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hi apple..

your account is a store? do you have a personal account? i cant add a page to a group.. also our facebook group dont allow selling..
Hi zp1503, it's $112 per cake. I paid $224 for 2 cakes
but it's 2-tier. Oh I got 1 of them the lychee martini flavour. It was recommended by them so I chose that :p the adults will eat that hehe

My girl ate egg yolk already.. Going to start egg white soon after she fully recovers from her bronchitis.

Btw anyone knows if Augmentin antibiotic is safe to take while breastfeeding? I'm taking it now and I've been on full BF since Day 1. My girl hasn't tried formula before.. Not sure if it's ok to take the antibiotic but since it was prescribed by my doc I guess it shd be fine to take ba. Anyone taken Augmentin before?
wow to pay $200+ for cake is a lot, do u have a photo of the cake to share?

As long as u did inform yr doc that u are BF, the med prescribed should be ok. Well done, u can continue BF for so long.
Hi rabbitz, not $200+ for a cake. $112 for 1 cake. My girl's birthday party will have 2 different groups of peOple. So I ordered 2 different cakes and celebrate 2 times within the same day. At the moment I don't have a photo of the cake cos' I haven't collected it. Going to collect on her birthday celebration. I just pre-order and paid first.

For BF, I try my best to BF while I still got milk. It's instant, no preparation needed. When my girl wants to drink, I just latch and she doesn't need to wait. Save $$ save preparation time :p I've gotten used to it by now so it's ok. Just that I will start introducing formula to my girl after she's 1 year old (which is soon!)
hi zp1503, haha thanks! enjoying motherhood so far? i am enjoying it! im a working mum.. so everyday i always look forward to seeing my girl after work! can't wait to go home everyday to spend time with her hehe..
Hi mummies. Haven't log in here for a long while. Wow time really flies! Our bbs are turning 1 year soon. I'm also planning which cake and caterer to get. Did Neo gardens for my boy's baby shower. His 1st year birthday party will be at national service resort & country club, I booked it when he's 5/6 months old.
For pine gardens cake yes the lychee martini is very nice! Newbie did you have to head down to the shop to place the order? I browsed through their website and Facebook not much 3d design to choose from. Did you order online? I'm thinking of doing either a 2 tier or 3d kind of cake.
As for the caterer I'm still looking around. Any other suggestion besides Neo gardens?
For decor I found kids party store online, anybody bought ballons from them?
hi phyllis!! looks like you are into online shopping alot! haha.. i've never tried online shopping so can't share much abt the kids party store online..
i've already placed my order with neo garden.. used neo garden for my girl's baby shower too.. not bad so decided to use them again.. i don't have any other suggestions for caterer..
i ordered my cakes from pine gardens by going down to the shop personally.. they had 2 books for children cakes.. i ordered 2-tier cakes.. hello kitty design (cos' mine is a girl girl hehe).. alot of the cake designs look v nice.. and there are plenty of choices.. didnt check out their website and facebook so not sure if the choices online were the same as the ones i saw in the books provided at the store.. u may want to check out the store personally.. definitely can choose many designs!
where is national service resort & country club? wow u booked it so early! but i guess it must be popular.. so gotta book early.. smart move! mine will be at my place so no need to book hahaha.. tried to book safra but was fully booked on saturdays..
Hi phyllis! I'm very into NeoGarden thus can't really commment much on other caterers as it never fails to satisfy our taste buds (also my relatives ones!!)
Pine Garden website does not have much choice & I didn't know that they have 2 booklets of choices... should have went down to take a look... but i'm happy with Twelve Cupcakes

I've ordered from Kidsz Party before for my friend's baby shower & its good, banner was nicely done!
Hi newbie2012, this is my second child thus has been enjoying since 2008. But i must say having the second one really takes up most of my time... And i'm so guilty against my elder boy as most of my attention will be on my girl while i tends to leave him on his own till my girl goes to sleep.

I'm still trying to juggle with 2 kids on my own most of the time as my hubby returns home from work quite late and he travels alot, i have no maid & after work will fetch the kids back home.
Actually coming to a year, i havent felt fully adjusted to my first child. I cant manage him alone, maybe he is v active. Havent quite settled down although its already been a year! Those planning for second kid with 2 years'gap have to plan to conceive this year and deliver in 2014. I cant imaging how other ladies cope. I haven even got over the pregnancy and delivery difficulties and being a new mum. Cannot imagine myself preggy again.

