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jojo: i using this type =) not the braun type.

hazel: thn i tink i get one from the shop. haha.. else ltr all oos i die. hair sure smelly!

Hi allygraffi,I bought the baby cot at the motherhood fair - under bonbebe.


Our criteria is pretty standard, convertible to junior bed, non lead paint and teething guard (which you can easily get to attach if it doesn't come with it.) and the height of mattress also important cos we don't want to bend too low to put and pick up baby. I haven't seen a mattress that doesn't fit the cots though, that shouldn't be the case.

Try OG, I had wanted to get my cot from there before seeing a better deal @ the fair.
Dear mummies,

Finally a pc idiot like me manage to work out the list and post it. LOL

Please take a look at the list and edit and add accordingly.
Sorry forgot to mention the link is the DryMaMa Order list. Anyone who are interested are welcome to add in their order. Pls note we are trying to match the price that they have during the motherhood fair which is normal white or beige 2 pairs at $29.95 and DryMaMa plus 2 pairs at $49.95, if not the best deal they can offer to us.
I bot a dry shampoo from the shop at Chinatown selling bb stuff amongst other stuff. Cost $8.50 brandless, aiya now wondering good a not. Shashamama : did u buy Johnson top to toe wash? Btw did u recently share a list of confinement herbs to buy? I can't rem who posted it..
My colleague shared that she dont use washable pads and reason is that she worried may not wash clean and will affect the nipples/ milk flow to bb. So I'm wondering if I should get more washable pads. I bought 1 box of avente washable pads already and now thinking of buying dry mama too.
I google and found that Johnson & J top to toe wash is not non-rinsable right? So guess I hv to buy another brand now- I wan the non rinsable type.

TMC gives what stuff? I mean like what is included in the standard costs which they bill us? So I don't need to bring them. My hosp bag(luggage) seems v full. I bring 1 pack of pureen maternity pads (20pc) and 1 pack of new born diapers (26pc) which takes uP so much space.

ET, can resend me the VIP no?

I bought Klorane dry hair wash during watson sales. 20% off. The last powder that I bought is not good. This don look like powder.

Baby stuff all no need to bring. If you want bb to wear home what u have, then bring a set else TMC will give. Only bring mommy things

Bb stuff included
1) 1 pack NB diaper
2) 1 set of cloths to wear home
3) swaddle cloth to wrap bb
4) 1 pack of bb wipes

Mommy stuff included
1) 1 pack Maternity pad (recommend u to bring extra 1-2 pack)
2) Toileries
3) 1 disposable panty (you can bring extra, theirs are good but x. You can wash and reused)

I was thinking for the front button top, must we use that? If our tops are nursing tops, should be ok already right?
tanny: TMC provides the following for baby which i've shared earlier too.

We will provide the following for your newborn baby:
1. A baby bag
2. Mittens
3. Baby vests
4. Disposable diapers
5. Toiletries
6. Wrapping blanket
7. A box of tissue paper
8. Wet wipes
9. Diaper protective cream
10. Sterile cotton balls
11. Cord spirit

i think you won't need to pack the NB diapers.

For the past weekend, fatigue suddenly hit me and i was napping for at least 3 - 4 hours for both sat and sun! Goodness i am so exhausted! Dunno if is due to the fact i walked too much!

I am also feeling super heaty and the tummy super tight! Any mommies feeling the same way? what kind of coconut drink can i buy? The young coconut is it? Once a week is it ok?
morning mummies

think we all in 3rd tri already, fatigue comes back just like we are in 1st tri..good to rest more before we deliver.....
Any mummies giving birth at Gleneagles can provide a list on what to pack for hospital bag?

Now preparing to get ready most stuff and try to work 4 days week to ease fatigue, finding myself getting heavier and unable to walk too long.
Hi all, I just called Customer Service for the Sweetest Moments, cannot quote my VIP no. as its not transferable, and to utilise my VIP no. I have to place to the order for you and cannot do customisation on the cards, meaning only Standard Cards cos customisation will need the parents' names and they will use my details.

