(2013/05) May 2013

tsm, haha ya i only remember you and pinktulip choosing Parkway East. Have you stayed there before? This is your #2 issit? I booked single bedder. Don't know if can get or not though. For #1 i stay Mount A, this time try Parkway East as it's nearer to my mum's place so she and my #1 can visit me. My gynae is Dr Poon King Fu.

Min, i think you can apply the nipple cream soon le. Can't remember when i started applying for my #1 though but i will just apply nearer to EDD whenever i remember. I think the brand of the nipple cream doesn't matter. I bought Lansinoh nipple cream this time from agape BP instead of medela nipple cream as it's cheaper. I eat only 1 tablet of utrogestan every night. By right morning supposed to take also but nvr heh.

Hi can you pls share your personal experience with Dr Poon King Fu? Is he a Patient, Gentle and Responsible gynae? And how's his service and skills? Thank you so much!!!