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hi ladies, anyone tested positive? hereby wishing all mummies a healthy, sticky, safe and smooth pregnancy.

Wow u tested positive so early? hee! i tried testing on week 5+ still negative! =)
the gynae only see patients who are 8 weeks and above... So i need to wait till sept. first appointment on 17sept.. when is your first appt?
Babbiee: i wanted earlier but the nurse said the gynae only see 8wks and above. probably she is too popular?
Are you preg too?
love: u can call me fabbie la hehe.. ya test positive but have not see doc. infact my menses not even late i went to test. LOL not sure when should i go n see gynea.. hMmmm is this ya 1st?
fabbie: yes this is my first... kinda excited! i want to keep myself happy so that i have a happy baby! =) hmm.. i think can see normal GP to confirm first?
Hahaa congrats to u! hehee i think no point seeing GP leh.. GP wont do anything also. at the end they will ask u faster go n book a gynea. haha so i just wait ba. next month then go see. dont wana see too early.. cus cant see anything.. i think about maybe 7-8 weeks then go see.. at least can see bb heartbeat ^^

btw hows ya appetite? good? eating alot? or no appetite huh?
welcome fabbie, I test positive before af report. have you schedule your appt??

love16: hehe.. I scheduled on the 13 Sept cos I need to go overseas .. so I need to see gone slightly earlier to get the appropriate med.. I will be in my 6th weekbbyden.. I pray hard that I can see something..

so far anyone Gt symptoms alr?? I am having loose stool.. Gt diarrhoea once cos I ate tom yum..
Shirley: having leh... i still duno when im going hahaha.. my 1st day of my last mense is 30th july so how im about 4 weeks or 5 weeks? LOL is this ya first too?

i only have mild feel like vomiting abit giddy and heartburn abit.. i still got folic acid so maybe i eat finish le. then go back to my gynea =)
fabbie: this is my second pregnancy.. I lost my first one.. so trying hard to take care of this second one..
I just schedulemmy appt on the 13 Sept.. my lmp is 3 Aug.. our end will be close.. I am really praying for a healthy and sticky become.. cos getting paranoid as I lost once before..

pls carry on your folic acid.. its very important.. I haven really exp the nausea type expect Gt occasion that my moth taste sour..
Shirley sorry to hear that.. when u lost it? anyway i heard people say... usually if MC the next one will be success one! so dont worry ya.. relax and dont stress =) Which gynea u going?
fabbie: no worries.. I am better now, though I still misses it very much at times..
I lost it earlier April this year.. so now really hoping and finger crossed for this one.. I will be seeing Dr cheng at bishan women specialist.. he is good.. like him.. which gone r u seeing?? have you started your shopping for gyne??
Shirley: im going to see my old gynea Dr Adrian at CCK sometimes maybe go SK and see him also ^^ infact i also just had a mc too at June this year. after my 1st mense came the next thing i know im pregnant again! so im quite scare also.. lets cross our little fingers & toes ya! ^___^
fabbie: I guess all mummies want their children to be healthy.. lets pray for each other k? we shall update our progress.. lets keep finger crossed and everything crossed.. I going for my blood test tmr.. wish me luck
Hihi ladies! Congratulations to all of you
I tested positive too and confirmed with blood test. I shd be around 6 weeks now. Me too, my first apptmt with gynae is 8 weeks...
I wish everyone a sticky bean!
Hi all, my period late for 15 days... And I just use a pregnancy test to test.. And I got positive. Now I'm excited and scare at a same time. Somehow I feel stress...
good morning mummies!!

Alice: hi... welcome to this thread.. when is your edd? is this your first pregnancy? Ican totally understand how you feel..
have you book for first appt? if not, its time for you to shop for one.. and in the meantime, don't forget to take your folic acid ...
Hi Shirley

My lmp is 24 July. Just remembered I havent replied you! Tmr marks my 6th week! Seemed soo long!

Till now no symptoms, only occasional cramps. What about you? Any symptoms?

