(2013/05) May 2013

Shirley: aiyo.. My appt on 5 Oct!! Yawn...

Re: bump
Oh.. it's small in morning.. n it will grow throughout the day.. it's e biggest at night!
Iko, lol at your comment. Yes I agreed with you. Smallest in the morning and biggest at night.
Your 5 oct is your first or second appt?
Alice: Wah, what a coincidence! Hi-5!Oscar involves a scan for abnomalies and some blood is taken to test for blood disorder, HIV, Hep B etc. If it's first child then father also needs to take blood, subsequent child then it'll just be the mother to 'donate' blood.

Shirley - Thanks, hope everything goes well for everyone for the Oscar tests.

But the bump at this stage is the most awkward one cause I can tell that people are wondering if I am just fat with a tummy or pregnant, so they are not sure whether to give up their seat to me. Sigh, and sometimes I really need the seat, weak from the MS...hopefully MS will go away in a couple of weeks..so miserable...
Bbkk: it will be my 2nd appt.. my 1st appt was at 4 weeks plus only.. see sac nia.. n to get folic acid.. haha..

kikapo: endure endure.. izzit worst than ur first pregnancy?
Almost all here have seen bb's hb... I have yet to see bb... Monday is my first appointment... Just wondering... Mummies will u all bring #1 to the gynae with u to see the bb at so early stage?

Bb bump: haiyo....... No appetite for anything..... No bump.... :-(

Is there a fb grroup for may mummies already?
Junebunny, Monday also my first appt! I think will bring #1 to gynae visit as well.

So far no fb group yet. I am not very gd at fb. See who wanna create?
junebunny: i haven seen my bb or hb too!!

BTW i keep having weird dreams lately.. every night also dream.. tiring man.. anybody experience that?
bbk: I feel better today.. Ytd was a no go.. this morning felt better.. manage to eat raisin bread for breakky and fish soup for lunch.. but couldn't finish them all..
btw, has your ms kick in alr? two more days for you to see baby!!! my bump is real small in the morning but get bigger as the day goes by.. I think mostly is the air and foods and water that we had in the day thus bump get bigger as day goes.. you think? I am experiencing some cramp on my lower abdominal.. and Gt a lot of discharge too.. how's your discharge and cramp?

kikapo: all the best for our Oscar!
btw r u experiencing any cramp and slightly more vaginal discharge nowadays? so far has anyone given up their seat to you? I am waiting for that day to come.. lol! have you tried drinking those isotonic drinks and fruit juice? it works for me(at least for my ms). cos I also couldn't stomach anything down.. not even plain water..

iko: lets all count down for Oct to come soon!
just to cheCk if it ok to eat tom yum during trimester? I thought wanna eat at a thai restaurant later for dinner.. any idea mummies here?
iko: Yes, def worse than my first pregnancy. I hardly threw up, no cravings but had a good appetite for my first. And turns out he was a really easy baby too....so now, I am getting the jitters...I get weird dreams too and very vivid ones. I am the sort who doesn't dream much and can't remember dreams so I usually sleep well but nowadays, I feel so tired cause of dreams and waking up to pee.

Shirley: Thanks. I don't have cramps but have been having brown discharge qite frequently. Iheard it's common and my gynae checked, she thinks the cervix may have been worn thin from the first pregnancy. But unless its fresh blood then nothing to worry about. She did prescribe hormones pills but I didn't take cause it will make me throw up more. Already merlion like siao already, if take then cannot imagine how I can continue with life...Yes, even water also make me want to throw up. Haven't tried isotonic drinks but you are right, fruit juice seems to be ok.
Shirley - Think should be quite ok, I justhad Thai food for lunch incl. Tom Yum soup yesterday
Quite kai wei...And dinner, I had more 'Suan la Tang' at Din Tai Fung...eventually still threw up but at least it was an enjoyable meal :p
Anyone drinking coffee and tea? Or you guys totally cut down on caffeine? Somehow when i'm miserable, after drinking tea or teh tarik...i'm much better...
My ms still not here yet. But sometime if I force myself to think of vomit I will gag but I know that still not my ms.
Yes 3 more days to see bb. Excited!!!
My discharge are watery now. Sometime got mild cramp, very very mild type until I dunno is it gastric or cramp.

