mon. Care to share any gd one at NE area? I'm in Seng Kang area. Undecide which gynae to c ...

Jialing: ur #1 abt same age as mine too

Hi, I am just 4-5 wks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I am having diarrhea and today I have yellow cervical discharge. I am a bit worried. Anyone has experienced this before? Is it normal? I won't get to see my gynae till 2 weeks later.
Bb regine my headache is on off but lasts the whole day...

Not too sure abt ne area but my gynae is in mt e.. Pretty central.. U not using back same gynae as #1?

Lovetohavekids.. Maybe can monitor and see.. If feel uncomfortable or think something is amiss can give gynae a call..
Ange: same here.. Not used to being dependent in ppl doing things for me.. I.m so used to doing errands and running abt too...
Lovetohavekids: yellow discharge seems normal to me.. I've been having this discharge since day 1.. as long as there's no bleeding.. enjoy ur pregnancy! U r e queen!! Haha!
hi mummies...
nw my ms has come to visit me liao...
tummy very bloated w lots of gas.. i can feel very hungry n yet bloated at the same time... so i guess i ve to tk many small meals a day...
juz like my previous preg.

nw my rashes seems to subside. i used palmers for my no.1 n its ok.. i hope this time too coz i ve 2 bottles lo.

hahhaha.. i noe im very kiasu in booking my CL.this lady is v gd coz she did twice for my sis.

juz cant wait for my first chkup on thur!!
Thank you junebunny and iko0508. I went downstairs to buy food and then felt discomfort in my tummy and then could feel there was discharge. So was worried when I checked that it was yellow as usually discharge is white rather than yellow. Now I scare. Maybe I will take leave from work till I see gynae on Oct 4.
aiyo.. cant wait for first trimester to be over then i can ask around for CL recommendations.. hmmm.. i hope it wun be too late by then.. i really need a GOOD confinement this time round!!
junebunny: I can't wait for this dreaded morning sickness to be over. Nausea aside, I'm quite sick of having to eat ever 2 hours.

You're seeing your gynae on Monday too! Hope we all see baby's heartbeat!
Junebunny and bbkk, thanks for advising. I am going to get a helper then. Cos i am sure theres no peace for me to pump milk if i have to pump n tc 2 baby myself. I probably will fall into depression faster!

I went for 1st scan during my 6th wk n detected heartbeat. Nw looking forward to early oct for my 9th wk scan. Cant wait.
I have quite terrible nausea than my 1st 1... Dying man...
Talk abt CL. My neighbour jus had a CL did confinement for her. She told me she booked hers when 6th wk. then 1 mths plus later, i got preg n then call her. Who knoes she alredy kana book for april already. Sad!!!

Junebunny, my #1 also v clingy to me. I rem tat time my mum said #1 v clingy means #2 is coming. I told her old wife myth la. Who knows that following wk all the sysptoms coming n i got postive on the test kit. -.-"
Yaya, congrats on hearing hb! It's so encouraging. Hope to see mine tomorrow.

, yes I heard about that too. My #1 really clingy to me last month until I cannot breath and I got bfp. I think it is quite true in some ways.

I am sure you will get a good CL soon.
Hello mummies!

Good to see more mummies coming into this thread
Keep the posts coming.

Junebunny, i get headaches and migraines frequently. Also due to stress la haha. But when we are pregnant, the hormone level is high so there's a tendency we get more frequent headaches and migraines. Differs from person to person. And if you eat duphaston and other hormone related supplement, it can increase the tendency of headache and migraine. That's what my gynae told me. I actually asked to stop duphaston and my gynae allow as i don't have cramps recently. I was taking duphaston regularly a week ago and my migraines came back.
Gota agree on the clingy bit. My son only clings to daddy. But he suddenly stick to me like glue... then within the week I tested positive. Hence my mom says he's actually the first to know about my pregnancy. Hahaha

Happy Sunday babes!
gd morning!!
does anyone of u dun ve sore breast?? i only ve slight pain on the nipples n tats it. n nw d pain has subside.. is it a must to experience sore breast?
i had sore breast w my no.1.
I beginning to get sore nipples. I thought sore bb and nipple are at ard 4 weeks.

Does anyone got very yellow urine? I dunno is it the cause of obimin vits? Does anyone also like me.
Hi bb_Regine
U can try dr Adrian woodworth he is located at sk mrt there under TMC. I'm seeing him too but i see in cck. He is those chop chop fast fast kind of doc. I quite trust him. When he say its fine is really fine. package quite cheap also. Maybe u can go n try him hee.

