(2010/05) May 2010 mtb

Hi Every mtb!!!

My situation is kinda similiar to Sue...with all the past experience... looking forward to the next check on next tues!!! Super excited. now only able to see a Sac. I am looking forward to hear from my baby next tues!!! ^_^


Hi everyone,

I justed tested positive. Expecting #2. My girl just turned 19 months. Most of our #1s are about the same age.


NICK: bx

BB#: 2

GYNAE: Dr Joycelyn Wong


hi sue, i can relate to ur anxiety...keeping my fingers crossed this time.

let's try to stay happy and positive. as long as hcg keeps going up up up, no MS is a good thing.

I didn't have any ms last time too and everything went smoothly.

deby82, my boy 15kg...last time i mc, i was carrying him in the shopping centre then blood come out.

so this time, everyone forbid me to carry him. i carry him only when i'm sitting down now.

i suppose everyone is made up differently, i've seen preggies carry kids that are like 5 yrs old.

just have to be careful.

ylc, it's great to see bb heartbeat...

very relieved and feels like a miracle even for the 2nd time right?...

simply ecstatic

just to check,

is anyone here getting very out of sorts and hormonal after eating the duphaston/antai yao?

i think i'm suffering from the side effects of daily morning bad mood...so un-me.

Hi bx,

u r with dr joycelyn wong? Have u seen her or manage to secure ur first appt? I called tis mrg n earliest I got was 6th Oct..by then i'll be abt 7 weeks +.


5 weeks can detect bb heartbeat already ah? didnt knoe..wow detecting heartbeat is good..means everything is well...im not sure how is mine cos I had pink spotting this mrg..it was once off..thus now I am still observing, if more spotting then I will try to go down n c gynae immediately. Problem with popular gynaes is that even during emergency, they also may not have the time to see us..haiz..

Im stil veri early ..abt 4 weeks +, hence trying to delay seeing dr cos I knoe at this time, even if scan also cannot see much, and may mk us even more worried...

bbf, carrying our heavy tods realli may cause miscarriages? Due to my spotting, the gp i saw today advise mi to have bedrest n avoid carrying my girl also..

Anyone who is 4 weeks + now already seen a gynae? Can see anyting on the scan?

destiny, did the gp give u some hormone pills like duphaston or uestragon to stabilize pregnancy?

i suppose if the the sac is not sticking well,

carrying heavy things could exert additional stress on the uterus. that's probably why rest / bed rest is recommended during spotting or threatened mc.

do try to rest and not over-exert urself,k? let ur hb do the carrying.

Hi ladies, just reach home.

Had my scan this afternoon. Can see my sac aldy but no heart beat yet... So envy ylc cos she can hear her sac's heart beat. Anyway, my edd is 19 May. Will go back for another scan in 3 Oct. Hope by then everything is ok!

bbf, the gp doesnt carry those pills. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

U are taking them?

How many weeks were u when u went for ur 1st appt?

hi chloie, dun worrie everything is fine..u r just too early into ur pregnancy..

For my last pregnancy, I also went n scan early ard 4-5 weeks, end up also cant see anyting ..onli the sac n mk myself very worried.sommore dr commented sac seems small etc..not growing well..but i stil gv birth to my girl who is kinda huge.

My EDD is 24 May..5 days later than urs. I guess I cant see anyting at this point in time too.

hi mummies! would like to join in here [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

am having my #2.. i got tested positive yesterday.. its was planned.. as i wanted a boy and a june baby.. but guess.. now its gonna be a end may or early june baby [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I have a girl who is 30 months (2 1/2).. am also in march 07 thread[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

hope to know more mummies here.. i have forgotten how to be pregnant already.. hahahha

when do i start taking the mama's milk? and vitamins? wat should i start eating nw? hahaha

hi destiny,

i was wif her for #1. have not make appt yet. was thinking of going on 2 oct as hb is on leave. i guess i wun be able to make it since u said the earliest appt is 6 oct. were u wif her before?


i got them from gynae @ 4/5 weeks.

started at 1 tab twice a day, now reduce to 1 tab daily after 7 week check up.

have to eat them until next apt which is 4 weeks later.


next round u'll surely see something more exciting than the pea. it'll be fun.

hi nanabear! welcome [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

let's do our refresher course together....perhaps can start with the folic acid first ba. is mama's milk good? did u drink b4?

bbf : Thanks [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] oh.. folic acid.. ok i go get some tomolo.. tat one the dosage is eat how many a day since am preg now? mama's milk i drink when i was with my #1.. but i also din not finish a tin.. hahaha.. i hate the taste of it.. even though its chocolate.. hahaah..

i miss my #1 days.. where i just come back .. take a nap first den go out eat dinner.. hahaha.. now i tired also cannot zzz first.. hahaha.. becos got #1.. and #1 super clingy!

oh.. u all have a list hor.. ok let me update mine.. kekeke..