You can drink Tom yum. I even ate the chili Padi small chili seed.
kikapo: you can try isotonic drinks like 100+, h20 etc cos you need to replenish those loss ion in your body.. wow.. I like din tai feng suan lai tang.. super kai wei.. nowadays I don't really fancy food.. like the look of it makes me wanna puke.. do you feel that? so now I am trying to eat those kai wei sourish foods..

bbk: I think your ms should kick in soon.. I had my at week 6 plus going week 7.. I also Gt some cramps and discharge.. hopefully its nothing worrying.. I can see that you're a chili queen..
Shirley: Yes, no appetite most of the time, and I am quite a glutton so it's such a miserable feeling. So yes, stuff like suan la tang, tom yum is quite good...hee..

I am almost 8 weeks and the MS is full blown!
Ivy: I must drink my tea everyday if not I'll get headache.. sometimes more than 1 cup.. but if coffee can only drink 1 cup cuz caffeine content is higher..

Shirley: .I love spicy food too! I dun really restrict on What I eat.. unless it's raw food or seafood..
kikapo: tahan! another month to go for you. I am at my 7 week 3 days today. now I feel nausea as I am typing.. don't know if cos I am hungry or what..

iko: you try to minimise on coffee.. tea you try green tea but go easy on that.. cos its quite cooling too.. you don't take seafood at all? I love seafood Ttm!! oh no.. I am still eating them but in moderation..
Hi bbk::my bump is also showing faster than my #1. My colleague kept on asking me whether i m preggy....cant wait for 1st trimester to end so that i can tell people ....

My ms is as volatile as the stock market lol! This pregnancy, I love sour stuff! Tom yum soup, oranges and isotonic drinks are my saviour for ms! it makes me feel better every time i eat it.. so diff from#1
Hi Mummies!

How are you all!

regarding coffee and tea, my gynae told me only maximum one cup of coffee or tea a day. And avoid raw food and some chinese herbs.

By the way mummies, can we drink pao sheng? those powder form or like slice form? I take it regularly daily before work for me to be alert at work. haha. But don't know if i can still eat it now since i'm pregnant.
Tom yum shd be ok... I have been eating tomyum koka noodles everytime i do not have appetite (which is abt daily)

Haiz...... Ms sucks
Hi ladies...

I'm a coffee drinker but suddenly averse to coffee so I just let it be. I do take tea from time to time. I just ate chutoro and salmon belly sashimi that day. Hahaha I guess really more chill once it's the second pregnancy.

Can't wait to see the gynae Monday!

Will sort out confinement lady after Monday's gynae visit. I've already choped one for 2 months. Hehe
Bbkk... sure sounds like mine. I don't vomit. Just in a perpetual state of nausea. Hahaha For me, lying down helps. I'm on my bed alot this week man.
Lol even before pregnancy, im ready having this super big and flabby tummy from #1.. Now, it's even bigger... Haha.. Before I was pregnant, train/bus passenger offered seat to me.. But now when I'm pregnant, strangely, no one offered me seat.. Lol.. In time to come when my tummy is bigger, I'll ask for seat! Haha..

I could only stomach soft drinks like greentea or bubbletea.. I've already kicked my habit of daily coffee/teh since I was preggy with #1 back then.

Ange- 2mths confinement! How great is that! Would certainly love to have a 2mths CL but the $$$ is too shiong on us.. Maybe will have my helper to learn some skills and whipped up some confinement dishes... I missed my Confinement dishes-red wine chicken with black fungus, sesame chicken, threadfin fish bone soup, red wine meesua... SlurpPp~~~

I just came back from a BBQ gathering at my boss mansion. Strangely, I don't feel any ms symptom throughout the whole dinner. Couldn't stomach big portions but I'm still glad that I don't feel nauseous at all! Wonder if it's due to the surrounding that I'm in that affects whether is my ms present or nots..in normal circumstances, I'll be too bloated and nauseous to eat...
Btw, is it fine that I'm involved in the BBQ-ing process? It's not for v long but I'm afraid bb would be pandang..
Reddish: I'm personally not big on confinement food. Hope this CL is a good cook. Hehe

Should be alright, BBQ.
Hey.. u guys chop Cl so early? Not pantang?