Let me know if you are still interested. Me dun get any benefits out of it, but just to share discount, so if you feel comfortable to provide me your details (aka names, contact no., delivery addresses and payment) then PM me ya..
Hi ET,

If need to trouble you and you don't get any benefits, then no point. Thanks for your very kind offer.

Maybe we can consolidate our orders and try to get bulk discount instead?
hi all, i am planning to start washing my bb clothes end of June. 2nd time mummies can you enlighten me on some things

1) do i wash ALL of the babies stuff at least once? how about pillow? i got some with no casing kind ( cartoon pillows), can we wipe with damp cloth w bb detergent?

2) how about the waterproof lining under cot sheet to prevent leak, that needs to be washed too?

3) can i use dryer? or better to sun? bb clothes, sheet, pillows etc?

4) cloth diapers ( traditional kind), need to wash more than once? cos modern diapers should wash at least 3 to 5 times before use

also, i am looking for diaper fasteners ( not the pin kind), does anyone know where i can get it? i cant find in OG on my last visit!
nikki: u seeing ur gynae at gleneagles? my gf wan go gleneagles. can recommend ur gynae?

ET: TIA n sorry to trouble u =) hehe =)

sweetestmoments: i called n check liaos. those interested in ordering they are able to give the offer for buy 10 get 1 free. if per mummy orders min. of 30boxes. thats all. full stop. no more special liao. =( all memeber ships non transferrable. unless like what ET mentioned we dun wan customize bb photo n names than we can use her member =)

chocz: current promo is $400 u get 20% off.. no other promos tagged eg: no buy 10 get 1 etc.. only one offer buy $400 20% off. =)

i just called this 2 only.
ling: pillow i do wash for my #1 cos i use dryer. i dun tink use bb detergent wipe is ok leh. cos u must wipe alot alot times to remove all detergent. waterproof lining wash with water will do lor, than sun dry? some prefer to sun (kill germs nice smell etc.), dryer (will shrink?), bb stuffs normally i hang at rack to room dry. diapers wise i not too sure =) i keep a look out for ur fasteners for u
Hazel: Thanks for the consolidation of the DryMama order. Hope to hear good news from you from our bulk purchase.

Ling: Are you looking for something like a triangular fasteners for the cloth diaper? I saw it at Mothercare but its very expensive. I went Kitty Palace to check out but can't find it.
Rykiel, i am ok, as long as you provide me with the relevant details and payment, postman job is fine for me.. Just PM/FB me when u wanna order..
For me, even the comforter, bumper and pillows all go into the washer. But I put them in the laundry net first. I'm also washing the soft toys this way as well. But I do not use dryer just put them to dry like normal laundry.

For waterproof lining, I handwash cos afraid the waterproof part may give way if machine wash.
You can just wash the traditional cloth diaper once cos the material is thin. Just soak a while so absorption will be betta.

For my #1, mostly I use disposable diaper and standby some traditional cloth diaper.
But this time I bought a washable cloth diaper with those inserts to try out.

Anakku has the diapers fasteners, cheaper to get in Malaysia but you can get it online at Kidzloft.

I'm seeing Dr Lee Keen Whye Tel: 6471 1233 at Gleneagles. Fatherly gynae and appointments are rather on time.
Tanny: to use washable nursing pads up to individual preference. I throw all mine into the wadhing machine and trust it can do a good job because i want to save money and do my bit for the environment by not using disposable. The j n j head to toe i just went to my bb class last sat they taught the non rinse kind, put a few drops into a whole tub then bath bb like that no need rinse one.

Ling: if those pillows cannot throw in washing machine one don use detergent to wipe down cos u might not know can get ride of the detergent or not. If can get those steamer that prodice steam to clean these non machine washable stuff. Stuff wash le if can put to sun cos sun can kill bacteria but note the washing labels, latex stuff like pillow n mattress don do well under heat.
Thanks Love and Clim.

