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Anne : milk powder may be cheaper but for the first 6 months our breast milk is the best.. our breast milk contains antibodies which is required for the babies and help us slim down faster..which in turn will be cheaper than u go slimming centres.. haha thats the other way to look at it.
@All mummies-Anyone getting the BRAUN thermomter spree? the price seems okie compare to wat i see in kiddy palace.

Also anyone of you start packing the hospi bag?
jojo: No diff, just that white are made for asian ppl cos they survey say ang mo prefer black (outer layer) or more striking colors and asians prefer white or lighter colors.

Ling: It might be exp but if she's good then it's money well spend. Besides food, u need to get her clothes and daily necessities.

JC: yes, I'm looking to bf to help with slimming down, along with exercise (hope can resume jogging after 1st mth). Gain more weight than I like now T_T
Star : i try not to stress about the weight now.. Though my "nice" family member once again says that wont be able to slim down after pregnancy because she did not. WAHAHAHA... Post natal massage is also important cos it removes the excess water and wind... and will also help on engorgement.

TBU > I am nagging my hubby to start packing and he will do it by 1st week of july. Meanwhile i have done up the hospital list and doing check list and putting those documents that we need in a envelope and putting all the emergency number on it so that he wont be in a lost.. Main thing is he must remember u! as in dun run into the cab/cat with the luggage (we are going to pull a luggage there) without u in the cab/car. haha!

We are not driving so we are bringing a luggage and since mount A will give bath tub we wanna be as hands free as possible so stuffing the bath tub into the luggage will make it hands free for us. hehe
Hi mommies 

I have a brand new in box unopened Mustela Stretchmark cream,150ml, expiry dated Feb,2014, willing to let go at $47, which is a more than 20% off from the retail price of $59.90. Collection in the west around Buona Vista/Dover region. If keen, pls PM me.. Thks. 
JC-I aso hve such a NICE family member too. So buay tahan can. So i ignore lor... Luggage???? Dats a lot siaaaa. Oh ya i heard Mt A giving bath tub....
TBU> my hubby may stay with me and anyway the bath tub is quite big so can stuff it in. and besides bath tub i heard there is a bag of samples and the diapers leftover.. so luggage ok la.. wahahha.. i saw ppl pulling luggage also.
Jojo: avent one i use will move around an need to adjust. Drymama one is contour to the breast so it easily cover whole breast. So no need anything else to keep in shape

JC: yes i gg to get postnatal massage too! Prove ur "nice" family member that u can slim down then give her the "u r loser" look! Hahaha. I lazy to pack hospital bag yet, plan to do so latest by mid july ba. I also bring a small luggage which is those vintage kind (great excuse to buy). U mean the hospital will give bath tub?
Anne can advice where the one for one pair promo for the drymama? Cos I go to the link but didn't c the promo mentioned.

Ling that the thermal cooker I was talking abt.

JA, any commend on the thermal cooker? Good to use?
Hazel: it's 2 pairs for the price of 1 with the 15% discount. I can't figure out the free one pair promo...

Can't decide whether to buy.... How much was it selling for at the baby fair anyone has any idea?
Hazel_Nutty: replied your PM.
Hi TBUxoxo, i plan to bring helper and baby to grandma house after 6 months ( i am taking 6 months mat leave). my helper has experience with kids ( but i dont think she does with newborn) so i prefer to have them over at my grandma house. i think i might let her stay home 3 days out of 5 weekdays to clean my house. those days at my granny house when she returns i cant expect her to do clean my house too ( cos i am sure when she is at granny's she will be doing some work)

Meistar, the agency i used is Mdm Sylvia. look for calvin. they used to be under another name which has a very bad rep due to their bukit timah branch, but this one at katong is more sincere and genuine. it is introduced by my gf who has gotten 2 maids from him, both very good.
re: hospital bag

i recalled during the hospital tour at TMC, the staff told us that we do not need to bring anything for baby. if we want, we can bring along a set of clothes which we want our baby to wear when he/she discharge.

here are the info which i have extracted from TMC pre-admission guide:-

What to bring for your stay:
1. Bedroom Slippers (for patients in shared rooms)
2. Cardigan or dressing gowns
3. Maternity brassieres without underwire support (optional)
4. Personal nightgown (front-open type for easier breastfeeding)
5. Polythene bags (for your soiled clothes)
6. Sanitary towels (optional)
7. Socks (optional)
8. Disposable underwear
9. Magazines (optional)
10. CDs (optional)

Basic toiletries throughout your stay will be provided. However, you may also like to bring along your personal clothing, cosmetics or other toiletries for a more comfortable stay.

