(2012/05) May 2012

Hello! Thought I'd start the ball rolling for MTB May 2012.

I tested 2 days ago on DPO13 and got a veeerrry faint positive. Tested again yesterday and today and the lines got a little darker. AF not due till tomorrow though so keeping fingers crossed that this is IT!

Olivia: congrat to be the first MTB May 2012
babypom: you also tested positive right? have you been to the gynae yet? i remember you saying you scared gynae scold you for not waiting another month to TTC?

but you very fertile hor! =)
I super ks tested 4 times!!! haaa intend to go gynae in 4 weeks time. By then shld be week 8 can see something ba...He want to scold me also bo bian liao let's hope this time will be a sticky bb

I read after MC usually is more fertile so quite true lor hehe

How about you? Visiting any gynae soon?
You only going gynae in 8 weeks ah? No need to go earlier to confirm HcG levels or see if need to take any medication to stabilise pregnancy etc?

I am totally clueless as this will be my first baby. I actually made a gynae appointment next monday liao. Too fast?
No worries you can visit gynae anytime now to confirm your pregnancy. He/she will probably do a Vscan to check for sac/embryo and will prescribe folic acid or vit. You may not see much now as is still early and likely ask u to go back for another scan in 2 weeks time.

My gynae only see from week 8 onward.
Hi Olivia & Babypom, good to see that this group has started!
My LMP was 29 July, not so sure about DPO, perhaps 15? I'll be seeing my gynae on 12th Sept.
It's going to be my first as well!
I had 2 m/c, one about six years back, and another one last year. I believe that this one will be safe and strong, in Jesus' name, by His grace.
Feeling hungrier than normal already, think i'm really eating more than usual, but I didn't think the increased food intake would start so fast, and so much! heh.
Hi rosegal: congrat and let's hope this one will b a sticky bb! Enjoy eating b4 MS kick in if any hehe
Hi babypom, I don't have severe MS. Once in a while feel like throwing up, but even when I am full, I won't throw up.. it's strange, like the throwing up has nothing to do with the food.. anyways, it's quite mild i think, the ms.. it's more like i have this perpetual 'lump' in the throat? And a lot of gas/ burping and less bowel movement, heh. I am the sort that appreciates these mild symptoms cos it sort of assures me that i'm pregnant. though i know i shouldn't be relying on symptoms heh.
I do wish I have more MS as a double insurance that bb is growing well too so far feeling more sleepy and breast sore

Which gynae you going to?

Nevertheless let's think positive and be a happy mum to be!
Oh 1 more suggestion to look for pants.
I ever went to UNIQLO, bought a skinny jeans, they have pants type too, with elastic waist, no zip and I wear it throughout my pregnancy.
welcome rosegal! at least you girls have some symptoms, my only symptom is very bad skin breakout, like the worst ever! and enlarged boobs. I actually feel more energetic even.

i am going to my gynae coming monday, just to confirm my pregnancy and get a peace of mind that things are progessing as they should.
Babypom: I've actually been seeing Dr LC Cheng at Thomson after 1st m/c. Before that was Dr Yvonne Chan, also at Thomson. Because of previous complications, I am seeking a second opinion with Dr John Tee at KK.
A good friend encouraged me to see him early as mine is considered a high risk preg. (2 previous m/c plus going 34 already)
So I will still see Dr Cheng on 12 sept, but managed to get an appt for Dr John Tee tmw..
Just to speak to him.. not sure if scans are possible, barely 6 wks only, but just to maybe ask him a few questions... cos Dr John Tee is a specialist in high risk pregnancies..

How about you? which gynae are you seeing?

Olivia - I have enlarged boobs too! Wow - feeling more energetic is great ya, just be careful and don't strain yourself with too much work, right?

Happy weekend everyone, and let's keep one another posted on our first gynae visits!
rosegal: my previous gynae is Ben Tham @ TMC too.

My last pregnancy can detect hb at 5w4d or 6d, so you maybe able to see the fickle on screen

Please update your visit with John Tee. I think I shld consider myself as super high risk preg also haha (1 mc + past 40)
Babypom, is this your first child then? Or you have older children?