My nipples get sensitive n sore sometimes n my breast too sore too. Urine yellow have ah that's why must drink more more water

Tmw is my appt too! Hope everything goes well. And to all mummy for Tmw appt too! ^^
Thks Fabbie. Ya think most probably gg visit him den since it's reali v near n gd. My previous was Dr L Ang, he also chop chip type so I used to it as long as he say everything is well n good.

Can't wait to arrange my 1st appt but still early. Think another 2-3 week den I will go for my 1st appt.

Enjoy ur sun!
Bbkk, i am not sure if i will get a CL. Though i very much want a CL. But i need to get a maid. Siong le, i think. I mean siong on my pocket $$$$.... Jus now i show my hubby those many variety food of 1 CL recommended by a smh mummy forumer. I told him so much varierty! Nw me le? All day same thing. Eat till i v v v v sian when i did #1 confinement. My mil did my #1 confinement last time...
I got very yellow urine but I dun like to drink water so I try drink milo, milk,100 plus. After drink tummy very bloated@@
So yellow urine not becos of obimin vits? cos before pg, I also seldom drink water also not that yellow, now is really very yellow despite drinking water.
fabbie, if #1 is clingy to you, will be tiring! My #1 is super clingy to me.. Really tiring coping with ms and a clingy toddler. haha.
fabbie all the best for the appointment. keep us updated.

nicoliea, i have sore breasts since 4 weeks. Had it during #1 pregnancy too.. But doctor say so long as there's no pus or liquid coming out from nipples shouldn't be an issue.
Junebunny: Hope you are feeling better...

Hi ladies

Have been having sore breasts and i feel that my bra is getting tighter. Any idea when is a good time to start buying maternity bra? I'm not sure whether to buy now or wait a while more...
Bbkk: my urine is also very yellow. Today I drank a lot of water and I didn't even need to go toilet that frequent and my urine is still more to the very yellow side. I guess it's normal. I read that pregnant women needs to drink lots of water to hydrate themselves. Try drinking more water.
Hello!! Just finished catching f1 on ESPN!!

Junebunny: Oh dear! Hope u r feeling better! Tml will be a better day..

Fool 4love: buy those bra extension first.. will get tighter in the later part..

Vi: welcome n Congrats!!
Babbiee: Hi 5! Both our kids will be the same ages. ;)

junebunny: oh dear... hope you feel all better soon.

iko: Exciting race aint it?
My cb shows 1-2 weeks...n my lmp is 21 aug....
When shld I made the first appt?

I haf been having cramps....so worried until I read that some of u mummies to be have the same thing....
Hehee...feel better now


Based on online, my edd is 30 may....will the bb come out earlier?
Ange: yupz! Quite exciting..

Alice: aiyo.. I've stop wearing tight pants already.. time to archive them!

Vi: can call up the gynae n ask.. some gynae will only see u at week 6..
Hi ladies
I have just tested positive, so happy. Have been ttc for sometime and was so happy when I was told I am preggy. My Gynae says he can't see anything from the scan yet, only confirm my pregnancy through a blood test. Nurse highlighted it a very early stage. I am so worry now, keep having cramps and bad stomach upest in the middle of the night. It's my #1, anyone has the same experience as me to share. I am getting so worry... Gynae appt is only on fri.
Min: Congrats!

i also had cramps in the middle of the night. I read that it's bcos the womb is expanding or something.

Bb_Regine: Me!! me having backache since i cant rem when! i wanted to go for a massage but my friends told me it's best to wait till after the first trimester. Even so, i have to find a massauer that knows how to do for preggie ladies.

Alice: Am not sure when to get maternity clothes either. My sil says that it's still early. And i also dont want everyone of my colleagues to know. so i'm in dresses everyday for work. I'm resorting to using my yoga pants already. Not sure whether those will work
Hi Ladies

Anyone here with Dr Adrian Woodworth at Sengkang.
I just ring and make an appt and the nurse told me is 1230pm to 2pm. Registration is 1145pm. First come first serve!

Was wondering is it for 1st appt that why like tat? the 2nd or 3rd time will have fixed appt timing?
Regine: i have backache too! its normal =)

Welcome Min and VI!

