(2008/02) Feb 2008 MTBs


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Anyone going to Cat in the Hat? Looks interesting, and it will be running for so long, 22 Aug to 30 Sept! Maybe wait until people go and see it in Aug to decide


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wondering if anyone keen in preloved shoes?

Ruth has 2 pairs...

1. hello kitty crocs - worn a lot..but man, it doesn't spoil!

2. red adidas sports shoes - we overworn the white pair...forgot about the red. it's abit too tight now so i'm retiring it.

I dun mind giving it away - just dun wanna leave it to waste.

Will go back to take some pictures tonight.


Gd morning! Reminder:

3 Little Pigs
Date: 30 Mar 2012 Friday
Time: 10am
Tix: $17.00 ($20 less 15% discount) + $1 booking fee
$18.00 per tix

1) Eliaw (x2)
2) Leila(x2)
3) Tubao(x2)
4) Lezy (x2)
5) Garfield (x2)
6) Bkkgal (x2)

Seats N 4-15


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Just saw this! Earlier this morning, I just asked my mum to ask her vietnamese neighbour - but her kid abit too young so not sure if she want. the size is about size 26/27. In cm, is about 16-17cm i think.

ALAMAK! I forgot about this already!! Gotta go apply leave now! Pay you cash on Friday? Is it the same place as Jack and the Beanstalk?


Hi, Eliaw

See you gals on Friday!

Hi, lezy,
I'd love to take your preloved shoes/dresses/clothes for my twin girls, next time if R outgrow them. My husband says that I have no taste ^_^, the dress/shoes that others bought are nicer?!?. ^_^

Any other Feb mums have used dresses/shoes in good conditions, I'd love to receive your donations.
Hi mummies,
Thanks for your well wishes!
my edd is 20sept.

This pregnancy is definitely tougher than first- had all day ms, yeast infection resulting in bleeding n now a serious case of flu that require antibiotics. All in only 16 weeks. I'm very tired man....


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sorry to hear about your dad...

how are you - hope things are better now?

have you gone for detailed scan yet?


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Tute: yup I have my detailed scan done at week 18 cos gyane noticed abnormal heartbeat. Even seen a specialist and he said its not likely to be heart problem and he noticed the cords entangled with limbs and when cord is compressed causes heartbeat to fall. usual heartbeat is 150-160 and baby's heartbeat sometimes 60-80. scare me. but nothing can be done and pray baby don't play with the cord anymore.

and its a girl for me! haha 3 girls. the birdie seen at week 13 disappeared.


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so sorry to hear.. hope you are doing ok?

are you feeling better now.. if you decide to go for #3 it's even more tiring! but at least you can share your preggers woes with me and apple, haha.. I'm due early Sept but I think it will be late Aug. i've been sooooo tired!!! i don't feel old but my body certainly is feeling its age.

oh dear! you can talk to her and tell her not to play with her cord... and looks like i will be having a girl too! :D


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hi pauline,
sorry to hear about your loss. take care.

hi applea / piglettail / iso,
wow congrats to all of you! we have a bumper dragon year!


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waaa... another good news! hahaha... didn't think you'll go for #3 very soon...
so right now we have 2 mummies expecting #3. Congrats !! you still look very slim for a preggie mummy...

re tiredness,
i feel it as well... this round the aches and pains comes earlier. i am consciously not eating too much and not consuming sweet stuff so that i don't get heavier and get more aches and pains :p


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Pauline, I'm sorry for your loss.

Tong, nope. No news is good news. :p

Iso, wow, I hv no idea! Shld know the gender soon? I admire those who take the plunge for #3 kid.



Sorry to hear about your dad.


If not twins, I don't think that I would be brave enough for #3 though I always like to have 3 kids.

Wish you two very very good luck!


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Thanks piglettail, Apple, Iso, Gar, Clover and tubao for the condolences. Appreciate it.

Iso, congrats! A gal to doll up after 2 boys, so nice. When is EDD?

Tubao, my bro got a transfer maid introduced by my old agent at $420 with no off day. Decided to go ahead though my dad has passed on so that there is another person to help my mum with chores and marketing load. So far, seems ok. Will wait and see n hear if my mum complains. :p
Thanks to all for your well wishes!

Congrats!how r u feeling? I can imagine your tiredness.. U have 2 boys now....!was telling hb I am really pobia of childbearing w the current experience. Sometime ago was still toying w the idea of 3 but not now....


Hi, Pauline,

Glad that your maid is good. Hehe....... my mil really likes my 2nd helper, even now every a few days will call my present one name as 2nd one. ^_^....... And the helper told my maid agent that she liked my mil. 人有人缘。


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Thanks everyone!!

A is already 22 months, and I'm no spring chicken. I figured better now than later, haha.

yikes, poor thing, at least you're feeling better? I have easy pregnancies, no MS, but this time first tri i kind of had no or little appetite, even lost weight at the end of 3 months! but now better, just tired all the time. But I guess I'll be even MORE tired when baby comes! *ugh* ;)

I think 7 Sept. This time I can't even really remember my LMP. got to agar agar, so jiat lat! haha..