Yes, I will keep you updated after my visit tmw. Hopefully like you say, can see a flicker on the screen.

So your previous gynae is Ben Tham? I read from the posts here that he's quite good? So are you continuing to see him? If not, who will you be seeing?
Yes this will be my 1st

He is nice. very comfortable with him. Very likely gg back to see him soon.

Look forward to your update tmrw.

PS. our LMP is only diff by 1 day hehe
Hey Babypom, that's nice, so your LMP is 28 July or 30 July?
Just had a v full dinner... v tired now... think i'm going to sleep soon... but first, shall think of the questions i need to ask Dr Tee tmw...
Good nite ladies!
Hi Babypom,

Just to give an update as promised

Prof Tee was v nice! I'm so glad I went for the consultation.

Upon going in, his first question was if it was my first pregnancy, so I briefly told him about my previous m/c s.
Then he made a comment about my first m/c, basically saying that the other doc's diagnosis may not be right. I thought that was interesting info.

Then he proceeded to ask he when my LMP was, and when i said 29 July, he said it's still v early, may not see anything on scan. He said it's 5 weeks. Nevertheless, he still gave me one, and i THANK GOD really that he didn't do a transvaginal scan. He gave me the belly scan instead. So much better! (I hate transvaginal scans and can't help having this niggling feeling that it might affect the foetus, though i'm sure it's prob rubbish thinking) But anyways at first he thought he wouldn't be able to see anything, but later on, spotted the sac. So we saw this 0.6cm weeny little thing that he called the sac. He asked me to come back next week to scan again, and actually didn't charge me for the scan this time round, only for consultation.

Then the nurses gave me some routine blood pressure & urine tests.
All in all, it was a great visit. I didn't have to wait for hours like in TMC, it was my turn in about half an hr!

Question I have: Now that we are 36 days (for you Babypom, 37 days) past LMP, are we considered 5 weeks 1 day & 2 day pregnant? Or are we into the 6th weeks 1st & 2nd day of our pregnancies?
How to call it?? I'm a bit confused...
<font color="0000ff">hi rosegal, can i just ask, why didnt continue to see yvonne chan? is she not good? my frn recommended her to me.. but i didnt go n see...</font>
Wow rosegal, isn't exciting to be able to see the sac tdy? You have ruled out ectopic at least. Prof Tee sound good and experience

We are both week5 plus into our pregnancies. You can d/l app to keep track if you using iPhone

Are you gg back next week again? What is the damage tdy?
Hi missycandy, I didn't continue to see Dr Yvonne Chan partly cos I didn't have a fantastic experience with her. She's not bad for me, just not outstanding. I felt she could have handled patient's emotions a little better.

1) When I dilated prematurely at 16 weeks, she said i had to go for stitching immediately, and I was crying my eyes out cos it was not expected, but she didn't do very much to console or assure me. I wouldn't say she didn't try, she just wasn't successful in her attempt. I was really in shock and very scared because of the sudden need for surgery.
2) Immediately after my m/c, I was quite hungry &amp; decided to take some bee hoon soup from the hosp. Her first comment when she saw me while doing rounds at the hosp was, "Wow, at least you can eat, that's not bad, so you are quite ok. I know of some patients who feel so bad they can't take any food after the incident." I mean, was I supposed to feel happy about that?? I don't know, but I just felt it wasn't exactly the most sensitive thing to say...
3) She was not exactly very generous with her mcs. At that time when I was spotting at wk 12, she was not v willing to let me rest at home after she diagnosed that things were well enough. It leads me to think if things would've been any different if I was given strict bed rest..
4) Her nurses were not v gd when it came to calming me down. I had v bad phobia of the probe. ie transvaginal scan. The nurses at that time kept forcing me to open my legs to let Dr Chan do the scan. I felt all the more nervous and anxious when they used brute force.

Ultimately, Dr LC Cheng did a fantastic job in calming me down during the scan. Somehow his movement seems smoother so I don't feel as much pain/ discomfort. Maybe cos he is able to make me relax/ distract me the moment he inserts the probe. So I feel much better.