*so thick-skinned*

Child no. #2

gyane : Dr Tracy Lim

hospital : Mt. A

gender TBC

eDD : tBC

Wow! seems like majority of the mummies are expecting their #2!

I'm still considering if i should go back to my gynae. He's very caring and delicate but i think he is pro-c, which is something I am not too keen. However, my #1 was already C-section, thinking maybe i should just stick to C-sect again for #2. Quick and fast! hahaha

I think i should be about 4/5weeks now. still not sure of edd yet too...But will definitely want to deliver in Mt A again cos the nurses there are so warm and nice. I had a good experience there during my #1 [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Wow! seems like majority of the mummies are expecting their #2!

I'm still considering if i should go back to my gynae. He's very caring and delicate but i think he is pro-c, which is something I am not too keen. However, my #1 was already C-section, thinking maybe i should just stick to C-sect again for #2. Quick and fast! hahaha

I think i should be about 4/5weeks now. still not sure of edd yet too...But will definitely want to deliver in Mt A again cos the nurses there are so warm and nice. I had a good experience there during my #1 [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

hi all..

feeling very sick today...cant take mrt also..feel like throwing up so had to drive to work ...keep snacking on fruits and cereal....any medicine to stop the nausea? not throwing up yet though.....

Hi mummies,

today I feel better after taking a Anmmun choco milk before go to work at least i don feel nausea or anything maybe empty stomach results me moody and nausea in the morning.

Congrats to mummies who just tested +ve n let's keep the thread moving.

lilcupcake - can you share with me their room conditon in Mount A kinda of their environment cos my sis says from the web it looks a bit run down but i heard the room space is bigger compare to tmc. Thinking of trying Mount A this time.

bx, nope i wasnt with her for 1st pregnancy..heard lotsa good comments abt her n i nid to find a very caring dr, thus decided to opt for her tis round.

Heard dr caroline khi not bad too, anyone with her?

Hi lilcupcake.. I also had good experience in Mt A.. Yes the nurses there all so caring and lovely.. when I go back there for the clinic.. they still remember and recongise me !

chubby : so must take milk now?

chubby : in 2007, I was upgrade to the 2 bedder.. u dun disturb the other person when ppl comes to visit u.. whereas in TMC.. wah piangz! if u wanna go in and see the new mum that is on the 2nd bed inside.. u sure bound to pass by the 1st bed and causing disturbance.. if the 1st bed got visitors.. den u need to keep saying excuse me.. etc..

Wha this thread is moving so fast!!

So many new mummies..congrats to all

Hello BX *grin grin*

Detiny, I was with Dr Joycelyn Wong too. I will be back with her, seeing her next week for first appt. She is a very nice, cheerful doctor. Only thing is her waiting times are very very long coz she is sooo popular. So for a good doc, think its a trade off.

Deby, heard the bill for RH is very high.

Lil_cupcake..me also..very nua for this pregnancy. Didn't think very much about my no. 2 coz no.1 is still keeping me very occupied! Also coz I haven't see doc yet, so emotionally not so attached to the little baby yet.

Hi hi,

Gongxi to all new MTBs.

I started visiting my gynae when I was 4th/5th week, cos got spotting. Plus I had M/C 2 years back, so more kan cheong. I was given 2 weeks bed rest.

Heng my gynae is good can start the package anytime. I just started my package last week. I have already spent alot before I sign the package ($400+) cos of hormones pills, hormones jects, u/s, consultation. He is good cos i can visit him unlimted times, even normal sickness can see him for MC and medicines. He is very nice to schedule me visiting him once a week cos of my M/C 2 years back. I am in good hands.

Ladies who have spotting, do see your gynae immediately. Don't wait, cos you never know whether is it serious or not, only your gynae can check.

hi nanabear

it's better that u quickly try to buy ur folic acid, cos it's impt that u tk it now esp during early pregnancy. In fact it's recommended to tk even when u r trying to conceive..it prevents neural tube defects. SHld be easily available in unity or guardian pharmacy.

Sweetpea, wow u r lucky to be able to get a much earlier appt than mi.

Stefie2104, may i knoe who is ur gynae?

Everyone hving preggy symptoms..i feel noting special except for a bit of giddiness n fatigue..no mrg sickness so far..mks mi wonder if little bean is doing well inside anot.

Anyone has problem loading SMH today? I cant seem to be able to load the page with success for sooo many times.

Anyway, what a good day to snug under the blanket to sleep..... Felt so tired and sleepy today. Worst after my lunch... So bloated and full and fat... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] But then also feel like an empty stomach. Why huh?

