(2012/05) May 2012

My boy also.

Need to be carried and pat to sleep. And also he like t choose the person he want, cant tahan him. If he dont wan will start to cry.

I booked aloha chalet to celebrate hs bday. Dont wan to do at home cos too many pple liao
Hi all mummies,

I haven't been reading and staying updated with all that is happening here..Took time to read some of the recent pages tho..hope all of you and your babies have been well!

My boy is 9 mths 3 weeks and he is about 9.2kg. Poor him just recovered from HFMD (unluckily!) which really pained my heart coz his infection is pretty bad..now he is still having the spots all over his arms and legs thou he is certified by PD to have recovered. He has been going to infant care for about 3 mths now..I have switched to part time and takes of him myself on 2 weekdays...

Really tiring without any help, and i dunno if he is really active bcoz he is a boy! He crawls very fast, stands and tries to walk but he is abit afraid to release his hands off support.. I changed his milk recently bcoz he has not drinking well and not finishing his milk..everytime throw away very wasteful and I worry for his nutrition. So changed to Similac 2..much better, surprisingly..now drinking 180ml 4-5times a day. He eats 2 snacks, one morning and one late aftern and 2 porridge...

The thing that is worrying me now is he doesnt sleep well. used to sleep well at night until his HFMD, now he wakes up often in the night and we are quite tired from it..hopefully he will resume his sound sleep soon..

I am also giving him Childlife probiotics for his immune system hoping he will not fall sick so easilt aftet gng infant care.. but i want to bring him to eu yan sheng too to let sinseh see what they can give to strengthen his body..


can add me to the FB group too? my email is [email protected].. Thanks..
Hi littedotty,
My boy also waste a lot of milk. I ever wondered if he was intolerant or allergic to cows milk but my PD keeps saying no since he doesn't have those common symptoms like vomiting milk, crying non stop, ezema etc. u switched to the normal simila or similac comfort?
Hi Yingzz, I added you on FB

Rabbitz: I change to the normal Similac 2, now he feeds a lot better.. I tasted the milk, actually does taste better than Mamil Gold, but sweeter.
littledotty: similac seems thicker and creamier too. Price wise its also a lot more exp than mamil. 1.6kg mamil cost $58 and 1.8kg Similac cost $80!
Yes man!! Rabbitz, you are absolutely right! But my son drinks it really well, as in he will always finish his milk now..so no choice..
Mummies, are u all feeding chicken porridge? My mum tells me her fren says baby better not eat chicken cos it causes cough. But baby eats say 1 meal chicken porridge alternate days or so should be ok right? Not everyday or every meal. Is chicken so terrible? Then can only use pork, everyday same taste lor
Hi Rabbitz ,
I have heard that from ppl that when we r coughing dun eat chicken but I dun usually follow. My baby book do have chicken recipe so I dun see any problem feeding them chicken.
I have not fed my boy pork yet. But his porridge is cooked with chicken bone stock. I tried feeding him chicken and he didn't like it so I stopped giving him. I do feed him fish in his porridge. He likes it. I usually steam the fish then chop it fine. The only problem with fish is that it turns fishy too quick.
Any mummy feeding fish or any tips to share? TIA
Rabbitz: why choose chicken porridge leh?
Anyway mine is usually on fish or pork porridge.

My gal still on breast milk, and she feeds at night very often!!!
Wondering should I start to reduce pumping twice a day to once a day? And if I do so, will I need to be careful about my weight again?
My TRA program update: Lost further 2kg since the progran ended in nov. Now total 11kg since end August
chicken breast porridge quite tasty. Fish my baby doesnt like.

I gained 2 kg after stopped BF
and i was 1kg lighter than pre-preggy weight after my confinement till i reduce pumping frequency weight up 1kg then another 2kg after stop BF totally. Last weeks i thrown my freezer full of out-dated BM (since oct 12), too heart pain to count and ask maid to throw when i'm not looking. But i guess easily 70 packs.. Boo Hoo.
rabbitz: Shd have used the breast milk to bathe or soak your feet. Supposed to be really good.