That's about all the reasons why I didn't continue with her, upon reflection.
I wouldn't say she's bad/ not professional. In fact, I think she's the methodical/ by the boook sort of doctor. But just don't think she suits me...

She diagnosed my 16 wk m/c to be either cos of placenta previa or incompetent cervix. But today Prof Tee said that he thinks it's unlikely it's incompetent cervix cos usually it doesn't happen so early.. So .... I really don't know but there's a diff in opinion there already...

Babypom - yes, at least ruled out ectopic heh. And yes, it was a comfort to see something, rather than nothing :D Hubby seemed v pleased too so i'm glad about that.

As for the app, yes, i'm using iphone. Which app is it?

I'm going back on the 12th... I might still go to DR LC cheng for first consultation (had booked for him earlier on &amp; not sure..) Anyways it's the same date, on the 12th, and hubby had taken leave... not sure... see how it goes..

As for damage today, first consultation is $91. Plus urine and blood pressure tests, folic acid plus he prescribed me some progesterone, it's about $110.

When is your first consultation?
Rosegal: you can try baby bump, my pregnancy today, pregnancy tracker and many more if you do a search under pregnancy

The charge is pretty reasonable. I recalled my 1st consultation cost me more than $150

I have fear about this pregnancy as I lost my last one at week6+ so till I pass this stage, then I will go for my 1st consultation.
Babypom - I understand totally how it feels. Same here.. I think I will only really heave a sigh of relief when I see the baby born, and then again, that's when the fear only begins!! Hahahah
Hi girls, I just came back from my gynae appointment. Also 5 weeks so too early to see anything, supposed to go back end of 6th week.

My gynae asked me to take Duphaston. I asked if that's necessary, she say just be kiasu abit. Do you girls know what that's for and really need to take?
<font color="0000ff">hey rosegal, thanks for sharing... think i wldnt like such insensitive gynaes as well.. feel sad that some doctors seem to have lost their sense of empathy. sigh.

anyway, all the best for yr current pregnancy!! May you be blessed with a smooth sailing pregnancy and healthy bouncy baby!!
Hi Olivia, thanks for the update. Yep, guess it's a bit too early. I'm going back too in mid wk 6. Don't worry about Duphaston. It's just a 'an tai' medicine, for the hormones to strengthen the womb. I think it's a gd to have. By the way, when is your EDD?

Missycandy- you're most welcome.
And thank you for the well wishes! Hope so too! Are you a May 2012 mother to be as well?
<font color="0000ff">been ttcing for 1 yr le. still no news. hee. but will continue to ttc!!! *grabs some bb dust* hee!
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hi Olivia,

Duphaston is meant to stabilise your early pregn. No harm in taking it... I had it too during my 5th week as Im was gg to Seoul and my gyne prescribed for me.

Everything goes well during the days at Seoul (even at neg deg weather)
Thanks rosegal and Evelyn for the assurance about Duphaston. I got a bit worried because I did a quick google on it and got some conflicting information. But I guess I will follow the doctor's orders and eat dutifully. =)

missy candy: good luck and that BFP will be yours soon!

Evelyn: are you also a May 2010 MTB?

rosegal: my EDD 10 May based on those online computation. =p yours?
Hi happy mummies to be
hope to join u here..

Duphaston is a type of progesterone too. its supposed to help support pregnancy. I took progesterone for my previous pregnancy but still had to lose the baby

babydust to all of u n missycandy! (and some for myself too) :p
anyone knows how mt alvernia does the scanning during the first visit? is it tummy scan?
i just arranged my first appointment with the gynae for next week. no idea how the first visit will be like..anxious!
Visited my gynae last minute today due to some spotting started last evening. Did Vscan and detect the sac. Prescribed Duphaston + progynova + jab (another 2 more jabs to go). Doc is doing all he can to support this pregnancy and the rest is in God's hand liao

Keep my finger cross till my next appt on 15 Sep.

