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soon the kids will find the playground not interesting enough. :p
we have been visiting playground further away cos they are more interesting.

joining us coming Sunday gathering @ west coast park?

<font color="ff0000">11 Mar (Sun) 10 am West Coast Park - See you there everyone!</font>

just bring your kites, sand play kits, groundsheet, snacks...

ya. breastfeeding is about demand and supply.
lots of the time breastfeeding fails is because confinement lady is too good that wants us to rest more. in the end the supply suffers.

you moving to your inlaw place again? so renting out your place?

you planning for #2?

come here chat more. dun let the negative feeling bottled up.
read the book 'secret'? use the positive energy to attract positive result.


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have you consulted lactation consultant about latching?
my #2 doesn't latch very well in the beginning. as she's impatient and milk doesn't come fast. always shakes her head in the when she just latch on.
furthermore she didn't take the aerola (correct spelling?) very well, she easily gets unlatched.
i just keep trying and she latched better after 2 months. she's now going to be 20 months, and i am still nursing her.



Admire you.....need to learn from you to provide more healthy diet for my girls and family. ^_^

Follow your blog, knows that you and your sister influence each other on cooking/baking also?. Hehe....ideal sisterhood.

I didn't tbf twins. Mainly expressing, only enough for half of the milk needs; both latch on ok, but I don't have time to sit there; all written clearly at my blog. I didn't try harder, as I experienced much slower recovery than E time (painful at womb area for 1.5 weeks, 2 days only at E time); helper quit at 2nd week; my mum talks bad words of my SIL(my brother's wife) all the time; confinement agency cheated on 1st confinement lady as she never handled twins before.

Well, I wished that I did tbf them, guess that I could. No choice, got to have regrets. I can only recall the time latching on E; hehehe....for twins, I face medela freestyle mostly. ^_^


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xiaoyun, probably will wnt to try for #2 few months later.

i like what you wrote: use the positive energy to attract positive result


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yah I went down to tmc to consult a random lactation consultant. She took one look and said " wah your baby bite you till like that" hahaah cos my nipples are cracked and a lot of bleeding marks. She said my baby is very impatient and told me to give my nipples a break and pump out to feed. she said cupfeed but nobody at home is able to help me cupfeed so I pumped exclusively and slowly supply becoming less and less as I cannot keep up with the pumping.

So in the 2 months that she did not latch well, did you bottlefeed at all? I was back to work after 2 months also. Hope I can take longer ML this round/


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it must be really hurts.
during #1 time, although she latches well, my nipples hurt for nearly one month, sensitive to touch. i let my nipples rest on alternate feeds. use bottle on and off. apply breastmilk on the areas that are very red.
for #2, i guess the skin around my nipples are quite thick (I bf #1 for nearly 22 months, rest 8 months). so it doesn't really hurt despite her poor latch. so i didn't bottle feed her during 3.4 maternity leave. just latch whenever she likes.

it's tough to keep up with the supply using pump especially you are busy at home for the other 2 kids (i find it hard to squeeze out time to express too), at work (you know you are very busy at work).

anyway, just try your best. no regrets.


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i think the type of pump also affects a bit right?
#1 i borrowed my SIL's pump which is now something like 9 years old. maybe the first generation PISA. It hurt like hell and i thought that was the way it was supposed to be until another friend lent me her (much newer than 9 YO) ameda lactina. by that time i think ss already not v much and i should have just latch...

oh well


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Xy, mine no leh, they still love that playground esp RL, haha. This sunday, I am going to Phuket, making use of Marriott Vacation Club promo again so not able to make it for the gathering.

Genice, renting out is a good option if you don't intend to sell, hope the second move in will be smoother.


congrats congrats!!! #3 wow!! i also want :p

someone look g for negative ion clothes, here s the link. My sil buys fm this co.

maid issues
hmmmm....u mean we need to allow for once a week off day or negotiate with our current maid (for the purpose of nxt yr) even though the contract is signed this yr?

what i heard fm my agent is that the current mkt rate for non experience maid is abt $450. so exp!!!