Am i alone or anyone else also feel the same manner...?
Hi rabbitz, I have the exact feelings as you. So I might be stopping at one. As I already 33yrs old. I don't think I will have the same energy when I take care for the second one like the first one which I have. As my boy is v active. Sometimes give me headache to discipline him.
Wow! Suddenly so much postings! Was in Hk w my 2 kids, it's tougher then work!! Cos my hubby din go w me and my parents both quite old liao. It got better at the end of the 3rd week when my hubby came to fetch us back

My gal started to walk while she's there. And she can't wait to climb some more!
Was hoping to wean her off the night feed, but it's really tough so I gave up. Right now still breastfeeding wo fm. But has dropped to one pump a day

For bday cake we went to get from bangawan solo, free delivery w $150 n above. Also cater from neo garden, there's promo for 1st year bday, 10% off +5% for member

Rabbitz, wanna try the TRA program which i went through last year? Till now after 6 mth still no rebound despite reduce in breastfeeding.
Newbie just doing some reviews checks online.
Likely to go for their balloon package (thanks for the affirmation Zp. i need to find a nice photo now). Cake wise, it's between pine gardens or cake avenue. Patissier cakes are so exquisite but it's pricy, 400+ onwards. Caterer might be choosing One paradise.
Nsrcc is at 10 changi coast walk. Yes I booked early. 2013 holidays still not out then only got to know recently that Fri is Vesak day so it's a long weekend. Need to start inviting friends now. I booked a bungalow that's near the swimming pool and play ground so my guest's kids will have some form of entertainment.
Rabbitz, this is also my first child. Baby boy also. So far so good for me I'm really enjoying my time with him and kind of adjusted our lifestyle. Hubby travels quite a fair bit, I have learnt to handle my boy myself. I've a maid but I don't allow her to touch my boy. Regarding number 2 I share the same sentiments. We wanted a 2/3 year gap but with number 1 it's pretty handful. Every month his progress is different and I'm enjoying and learning every single day. Can't imagine number 2 coming and neglecting my boy a single bit. My pregnancy is great as well! Not much discomfort no morning sickness also. But had 1 bout of eczema outbreak on my feet. Prepared for natural but ended up with c sect as my boy was too eager to come out and he ended up poo pooing. After the surgery it was painful but it's all worth it!
Shirley I'm 32 but would like to have 2 kids. A baby gal hopefully
I agree with mummies that a few years gap is good as my boy & girl has a gap of 4 years as second one wasn't planned. Actually we starting trying again for a second one when my boy was 2 but no avail & as we were going to just give up, second one came along.

With such a big gap, my boy does helps me quite a far bit with his baby sister & he adores her!!
Dolly, TRA is the herbal life products right? It's quite expensive, about $200-300 for a month supply. So I just ordered this soy meal relacement thingy online to take for dinners (since herbal life also is SOY). Hopefully will help and its much cheaper. Nowadays i cut rice altogether, dinner jus take soup. Initially aways have to take oats or milo before bedtime cos feel hungry, but after a week, my tummy adjusted and i am ok.
hi phyllis, is One Paradise good? if so, maybe i can try them next time..
wow bungalow sounds good.. im sure it will be fun with the swimming pool and playground!
i also hope to have a second kid.. baby boy if can hehe.. cos i got a girl already. i also enjoyed my pregnancy.. and enjoy looking after my girl.. i got a maid and im working so i look after at night and weekends
One Paradiase i ever ordered their CNY reunion dinner delivery. The food were spoilt (soured pen cai). I didnt had good impression of them nor will consider to order from them again.
Rabbitz: TRA is not herbal life

It's a 3 mths program and target internal fat lose thru health supplements, can eat normal food throughout. Not only my weight reduced, I got bonus! My cholesterol level was high for past 4 years and finally lowered back to normal. I can pm if u interested to know more
Dolly, u mean jus by eating the supplements (pills? or shake?) can loose weight? i dont have time for exercise though. I also ordered this supplement (acaiberry + greentea) where reviews say can loose weight without exercise. Havent tried, hope its true.
Newbie I've not tried one paradise catering before but I like seafood paradise at ion and paradise inn so thought their catering should be good. Hm... Rabbitz seems like you have a bad experience with them. Sour pen cai denefitely don't sound good. Did they do any customer service recovery?
a few colleagues ordered from them and all received soured food. They compensated food vouchers but it totally ruined our reunion dinner. Delivery came 2hours late and food all spoilt. I do not trust them for catering. Food seems to be cooked e day before etc and turn sour due to poor storage. But agree that their Paradize Group restaurants are quite good. Too bad catering is food from their central kitchen somewhere else.
Hi mummies,

Ur kids birthday coming soon.. interested to do customize candies?? U can what app me at 98251515 (Yan Yan) for more information.. Thank you
Wow, my gal 1st birthday party just over! *phew*
Ruhee and zp, thanks for the suggestion! We got the 12 cupcakes for our guests. We bought 36 pieces for 50 guests and ard 20 children, still got 6 pieces left before we do the cake cutting. And a lot of people talk about that cosamy heard of it but never try.

