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thanks yingzz, i went Unity dont have, later lunch time checking Watsons/Guardian. I read that the adult version has more active ingredients and hance may cause skin irritation to baby. Also the BB version got aloe vera so i guess its more soothing too,
rabbitz: baby balsam can be found at all pharmacies and supermarkets. don't worry about your son's diet. so long as he's growing well I think its ok. maybe its the milk he doesn't like?

dolly: my gal loves to eat rice!! For fish and egg she will eat abit only and turn her head away. she loves water too. oh, I stop BF-ing at 9 months cos 1 day she decide not to latch anymore.
i think it's because of the camphor content in the adult version.. so that why not recommended for babies..
FAAA: since your gal decided not to latch then no choice lah
My gal still a very keen latcher, but for the past week she has been refusing ebm. My nanny tried using diff teats, giving non frozen ones. But she still dun wan. Now I've more and more frozen ebm stock up in freezer wonder if I shld stop pumping altogether!
hi mummies

i have been on total BF since day 1.. yesterday i've tried to introduce formula milk to my girl for the very first time but she doesnt like it! what shall i do? should i buy another brand of formula or give her time to adjust to the formula milk? what brand do u all use? i gave her gainIQ
Mummies who use Friso, there is promotion going on. Bring an empty milk tin (step 2 only) of any other brand and get $20 discount voucher off 900g (retail $36 for Step 3). Last weekend was at Jur Pt and Lot1. Interested can keep a lookout on next venue.

I kept all my empty tins of samples and FM. Exchanged a dozen and saved so much!
hi dolly, rabbitz,

thanks! my girl has gotten used to formula now. I give her formula in the day and BF her in the morning and night.. reducing BFing gradually.. cos' cannot suddenly stop BF otherwise will feel engorged.

hope all mummies are doing well so far! my girl is very "talkative" now.. haha.. and she will say "poo poo" whenever she wants to poo poo and we will bring her to the potty to poo.. haha so cute.
my boy can call us, say bye-bye, apple, banana, yes.

they grow up really fast. it felt like recent they were still swaddled and cuddled in our arms. Now my boy can fall asleep on his own bed, toss and turn then hug bolster, last time have to carry and rock.
newbie, yup my boy says 'ýes' and shakes head for no. But doubt he understands, everytime ask him yes or no, he sure to reply yes. Then when he hears our conversations with 'no' he starts to shake his head.

I read from another thread that a mummy says her 1yo gal is already toilet trained. Wears diapers only at night and can hold pee and tells if she wants wee wee or poo poo. E mummy has challenges at CC cos e teachers insist the child be in diapers and she worries the toilet training go in vain. Does toilet training start so young? Usually gals earlier than boys is it?
My gal only mum mum and will try to dig my boobs out when she says that
But she turns her head when dun wan to eat and starts finger pointing
My gal same as dolly's. Still dunno how to talk and will turn her head away if dun want to eat. Very good at finger pointing too.
can i ask how do u keep yr babies still on the chair to eat his porridge? I know its bad habit but i'm using Ipad to play nursery rhymes video to entertain him, i tried toys and books and i sing etc. he still not allow to be fed. only can sit still if watch video. Even milk feeds, he will struggle half bottle dont wat and push it away. Then i play the video, he willing to finish more milk.

I know there hv been articles of how electronic device tend to stimulate babies and kids which is not recommended as it might cause behaviour problems and attention deficit. But i only let him watch during feeding. maybe 15-20min and milk feed, about 2 songs. Hope its not considered prolonged and wont impact much.

Anyone also hv to depend on iphone/ipad (much against our will)?
my boy can't stay still as well. we put him in an excersaucer and gave him toys sometimes to distract him. my helper would "force" into his mouth with the porridge (think parents will find it hard to do this as we are too "soft"). :p I didn't have a helper when i had my 1st son and he hasn't had a mouth of porridge since birth because he just refused to eat.
i use toys to distract my girl during meal time.. no ipad or handphone for me.. still young to use IT gadgets i think.. not good for their eyes i heard. so i try to refrain. sometimes i will just talk to my girl or sing songs to distract her.. but she sits still on the high chair..

i wanna check with those mummies who are still breastfeeding.. how do i stop breastfeeding? i wanna stop... can i go cold turkey? if i develop any lumps and my breasts become hard, will they just naturally and eventually just become soft again somehow? i just need to endure the hardness that's all?
Hi All Mummies,

I am new here. Is there anyone able to add me in the FB group that discuss on babies born in May 2012? I just realized about this forum recently. TIA!
FAAA: High FIVE! ... or high little finger :p

Rabbitz: My gal only sit still for a while, when she is not so hungry she will try to stand on the feeding chair (IKEA ones) No gadget from me yet, not even my 4yo, his daddy and nanny might give him though. But he knows nothing from me... iPhone only for mummy haha

Newbie2012... perhaps Rabbitz can teach u a bit? She had very productive boobs!