I havent seen a gynae yet. Have you?
Does the HCG Bloodtest give you a result straight away, or do you have to go back and wait for results?
hi ivy: welcome to this thread.. : ) r u feeling?? any symptoms yet?

happy: hihi!! my lmp is 3 Aug.. I just took the clear blue test today.. it shows pregnant 3wk+. I took my blood test on last Thursday.. result will be out in 2 hours time.. have you gone for it? I haven really exp any symptoms except boobs start to sore abit and also abit of nausea when mil was cooking prawns sambal UN the morning.. the smell kinda make my sailva watery.. have you book your appt??
Shirley: this is not my first. My second atcually. I have been trying for 2 years and finally succeed. I hope i can carry all the way... God bless!
No i haven't. I plan to book today. Have you?
This my 1st , actually I duno Wat to do. Im from Malaysia, parents not around. Only me and hubby in sg. I should find gynae or just go to a gp to confirm my pregnancy?
Hi Alice,

You are also like me. I am a malaysian and its only myself and hubby taking care of my dd. In my opinion, if you tested positive already, if you go to GP, that is what they going to do as well. Maybe you can find a gynae and start doing the scan. I think have to wait for at least 6 weeks onwards.
shirley: wah you tested positive so early? My lmp is like 9 days earlier than you but when i tested last tues, its still negative. I only got a faint line last friday.

For me, only sore boobs and occasional cramps. vvv slight nauseous only once in a blue moon. maybe its psycological?

I booked an appointment for tonight at 7pm. Guess I wont be seeing my blood test result today ba, 2 hrs! So what did your gynae says? can see any sac?

I use those online calculator, EDD should be 30 April 2013.

Hi ALice, I think its better to see a gynae coz they have the scan machine etc. If you see a GP, they can at most do another preg test for u, and if confirmed, ask you to go see a gynae too.

So i think just see a gynae straight!
ivy: I have alr booked my appt with Dr cheng at bishan women specialist.. my first appt is on 13 Sept.. hopefully I can see something beating..
how old is your #1?

Alice: we will be here for one another k?
I think you should go straight to gyne.. have you decided on which gyne you wanna see? impt supplement is your folic acid now.. when is your lasmenstrual period?

happy: I also quite shock to see the faint line.. I thought my eye playing trick on me.. I really hope and pray hard that this is the month.. a healthy and sticky beanie..
tonight you will be going for blood test or scan?? update us k?

I called up the clinic and ask the nurse. She says since I've already tested +ve, they would not do a Preg test on me again.

Ask me to drink lots of water to do a scan. She says that would be good for Tummy Scan. But if not enough water, must do Vaginal scan.

Of coz i prefer tummy scan lah! Not so uncomfortable!

Not sure about blood test. But I also wana know my HCG level! Do you know yours?
happy: good luck on your scan.. excited for you.. vaginal scan abit gross but can see better.. I know my blood test alr.. 1700 at first blood test.. 3000+ at second test.. I took the test at 36 hours interval..
Hmm my last mentrual period is 21 aug. so far I feel sore boobs, abit moody and morning time feel not comfortable.
HI shirley, so u mean u have to go for blood test every 3 days?? Hmm. so u must have a fixed gynae already?

Have u done any tummy scan and did u see anything? Did gynae tell you about your gestational age?

I ovulate late so im afraid now too early to see anything, tho judging from lmp im already 6 wks tmr.
Shirley: I already book my appt with Dr SF Loh on 25th Sept. I should be 8 weeks then. My no 1 is 3 1/2 year old.

Alice: One step at a time. I was at your position before. Anything can just ask me, i will be happy to share my experience.

Happy: Do we need to know HCG level? What does it show?
Ivy: HCG level is a good indication of ur bb's progress.

If its rising HCG means ur bb is doing well.

If its level HCG it might be ectopic preg.

If its declining HCG, it might be a miscarraige.

