(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

good morning ladies,

hope everyone is doing ok! we're busy cos moving house soon within the next month.

Just an update on Zachary, he is doing ok, walking around, climbing and keep pulling things down. Even the stand fan can collapse! sigh! running after him all the time now haha.

Ask you mummies, anyone started their babies on Vitamins yet? I started Zac on vitamin C and cod liver oil. It helps to minimise his flu and cough + asthma attack
Good Morning, Samval.

Where are you shifting to?

haha... so cute, the way you describe Zachary... Caden is oso like that... there was once he almost topple the stand fan, so i ran to his rescue... & kena 1 BIG blue black on my knee.. hee... & there was another time, i dunno what happened oso, my hb asked how come got blood on the floor then i realised my knee was bleeding... guess it was due to kneel-walking with Caden.. haha..

Which brand of cod liver oil are you giving Zac? I m considering giving Caden Nordic Naturals, but hvn't made up my mind to give now or after he turns 2.
morning gelato

moving to the same area, i.e. sengkang, cos didnt wanna disrupt my gals' school lor.

i'm giving zac the normal scotts cod liver oil. think when he turns 2 then will start him on sambucol.

yest while we were having dinner, he wondered to the toilet, stuck his head in the toilet bowl then started using his hands and playing with the water ! yucks.
Samval : oic...

The scotts one is the scotts emulsion rite? Sambucol can be given after 1yo, but i dun intend to give caden at the moment too... wanna let him build up his natural immunity 1st.. but fish oil is good for brain development, so i m tempted to give now... still thinking...

oh gosh, playing with the toilet bowl... haha... it's so funny & yet... hmmm... yucky...hee..

So, how are you coping with 3? planning for #4? ;p
gelato: ya its the scotts one. i tot sambucol can only be given from 2 years onwards? cos read the bottle it says that leh.

coping ok with 3 kids
still can manage. what abt you? #4? err.. would love to, but dont think so
. how about yourself?
Good Monring, Ann.

1 guy colleague juz walked past me, he say i looked different, asked me if i changed my hairstyle... i told him i didn't comb my hair... lol... i think i probably look diff bcos i m a shade darker now... haha...
Samval : 1 always buy the children version - the box says fm 1yo onwards...

I closed shop already.. hee... i'll love to hv another girl - but cannot cope - $ & time no enough...
gelato: i see i see. i got mine from USA. that time Sperzz help me to buy. but its also children's version leh. strange.

sigh! i get what u mean. would love to have more kids also, but $$ no enuff lah. and my hubby old liao 40 plus already then macam no more energy. my mum also say she too tired to help me already. this week my #1 start exam liao and will last all the way till end may then sch holidays.

how's your girl coping in P2 now?
Samval : oic.. maybe different content...

My gal is very free de.. always no homework.. i see her so free, ask her to do assessment, but she not willing... sigh!
Samval, Gelato, there are two version of Sambucol for kids, one can be given from 1 yo onwards, the other one is from 2yo.

I have just registered Ashley for school next yr, not confirmed of a place yet but she is going in under sibling registration so the lady said most likely will get a place. All these school registrations are like a prelude to P1 registration. And it taught me 1 thing,send both kids to the same sch to save the headache so definitely a mixed school for the kids next time.
cherryale : oic.. thanks for clarification, so are both fm different manufacturer?

which sch are you sending Ashley to? What you mentioned abt P1 is true... that's why when my ILs suggested sending my gal to CHIJ near their place, i rejected... i dun want to hv another round of headache for #2... hehe..
gelato, i believe its different manufacturer as the active ingredients in the sambulcol for 2yo onwards is higher. I will switch to that once Ashley turns two.
gelato, i like my kids to go to boys and girls sch respectively but the logistics and registration is something that i do not want to go through. Also, its probably better to send them to a sch that is nearer our homes to reduce travelling time.
cherryale : me too! if possible, i'll send them to boys/girls sch fm sec sch onwards... dun want them to get involved in BGR too early.. hee...
cherry: thanks for the clarification.
how are u? long time never log in so dunno is everyone fine?
great to see our kids growing now huh? agree with u that will have lesser headache if #2 goes to P1, if we settle #1 first.

gelato: very free? your girl in which school? my girl like very stress leh. luckily u never choose CHIJ... my girl in CHIJ, alot of homework, alot of stress.. and she has high expectations for herself. she say must score 90 marks plus and above. anything below that she will feel very lousy.. i told her its ok just take it easy, its not as if she fail. but she cannot accept. so now trying to talk to her lor.

ni: i moving to sengkang area.. still the same, just different area lor. cant wait ! so i can have MIL out of my life... ahhh... after 10 long years!
Samval : my girl is in Fairfield. I wish she is half as deligent as ur gal... when i told her she can do much better than how's she's doing now, she'll tell me how others has done worse than her. I hv been trying very hard to drill into her what is call "responsibility" & the importance of doing our best in whatever we can, but nothing has gotten into her... sigh!
I also just bought my son sup, I thought i read from here that colostrum is good, thus i bought that for my son, should not be a problem right ?
sam, I am doing fine,trying to cut back on time at work..haha, hence on forum
just kidding. wow, your gal is so conscientious, very good, no need to push her at all. Actually reminds of myself when I was in school, I compete with myself to set targets. Doesnt have to be the first in class, but need to meet my own expectations.
cherry: haha ya must cut back on the hours at work. my gal still needs to be pushed at times lor. but sometiems too serious also no good lah. she reminds me of myself too when i was in school. haha

hmm.. where is everyone today ah?
ni, yes I know, but dun think i have time to do another book now. Their 40% promo usually will stretch for a long period..hehe, waiting for the additional 5%
<font color="119911">janjan16</font>,
oh...aiyo...err...do she has the elder siblings?? cos my boy like to copy what his jiejie did.

hmm...u sahm?? anyway, that's why mummies are the great in this world. they can do multi-task where men can't do, right...even the tolerance for things are higher than men (errr..as if women are made up of iron metal wor).

wow, u perm Shyan 's hair??