Sadsad: me also lost my baby despite taking duphaston sigh

newbie: usually for 1st visit, they will do ultrascan to confirm the pregnancy, urine test, blood pressure test are to be expect. Tummyscan or not depends whether sac can be seen. If not, will proceed with vscan.
babypom>> my sympathies! how big was it then? I lost mine at almost 4 months. lets wish all our babies the strength to grow big n strong this time round
Wow, this thread is beginning to move fast!

Babypom: Pls take good care and relax ya? Are you working? If so, pls take extra care, and take things as slow as possible. Pray that your beanie will be extra sticky. Rest well ya? We will all be hoping &amp; keeping our fingers crossed tog with you

Sadsad: it happened to me as well previously..

newbie : congrats! are you a may 2012 mtb too? sorry I have no idea about mount alvernia..
one gd thing to do always is to have perhaps a list ready/ some questions ready, if you have any, to ask the doc before you step in, so you can at least come out with your questions/ doubts answered.

sadsad, are you a may2012 mtb too?

Olivia, mine EDD is 5th May based on those online computations.. I'm just guessing yours is a first pregnancy too?

missycandy: hang in there in hope, it will come!
Rosegal : I am not working. Pray hard all our beanies are super sticky this time!

Sadsad: around 6 weeks plus
wow happened to so many of us recently?
can i ask how long after the D&amp;C did u manage to conceive again?
now i'm like super paranoid...
really worried sth will happen again... hai
sadsad, for me it happened late last year. I opted not to do D&amp;C cos the doc gave me that option. i conceived just last month, so I guess it took about 8-9 months.
Nah, let's try to relax and stay happy &amp; calm for our beanie ya?

Btw, anyone feels super relaxed or even like slightly on a high after eating those progesterone pills? Last time I ate it, it was duphaston and I didn't really have any feeling. This time, I'm given Utragestron? (another type, also progesterone), and after taking it i feel like so relaxed, like you know, how you feel after taking some wine? It's a nice feeling heh

I sleep so well after that when I wake up after some time my bladder's like so full!!
rosegal: i took the duphaston pills last night and this morning when i woke up, i had a feeling my enlarged breasts subsided a little. my bbt still high, but cannot help but be paranoid.

i have no other pregnancy symptoms other than enlarged breasts and skin outbreak, so i feel very scared that my sole symptoms subsiding means impending MC. =(
olivia> me too! no other symptoms...

rosegal>> haha so funny... i din get that experience from the progesterone pills though mine is another name start with g... mabbe u wanna check with ur gynea?
Good morning ladies. Sorry to hear so many m/c... hopefully all babies will pull through this time..

I think I'm into my week 5. Test positive last sat, and immediately went to the gynae. Did a tummy scan, and spotted the gestational sac. Into 5 weeks, then we'll see the york sac. Here's a good site to follow through:


Already I'm feeling weak, sick, blotted, tired, super low appetite.. sigh.. dragging to get out of bed every morning! Furthermore, with a toddler running around, asking me to play, etc. So super tired.
Olivia - keep calm &amp; relaxed ya? Don't know why, but I also feel my enlarged breasts subsided a little. I guess for diff pple the symptoms come &amp; go, it's all diff. Don't worry too much about it ya? Some pple don't even feel anything ..

sadsad - heh, perhaps i'll ask if i remember... anyway I think one of the effects of progesterone is it relaxes your digestive muscles, that's why maybe we have so much gas/ takes us longer to move bowels... anyone has this? Anyway, just that for me, the pills seem to relax my whole body!

KRC - welcome! and thx for the site. wow - how old is your toddler?
olivia &amp; sadsad: maybe still early? heard MS will hit peak toward week 8-10 or we r the lucky lot who won't hv haha

rosegal: feeling high? nice leh can sleep better hehe

krc: welcome and congrat! yr MS so jialat liao... poor thing. Are you SAHM?
Rosegal: thanks for the advice!

i'm 5 wks plus. so shd be may 2012 mtb too!
today not much appetite for lunch but will still try to eat to keep body healthy

I was feeling quite energetic yesterday... dunno why all of a sudden, I'm so tired today! I hardly have the energy to cook dinner... yikes.

I've been sleeping practically the entire day!