The hard lumps might not go away and might cause fever, redness, itchyness ...etc maybe try to pump out?

I'm still breastfeeding and will continue to do so.
For #1 he kinda wean off at 21 mth cos we went overseas holidaying without him.. haha Brought my pump, for 1st day still can get 100ml, 2nd day onwards only 10 ml till end of trip. By the time we are back, my son latch one mouthful and dun wan liao! So no "hard feeling" for me too

Kai Xin: Welcome!
dolly: productive also no use leh, my baby also dun like drink milk.

newbie: Below procedure was i did per my LC's advice to stop BF, successful within a month ---

1) Pump/latch at fixed time schedule everyday ie 9am,1pm,6pm,10pm etc (i stopped latching so i fixed my pump timetable)

2) pump 5min each side only, DO NOT clear yr breast even if its still somewhat full after 5min. DO NOT extend the timeing as yr breast will get false signal to produce milk if u pump longer as if u had demand.

3) Gradually extend the time interval of yr pump schedule, ALSO sticking to 5min each side. I extended 30min then 1hr (after 3-4 days i extend more each time for 3-4 days etc). Then slowly gradually DROP one session in-between and drop another session gradually. THis is based on how u feel, if still very full then do it slowly.

4) Can use cold cabbage but i didnt get engorged so i skipped.

I also took lecithin to prevent blockage since i always had half-filled breast after the pumping. I heard eating pig liver stop milk too and so i ate.
Hi all mommies, i hv 1 large tin mamil gold stage 3 to let go at $58.00. Giant selling $64.90. Expiry 2014. Unopened. Wa me at 96954332. Self collect at sembawang mrt.
yupz there is a FB group.. pm me your FB email / nick.. will need to add u as friend before can add you to the group..
Hi mummies. Just celebrated my boy's first birthday at Nsrcc over the long weekend. So fast 1 year old already. Big boy lost his baby look. Did Disney cars theme as he loves cars. Had cars balloons, cars cake and cupcakes. He keeps saying car nowadays. He can say mama, papa, yeye, nainai, mum mum,car,ball,duck,moo,vroom,boom. He loves swimming and likes it without the float.
Feeding is not really a problem but I turn on babytv to keep him entertained. Outside he can eat without entertainment.
rabbitz: Thanks! That's useful info.

My gal was on milk strike at nanny's place, drinking only 1x90ml per day, to the point I felt like stop pumping... then after a week or so, she back to 3x90ml per day. *phew*

She still continue to be finger pointing queen leh.... dun talk except mum mum (food or milk) But she likes to bath and will go to the bath room when we mention bathing
She will rush into the shower and we got to grab her to undress first.
thanks rabbitz! yes that's useful info.. i've only tried extending the timing.. i didn't know i shouldn't empty my breast.. ok now i know.. my milk production is starting to reduce now.. i feel that my breasts have overworked and now it's time they take a break.. and get my life back to normal haha

phyllis, wow did you enjoy your boy's birthday party? sounds fun! my girl can also say mama, papa, yeye, nainai, ball, duck, bear, etc.. i thought it was because she likes ball alot! now i know it's not because she likes ball and bear.. rather, she just know how to say these simple words for now..

anyone collecting the macdonalds hello kitty? i bought the lion and witch hello kitty for my girl! wanna get the rest of the hello kittys over the next few weeks haha
Yes newbie we did. Had so much fun. Looking at how my boy enjoy himself it's all worth it. He was so excited said yeah several times and raised both his arms during the photo taking session. My boy loves cars! That's his favorite word and he will look for cars to play with. He will also use his finger to point and say car, he will also point you then point to the car or toy if he wants something now. He's telling you to get it for him. Well... Tell me more about the art of finger pointing it's super powerful.
haha your boy so cute Phyllis!! yes, it makes us happy when we see them enjoying themselves! my girl's favourite word as of now is "ball", "bear bear"!! everyday she never fails to say these words.. haha
haha... yeah, having fun with finger pointing!
My gal still latches a LOT at night, and if she's not satisfied she won't sleep. Sometimes she will "eat" my face if I refuse to offer the other side some more...
hello.. btw those who added me to facebook.. pls pm me your nick so that I will add you as friend and then add you into the facebook group.. thanks!
Dear mummies,

I have 3 packs of Brand New Merries diapers (M size, taped) just bought a month ago.

I overstocked so am looking to sell these 3 packs. Selling at $20 per pack (retailing $26.95, 64 pcs). Buy all 3 packs at $57. Please PM me if interested. Self collect at Tampines, Bedok, Tanjong Pagar or Suntec (or can arrange to meet if near these areas).