<font color="119911">dazed</font>
wow, congrats Jiahe for winning the sporty bb contest. we did particapte but my boy just wanted to play with the toy. hmm got lucky draw one meh....Yee Tee side dun have leh...yeah, pei fu shyann cheong two places. but gd that she won the prizes CL. she did not win for the Yee Tee one.

<font color="119911">Samval</font>,
my elder gar on colostrum ansd also chinese herbs (grounded into powder).
yippie! The school just called me, they have a place for Ashley next year
great, I dun have to handle all the registration issues anymore.
ashley: ya...dont worry too much...they be stronger soon (this is what i console myself, LOL)
i drag the hours longer..then i pump lesser...etc..used to pump 300ml, then i pump till 250ml stop..then slowly reduce day by day..
gelato: Latch and pump at night. Used to latch my boy in the middle of night when he cries for milk, but i seriously don't think he is hungry, so i stop latching him in the middle of the night liaoz.
Ashley : how do you cope with it? I mean, if he cries, likelihood is - he wants comfort suck... so how do you reject him leh? use pacifier?
So long never post here! Haven't been coming online regularly except to FB and blog haha! Hope's everyone is doing well! Well done JH for winning the sporty baby!
Wanna check with you mummies hor, when you go to the delivery suite are your children allowed in with you or only your hubby?
gelato, when i weaned off caleb he will whine in the night lor, but they are actually very sleepy so try your best to ignore after a while they will go back to sleep. can let the listen to soft music if they wake up too then try to put them back to sleep again... persevere for a few nights and it should be all good, baby will know that they wont get anything after a while... hths...
Nova I read your blog regularly
hmm, I didn't bring my son into the delivery room, I think he will be scared to see mummy in pain even if the hospital allows. He loves mummy a lot even if I knocked myself he will feel pain on my behalf
afcai: no lah, never perm her hair. haha..that was a bandana with two curly tails stuck to each side. can be found at kiddy palace, currently on promo, abt $8.

me not SAHM.. FTWM. but i always find alot of time to spend with Shyan, especially on weekends, there's only me and her cos my hb works 7 days a week.

shyan is the only child, and she goes to my mum's place in the day where my 2 other older nieces are ard, so she tends to pick up from them. she does not just learn from other kids, she learn from adults too.

super fast lor.. i think their memory now is working at the max efficiency
nova : thanks for the tips! I'll try it out one of these days.

BTW, r u preggy with #2? Congrats! dunno why, i can see your update in FB, but cannot leave comment de....
gelato: at the beginning he will grumble (cry), i ignore, cos i feel he is already 15 months old liaoz, needs to learn to sleep by himself, so i ignore him, turn my back towards him, in a way let him know, no breast for you, haha =P. Now 4 days liaoz, no night feed at all.
nova: my hubby went into both the delivery and Operation Theater with me, haha cos i need an emergency c-sect due to complications. I even asked him how does my stomach looks like from the inside, haha.

Oh, i think baby Caleb cannot ? Anyway will be bloody and everyone rushing here and there, for a little toddler to be there, might be dangerous? Also, your hubby needs to give you the support you need, still need to take care of Caleb, hmmm....would it be tough?
Ashley : wow! wean in 4 days, that's very fast. =) actually i m 2 minded... on 1 hand want to wean him, on the other hand feel so she bu de... cos last kid liao.. no more chance to enjoy this kinda bonding... ;p

Your hb was allowed in the OT? i thot normally they dun allow hb to be present for emergency cases... My hb did not witness all my 3 deliveries, lucky him.. haha..
gelato: yeah i understand, now i stopping breastfeeding also feel sad, but I think our boy needs to learn to be independent?

Now i still cuddle him, just that i only do that when he is asleep.

Yeah, very funny, he looked so funny in the OT costume, too bad i cannot take picture. You so good can close shop liaoz.

I wanted to have number 2 too, just that a lot of concerns, whenever i visit mummy Rachel blog, i felt very heart warming, brotherhood!! haha.
cherryale! thanks! i was thking hor maybe during the delivery he go out and wait but while waiting he can stay with us? probably gg to use epidural so shld be no pain hor!

ni! thanks! wanna do up a photobook for my gfr birthday right time!

gelato! thanks. ya lor, going to be 14weeks le... really ah FB is wierd sometimes what is ur email i try to see if u are under my friends' list? oooh gelato, since its ur last kid maybe u wan to slowly slowly wean lor... enjoy yourself ma! i guess for my last child i also will do that coz caleb is my first hor so my goal is 13months and i did it! hehe...

good job ashley!!! perseverance is the key hor haha! was thking of bringing him in during the wait lor but the delivery itself he go outside and wait with the rest of the family members... dunnoe if will work out or not leh...
must depend on the delivery time and all that too i guess... come join me la number 2!!! hehe...