Regine: i have to SK before and SK is usually at afternoon session no morning de. Cus morning his at CCK. And ya usually for Woody u got to go early lor. Before he come his clinic already pack! i felt no need to make appt just go there say u wana see him 1st time can le. His one is always base on 1st come 1st serve. so if u wana see him 1st u got to come earlier =) but usually if u come later is quite fast will reach u de. But dont go too late. cus once no more patients he will run off. example if u reach 2pm maybe he already gone le at 145 or 130 liao. wish u luck! later for ya appt! im so glad i saw him just now. hee

okai i finish my appt and update that my bb is 1.46cm! i saw bb tiny heartbeat and on the screen can see a shape of head n leg hee but not very obvious as im only close to 8 weeks. 2 weeks later should see clearly abit. Thank god everything is fine!! i just pray no more "SXXXXing" & "BXXXXing" touch wood if not i will be so worry again.. as last monday i saw 1 big blood clot on my panty liner. wahhh scare the shit out of me! but im glad bb is still with me! ^___^ cant wait next 2 weeks to see dr woody again.

Btw gals is it true that our no.1 will know which gender our baby is? cus my gal keep saying is a mei mei this time. last time i mc she say that one is a DIDI. Now she say is a mei mei and argue with my mil saying that IS A MEI MEI! lol
Duno who eat petai at pantry. After smelly it i vomit zzz, ruin my day sia. Now feel dizzy @@ not worth take mc already half day...
Hi all you MTB!

I'm new on the thread n just finish reading all the post, just tested positive last Friday, haven seen the Dr yet, will only see 8th Oct. Thats like 13 more days! I can't wait, did not want to book appt so early cos dun wanna waste $ n do the scan if i can't see a hb.

Nice meeitng all of you, TC

Nick: Fruitloops
Birth order: #2 (was from the July 2011 thread, he's now 14 mths)
EDD: 20th May
Gynae: Tan HK
Hops: SGH
NSEW: North- Punggol
fabbie: congrats on seeing the little one and HB.

So u mean for subsquently appt is given date but appt time is 1st come 1st serve too?

another qns: the receptionist is shared b/w the normal gp n dr woody?

Thanks ladies. Really appreciate all the advice. I usually have stomache +cramp during menses and now it's the same thing again. I can tahan the pain, just praying everything is oki. I do not know when is my edd, online platform says end may. Can't wait to see Gynae to find out more
Hi all
saw bb's heartbeat today

Hope all mtb who are gg for scan today, can see bb's hb!

Babbiee.. Not so sure if #1 can tell the the gender coz my #1 still babbling :p
Fabbie n junebunny: Congrats on seeing bb n hb!! All the ms is nothing after seeing these right? Lol! Ya lo.. my ger still blabbering too.. she can only roar like a tiger.. haiz!

Fruitloop n min: Congrats n welcome!!
Hi congrats to all new comers and welcome here.
You may give your details so I can put in excel list.

Congrats to junebunny and fabbie.
I also see bb hb today!! Scan showed I am actually 6 weeks but base on LMP I am 6w5 days. But still happy to see strong hb. My edd change from 15 may to 20 may.
Hi Ladies,

I just tested positive at hom yesterday and just had my official 1st MS puke earlier on
didnt have that during my #1..Just had miscarriage in july so im totally not prepared this time round.worried too!
Bbkk: so lucky of you. I'm still waiting for my gynae. got 2 more weeks to go before i go back to see him.

My edd is 11 May. Dont know whether will change a not. The last time i went, doc only saw the SAC. he says too early for heartbeat

Thanks Regine ^___^ they will ask u to come back which date and what time.. when u go in there there will be like 2 doors 1 is to see doc woody another one just a normal clinic and 1 reception table. the receptionist on the left is for woody. u can just give her ya ic. =)

thanks iko0508 and junebunny and BBK! congrats on seeing bb hb! so when u gals going to see gynea again?

BBK u can help me update my status ba. thanks thanks!
Nick: Fabbie
Birth order: #2
EDD: 5th May my hub bday!! (doc didnt tell me when due date but the 1st scan paper stated 5th may, he only side early may but should be around there. will change again once woody tell me ^^ )
Gynae: Dr Adrian Woodworth
Hops: TMC
NSEW: West

hi welyn welcome! is this ya first? u had how many round of menses then got pregnant? dont worry just relax things will be fine =) i also mc previously too on June this yr =)

fool4love about 6 weeks u can see bb HB le so dont worry! =)