Have not been sleeping well since last week though I feel so tired. And I woke up unusually early too. Not to forget with headaches as well.

Destiny...I booked the appt 2 weeks ago when I first found out :p

At that time they also could give me earliest date which was 2 weeks later (This fri). But anyway I made the appt to be next week instead of this Fri coz can't take leave this week.

Dun worry about lack of symptoms..you are lucky. For my No. I didn't have very much symptoms except occasional bloating and lack of appetite and tiredness.

But this no. 2..aiyo..I can't eat dinner, can't brush teeth coz I will gag, crave only junk food, burp and burp, feel so tired, and throw up twice so far. I didn't throw up for no. 1.

Each pregnancy is different.

Hi ^ Chloie ^ (chloie) and all the mtb here!

is it normal to be waking up early when i am feeling sleepy or feeling sleepy but cant sleep?

Hi Destiny,

He is Dr Adrian Woodworth. He has 2 clinics, one in Sengkang and Chua Choa Kang. His package is very good value for $$$, $550 (Exclude GST) for consultations, U/S, Pregnancy vitamins, Blood test, folic acid (IIRC, you can check with the clinic. But for hormones pills, other medicines and detailed scan have to pay additional.

I don't know can start the package as and when you are comfortable with him. I thought he will ask me to sign up once he thinks I am stable. But the nurse said can start anytime. So I went ahead and sign up the package on my 5th visit. Since I am kan cheong type, anything also have to check with him and need his reassurance. There was once I paid $120 (for U/S and consultation) Cos my dog jumped on my belly). Ha!! Ha!! In the end worries unfound, at least i feel good and Dr Woody still entertain me. He is good Doctor.

He can deliver at TMC, Mt. A and some other private hospitals (Maybe have to check with the nurse) I have decided on Mt A.

I live in Sengkang, but that time I have spotting, kan cheong went to see him in CCK at night. There was once I called him Sunday night at 1130pm when I have some bleedings. He also advice me accordingly. Very very patient gynae. Really prefer him to Dr Heng from East shore.


TGIT! hellos mums to be...

i'm so looking forward to end of thurs, fri and the long weekend ahead [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

have been a bit tired after meals..

knocked out after dinner last nite (seldom take naps), and after lunch when i got back to office (took a 30min nap at my desk)hehe..other than that, no ms..

i oso went for my 3rd hcg blood test during lunchtime today, hopefully the values are doubling .. will know tom

next gynae visit is next sat, so fingers crossed [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

hihis ylc..

thanks so much for checking bout the glucosamine for me [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] ur gynae bill seems pretty reasonable, i always thot the more ex (upmarket) the hospital, the more ex the bill...

oh and oso, sounds so heartwarming, ur gal and u sharing the first moment of seeing bb's heartbeat.. happy for you [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

hihis kcpq ..

hope you see a rock and rolling bean from ur scan next tues ",)

hihis bbf

thanks for the advice.. am hoping for promising hcg results

once again.. tgit!

Hi stefie2104,

I am with Dr Adrian Woodworth too. For my first pregnancy, I can claim back $450 after my delivery. So that mean that all the consultation with him only cost me $100, cheaper than see a GP. However, there are also a few people that do not like him because they feel that he is too chop chop.

I realise that he is getting more popular than the first time I see him. The afternoon time slot was crowded with people the last time I see him.

Do you get more clumsy? I realise that I am very clumsy today. I pour milk onto my fridge and the floor in the morning, and pour half a plate of chicken rice onto myself today. Got a hard time cleaning up because some rice went into my bag.

halo all mommies [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

my LMP was 5th August and since I was late for 2 weeks, I decided to home test myself first. Yesterday went to buy the kit and tested to be positive. Had just made an appointment with my gynae for this saturday.

this is my no 2. My 1st baby boy born in Dec 2008. Remember I have quite bad MS and that I had some bleeding in the beginning part. However, all went well and my baby boy is around 10kg coming to 9th month old.

cross my fingers, till now.. i am still feeling pretty okie. with my bad experience with MS, i'm just waiting for it to hit me.

initially thought I can go on a holiday with hubby this sept, then tested positive, i guess no more holiday with hubby alone le.

just to check with any mommies here, if i am still pumping out breastmilk for my baby boy, do I have to stop? Although my supply not much with 2 pumps daily now, i am not concerned coz i have lot of freeze supply for him still.. just that i am thinking if i have to stop pumping now or not??

bbf, can add me to the list..


Nick: taybaby

BB No: 2

Gynae name: forgotten le... will update after seeing him on sat

Hospital: most prob same as #1 @ ESH


thanks destiny .. Ya.. i managed to buy it.. kekee.. and i fell down during lunch.. so malu.. lucky i catch myself in time.. hahahaaa..

