A maid educator turned predator


Yes, some maids were cheated but do they deserve our sympathy? Could be their body or money cheated but who should bear the blame? Employers? Why not FDW 100% responsible for all her actions?

Did your employer force you to find man?

Did your employer tie you up and force you to board the plane to work in Spore? Maids can't stand loneliness or separation from their loved ones should be their own fault! Maids made the decision to work in Spore as FDWs - maids chose the best route to make more money.

If maid can't work diligently as a FDW for at least 2 years, use excuse that she is lonely and need love, at the expense of your employer, is this fair? FDWs, please stay in your home country and find as much love as you want there. Why disguise yourself as maid and work here? Yes, you miss your family and sex life but weren't these considered before you decide to work as FDW? You are not a child or brainless person when you stepped into your home country agency.

Maids in below case, you asked for it and deserved punishment 老天有 眼, 人在做天在看, 报应! Finding Love or Sex is not the right method to show or prove you're a human being/woman and be respected. There are many better ways to 'cure your loneliness'.

Why stoop so low? Using men to show your values and self-worth, then bring miseries to your employers? Is this what a responsible and person with dignity does?

Did man who set up Facebook maid support group do it for sex? The New Paper, 10 Aug 2014

A man who started a support group for troubled maids on Facebook is now accused of using it to have sex with them. At least four maids claimed they had sex with him and posted about it on the group's Facebook wall.

One of them, Filipina Angel Yash Reynoso, 29, even claimed he made her pregnant and then insisted she go for an abortion. Instead, she decided to return to the Philippines, where she gave birth to the baby boy in February.

The Facebook group, known as "SHEG. MAID Jobs Singapore, No Fee/Deduction - For Employers & Maids", was started in December 2012 by someone who calls himself Mahal Jat on the social media site.

SHEG stands for Secular Humanitarian Egalitarian Group.

The group purportedly serves to "espouse the cause of furthering the rights" of foreign domestic workers here. It has more than 86,000 members and the creator often posts about maids' issues at work and also useful information such as Manpower Ministry and migrant worker groups helplines.

Maids would share work-related problems and other members would comment.

Sometimes, they post links to articles on issues concerning maids.
However, in May this year, Miss Angel posted on the group's wall, saying that the man is the father of her child. A few others, who claimed to have had sex with him, soon followed. These posts were removed from the Facebook page almost immediately and those who posted were blocked from the group, said Miss Angel. Maids who claimed to fall for Mr "Mahal's" sweet-talking told TNP that he told them he was married to a Singaporean, but is divorced with a nine-year-old son.

According to the maids, he is a 42-year-old permanent resident here who holds Australian citizenship and lives in a condominium at Paya Lebar.

His LinkedIn account indicates that he has a doctorate in business administration. When TNP contacted Mr "Mahal", he called these allegations mere rumours started by "trouble-makers", but declined to say more. He initially agreed to meet TNP for an interview, but changed his mind and has been uncontactable since.

TNP also spoke to Mr "Mahal's" friend, Mr Johare Mohamed, who showed us a Facebook conversation he claims he had with Mr "Mahal" regarding the maids' allegations. Mr "Mahal" allegedly wrote: "If women throw themselves at me and ask for date, and I tell them I cannot marry, cannot give long term relationship, and they willingly want to date despite zero promises and me making everything clear up front, then it's casual date only. "I do not chase women. If they throw themselves at me, even if I make clear I have nothing to give, then no one has right to make gossip or use wrong words, brother."

The reply shocked and upset Mr Johare, 37, a security officer, who has lodged a police report against Mr "Mahal". The security officer had joined the group half a year ago as he agreed with the cause Mr "Mahal" championed - maids' rights. Said Mr Johare: "He's a leader of the group, yet he did these things behind everyone's back."

Mr Johare met with Mr Jolovan Wham, the executive director of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home). He and his wife, who wanted to be known only as Jenny, showed Mr Wham screengrabs of his conversation with Mr "Mahal", as well as the police report that Mr Johare had lodged against him. They found out from Mr Wham that he had already been approached by Mr "Mahal" about the allegations.

Said Madam Jenny: "He (Mr Wham) told me to just make noise on the Facebook page and tell the other foreign domestic workers to be more aware."

Miss Angel Yash Reynoso received a Facebook friend request from "Mahal Jat" in February last year. After chatting online for two months, he asked to meet the 29-year-old.

"When I tested positive, I was so shocked. I told him about it, but he asked me to take Cytotec." Cytotec induces a miscarriage. "I felt so hurt. I did not want to abort the baby. I'd rather die than to do that," she told TNP. What hurt her even more was the way he denied being the father of her baby, she added.

She had held him in high regard because of his advocacy of foreign domestic worker rights in the Facebook group. She showed TNP screengrabs of a text message exchange that she claimed took place between Mr "Mahal" and her friend who confronted him. He had said: "I told you already I don't have anything to do with her and her unwanted child. Don't invent similarities with me." In hindsight, she felt she should have been more cautious. She said: "I will not trust any guy easily anymore. It's just sweet talk."