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Pauline n xy, I think u all have better memory than me!! I was scratching my head n wondering when did I shift in w inlaws b4 and did I even share when i saw xy post n then saw pauline post then confirm..Haha..o yar that time when I was doing insurance n worked weird hrs too.

Yup yup , rented out my unit! Sealed the deal! Haha.. Tute, e extra income def is gd. Now we taking over all bills at inlaws place.. But the best benefit is the convenience, can just leave e kids, go for a run, go for supper w/o worry :p . By right can have more couple time.. But we not having much yet cOz was bz shifting, storing stuffs and renting out our place. Finally can settle down..another reason is for the school.. Got to plan ahead.. Very ks I noe but sigh just can't help it.

But u all gonna see more grouse and rambles frm me on fb.
It's not easy to stay w in laws, sigh.. I am sure u all understand. The Hse is def too small for so many of us. I nd a
bigger Hse, will eventually move to a bigger Hse n hoPefully
it's landed so I can have dogs!!
but e only landed I can prob afford next time will be ulu sembawang..:p

Ql, where u intend to move too? U gonna enrol h in e new sch frontier?

Apple,must update us on the gender k! Seems like gd chance for a boy! How will ur childcare arrangements be like? I couldn't latch too for both but K was slightly longer abt 2 mths. Stopped bf at abt 6-8 mths for both.. Tired n lazy, if I can latch it prob can be longer. Anyway, I feel boys can latch better!! Haha coz they tum Jia!!!


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Leila, nice to see you again. Must thank Apple, after she announce her 3rd pregnancy, hope more old timers come back to post.

By the way, if $450 is for a new Filipino maid, then if $450 for a 3 yr ex sg Filipino maid is not bad right? My agent said nowadays Indo maids are equally exp. Anyone knows how much a new Indo maid's pay? Asking cos my dad is getting old and my bro is thinking of hiring one to help look after him.

Genice, oic, good move. Got to endure the inconveniences. Just think of the rent every month and the days will pass faster.


My Gynae and nurse when delivering E are wonderful. Especially the nurse. She put E latch-on right after my natural delivery with epi at delivery ward. And I latch-on at hospital stay most of time, on 2nd day that my milk haven't come and baby cry murder, I ask nurse to feed E after my latch-on.During the hospital stay, I asked every nurse show me how to latch-on, hehe...... different nurse have different techniques and views. My milk ss is established at day 5?.

During follow-up appointment(2 weeks? after) with Gynae, I tried different pumps at TMC parentcraft, bought pump since FBI(first born incentive) entitle 15%? off.

For 2nd delivery, I asked latch-on direct after delivery. Guess that it helps that twins had no problem accepting latch-on. The lactation consultant at KKH is very good, shows me different techniques, I explain my problem (very painful at womb area, probably due to over stretched for twins pregnancy). She taught me 2 techniques of tandem feeding at lying down. By that time, nurses can't help much, since most of them don't have experience on tandem feeding.

Hehe......try to learn as much at hospital stay, and let baby latch-on right after delivery. ^_^ It's not difficult.

Pauline, leila
I got my helper end Dec. New one from Indonesia, $450 per month. Hehe.....I am praying that my FIL has good health, so that we can stop hiring helper when twins go to CC, though girls and I like this soft-speaking, intelligent helper much despite she is way too petite. She figures out how to speak mandarin already. ^_^


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Tubao, oic, that's good. So it is really $450 for new indo maid huh? Looks like it is true then. Thanks. Is it true that indo maids r more likely to accept no off day compared to Filipinos?



Sorry, I don't know. Don't hire Filipinos before; and the maid agent that I was with can help to get indo much faster than Filipino. So I chose Indo one. Still don't really like to have a helper at home, think that I am not good at managing helper.