Clim : Klorane - did you try it out? Wondering good to use? I have oily hair so dunno if my hair tahan the dry shampoo a not.

Tks Niki. I also bot some traditional cloth nappies - pureen brand. so got to buy those safety pins (or is it diaper fastener? my mom say got a kind of diaper pants can wear after u put on the cloth diapers. im quite blur cos v first time mum... whats trangular fastener? i attend wbb class previously and seems that no need to, just fold fold tightly will do.

Btw when is the Dry Mama list closing?
hi Tanny,

you need a waterproof nappy cover outside the nappy so that your mattress will not get wet. Hence, just tie the nappy around the baby and then the nappy cover will hold it in place, no need fastener.
Hi All mummy to be,

im a quiet reader, 1st time mummy to be also.
hope im not too late to join u ladies.

Need some advice:
Any reviews on Bum Diaper or anyone use before for their bb?
HI, I am having my second baby this round. Due 7 aug but should be early with elective C-Sect.

For hospital bag, there really isn't much to bring for baby except the set of clothes baby wears home. I was at KKH the first round and will be at TMC this time.

KKH did not give me a baby bag but provided almost everything including a bag of diapers.

I did not wear any home clothes while at hospital too cos I was on C-Sect. You can choose to wear hospital garment if you are ok with that. It is a nursing top already.

For diapers, i was using prefolds from Autumnz for close to a year. It was pretty useful just that you got to keep washing.
Am planning to use them this round as well.

To check, is sheng shiong having promotion for Pampers brand diaper?
i've got the medela nipple cream. need to wash off before bb can latch?

rykiel, sashamama and yanlin: which maid agency you girls went to?
anyone has recommended maid agencies?
anyone used tommy tippee breast pads before? is it good? saw kiddy palace selling buy 2 get 1 free for $21.80 (36 pcs in one box).. worth it to buy?
ivy, from what i understand and what i did the last round, you do not need to wash off medela nipple cream.

I had applied for a maid from JPB agency. it was recommended by a fren who got a good maid. Mine has yet to arrive in SIN. so don't know if I will be lucky.
I have a brand new set of Medela Swing single electric breastpump in original US packaging/unopen for sale.

I am selling the following in bundle at only S$300:

1. Medela Swing single electric pump
2. Brand new 100% cotton Breastfeeding blanket (Brown color)

Will throw in a box of new/unopen Playtex standard Pre-Sterilized Disposable Liners 8oz/236ml (125pcs) for fast deal. (Worth $24.90)
It is very good for storage of breastmilk and is easy to use.

Total original price up to S$412.00

Self-collect at Tiong Bahru/Tanjong Pagar mrt station.

Interested parties, pls send me an email at [email protected]

P/S: Picture is available too. Thanks
chocz: current promo is $400 u get 20% off.. no other promos tagged eg: no buy 10 get 1 etc.. only one offer buy $400 20% off. =)

--> wahhh then can order le .. darn i have hope can both offer but then think if usual 500 got 10% off and 1 box free per 10 box .. which is better? 20% of 10%+ 1 free box ? .. i think
Ivy, I use medela nipple cream for me #1. I don't quite like it cos very sticky and oily. Though don't have to clean before latch but I find it uncomfortable to hv bb consuming the cream.. So i'll clean with nipple wipe than latch..
Actually up to individual to use the fasteners or safety pins.
Both work as well, some are just afraid the safety pins may accidently prick the bb.
Like what your mum suggests, Kiddy Palace has those velcro waterproof diaper pants.
But I find a little "plasticky" and not so breathable.
I'll be trying out those washable diaper pants with inserts(similar to BUM).

Hi mummies,
Just back from my check up for the 32wk scan. Get to c my bb face to face today. The sonograhper so good that she actually do a 3D scan for my bb and she even print out a ultrasound scan of my bb face. But didn't charge me extra.
Another 2 months time will be seeing bb face to face so excited.

Just brought one can of klorane dry shapoo, they are having 20% off so cost $11 plus. Not sure if good or not.