We will provide the following for your newborn baby:
1. A baby bag
2. Mittens
3. Baby vests
4. Disposable diapers
5. Toiletries
6. Wrapping blanket
7. A box of tissue paper
8. Wet wipes
9. Diaper protective cream
10. Sterile cotton balls
11. Cord spirit

and of cos plus those items that are not this list (refer to sashamama's earlier post) ie. camera, charger etc.

re: bath tub
so far, i think only Mt A gives the bath tub.

re: bank statement
sashamama mentioned about bringing bank statement.. i think that is for Baby Bonus, so the govenment knows which bank account to deposit the $$ into. (2nd or 3rd time mummies, pls correct me if im wrong.)
Jojo: at the fair, it's selling for 29.95 for 2 pairs of normal pads. They actually have a dry mama plus for higher absorbency and that is sold at 49.95 for 2 pairs (up is 59.95)

Loves: humm, i already got a bath tub for bb already think may not take with me, rather i hope they give glass bottles for free.. Hehe

Taking abt bb bonus, hubby colleague whose bb was botn recently say now the money can only strictly be used for bb stuff. Any mummies have any idea?
Anyone knows if the Medela freestyle needs the hands free kit to use without needin to hold on to the pump while pumping milk out? Or without the hands free kit also the suction is strong enough so we don't have to use hands to hold?
Oh I realised the hands free kit is included in the box. I just got mine from beauty loft!
freestyle first charging needs 24hrs!!
Morning mummies !

Good, boil the soup then put in the thermal cooker and when back home the soup is ready to drink

Yes Mt A gives bath tub to every newborn

Wow the washable breast pad is ex, suppose need at least minimum 4 pairs ? Bfeed longer to make the investment worthwhile heheee... Oh yes, don't forget to buy storage bottles too for expressed bmilk, nursing bra too.. Actually Bfeed not easy plus must spend so much money, not sure if really saves more than FM..but now FM keep increasing price as and when they like. When I made FM the very first time for my #1 felt so emo as it's so easy just scoop and dilute in water!
Tanny, I have just call them up. They have white or beige colour. I have check they are open from Monday to Friday 9 - 5pm but not open to public. But the lady told me if we want to go down personally to purchase also can but need to make appointment with them 1st. For online purchase, there no shipment or postal charges regardless how many pairs u order. As for the promo, is either 15% off or u can choose free one pair.

If anyone interested, can let me know cos I plan to go down over the weekend and buy.

Ben Victoria International Pte Ltd

50 Serangoon North Ave 4

#07-12 First Centre

Singapore 555856

Tel: 65-6345 4545
JA thank you for the advice. I will just go ahead and buy. Fun care abt my hb nagging Liao. LOL.... Anyway, I plan to lend my sister the 1.5L one to try out for her kid on porridge cooking. If good, think she will go buy too. LOL....
JA: So funny when you describe making FM for your #1 first time. XD I think in the long run it does save money to bf. Not to mention about the intangible benefits too.

Hazel, jojo: I think can ask the price on the white/beidge ones cos that time at the motherhood fair, the price 29.95 for 2 pairs is only for the white ones, I asked why is that so and the lady said cos it's exclusive for singapore so can give special price. Kinda regret not buying more during the fair but to spend so much at one go also heart pain
Morning mummies...

TBU> My EDD is 17th Aug like that...

Starfantasy > So far I know Mount A is giving the bath tub..

My hubby and I went to the tour so they did say that the bath tub and the remaining diapers will be given to the mummies to bring back.. then they do not give clothings.. i think TMC does.. so for those staying mount A will have to bring your own baby clothing for discharge and also the swadle when discharge.. knowing that bath tub is given, i only buy the anti slip bath mat for the bath tub. haha..

My fren told me there will also be a big bag of samples.. not sure if dragon year still have or not.. so we are bringing the big luggage there.. so that can fit the bath tub in. wahahaha...

Now waiting for 18th where i can see the little one again!
starfantasy > i understand there is 2 parts of the baby bonus.. one is the CDA account and the other one is deposit to the mummy's account one.. for the CDA account is the one you put 6K max government will put another 6K in... u can slowly top up till ur child reaches 7... the CDA account is solely for baby stuffs like injection, childcare, infant care, studies etc. but if let say 12K easily wipe up by injections and childcare/infant care where it is so expensive.