Landed property at Ulu Sembawang, good idea! The neighbor at E's CC bought his 2.5floor landed there at 800+k 3 years ago, now it is worth 1.5million. Hehe...... he has another condo property bought 4 years ago, and the value doubles too, though he will sell his condo property anytime now. One year older than me, average regular income.


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Hi mommies,

Long time no "see"! *wave* I really miss this forum. Havent checked in for a long long time and I see some mommies are going for #3!!

Apple, way to go!!! It's a nice number to hv and I truly enjoy watching the kids play together. I would love to have too but I guess with my businesses, there's no time for anything else. Congrats Apple! congrats!

GTG, talk again.

Take care all mommies.


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maids-myanmmar maids asking for $400 not inclusive of 1 day off,if dun intend to
give maid off day, then additional $20 i tink, those who thinks of getting maid, according to agent better to get rhis yr, next tr new ruling must give compulsory off every week, which means much higher pay if u ask them to work
on their off days.


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Thanks everyone again.

I have always wanted 3 kids but did not expect it to be so fast thats all and was a bit moody and stressed intially when i discovered I am preggy (maybe its the hormones :p)

Yah Genice, i will update on the gender once its confirmed. I am not really concerned abt gender, only mil........You can rant abt in laws with me next time :p

bkkgal- i love this feb08 mums thread more too compared to the Jan2011 and aug2012 thread lol

dor- why suddenly thinking to send him to CC?


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Hi dor,
I changed her to this CC early this year:

it focuses on character development and lots on confucius thinking and 'ai4 de jiao4 yu4'. so far I've never heard that they shout/scold at the kids.
they emphasis on healthy food too: wholemeal bread, brown rice, etc.
they encourage kids to do things by themselves, keep their blanket, wipe the stack cot after nap.
sometimes kids prepare their own meals

the curriculum looks very 'cheena' cos the original idea comes from hong kong. they mainly converse in mandarin.
they do have english teacher and english class too.

in short, i am pretty satisfied with this CC and can see that she's getting more and more independent after attending the school.
this centre started last year Aug. The population of the student increases every month and now has 19. I guess it will continue to increase with the word of mouth.

if you wish to find out more, can visit their booth at the upcoming SmartKids exhibition:


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it's really enjoyable to see the kids grow up together. I can start to shake leg now cos 2 of them can play with each other.

unavoidably, they do fight sometimes.
it's good that they have each other's company during the growing up years. learn to share, learn to take care of others. everyday i am just so happy to find out that how good #1 has become being an elder sis.

however, i will stop at 2. as i am concern about the 'middle child syndrom' if it's 3.
can't afford more than 2 kids logistically too. so much work to do to feed their tummy and brain - food preparation and teach.
probably i am just thinking too much....


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apple, sigh.. long story...
my mum is going for knee replacement surgery soon so i dont want her to be too tired...

xy, thanks for the recommendation...is the centre very religion based? both yr gals there?


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the CC has no affiliation with any religious although it looks very cheena.
it actually offer some class for adults, many christian/catholics went too.

for sure it puts much more emphasis on chinese. my FIL keep complaining talk carrie talk less english and end up he speaks broken english to her.
and my MIL keep asking when I want to switch her back to her old CC. >.<

#2 not starting school yet.
she's very sticky. don't think she can adapt to school life so soon, probably after 2 yo in Aug.


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Congrats apple!

Was just catching up with Bkkgal, and we both would consider no. 3 if we were not so busy with work / business!

For me, unless "accident", else really cannot cope lor.

i also need to hunt for new CC...aiyo, very stressful! A is in Elfa which is quite an established brand, but for some reason, a lot of her classmates have left for other schools so very few of them left. not sure if there's something going on that this blur mummee is not aware of. anyway, grandpa insists to change and so i'm on the lookout.