My #1 i also never take folic acid wor.. so actually folic acid must take until when den stop?

Sweetpea, it realli mk sense when ppl say every pregnancy is diff..

Ok, good luck to ur appt with Dr Joycelyn. Have no idea how she looks like hehe..her package is from 20th week, nurse said $738.00 before GST. sumting like that?

1st consultation is $98, scan is $40..

Hi Stefie, so u r with Dr Adrian. He is quite wellknown for his reasonably priced charges. Many mothers r with him. However, heard alot of ppl say he is chop chop like u said, i tink I cannot go to such gynae cos I always got alot of questions n worries. N furthermore I had post-natal depression after I gv birth to my daughter..so I realli nid to find a caring dr this round. my prev dr is also those man of few words..

destiny : my gyane chats a lot too.. at least when i ask questions she tells me in details.. and she shares her own experience too .. u wanna try?

stefie : Dr Adrian Woodworth only charges $550? really? i am a cheapo.. wanna look for something cheap... kekeke.. but his delivery package? is it ex?

nanabear...aiyo! u be careful ok? ur shoes too slippery?

glad u manage to buy ur folic..=) how come ur gynae nvr prescribhe u folic for ur # 1 le? Tot it's a must? I took from few mths trying to conceive till birth .So from today, u rem to tk ur folic daily ok?

This round I also requested Calcium pills from thr GP i saw yest. COs last round, my gynae did not prescribe to mi n i dun drink milk frequently, n imagine i broke 2 of my molars after birth..scary le! So those of u who cannot stomach milk now, better to take some calcium pills.

nanabear ur gynae is female right? hee ..where is she located? if 2 far from mi then maybe abit diff. How much u paid for ur first visit? sorri ah, so many questions .I dun mind to have more recommendations in case I have emergency n nid to see a gynae quickly.

Hi Draik dear,

I find Dr Woody is good in a way will not say unnecessary stuff to worry mommy. His package is the best value for $$$ plus very near my house. Why not, as and when need to see him also no problem. I feel that chop chop is okay for me. Cos I also chop chop kind of person.

Yes leh, his afternoon session alot of people. Normally I will reach there at 12.30pm, so i will be the 1st person.

I also very clumsy now. Keep dropping things on the floor. So i am wear Briks to work more comfortable. Now I am tibits monsters and Hungry hippo. Ha!! Ha!!! Now craving for fish cracker.


I cannot remember my 1st delivery charges lah, but I think is on the average, nothing expensive. Dr Adrian will book a 4 bedded at TMC for you and at the time of delivery, they will upgrade to a 2 bedded for free. I think they are going to increase the delivery charges. Check the gynae thread if you want to find out more.

Actually, Dr Adrian will answer all your question if only you ask them. If you do not ask him, he will ask you any question. If no more, he will see the next patient. I think he need to be chop chop because of the amount of patient waiting outside. I think the waiting time has increase since 4 years ago.

Hi destiny,

Yah, not everyone can stand chop chop Dr. But I find the charges are very reasonable for me. And he really cares for his patients and babies. To me that is very important.

So for me I would rather save on package, the $$$ can be of good use for baby.

Good luck in finding gynae you are comfortable with[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

destiny : hahaa.. happen to have a hole in the road.. damn.. and ppl just stand and watch lor.. idiot..

ya.. i manage to walk all the way to raffles guardian to get it.. haha.. Erm.. i dun remember eating it leh.. really.. but i know i got a lot of iron pills..

i mean for my #1 i did not take folic before conceiving.. keke.. becos its accident.. *shy*

Ya.. must remember.. we remind and support each other ok? keke.. damn it.. i feel so emo for this pregnancy leh..

wah! broke ur molars after birth? how did u do that?? my tummy got funny feeling leh..

i know different pregnancy its different. . my #1 was very very smooth.. no MS nothing.. nothing at all .. *cross fingers* this one the same...


I also stay very near there, like 5 min walk to his clinic. The last time I went there, the counter girls only allow me to register at 1pm, so I went up to the food court to eat first. BIG MISTAKE! I wait for an hour after my lunch when the girls told me 20 to 30 mins. I told my hubby that we have not wait for so long since my boy taken his last injection at the kid clinic. Now, we will have to do the waiting game again.


Hi nanabear,

$588.50 total for package (inlcude GST). Delivery about $1.2K + or something like that. I will get the leaflet tomorrow and update you okay[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] But do note Dr Woody is still using 2D U/S, my baby picture like not very clear like that. So have to bear with small things like that.

My SIL is also pregnant, her package is $1.5K I think without delivery at Gleneagles. Wow very ex hoh. I really giam ka nan (Salty oilve), need to save for baby now.