So its quite impt to know ur HCG level.
Alice: your last af was on 21 Aug? so fast you tested positive.. wow.. which dpo you test positive?? my lmp was 3 Aug.. I only manage to test faint positive on dpo 11..

happy: mommy I went to kkh just to cmf my pregnancy only.. went on Thursday night and again sat morning.. I only manage to scan with a small sac measuring at 3mm.. stool very small.. my appt with my own gyne is on 13 Sept.. those scan and blood test is with kkh.. I don't intend to carry on cos I feel that not so professional.. every consultation I am seeing diff doc.. so they don't know my case so kept asking me the same Que.. and they are not as detailed as my gyne.. actually today must go for another blood test,but I didn't go.. shall wait for my gyne.. better.. I think I am still early so won't be able to see much.. but of cos I hope by 13 Sept, I can see my baby's heartbeat..
praying especially hard for its well being..
do update us your appt tonight k?

ivy: good luck with your scan.. I am looking forward to my scan on the 13 Sept..
by den I will be only 6 weeks.. hopefully I can see something.. pray for good news before I fly off to aussie..
Hmm sorry Wat is dps mean? I got 2 line on the pregnancy test, 1 bright colour line and 1 abit fade colour. So I consider positive?
Alice, you meant dpo? its days past ovulation.

As long as you can see 2 lines, regardless of how faint they are, you are preg ! =)

Shirley, according to my lmp, i should be 6 weeks, but when i use the clearblue digital, it shows 2-3 weeks.

So I supposed im only in week 5? Maybe my ovulation is late coz my cycle is usually long.
hi happy mrs- am gg for my gynae appt tmr too.. my first bb aft 8mths into marriage.

but am worried and excited coz still experiencing cramps for close to 2 wks liao and recently seems that the cramps are getting more serious. haiz... hope its not ectopic or something serious.
Alice: its day past ovulation.. do you know when you ovulated?? any faint line regardless what, it means you're preggy.. only preggy women can produce hcg.. don't worry.. all is well.. schedule your appt alr?

happy: I tested with clearblue digital its stated 3week+.. but my lmp is 3 Aug.. so I think going to 5weeks now butmy digital showed that I am more den 5weeks.. what does that mean??

wt81.. how bad is your cramp? like af cramp? did you exp any spotting or bleeding?
OiC. Thanks to all of u if not I 'll be lonely and scare
btw Wat is folic acid for? I juz need to buy from pharmacy or wait till 8 week after visit gynae then take?
wt81: etopic will some how rather will spot.. and pain on one side.. cramp can be your uterus expanding.. that's why you will feel abit of cramp.. pls avoid cold food and drink.. drink more warm water..

Alice: you can get folic acid from Watson pharmacy.. is cheap.. 3 bucks only.. it helps to prevent any abnormality during early pregnancy.. its quite essential.. go get the comic first and eat one tab a day in the morning.. and wait for your gyne schedule to come.. but if you exp any discomfort, go early k?

I married in 1st July, 2 mths into marraige =)

Going gynae tonight but dunno what to expect coz im only like 5 weeks? hopefully can see the sac or something.. dun worry so much about the cramps coz i read that if its ectopic, its usually accompanied by bleeding and you mite even faint!

Im also experiencing some cramps, otherwise, i feel so 'unpregnant'!!

Shirley, i think its more accurate to see the size of the sac to determine the actual gestational weeks.

Coz arrording to lmp is what doctors used to gauge, but the actual gestational age still depends on when we actually ovulate.

Maybe you ovlated early, so although your lmp is later, you conceived earlier than me!

My cycles are usually long, so i might conceive much later due to late ovulation.
happy: your lucky..
so fast preggy alr...
I definitely o slightly earlier.. which gyne r u seeing? where did you stay?? have you told anyone with pregnancy?

It came as a surprise too! I was expecting AF to show with my cramps and sore boobs, very angry so i dun care, indulge in sashimi, ice teas etc..

Wanted to see gynae to take clomid but somehow he didnt give and I also never ask. Did a scan but he didnt say much also. Saw I still have HPT lying around, test for fun and it was a faint positive!

I dun have a fixed gynae yet.. im going to see a dr at tiong bahru. My DH says wait till more stable then say..maybe 2-3months region?

5 weeks is too early to tell ba. Wat about u?