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Thanks Garfield! Well, thats my thought too. I told my hubby that I will only go for no.3 when we have better childcare arrangement and when we have more time for the kids. Who knows, not long after that conversation, sensed something wrong and tested with two blue lines on the kit hahhaa
Congrats Apple! :)

I'm expecting no. 2, just done the Oscar test today n preliminary results were ok. Been a rather bad period cos ms serious this round-all day round. Nearly dipping into depression from the discomforted. Fingers crossed it will be like this until delivery....


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piglettail, congrats!

i will love to have no3... but age is catching up...n i think i cant handle the stress for having another dragon bb


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Dor: I overhead my hubby telling his friend maybe will have 4 kids at a wedding dinner! I interrupted err 3 is enough lol



Xiaoyun, blueginger,
Too bad, last Sunday we didn't take group photos! Will see you gals next month!

Sorry for not making it to peek-a-boo last minute! The face painting at transformer delayed us for 1.5 hours.

3 is enough for me. Now it's just fit with 3 kids and me in our small old sedan car. If with more kids, car/house will be very cramped.



hehe.....don't think too much about these now ^_^. always have better solution ones, one of my colleague moved his house to hdb maisonette within 1km of Rosyth primary school. The house is 160+ sqm, and it is cheaper than a 2 bedroom Condo unit.

My husband always said that E was too serious/strong because I worked too hard at 1st pregnancy. Worked OT almost every day, worked at weekends also, weekly meeting with U.S for aggressive target.

So for 2nd one, I thought to myself that I couldn't take 3 serious kids. hehe.....so stay at home, reading humorous novels, playing with E. Hehe....... probably because of that, my twins are very funny.


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there's never enough space in the house, car, etc for kids, let alone MORE kids! but i'm sure none of us regret making the sacrifices

your hubby like mine! also ask if we should have 4. i almost peng san. haha.. i think easy for them to say cos mummies have to look after the kids more than daddies!


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Tubao: I agree. 2nd pregnancy I was pretty stressed and tensed, end up my #2 is cranky and fussy type

Iso: Yah they always do the fun things thats why. lol
Thanks to all mummies!
Re: mood during pregnancy n impact in BB's disposition.
Is it true that if I'm often stressed n angry at work will result in a fussy/bad tempered/serious BB? Current job is v demanding I'm always stressed n angry.
For no.1, tho there's stress but it's periodical during quarterly finance reporting. He's got a v happy n positive disposition.
In my current job, every single day is like the "quarterly reporting period"


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Tubao, thanks for advice. Just helped to choose a Indo transfer maid for my bro tonight. Hope she's good. At least she can start next week so that's impt.


Hi, Piglettail,

Hehe......I didn't do any study on mood during pregnancy related with BB's disposition. Just as my husband credit my 1st one's disposition to my mood, I decided to do otherwise for the 2nd one.

Clinical studies are better to refer to.


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please be mentally prepared that the centre does not focus a lot on academics though they do teach standard curriculums required.
also, they do not have enrichment programs like other CC as they have their own 'character building' class in the afternoon. to me it's good as I don't believe in enrichment classes in CC's premises. I always wonder what does the kids normally do if they do not take part in enrichment class. Why can't the school provide a better learning programme rather than hire outsiders to come and teach their own students?


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xy, thanks for your note.

i went yest and saw Carrie

i like the place... should be signing up but my mum bu se de... saw the worksheets tat they used...i think i can skip chinese enrichment...

now deciding whether full day or half day... cos of mum


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great to hear that they can be classmates soon! when's gervaise going to start?
carrie always tell me about what she does in the afternoon. she seems to like the afternoon programs a lot.
why not let him try out the half day then slowly progress to full day?
one important question is: who's going to pick him up after lunch? your hubby?
need to walk quite far from your place to the school. don't think your mum be able to do that since she just had her knee cap replacement op.


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congrats! when are you due? hang in there.. MS will go away soon

did you manage to get an instructor? driving is like cycling i feel... you will be able to get back on the road in no time at all.