He comforted me, then we had sex in tent

When she had sex with him for the first time in a tent at Pasir Ris Park, she did it because she was in love. But two months on, she realised that she was just one of several women in Mr "Mahal Jat's" life. The Indonesian maid, who wanted to be known only as Carrie, first became Facebook friends with him last October, shortly after joining the Facebook group. "At that time, I was depressed because my then-boyfriend was cheating on me. I felt very comfortable with "Mahal" as he would always comfort me when I was down," the 29-year-old told The New Paper.

After a month, they met up for the first time.

She was smitten, but steered clear of him after that because "he had many girlfriends". Miss Carrie said she held Mr "Mahal" in high regard because she thought he was related to migrant worker group Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home), convinced by the Home-related information he posted, and a photo he put online of him and a Home staff member.

The pair met again in May, after she broke up with her then-boyfriend.

"We decided to meet at Pasir Ris Park because we both like the beach. He brought a tent along. He told me he had checked the weather forecast, which said it would rain. "At that time, I thought it was for protection (from the rain). I didn't think much about it," Miss Carrie said. They had sex in the tent that day. "I thought he really loved me, after we did it," said Miss Carrie.

But she started receiving Facebook messages from different members saying that Mr "Mahal" has been telling them they are sexy. "When I found out, I got jealous and confronted him," she said. But, she claimed, he called her vulgar names and accused her of using him. "He told me he won't let me destroy his name or use his name for popularity. "After that day, I got really fed up. I told myself that I will never contact this man again," she said.

When TNP contacted Mr Jolovan Wham of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home), he declined to comment on Mr "Mahal's" alleged actions as he did not know him, but confirmed that he is not connected to Home. Mr Wham also confirmed that Mr "Mahal" had messaged him on Facebook, saying that there are people spreading rumours about him.

After learning that some maids had given their Facebook passwords and work permit numbers to Mr "Mahal", Mr Wham advised them to be more careful when it comes to giving out their personal information.

Mr "Mahal" had allegedly asked for their passwords so that he could add other maids to the Facebook group. Dr Noorashikin Abdul Rahman, who is on the executive committee of Transient Workers Count Too, said that while the Internet is a good source of knowledge, it could be harmful for those who are less discerning.

Winter: I have extracted quite a number of comments that were find in the page of MJ.
Read my blog.
The identity of MJ is Mahal Jat, a person who claimed to be an Indian expat cum FDW's employer. He is one of the admin for a Facebook group, -“SHEG. Maid Jobs Singapore, No Fee/Deduction – For employers and maids”, in English. I tried to browse SHEG but found a lot of pages were gone (closed). SHEG in Filipino language is still available but I don't understand so unable to translate.

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I have commented somewhere in my blog, MJ behaved like an expat and teaching FDWs the wrong things, eg claiming local employers easily earned S$5000 per month and it is not wrong of FDWs to demand higher salary from us. It is bad that MJ is taking advantage of FDWs who are finding love. FDWs are to be blamed. If you had behaved properly, work as a domestic helper (not somebody holidaying or sex deprived) and doesn't have such enormous craving for man (lonely), would such thing happen?

FDWs find excuses (with the guidance of activists and MOM) to get involved with men in order to satisfy their desire to be loved while working as FDW .... very lonely and depressing to work as maid. When a maid gets pregnant, the man 奸夫/姘头 can choose to disappear and stay totally clean. If a maid has to be repatriated, her employer pays for her air ticket ... suffers the losses, not forgetting additional time needed and new agency fees to recruit a replacement.

MOM hasn't been kind to employers. We were strongly advised to treat maids like human beings, show respect to them, don't restrain them, give them freedom, give weekly off days, etc but when bad things happen, employers have to bear the risks and losses. Why so unfair?

FDWs are grown up, shouldn't maids be held fully responsible for what they did as well as pay employers compensation for their wilfulness or misbehaviour? Maids get to enjoy, have fun at the expense of their unfortunate employers = fair?

Why treat employers like ATM machines, leave us stranded and be bullied?

Maids are not shameful about what they did (according to activist: nothing wrong to find love working as FDW) because MOM/agency/activists educated them wrongly. Look at the pro-maid, pro-source country and pro-agency policies that I've highlighted. Existing policies will not make FDWs learn to be good and responsible helpers.

A Hong Kong employer asked me whether it is possible meet up the FDW's employer support group in Spore, I said no such group or organisation. We are stranded, MOM has no heart to care for us. Activists can't wait to throw stones at us. When employer tried to post details such as FDW's name, work permit, activists get really worked up and claim that is not right. One blogger by the name of Tamarind seemed to have given in and removed her informative blog. Activists are on the maids' side even though modern maids can be really bad... abuser, murderer, etc. Read: New maid capable of doing .... and What Maids Did.
Thanks for sharing, wintersg. I didn't know the situation for employers has become so bad. I would like to know what is the reason that Tamarind's blog was removed, as I read yr posting that it was removed due to her blogging to her maid. Her blog is very informative, and I couldn't find it this year. It is such a pity, I was wondering what happened. Could you please enlighten me? Thanks.
Thanks for sharing, wintersg. I didn't know the situation for employers has become so bad. I would like to know what is the reason that Tamarind's blog was removed, as I read yr posting that it was removed due to her blogging to her maid. Her blog is very informative, and I couldn't find it this year. It is such a pity, I was wondering what happened. Could you please enlighten me? Thanks.

don't know.
was trying to find but found it was gone!