Cash Gift
You will get a cash gift of up to $4,000 each for your 1st and 2nd child and $6,000 each for your 3rd and 4th child. All your children born on or after 17 August 2008 will also enjoy Government contributions in the form of a dollar-for-dollar matching for the amount of savings you contribute to your child’s Child Development Account (CDA). If your child is born before 17 August 2008, he or she will enjoy the Government matching contributions in the CDA if he or she is your second to fourth child.
felt like crying after making the FM and for a while i refuse to make and leave it to my hb..that time i was still partial bfeeding.....
yeah agree with u !! the benefits of the bm our child gets which cannot be measured monetary...seriously i doubt bm is cheaper than FM(despite the frequent increases in price) if u factor in the time and effort spend and not forgetting the sacrifices....

when do we start drinking coconuts, how often and how many ?
Hi Mummies,

Anyone used the hip binder after giving birth? I'm thinking to get it. Wonder whether it is really useful to reduce the hip? Really worry that my hip widened so much this time.
Hi mummies,
The lady tell me the price is the same as stated in the website which mean for 1 pair is $35.95 and 2 pairs is $45.95 that is before the 15% discount. After discount price will be 1 pair for $30.56 and 2 pairs for $39.06 (think this is the normal one) We can also opt for 1 free pair instead. Let me try asking if they can match the expo price. I will get back on this ASAP.
Dear Mummies,

Can I have your order for the dry mama & dry mama plus in order for me to neg for a better deal with the sale lady. As per mentioned by her, she will work with the management to get the best deal for us if we are buying in bulk.

Thank you.
DryMama say they have Full White, Black and beige, black and blue, black and pink and DryMama Plus..which is black and white ..

Now good deal is that they are giving pair of SAME type. So if buy Dry Mama plus, then get 1 pair Drymama Plus... Hmmmm not that bad...

JoJo, The free promo is listed on the left side of the website. It is supposed to be a Promo code. I think it is used when checking out.

"GET1PAIRFREE" Free pair

Hope this helps
TGIF all mummies & babies,

went check up ytd, w32 1.6kg. doc gave me some Progesterone (Utrogestan) pills to eat everynight to minimise contractions. last nite ate it & i woke up cos i cant swallow saliva! so super thirsty! the weather aint no good, got bad headache nw, feeling so hot despite the heavy downpour outside now.

awaiting for my maid to complete all her necessary medical course all, got an est. of her loan it'll be about 2900. so getting a maid costed me 4100. =O... horrifying.

those who've requested to be added to the FB by loves, kindly acknowledge my request b4 i apprv. TIA

I tried using a binder after birth but was so hot and itchy... If you are sleeping in aircon room, maybe it will feel better.
It is black outside and white inside for Drymama plus.. Is that right Starfantasy? All their color all black outside. Only 1 is totally white. If I do not remember wrongly also on what she say.....

Eh.. I think I also saw a totally black normal one too....during the expo
Dear mummies,

Actually, base on the 1 pair free for normal pads (2 pairs) the different in price is abt $0.35 different and free delivery(regardless how many qty you purchase) and for 15% off the different in price is $4.55.

So the 1 pair free sound cheaper. If my calculation is correct.
hazel: I am thinking of getting 1 pair (full white) cos not sure whether got bm.
Hopefully they can match the expo price =)
JC: thanks for the info on bb bonus!

JA: haha... But after everything i'm sure even given another choice u would choose to bf right? So all mummies who strive to bf deserve a pat on the back :D

Rykiel: hormone pills can have nasty side effects. If can try not to take it ba. Ask ur doc can only take if u feel the contractions instead?

Anne: that time i buy the drymama plus, they only have black (white inside) cos white ones cannot come in time. Can ask them if the white is ava now. The totally white one is the normal one.

Hazel: if they can match the expo price, then i want 2 sets of 2 pairs of normal drymama.

Hi , im from the July mummy . Just letting mummy know that if u miss out the expo pampers u can check out Seng Siong. But no NB promo.
My hubby saw a promo at Seng Siong yesterday , pampers for M size 2 for 17.30. 44pcs per pack. I think is even better then the expo fair. He also mention that L size is also gd promo , 17.30 for 2 pack at 38pcs per pack