Neo garden: remember to get some bread to dip the curry!
Fried yutiao is salty. The tempura prawn so so. Pumpkin rice is oily so left more than half behind. The bee hoon was nice though, so are the vegetables and of course the curry.
We went for another bday party the next day, overall neo is still better.

Rabbitz: sorry was busy w my gal bday party!
Yeah, just by taking the TRA and of course need to follow some basic rules like avoid oily or deep fried stuff. Can drink as much water as u wish cos this program target fat lost not water. This program slims u down by building more muscle while reducing fat so will look and feel more tone up.
My cholesterol level is back to good range after 4 years of high
Dolly, can u PM me on how much is the TRA 3mth program and what are the products in the standard package? Where did u buy it from?
Mummies, our babies are due for MMRV (this include chicken pox). I recently read some 'horror' feedback in some thread that some babies react quite badly and develop high fever for few days, loss of appetite etc. Some even admitted to hospital cos kena viral infection (duno related or not). I am so worried and wanted to postpone this jab till later say 15-18mth but my PD says if delay then all subsequent jabs have to delay accordingly.

Anyone got any feeback?
Anyone can share where they ordered birthday cakes and roughly how much they cost for 2kg or so? Got a quote from cake avenue but it seems so expensive.
rabbitz: Don't worry about the MMRV. Most babies get high fever about 1 week after the jab. My #1 too. But its ok
Mummies, just take it that babies will more or less develop fever after every jab. There's not much choice because their bodies got to "fight" to develop immunity.

For my case, cos baby still breastfeeding, I will latch as much as I can cos she perspire so much the fever come down very fast.
Lost that easy way out when my #1 stop latching

yumii: I just take from B Solo, $45/kg or $50/kg depends on fillings. They do delivery too. However, one thing we learnt is the cake is very huge and might not fit into fridge (we ordered a 3kg Minnie cake). If left outside too long, the cake will not taste nice. So best still to take ourselves not long before the function unless the fridge is big.

Rabbitz: sorry forgot to inform u that I've PMed u on the TRA program, PM usually end up in junk box.
Need to get more information to see if indeed need to take it
hehe, my opinion, if just want to lose 1 or 2 kg then probably just stop snacking/eating junk will do.
For my case I was very overweight, 73kg at 162cm, had high cholesterol, and got family history of diebetes lost and heart problem. It had become necessary to find a safe and effective way to reduce weight
dolly, i want to lose 3kg. Perhaps u are right i shld just cut junk and fast food

Experienced mummy, is it true that babies can eat table food after they turned 1? What's good for a start? Bread/cakes? Any good suggestions?
yummii, hi hi
I seldom pop up here.
I got mine with Pine Garden 2kg, 2 tier $127 with delivery.
Figurine self provide de.
The cake was ok for me and my guest. not very fab but good enough.
Happy birthday to all May babies!!!

Rabbitz: yes! Cut the junk food and stop snacking. Of course is harder without help from supplement to curb craving, and doing all the necessary thing to "convert" fat back to muscle.
But mine is really a huge lose of 9kg ( and counting to 12kg now) as compared to ur 3kg
Nevertheless, if u stay near sengkang, just drop by to step on the fat analyzer. For all u know, u might not even need to lose weight!
rabbitz: my gal has been joining us at the dinner table for the past few months. Last time I give her cheese, bread and her biscuits but recently I started giving her bits of fish and rice. She loves it though she has only 2 teeth! Sometimes I give cakes too
FAAA: so fun! every one at the dinning table! My gal only joins us if we dine out and on the high chair. Otherwise she roams around while we eat at home.

Just discover my gal loves water! She has been cranky at night and would suck me dry, I offer her the mag mag bottle and she can finish half of it very quickly!

However, she started to refuse my ebm at nanny place for the past few days. Dunno why

My boy gor runny nose, refuse to eat
lost weight, see already so heart pain. Already skinny now even more. Will try vicks rub on his soles. Didnt manage to get the Baby Vicks ytd. Will hunt for it today.

Very depressed. Since birth, been struggling with his feeding. Duno why he doesnt like milk or eat but has tonnes of energy. Very thin, very heart pain.