Hmmm.. I still cannot tell the difference between 1st pregnancy n 2nd one.. ms like e same.. nauseous throughout.. but tummy really big.. when I showed my hubby.. he said it's just fats!! Cuz soft soft one..

To all mummies seeing doc on Mon.. enjoy the sound of bb hb!!
iko: hence I told the CL I will see her after Mon's Gynae appt. Hehe think I'm more scared the good ones are booked out.
Ange, if you never bank in for your first, then you can consider this time round.
I skip the round as i bank in before.

Last night i ate cup noodles at 11pm. Now i am super regretted. Make me bloated till now.
Bbkk: no la.. cuz tot it's better not to be "overly excited " abt the bb until first trimester is over.. actually I'm v tempted to check out on cl too.. cuz it's my first time engaging one n v scared I'll get someone lousy..
Re: discharge
I'm having lotsa discharge too n worst of all it's making my there itchy!! I'm so irritated!! Anybody experience that?

I'm feeling so nauseous that I dun feel like gg anywhere...
Iko, i do not have alot of discharge. But at times quite watery. Not very milky anymore.

I think my tummy really big leh, is hard hard one.
I just came out shower and found there is one small bump protruding out like the sac. It s really uneven. Then I slowly touch on it and it is beating. If Monday my appt, my gynae scan that part then I am very sure it is the bb position. Let's see.

I jus tested positive. Still v early stage. Wonder when is the best week to start visiting gynae?

Anyway any gynae recommendation?

My previous gynae for #1 is Dr Lawrence Ang. M thinking to change to another one...
Hi Iko: I tend to have some discharge too....Can try Hospigel from Pharmacy to wash your V area....it works on me in relieving any itch...but this are more temporary as our body is going thru hormonal changes again

welcome bb_regine and congrats
) really no best time to visit i guess.. maybe should go visit gynae on week 6 since maybe can see heartbeat?
Tks belle.. the gynae gave me some cream to apply cuz i told her i have recurring yeast infection n its driving me crazy all the time..

Regine: Congrats!! usually i will go as soon as i tested positive to get supplements n to ensure that the sac is at the strategic position.. haha!
Thks mummies...

Iko: I like e way u say abt strategic position.

Hi buba, yes forum is a gd way for sharing n advices
I'm expecting no.2 too. No.1 is 20mth old
Iko: I have discharge from time to time but pretty manageable.
Totally hate the nausea too... keeps me in bed lots... don't like type low energy levels. I'm usually runjingbaround getting stuff done.

Buba: I'm expecting number 2 too. He turns 4 in Dec. :)
Hi mummies, congrats! I am also in early stage with no. 2, no. 1 is coming to 21 months now. MS is as bad as first one, intolerable.

Had some brown discharge yesterday and went to see gynae today, foetus seems fine and can see heartbeat. Prescribed duphaston and gotta go see gynae again on Thursday. Have been on leave for the past week and just slping throughout. Not sure how I can go back to work!

No. 1 is also super sticky nowadays and I keep having hot flushes at the head area while sleeping. Not sure if any of you are experiencing the same?

Hi mummies!

Such a hot saturday.. Or maybe its just me.. Lots of mummies with #2
haiz my #1 also sticky to me but i'm v v tired and keep having headaches... Anyone also having headahes? I cant sit in the car for too long as i will get giddy...

Really hope ms ends soon.. Monday is gynae apt.. Hope to hear the hb.. Alot of mummies here seeing gynae on mon too right? Jiayou!!

Re: CL.. Kiasu also no use.. My CL taken up also ;-(