I feed my gal fish, pork and beef porridge.

Do you mummies cook the porridge once a day for the 2 meals? My maid uses the slow cooker and cook once a day only so sometimes the spinach will turn yellowish.
Apple .. Cant add u as friend.. Check ur pm

Faaa >> my mum used slow cooker.. Wat she do is cook veg separately just before feeding..
Rabbitz: Aiyoh... 70 packs of milk! Like FAAA said, can bath in or wash your feet! Sure very smooth

Gaining 1 kg after preggie is very little lah! I gained more than 10 kg! Luckily managed to lose them.

My gal take a few little bowls of combi size. She is an eager eater though, feed until she almost vomit then stop
My baby takes 1 full bowl of porridge (Chinese rice bowl) for lunch and dinner and approx. 300ml of milk per 24 hours.

Her weight 9.28kg and 73cm.
FAAA: wow, my gal weighed 7.9kg and 72cm

My baby is a vain gal! She likes to kiss the mirror! Today she even kissed the floor cos got her reflection!
Dolly: your gal really very vain leh! I tot my gal was vain cos she like to look in the mirror.

But my gal don't sleep well at night. Will wake up 2-3 times but not to feed. Like frightened by nightmare like that
Wow, so many vain babies!

My gal wakes at night many times too, I tried to wean her off the night feed, but she will just cry non stop. So just feed her to sleep again and again
May i know if shaving baby's hair really helps to accelerate growth and thicker hair? I havent shaved my boy's hair and seems everyone is asking why not? Already botak, shave then take longer to grow right?
Rabbitz: My cousin baby has little hair, she shaved her hair twice, look like a bit more but very the hair very hard and spikey leh
i brought baby to swim over weekend, he loves it. The baby round float i bot at forum here was very good, below got a detachable seat and its very secure.

Still thinking about 1st birthday. Any recommendations of chinese restaurant with private room?
My baby have an eye infection since last Thursday. Went bk to pd for review today and was told if it does not clear up by Thursday, he will refer us to an eye specialist.
Hi rabbitz, I also dunno how my gal get eye infection. Maybe because she sucks her thumb and then rub her eyes or she could have got it from her brother. My elder son had a little red eye for 1 day.

U need to bind your tummy. The flabbiness will nt go away.
FAAA, u can buy the pigeon wipes to keep wiping his hands to keep clean too. Oh maybe its spread from the bro cos red eye can spread if hands contaminated touch eyes, nose, mouth.

I duno why after stop BF tummy bloat really bad, my tummy was almost flat during my intensive BF career, flatter than pre-preggy. So happy that time. Now i worry take MRT get offered a seat. So sad. I used to wear binder pants but gives me tummy cramp cos too tight. So now thinking of eating slimming products as short-cut.

Oh the BP in this forum is actually herbalife, anyone tried? Its quite popular right? Q100 also see selling. Apparently it has several products other than the milk shake.
hi mummies! i havent posted for quite a while. glad to be able to chat here again

i'm also planning for my girl's 1 year birthday party! first time.. still not used to the preparation.. it will be at my house. And i havent done anything yet! i know i need to order her birthday cake, cater food, prepare goodie bags, buy new dress for birthday party for my girl, deco my place, etc...

what are you all doing for your bb's 1st year birthday party?

oh ya my girl currently got mild bronchitis. poor thing to see her cough badly with phelgm.. now eating antibiotics. hopefully antibiotics can cure otherwise doc say may have to use inhaler which i dread that!
now that my girl is turning 1 year old, im thinking of trying for another kid. anyone with the same thought? then my girl will have companion.. and i dun wan the age gap to be too wide..
Hi newbie2012!

Just to share, i've done most planning for my girl's bd. Venue will be at chalet as my hse is not big to accomodate so many ppl, buffet will be from NeoGarden (we love the food!!) & cake will be cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes.

Deco wise, i've bought party supplies from Party City via online bulk purchase from this forum. The party pack items has also been ordered thus i'm more or less ready to go. Now only needed to print my own cake topper to put on the cupcakes.