Hi mummies, like to ask for your babies 1 year old birthday, do you celebrate before or after the birthday ( if it falls on a weekday)? Any taboo or rules to follow. ? ? Tks
mstan: Hopefully by now your gal no longer fall easily. Actually I thought knee pad is more for crawling!

Jan: If your elders didn't say anything then just dun care about it lah
Hi Mummies,
Not sure if u encountered this, below is my recent experience.

My baby recently 2 weeks ago vomit his feed of porridge either immediately after finishing one bowl or within 30min. The volume is a lot, almost everything he ate. Then I stopped giving porridge and replaced with milk and cereal. Got better. Then give him porridge and throw up again. Back to milk and cereal. Latest was last night dinner's porridge.

So this morning I brought him to a PD near my mum place (first visit). The doc says its not stomach bug or virus as he didn't have fever or throw up milk. Only throw up porridge. He suggested is rejection of the porridge. I am clueless as it is the same recipe he's been eating all the while (pork with pumpkin, carrots, huai shan etc). Then doc say he got bored of the food and so reject it. Then nvm, ytd dinner was new flavour using lotus root and red dates soup to cook porridge and baby loves it, but also throw up. Doc was speechless and jus say babies btw 1-1.5yrs is like that, have a period of 'rejecting certain food'. I am puzzled why baby will self-induce to vomit the porridge meh? Baby is ok and never struggle when feeding etc and he reason being rejecting food dun sound convincing. Any mummy can share similar experience?

I got a liquid medicine for vomit called Motillium (myself I take it for stomach cramp n wind lor) and with consultant is over $80! So lame diagnosis.

Any mummy can recommend good PD around Jurong? I visited KidsLink Jurong (opposite Chinese garden). My usual PD is Thomson PD Centre but its too far from my mum place. So I randomly googled a PD.
Hi mummies. Shashan here. My boy is 13 months old, I have some problems and needs help....

Firstly, I introduce solid food since 6 months, tried whatever food and methods, but till now he still doesn't willing to take porridge, he's willing to try every new food, except his baby food....

Secondly, he has block and running nose for almost a month, seen 3 PD, all the medication not effective... Have to use sea water spray to clear his nose, but very heart pain to see him suffer...

Any mummies encounter same problem and have suggestion?
Hmmm... Strange! My gal of 14mth also vomit porridge, my nanny just told me she recently started that as well. But at home, only when agitated (like when I disappear for a while) then she cry till vomit.
Hi Rabbitz
i use Anne's bb & child clinic for both my kids. You may want to try.

Anne'S Baby & Child Clinic , business profile and articles about products and services. Hub; ... Address: 214 Jurong East St 21 #01-433, 600214, Singapore Tel: 65667216

Maybe for porridge, you keep the ingredients as simple as possible and try to see if your bb vomits again. Like just fish and carrot / pork and spinach.

Shashan, my first boy doesn't take porridge at all; tried all methods and nope he doesn't want and will vomit. my 2nd boy takes porridge quite well. Can't explain this either..
Hi CK,

When researched on Anne's clinic, I read some parents feedback she likes to prescribe antibiotics so I chose kidslink. U have any feedback on the doc?
Hi Rabbitz
yes, she does use anitbiotics and she will prescribe if my child doesn't recover from 1st visit. Just that my child does recover after treatment so I have to trust her in some ways.
Hi all,
Haven't been logging in for a while. Hope all r well.
Reading how mummies facing problems feeding, i have my share too.
My boy hasn't been eating these days he eats only fruits and will spit out e food i fed him. He used to take porridge but not any more. I tried giving him noodles and different types of food but he will still take them out of his mouths using his hands. It's really very messy when he's feeding.
I found out he loves egg yoke n now he eats about 2 eggs a day.
He's gonna be a picky eater n i dunnoe what to do to help.
my boy still doesn't want to chew his food. I still have to blend his porridge or cook till very watery. He just swallow. Those baby puffs and biscuits which I bought quite lot previously, he doesn't want to eat anymore, he will suck and spit out.
Hi Rabbitz,
My boy does the same when he doesn't want anymore. He stopped eating the puff and biscuit. I still have left quite a few for puff. bought too many too. He loves yogis though.
rabbitz: U want to try rice with soup? My girl also don't like porridge now. mee sua also don't like. only want to eat plain white rice. if I mix fish inside she spits it out. milk also drink very little. she is so different from my #1 who ate very well since he started solids.
oh can give mee suah, hmm I shall try. My boy eats only abt 3/4 bowl, is it too little? I see my fren son who's 3months older than our babies eating 2 bowls!