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Tubao, yup, that's true, different maids appeal to different employers. My mum's maid is quite quiet, Indo, no off day and no hp. She likes to read English books at night so hope she will give my mum less trouble. Actually, my bro dropped the maid off at my place at 9+pm, cos early tom morning, my mum going to 扫墓. Since the maid is new, she is not keen to put her alone at home so ask me to 'babysit' her until tom. :p

Iso, haha, oic, can understand, Mummy of 2 is already busy enough. Maybe your gynae can work backwards to get your LMP? keke.


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Iso!! Wah congrats.. no wonder u asked me to go for #3!! haha.... Can i ask u a qn? How to accomodate 3 kids imn the hse?? I feel that my hse w 3 rooms is too cramped!!!i dunno how to fit in 3 kids n a helper and 2 in laws... i definitely nd to shift b4 i have e 3rd one else i dunno where the helper is gonna go..

Apple.. hope everything is ok. 3 gers cna be very fun too!! U gonna have 3 more sons in the future!! :D

Pauline.. hope u are feeling better now.. sorry to hear abt it..


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Pauline - take care!

Iso - congrats! i just read your post on 1 boy 1 gal,v funny

tute. apple - jia you!

#3 - go for it if u have supportive help, though i must say i prob wun, cos timewise really cannot afford, husband so busy, i can foresee myself being the sole caregiver, i dun want to end up using these as an argument.

hse - genice, even with 2 kids n 1 maid i already feel not enough space, now i plan to move in together w my parents n we plan to find a bigger space - wish me luck!!


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Iso, congrats!!

wow so many going for #3!!

QL, there's one outing on 14th Feb, this saturday! wanna join us? me and xiaoyun tentatively.

other mummies, keen to join?? Tubao, keen?


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Thanks Ladies! I am looking forward to 3 kids now in fact. I am glad to have this *accident* so that I need not ponder if I should have another one. My body is aching a lot but mentally I am feeling better than my #2 pregnancy due to more cooperative kids. (Amanda was terrible during my #2 pregnancy)

Space: definitely a big headache for me.................

Outing: Though I love to meet up but its too challenging for me to bring two out with a tummy.


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wendy, come with your hubby!

ql, ok other times then. let us know when you want to picnic at botanical garden, i'm keen! hehe


this sat outing, I shall be able to join. Please let me know the time and place. Hehe...... at 3 pigs' show, I was lost with Emma when finding the theatre, wasted the tickets.

Haven't installed whataspp as xiaoyun suggested, hehe......zero additional app at my iphone now.


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heh thanks ladies
nice to have mummies here to share with also.

QL - can you imagine my friend with 3 boys got people asking her to "try harder"?!?!? wahhhh.

my place only 1 master 1 boys room 1 study - 2 boys share 1 room, maid sleep in study, so think the bb will sleep in my room for the time being, maybe until 1 yr plus. after that will see where E will go to sch and whether we will shift. definitely can't stay at this current place until A finishes pri sch!

actually initially hubby also say how to fit another bb in the house? then i think after thinking he got v excited, and started to think of where to put a cot (even before we conceived!). I always say, no space in house, no space in car, no space anywhere, but plenty of space in our hearts, so if there's a bb we'll find a way! the joy will be more than the luxury of space

and also some friends (including my gynae) said more space, more things/rubbish. but i think there also has to be a reasonable amount of space lah. now kids are young so can squeeze but when they are older they'll need their own space.


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Hi there,
Gathering this Sat (14 Apr) 10 am.
West Coast Park
- tongtong
- xiaoyun
- tubao
- genice

Shall we arrange earlier for Botanic Garden gathering?
How about 6 May (Sun) 10 am?


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i've class on that weekend. :p

anyway, it's ok. can go ahead on 12 May without me. but Sat seems not good for pauline and qingling?


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Sunday gathering wld be better otherwise would have to be Sat evening (like 4pm onwards?)

Cheryl - Lots of babydust!

This morning i was so angry, went exercise early morning walking at the park near my place. There was this maid that was bringing a little girl to school, i think they were having some conversation and the girl was rude (did not actually hear contents), then the maid suddenly turn and went to grab the child, wanting to slap her, and was already pinching her. I immediately went up to shout at her, what are you doing, and how can you beat her. She tried to retort "but Mdm she was very rude", i told her off sternly, anything you go back and tell your Mdm, you have absolutely no rights to punish her by beating or pinching her!!! I was so upset and angry with her, i keep telling the little girl to remember to go back and tell her mother..haiz..i hope the girl will do so and the mother will look into this more seriously!


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Cheryl thanks and your hubby finally give green light har lol

Qingling: I think she will warn/threaten the girl not to tell her mum.........


Hi, Xiao yun/tongtong

I am away on 12 May weekend, Can arrange at other weekends in May since xiao yun also can't make it on 12 May?