(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

suika, the food there quite like our side, so not much a issue. but my relative everytime sure cook or order chicken...i eat till very scared now.

The hotel I stay was quite ok. 1 nite only S$40. very worth. the traffic was scary. the vehicle can come in all direction. U seldom see traffic light. gd experience.
ni, bec i planned a 3 days 2 nite trip but then when i reached there to book. alot of things cropped up n MIL dun wan us to go...spoilt everything....initially said go 1 day to village in the end go arnd 3 days to visit so many relative......
suika, no lah. she juz very naughty. up n down no problem only during the flight. furthermore, she tired but juz dun wan to slp
sperzz: ic i thought it's the pressure....lucky my flight oni 45mins...cranky oso not so long :p
that's y i dare not take coach lah....so ex go Genting taking flight...but at least flight they can't throw u off the air like that mah....heehee
sperzz: is it because of the pressure?? u took budgetair rite?? or else can show her cartoon..
she dont take pacifier one rite??

suika: genting very easy de...but drive up sit until backside pain...
go genting by air abit out of the way la...but i guess as u said u got no chouce..
sperzz: give snacks during the flight? toys? i kiasu pack so many things. can save $$ leh, eat at relative house. haha..

suika: den take plane got go genting straight? or arrive at KL airport??
ni: no lah...take to KL then take cab up lor....but time wise alot short....flight 45mins n cab oso abt 45mins
Sperzz, welcome back ! yup, did you give Delia toys + snacks? I also very kiasu, pack alot of toys and tidbits when we took plane to msia last year and journey up to Genting this year. When baby is awake, I stuff his mouth with food, so he shuts up. haha..
ni, I also give her alot of snack in hte plane. but then she was sleepy n become cranky....eat at relative hse, cant save alot....everyday eat chicken until i scared...the chicken not nice at all, but my MIL love it and brought 2 back....
merc...lucky for you that Kyler is a easy baby...guess it's norm for babies to fuss on the plane cos not allowed to walk ard and it's a strange environment for them so might not be used to it....perhaps a possibility that air is abit dry thus causing discomfort...they can be pretty sensitive to sense it...
hopefully Ashley will not create too much trouble when we travel in Jun. We are on a night flight, dun want people to stare at us throughout the flight.
cherryale, Ashley is much more behave gal than Delia. I think shldnt b a problem for her. make sure u got enuff snacks for her
piyo: ya think he still ok on the plane, for him, i gave him snack he also dont want...there definitely no space for him to walk lor..also heng that time he cant walk yet la.
but i cannot guarantee the next time he will sit still...he is like a monkey nowadays...
mercs....all the kiddos this age are the same....cant keep still for more than 1 min basically....not to mention having them seated...totally impossible...worst still for Z...snacks might not work efficiently to keep him still...
kyan can stay seated with snacks, he tam jia! haha, oh yah, mickey mouse clubhouse can keep him seated for a good 45 mins! tv addict. i think their attn span will get even shorter when they reach the terrible 2s!

piyo: planning for a trip with Z??
ni...Z love MMC too but yet still cant keep him seated...he prefer to walk ard and watch as & when he fancy...the only time he can be strapped is in high chair during his meals.
wanted to plan for a short break - road trip to msia b4 sch hol and test out his tolerance to travelling but now monitoring the situation due to H1N1 in msia...
ni, older kids can understand instructions better so tend to be better behaved. Unless, they are really those overly active kids, then I guess at any age it will be a problem.

sperzz, ashley cannot sit still. She only sits on the sofa if there is something nice to watch on tv. Then there will be absolute silence at home for about 30mins cos bro and sis watching cartoons.

am so glad that its friday and I tell myself to get out of office by 6pm. Going to town to buy a present for myself
have been keeping late nights at work, need to reward myself.
<font color="119911">xpink_xuanx</font>,
u are welcome.nice to share infor.
for me elder one, since her birth till now, she has been seeing doc/nurse at polyclinic by appt. ppls said waiting time is long but I dun feel that. haa..maybe I go there early so 'junmp' queue. the most I waited is 10mins. even assessment review are all FOC and those standard compulsory jab needed by MOH are FOC. i only pay for the 6 in one jab. so my sec one only take jab at polyclinic, no rreview assessment bec he is a pre-term bb so got neo-natal doc.

hmm..unique name of yr son- bravier?? I gave my boy frog legs porridge once a mth, think twice already after consuming few days alter I suspected the frog legs porridge is the cause cos he got rashes all over.
afcai : my elder one oso polyclinic. bravier also actually, but now no package anymore at my polyclinic here, so when h1n1 get high risk tat time, i brought my son go private one. now mmr i going to bring him back to polyclinic.

haha i name my son bravier becos brave-vier. Lol!
sperzz: sometimes it could also due to bloated stomach, discomfort in the ears cos they don't know how to release the air that's why some children can fuss alot during flight. Don't say she's naughty lah...she's still so young to know what's going on. Every child is different and unique in their own ways. When they are about 3-4 yrs old, they can then handle better. Also to note that if anyone having flu like symptom, can have very bad blocked ears especially when the aircraft is approaching to land.
<font color="119911">xpink_xuanx</font>,
oic...really unique wor. my fren one is eaxan. also unique.

u have 3 kids, wondering how u cope with them?
cherry sounds like DELICIOUS buy! haha drooling over bags! women just love accessories! hehe... i must aim for one soon too... the euphoria of a new bag haha! actually i m dreaming of shoes... ARGHHHHH....
morning mummies!!!

reporting here at spore airport....hahaha now waiting to board plane liao....hv a nice weekend!!
bbstarlett: cos they are building the new air-con interchange and shopping centre. bear with it. it will be a boom once the jobs are completed.

reporting! those mummies staying in the west, pop by IMM coletee outlet! shoes going at only $5 per pair. found the one that i have been eyeing for a long time, was $30+, now only $5! i bought only 2 pairs for my gal cos i was having a splitting headache, else can buy even more. haha!
just to share with mummies who wanna buy maclaren triumph , tampines 1 got a shop call united kids selling the triumph at $168 only. just saw the flyers.
<font color="119911"> xpink_xuanx</font>,
my hubby wanted no 3. aiyo, I said I needed rest esp after just wean off bf last mth. so tired, already not enu slp and men hor can still enjoy gathering or outing with frenz but not woman who tied down by kid. sigh....

afcai : my #3 is an accident. haha... if not i won't want to have #3 so soon. if you're still young, give yourself few more years first lor. i only intend to have #3 few yrs later. But now, #3 came so soon, i will close factory liao. Unless 10yrs later, i decide to have #4 again den i will open factory. LOL.