Thankfully i'm still clearing my maternity leave thus got time to plan all these
hi zp1503! thanks for sharing!

i am also going to cater buffet from neogarden! and thinking of getting twelve cupcakes! haha
u r printing your own cake topper to put on the cupcakes? what is that? i thought the "deco" by twelve cupcakes already v nice? hehe sorry i dunno much abt it.. can share more details abt the cake topper thingy?

my hse also not big.. so im going to split the guests.. relatives for lunch and friends for dinner.. which means i need to buy 2 birthday cakes/cupcakes & cater for both lunch and dinner..

i plan to get the party stuff from bugis+ that area.. heard got 2 shops selling party stuff.. going to check out probably over the weekend.. cos' im working, can't do much during weekdays.

did u say u r still clearing ur maternity leave? wow.. i cleared mine 1 shot.. long time ago.. ur company still allow u to clear now? so good..

i really enjoy motherhood! my girl grows so fast! must really capture every moment with our babies now..
btw, what are you mummies putting into the goodie bags for birthday party? I'm thinking of getting non-edible stuff (eg. party stuff) so that i can pack them earlier
Hi hi zp1503

Have u tried the buffet from Neo Garden. I am also thinking of ordering from there.

At frist thought of ordering cupcakes from thet Twelve cupcakes. But, I have about 60 guests. The cupcakes may not be enough
Hi newbie2012,
Yes, the cupcake topping on it are very nice but I intend to print my own flag to make it more personalised. I've got the template made online for us$5, I can share t3he website if u want.

I went back to office earlier at 2 months thus now clearing the rest before end May
also needed to clear my own untouched
annual leave of 25 days. by end jun too.

Hi Ruhee,
We had always liked the food from NeoGarden . I've got about 60 guest too and I ordered 100 PCs of the cupcakes. Think should be enough

U got 100pcs from twelve cupcakes? Wow that's alot!
Does this mean that you are not going to buy a birthday cake?

I've also tried NeoGarden before and I liked it
Yup, no cake, it's gonna be all cupcakes. Not so messy, no need to cut those fondant cake which will cost me the same few hundred dollars and not nice.

I did the same for my boy's first bd too and it's great!
hi zp1503, i love Twelve Cupcakes. They are really good!

i've ordered birthday cake for my girl from Pine's Garden.. so ex!!

hi rabbitz,

yup, i give my girl cereal from Healthy Times until now.. except now she got bronchitis so only giving porridge until she recovers then switch back to cereal
Hi newbie2012,
How much did u pay for the cake and how many can it feed? Imy sis did asked me to buy from Pines Garden but didn't like what they had.

My girl is having porridge 2 times a day with vegetable, minced meat and fish. She likes it!
Does your babies fuss when it comes to feeding? At meal time i have to let my boy watch Ipad BabyTv videos or entertain him by running around him then will open mouth. He is still having basic poek/chicken porridge with pumpkin or egg yoke. Doesnt like fish or textures. He will spit out!
Hi zp1503, I paid $112 for the birthday cake at Pines Garden. I bought 2 cakes! I didn't know so ex until I paid. This is the first time buying from Pines Garden. Not sure if the cake taste alright. Have you tried the cake before? Is it nice?

I give my girl fish porridge, pork, chicken, carrot, potato, broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, apple, pear, banana, etc. gotta distract her with toys while feeding. But she sits on the high chair. We don't let her move around (she cannot walk yet). And we don't encourage watching tv or iPad cos heard not good for the eyes cos' still less than 1 year old?

Now can eat egg yolk or eggs already?? I kindda forgets when to let the child try eggs...hee
My girl sits on the high chair for eating & she does not watch TV even though we had it on. However she likes to "talk" when eating.

$112 for 2 cakes its ok, i thought it would be like $200+ per cake. My sis loves the cake there, especially their Lychee Martini Cake (but obviously you can't order that!!!)
Did you managed to get those party supplies from the Bugis area?
I've just ordered the balloons from Freesia Birthday Services. Think that should be it